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Galaxy Nexus Roundup: Android OS Update on First Day, Extended Battery with NFC, and One More Spec List

When you cruise into a store to pick up your Galaxy Nexus on Friday, December 9, you will be prompted to update the OS within the first few hours of activating. We are sort of guessing here, but would expect that to be Android 4.1 that hit test devices last week. According to the document above, it does not appear to be very large in size – should only take 3-5 minutes to install. Whatever is included must be some sort of fix to the issues that were holding this phone up.

Below, we have a look at the accessory lineup that should mostly be available at launch. Many of you will be excited to see an extended battery of 2100mAh with NFC capabilities on the list. It also doesn’t appear to have those sharp jagged tank edges and extensions that the Rezound, Bionic and Thunderbolt all had. You may be able to throw this battery on your phone and not be the inside joke of your friends. Otherwise, it’s most of the stuff you all saw in the video demos of accessories from late last week, but know that the portrait HDMI may not be ready just yet. No landscape dock either.  

And here is one more look at specs to help button things up.

Everyone ready for this?

Cheers ___!

  • Anonymous

    So I want to unlock & root my phone first before activating it. Will I still get the same “system update” notification 2 hours after? This is my first android phone so please be nice -lol. 

    • You’ll want to unlock it first as unlocking the bootloader will wipe the phone.
      Rooting may cause some issues with receiving the update but will not wipe device.
      To play it safe just, unlock the bootloader, get the updates, root the phone. 

  • Dan Brown

    I know it’s $299, and the leak about $199 was some bs hoax… but after launch day, maybe in the coming weeks… I wonder if RadioShack, Amazon, or others will have it for less (for existing customers)?

     …like the $100 off promo for existing customers that Radioshack had a couple months ago.

  • Anonymous

    Now, the $64 question.  Can we get a back that will only have GOOGLE on it and no Verizon branding?

    • Anonymous

      yeah probably, if you take the back off of a international version. but why would this matter to anyone? you have problems if you would care so much about something as minor as this.

      • Anonymous

        This has a whole lot more to do with my dislike of carrier advertising much more so than having “problems.”  The previous iteration of the Nexus phones had no carrier advertising of the sort and I would hope this, being a Google flagship phone, would’ve repeated that same process.  Seeing as it hasn’t, I hope to rectify this.

    • Ipirate

      buy some nail polish remover, I bet it will come off. If it removes the paint and looks like shit, at least it will look less like shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Trevor-kai Craig

    It comes out and I have other bills to pay. . .fml

    • Anonymous

      Screw the bills this month, lol. I doubt they will shut your power off for missing one payment, haha.

  • Ray

    it would be nice to know the prices of these items

  • It says here that the phone is only 145 grams as opposed to the already advertised 150 grams on the Nexus website.. the lighter the better, but how much do you guys think the battery weighs? 

  • Good luck and enjoy your new phones everyone, i know you’ve been waiting forever.

  • Opher Banarie

    Do we know if the car dock will accept the phone with the extended battery?

  • LawandOrder

    So can you order this phone online and have it shipped to your house? Been hearing some people say it’s only available in store…

  • Dwjr82

    Just talked to a verizon customer rep. guy and confirmed the release on friday.  And also confirmed that you can apply the price of the phone (299 or retail) to your monthly payments….so behold my android friends. the nexus is finally here.

    • Bionic

      Yes but be aware.  You cant do multiple months.  You have to pay the balance the next money, no matter how large the balance.  For example, when i got my Bionic and accessories it cost $404.  I paid 200 that day and put 200 on my account.  My bill the next month included the entire 200 dollar i put on the account. 

      So basically im saying you cannot spread it out over many months.

  • Anonymous

    Wow these constant updates are making me itch for launch and it’s finally so close!

  • Bionic

    You guys that are worried about Battery life just do what i do.  While im at work I switch my bionic to CDMA only (3G).  That way i get my push notifications and e-mails.  When I get off work or I need to do major web browsing or heavy data usage I swith to LTE (4G).  

    After an 8hour work day I walk out the door with 85% battery left.  I have the windshield car dock and im fully charged by the time I get home.

    Even when i dont do this I get 15hours or more on LTE with moderate usage so battery life really shouldnt be a huge deal with the NEXUS.  

    Good luck and enjoy your new phones everyone, i know you’ve been waiting forever.  

    • Holy crap.  I just have to say that this simple little civil post… it made my day after a long day of snark and smugness from an ugly ugly web world.  Thanks my fellow traveler.

      • It really was a fantastic comment. +1

      • Yeah, especially coming from someone who bought a Bionic – I’ve seen nothing but animosity between Bionic / Razr buyers and those of us waiting for the Nexus. Good tip, and good to know we can all get along.

        I wonder if there are apps that will automatically turn 4G on and off based on time of day or location?

        • Greg Buxton

          It’s one of the first things I’ll look at doing via Tasker.  I don’t imagine it will be hard.

        • Anonymous

          I wonder if Tasker can do this?

          • FortitudineVincimus

            If it is a native function in the settings, no doubt Tasker will do it. No matter what phone I end up with, I would create that profile  in Tasker for sure.

          • Anonymous

            I figured it would. I already have close to 10 profiles controlled by Tasker, this is just another to make!

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of battery. I would like to point out that its the battery that gives the Nexus the “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!!”. 

      So in reality the Bionic could have “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!!” as well……

      …..but Motorola forgot about it 10 minutes after it launched. 

    • Anonymous

      Very good idea;I usually turn off data altogether at work; those walls are so thick that I don’t get any service in there, even with Verizon’s penetration.

      Good on you to not knock on others getting a different phone. Enjoy AOSP ICS when that
      build gets stable =)
      Anything the Razor should see, the Bionic should see too.

      • verizon’s penetration is exactly why im getting this phone

      • Brandon Sobotta

        and the droid 3 🙂 hashcode is hard at work on ics, has wifi and many things working on preview build 3 released today!

    • Anonymous

      AGREED! Thank you!

    • Jason

      I just have an extra charger from the OG I use at work and then plug into car charger if needed. The one I like about everyone using micro sd. I will be at vzw Friday morning to return my borrowed Rzr. Been a long wait

      • This may be a dumb question…but how does the “borrowed” phone thing work?

        • Al Heasley

          you get the razr, but you had till january 10th or whatever to return it for a 35$ restocking fee. so they “borrowed” the razr till the nexus was available.

          • Ah that makes sense. Basically getting it and returning it during the grace period?

    • Sdny8

      I for one am a lil disappointed in the size ofthe extended battery. Since when did 12% more become extended. That should only equate to an extra 2 hrs of use

      • Anonymous

        Where did you see the size of the extended vs. the stock battery?

        • Anonymous

          1850 vs 2100mah… it’s about to bite you, cpt oblivious

          • Anonymous

            That tells you how strong, not the dimensions corporal dip shit

      • Anonymous

        exactly… with my thunderbolt, even if i kill 4G, Wifi, everything I can, it’s still dead when i get back to it after a 10 hr work day.  if they’re putting 1850 in stock, which is great, they need to offer a double life (3700mah) battery, maybe in addition to a 2100 or maybe 2400mah battery

    • I just plug in at work…. then again, I sit at a cube all day and have access to power outlets…

    • Rearden

      I agree completely with this type of management.  These are complex devices, as powerful and connected as the computer most of us had sitting on our desks just 5-7 years ago.  Testing battery life without any user intervention to manage the battery is unrealistic, and end users should understand that they can’t just leave every setting and radio turned on and expect everything to go just swimmingly.  

    • isn’t this what smart actions would be for?  I don’t know much about smart actions….

  • will

    will each dock have different screens like the og droid?kind of a neat feature I don’t want to give up

  • Zen55

    I got a text from Verizon today telling me that I was eligible for a new phone. I told them I was waiting for a certain phone, before I even said anything the rep replied “the nexus huh?” immediately he started to sell me the Rezound. He was pushing really hard for me to get it. I wonder if they have been told to push all other phones and not suggets the g-nex. It was kinda wierd. 

  • When this phone comes out for me, it’s going to need an “O”-Face Unlock

  • Greg Williams

    Can someone tell me how ______ still has a job if he/she is passing all these leaks? Aside from their job keeping us all extremely happy

    • It’s called “controlled leaks.” These sort of leaks always happen right before a phone releases.

      • Greg Williams

        and where do I sign up for the job of having the phone before everyone else, just to show it off via youtube videos for weeks before the release?

  • Anonymous

    if its not much thicker and price is right id get the extended. otherwise ill just get the standard as a spare. im so used to swapping out batteries with my tbolt anyway. any ideas on pricing?

    • Sbenson1189

      All 4g extended batteries are half price thru december. So it should be $24.99 till dec 31. Also (hate to burst the bubble) but the launch date has been removed from the equipment guide.

      • Anonymous

        no bubble bursted, i went thru the thunderbolt release date aga. this is just part 2. although i hope it comes out friday, i am not expecting it to be released…

    • Anonymous

      I might get the extended too if it’s not too big. I’ve heard that taking off and on that back cover can be a pain.

      • Anonymous

        cant be worse than the tbolt

  • Anonymous

    Lots off reviews have mentioned a chintzy feel to the battery door…any odds of slick 3rd party battery covers that might have a heftier feel?

    • Anonymous

      They say it only feels like that when it is off. It’s supposed to be pretty solid when installed.

  • 2100 up from 1850? I mean, I guess its worth it?

    • Anonymous

      Depends on price. Haven’t 4G batteries been 50% off lately anyways? When it was discovered that the 1600 mAh battery from the Rezound fit the Thunderbolt, a number of people upgraded their TB batteries to that, and I believe the discount was the reason why so many people did just that.

    • the droid x only came with a 1500 mah battery, the extended oem battery that is 1880 mah nearly doubles my use time. 2100 would be nice, should be able to get almost 3 to 4 days of low to medium use on 3G, probably 2 to 3 days with 4G.

      • That sounds like an overstatement to me.

      • Roshan John

        what exactly are u talking about? how in the world can what you said be true?

  • CaptainHowdy13

    To switch to a family plan to get this or wait till May?… That is the question…

  • Tysoncrosby21

    Just called every retailer in my city (Lincoln. NE) and got the same nearly scriptsd response. We don’t have any information, but we do expect the device sometime in the next 2 weeks……

    • Christephor

      lol i got the chick saying see hasnt heard anything and when i kept trying to press the nexus she then tried to sell me on the razor and when i told her no razr i want info on the nexus she put me on hold and after waiting 2 min on hold i hung up

    • Scott

      Called my Verizon corp store, without hesitation the rep confirmed they will have a large supply, available Friday, and will be opening the store an hour early that day.  

  • Peesa

    Sweet! 32 gigs confirmed!

    • Greg Williams

      pronounced geebees

      • Anonymous

        by Apple fans to cement the fact they have no idea what theyre talking about.

      • TC Infantino

        Isn’t that the name of a disco era band?

  • Doo

    How about a freaking battery door without the lame Verizon branding?

    • EC8CH

      maybe the gsm ones will fit?

    • Hey, be glad they didn’t get their logo on the front too. Verizon likes to do that ya know.

    • A little acetone will probably fix it.

      • Bionic

        Why do we even care if verizon has its logo on it?  Its a damn phone who cares. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping someone puts together a group buy of the Korean or Japanese LTE cover. If so, I’m in!

      • Anonymous

        I’ll be in as well. 

  • Jboku

    Nice extended battery… The question is though, how much larger is it and will this mean the other accessories like the car dock will not work w/ it…?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Says right there – 2100 vs 1850 mAh.  Should be good for an extra couple hours.  If it’s a Samsung batter and a Samsung dock, it almost certainly will work, but no guarantees – the Moto extended ones don’t work with their accessories.

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure he’s talking physical size when he asks how much larger it is in the first part of that sentence

      • Jjjjj

        Actually the moto ones did…..even with the combo shell case on.

        • Bionic

          yes, my bionic works fine with my two docks if a case is on there.  There is a removable inside shell to make it bigger

          • Bcornea81

            thats what she said

          • Christopher Riner

            I gotta admit, the bionic extended battery is pretty damn big, but I think its by far the sweetest stylilng on an extended batt… Hell, it might even look better with the battery than without.

    • Anonymous

      Answer: pretty large and no, it will not fit in the card dock. The phone won”t even fit in the car dock with a thin gel case.

      • Anonymous

        Someone who has this phone with the extended battery says you can hardly tell it is on the phone. They also stated that the extended battery works with the original case and dock.

        • Christopher Riner

          Agreed, with it only going from 1850 to 2100, and the fact that it doesn’t look like they are going toooooo terribly crazy on the actual dimensions (doesn’t look anything like the bionic or the t-bolt extended batteries) I’ll bet it’s liable to slip into some pretty sneaky places, even with the extended battery.  I have the inductive charge pad for my droid charge, and the inductive back plate (obviously).  It is definitely thicker, but only like as much as a credit card or so, so it really doesn’t hinder too much use.  If anything, soft gel cases should definitely still fit on the phone w/ the extended battery.  It probably won’t fit in the car dock with the case, but w/o a case it might fit the car dock (but probably not the media docks). 

  • Anonymous

    Any clues on when they’ll start pre-orders? Anyone???

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t do a pre-order…

      • Bob

        From what I got from the Verizon store guy at both stores today is that they are not pre-ordering…it was get my butt in at 10am to get a phone.

  • Anonymous

    Hope that extended battery is half price.  15% increase in life.  Hmm…

    • Exactly what I was thinking….wonder if the spare battery charging system is the batter way to go???

  • DodgerDroid

    Too bad the HDMI dock wont be available at launch. Would love to have one the same day I get my G-Nex 

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Ditto, but I want the landscape dock for my nightstand.  Ah well, January is coming.

      I will have to figure out how to use the rest of my $50 LivingSocial coupon when I go in, tho.  I know I am getting the Navmount, maybe I will just get the spare battery charger thingy and a spare standard battery.

  • JG

    my body is ready

    • Matt Ryan

      My mind is tellin me no, but my body…my body is tellin me yeeeeeeeeaaaa.

      • What about that wallet?

        • Matt Ryan

          My body is also tellin my wallet to shut up.

        • So long as it’s not a Google Wallet, I think you’ll be fine.

      • You just went R. Kelly on the Nexus. My night is complete.

        • SugaShane

          Verizon is R. Kelly; they want to piss all over the Nexus. 

          • Some Random Dude


          • Drip drip drip

          • TC Infantino

            I think they have a pill that will help with that problem. 😛

      • Anonymous

        wow. I’m streaming google music and that song literally just played

  • Justin Everett

    Too bad there isn’t an early upgrade promotion like they did with my Droid X.  Guess i’ll be waiting until next April to get one >.<

  • Why does the battery need NFC as well?

    • Justin Everett

      The battery is what houses the NFC antennae

    • Anonymous

      As I understand it, that is where the NFC antenna is.

      • EC8CH

        yep, it’s under the wrapper

    • Colin Zack

      that’s where the NFC chip has been placed I believe

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Woot, extended battery! 

    My question is, will the nav mount come with a charger? My old DroidX one doesn;t put out enough juice to charge my Rezound when it’s in a 4G area and Maps is running in Nav mode.  Makes it kinda useless…

  • ssjnimma

    so does anyone know if the GSM battery cover will work on this model???

    • Android7x

      I’m sure as soon as Kellen gets his LTE GNex he’ll let us know if the battery covers are interchangeable.  

  • Man, Droid Life is killin it with these constant Nexus updates.

    • Mpw3000

      G-Nex uses micro sim anyway, T-Bolt uses standard. 

      • Anonymous


        • Greg Williams

          Disqus can’t hang

          • Anonymous

            yep it most definitely cant

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think google knew this is how verizon would advertise a nexus phone?

  • When i buy the Nexus, do i have to let the rep activate it, or can i swap my 4G sim from my TBolt and activate it myself when i get home later from work?

    • bigrob60

      Last I heard you can’t leave the store w/ out the phone set up.

      • Thanks guys.

        • bigrob60


        • Not sure that’s true.  I wanted to pick up a phone for my mom in Oct. (cheap generic flip-phone) but she lives a couple hours away.  Told the C/S rep I’d like to get it now and activate it when I visited her the following weekend.  He told me that they couldn’t do it, that it had to be activated in store.  

          But that might be total bullcrap from a sales rep who didn’t know squat, so take it for what it’s worth.

          • Rashad Gattis

            I think you may have to get a new sim because the thunderbolt sim is the regular sim and the sim in the nexus is the micro sim.  I could be wrong though..

          • BillyT

            You are correct, but it is very easy to convert a regular SIM to a microSIM

    • Nathan Cox

      I think the GNex uses a micro sim whereas the Tbolt uses a standard sim, so you’ll need a new sim card for the GNex.

      • BillyT

        Technically that is true, but it is quite simple to make a standard SIM into a MicroSIM – pair of scissors and about 5 minutes.  Very easy.

  • I might just pick up that extended battery!

    • Anonymous

      I hope it’s not too thick.

  • Dustinreaver

    Yes! Finally

  • Joel Galecki

    I’m going to dig the face unlock!

    • TheAndroid1

      We all now have a picture of your face (from your profile pick).

      We might get to enjoy your phone too! 🙂

  • Yeah, may not give you a ton of extra juice, but could be enough, especially without the added bulk that others have.

  • Beret69

    Do we know any new information on the Flash update yet?

  • Yeah, may not give you a ton of extra juice, but could be enough, especially without the added bulk that others have.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for bein the man, Kellex! Fingers crossed that the extended battery really isnt a brick, and doesnt make the phone so big that it won’t fit in a standard case or the accessories

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  • Anonymous

    Do you know how much the extended battery adds to the thickness?

  • Anonymous

    Looking like the extended battery is a no brainer as it’s not much bigger…but only 300mah more??

    • Yeah, may not give you a ton of extra juice, but could be enough, especially without the added bulk that others have.

      • Anonymous

        Totally agree. I have been told the new radio files in 4.1 also help quite noticeably on life compared to some of the numbers in testing. Things only looking up from here.

      • Anonymous

        The amount of time people will spend on these they will have to make a back pack with batteries. No one will want to put it down. 

      • Anonymous

        But the extended battery comes with its’ own door.  I assume its a little bit chunkier unfortunately.  This isn’t necessarily a diet phone.

    • Anonymous

      ~14% increase in power for a negligible increase in thickness is probably worth it… as long as it’s not $60

      • Anonymous

        I know for me with my time with LTE phones under normal use they seem to be a little shy where I feel I don’t need to worry about charging it in the course of a day. I’m hoping 2100 may push that over the edge. That still won’t be great by any means but it’s acceptable. As Kellex correctly pointed out in a comment a few weeks ago, the Nexus and Razr are about as far as you’re going to stretch functional size and life for a 1st gen LTE radio. If you stay in solid LTE coverage all day like I’m lucky enough to do here in Philly it’s not bad…be in an area where it flips 3G/4G a lot and forget it, goodbye 14-18% an hour even doing nothing. You can kinda tweak the handoff times in ##program though but wouldn’t recommend that to the average person.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Remeber, the GSM one is only 1750 mAh, and it’s likely this one was designed with that in mind rather then the larger LTE one. So it’s a bigger deal for them than for us.

  • drinksprite

    so excited!!!

  • Greg Williams

    Locked bootloader update at day 1, those jerks!

    • troll!

      • Greg Williams

        it was a joke… i hope

        • Jerry Lange

          notice all we all get more and more snappy at each other the closer a release day comes? 

          • Greg Williams

            Truth! I can’t wait to see if Face Unlock can automatically open up an application based on my emotional state

            i.e. Map of nearest In N Out locations based on drool

          • Jerry Lange

            that would be cool. i could totally see a tasker doing that 🙂 

    • Jerry Lange

      dude, they all come with a locked bootloader and google tells you after how to unlock it 

      • Greg Williams

        duuuuuude, what’s mine say?

        • EC8CH


          • but what does mine say!?

          • Anonymous

            Duuuude! But what does mine say?

          • Roshan John

            this has been wonderful

  • glad to see a launch day extended battery option

  • Jason Purp

    Praise Jesus

    • Anonymous

      Praise Xenu.

      •  Science be praised.

    • GNex

      Praise be to Tebow.

  • STiK

    DROID 4!!

    • Anonymous

      Go back in your hole, you can come out on the 22nd