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Checked Your Verizon Account Lately? You May Have an Earlier Than Expected Upgrade Date

First, you may want to check your Verizon account to see what the status is on your upgrade date. The middle account of mine above previously had a much later, like 2012 date and is now showing as December 29. And I’m not the only one seeing this change. A reader tipped us to his account that has now been switched to 12/19, yet he bought the DROID Bionic on the 2nd day it was out back in September.

I’d say Big Red wants to make a big end of the year push to get you into one of their new top tier phones like the Rezound (review), RAZR (review) or Galaxy Nexus (whenever it comes out).

And second, ignore the “Samsung SCH-a950.” I use that as a placeholder while I swap out phones and have nothing better to put there. 🙂

Cheers Matt!

  • Cmonnats23

    My sister got an iphone 4s from her upgrade last month. According to my verizon account she has an upgrade available currently! lolololol verizon doesnt even want her to have the iphone… lololol gnex all the wy!

  • Anonymous

    I swear they did this to me awhile back, and then changed it once the Bionic came out. 

    Little did I know, the favor that was.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing here… 6/2012 is my upgrade date :-/ 

    Fiance’s is 2/2013

  • Caleb Martin

    No change on mine, I still have to wait until Dec. 28th.

  • Rational Man

    Looks like someone wants to boost their q4 earnings reports. Someone high up at Verizon must be planning on selling off a ton of stocks in the next 3 months, this has “boost the value asap” written all over it.

  • STiK

    Yearly Upgrades FTW!!!

  • KMLN

    I noticed my upgrade when I got the 4s< my early upgrade was for march and i was able to pick up the 4s all randomly.  i had one for june lets see if its available now.// just checked and it still says june/ 2012

  • George Fayad

    Still early 2013 here on both lines. Both D3 upgrades.

  • Rsims26

    No love here.  I guess having 5 lines through Verizon doesn’t help.  I’m still showing 10/12 and the other 4 lines are 2/13.  By the time I can upgrade the Nexus 7 will be out.

  • rob

    Mine is 12/20 as well and my rooted og droid is trying to die before then. No early upgrade, and I am getting pretty antsly trying to decide between the razr and the Gnex. Had moto for years….but this is getting tough.

  • Ericmarkwilliams

    The only “dumb” phone on my family plan has had it’s date moved up to this Dec 28th.

  • J Dub

    Same as it has been the last 2 years.

    Gonna wait till 12/20 then both lines are due. Here’s to hoping for a BOGO with the G-Nex included. Then my wife and I can each get what we want.

  • joejoe5709

    Nope… mine doesn’t seem to have been blessed like yours, Kellex. 🙁 Oh well.

  • Anonymous

    Haha. Mine has the motorola w755 on the 3rd line at the moment. The other 2 are the RAZR & Droid 3. That line is upgradable on the 28th. Hmmmm. What should I get?

  • Anonymous

    Is this for multi line accounts? I never get any special promotions. Wish I could upgrade from my thunderbolt. Hate this phone. Buggy mess.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex maybe they just feel bad for you and your Samsung SCH-A950 🙂

    • Steve

      Maybe they want to start expediting the process of moving everyone off standard phones and upgrading to smartphones…with a higher monthly bill.

  • Steve

    Nothing for me.  March 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Still looking at March 2013 to upgrade my D3…

  • Ugh, you got my hopes up.

  • The same thing happened with my account. Unfortunately I no interest in any of the devices currently slated to be released. 

  • Kevin

    Checked. They are not doing me any favors.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha… just checked!  I got my OG when I got back from Afghanistan last April and now I’m eligible 12/08/11!  It’s a Christmas miracle!

  • Ivan92116

    nope….mine still at March 2012.

  • Anonymous

    No change for me – still mid March ’12.  I’ll have to hold onto my DX for a while still

  • Anonymous

    Boom! just checked and i got the bump, so now i can offload the old and busted to the misses and get the new hotness.

  • Anonymous

    strange….they made the razr march 2013 but left the d3 as july……in any event no ‘year’ moves for me

  • js

    Eh, there isn’t a worthy phone to upgrade to. I can wait until next year.

  • 8/11/12 for mine….bummer

  • Bob Dlux

    Not that it is relevant really, but I noticed my ATT account is eligible about 15 days earlier then it should be. 

  • I’ve had an upgrade available for quite awhile, but honestly the Galaxy Nexus is not quite enough of an upgrade for me to justify the price tag

    Now once the next great ICS handset comes out that doesnt come short on the SD card slot, and has at least an 8mp cam in it, im in

  • Sean333

    Got mine… bring on the G-nex.. 😀

  • Kellybl131

    You can always upgrade seven days early for the standard two year upgrade.

  • Lrussell31

    Mine went from 12/6/11 to 7/7. I upgraded to the Bionic, and I am still eligible. I have 2 other lines that became eligible on 7/27/11 and and i havent touched them yet.

  • Anonymous

    No luck for this guy. First day Bionic buyer and I have to wait until 2013.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, 3/5 phones on my family plan have been bumped up to Feb/March 2012

  • sell it back to BBY trade-in and buy it outright,

  • Anonymous

    no luck for me either…got the Bionic on day 1 and upgrade is still 5/08/13

  • Bought my Bionic on launch day & I’m sitting at 05/13 for my upgrade.  Come on Big Red!  I’d love to take the GNex for a spin!!!

  • Derek Ross

    Sadly, mine already says the 29th, which is 20 months after I bought the HTC Incredible upon release. My date has not changed 🙁

  • Rob

    Nope, not showing up for me. Signed up back in May with a Droid X2 before the death of unlimited data in July and it’s showing a January 2013 date.

  • Brian

    I had that phone and loved it “Samsung SCH-a950.”

    • Was one of the first decent MP3 phones. Classic phone.

  • Stephen D

    Dates are the same. They should at least give us D3 owners early upgrades with the Droid 4 coming out in 2 days. Probably gonna be no ads like the 3. 

    • Tyler

      Droid 4 is probabally not coming out this week. While its possible its not as likely. Last paragraph of on this page talks about it. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/12/06/two-new-galaxy-nexus-dates-echo-our-previously-reported-december-9-launch/#more-54937

    • Stephen

      I am still 5 months away from my 2 year upgrade from my Droid 2, I don’t think you have any room to ask for an upgrade just yet…

  • nuffin fo me 🙁

  • It’s good to see I’m not the only one with placeholder phones. The wife and I both have 2 LG Dares we keep as placeholders for upgrading but we were both so happy with our Droid Incredibles that neither of us upgraded this past year so now all 4 of our lines are able to upgrade.

    • Anonymous

      how does this work?

      • If no good phones are out that you want on a added family line, you can essentially drop the data package off and throw on a feature phone to hold its place. Only costs you $10 rather than $40 or almost $50 with taxes.

        If you don’t have a feature phone handy, I’ve had VZW CSRs throw on a dummy phone that they had available to hold the spot.

        • Anonymous

          is this so that you can get upgrades more frequently?

        • Anonymous

          i have a single line on my account, no family plan.  but speaking hypothetically, can i go to VZW on g-nex launch day, add a line, add the nexus (at a new line cost?  or upgrade cost?), flip the nexus to my original line, and then add a feature phone (my wife’s old flip-phone) to the second line and drop the data?  all at the cost of a new phone (discounted pricing?) and a $10/month placeholder???

          • Willis


          • Dan Letsch

            Yes and no – if you already had a family plan, then yes this would work, but to add a line, you need to have a family plan.  It may work out being just 10$ different, but you may want to check.  I was considering this to order one through Amazon had the GN actually come out for the cheap deals on the week of black friday.

          • Anonymous

            Absolutely. I do it ALL the time. In fact, I just added a RAZR when Amazon was selling it for $0.01 – went into Verizon a couple days later and had that device switched to my primary line and a dummy placeholder was added by the rep to the line that was activated for the new phone. I really don’t think they care – they are still making money off of you.

          • Anonymous

            Plus it probably looks better on the quarterly report to have non-data lines then cancellations.

          • Anonymous

            Only problem with this is that you can’t get unlimited data on any new lines. Right?

          • Anonymous

            New lines, no. However, my primary line is unlimited. I can keep doing this until the cows come home, basically, and keep my unlimited data with new devices. Unless of course Verizon changes that process.

          • Anonymous

            So in theory, if you time it right, you can have a new phone every year for $10 x 12months = $120(placeholder), Plus cost of the phone?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, in theory. The $120 over a year is a small price to pay to keep getting a new device more than once every 2 years or more. The downside is paying an ETF for older lines when I don’t want to pay the $10 anymore. Crazy sacrifices for fun toys :d

          • I would be very careful with that. I work at a dealer and have seen plenty of people do just that. What they don’t realize is that they sign a contract on the plan and not the line. I’ve seen plenty of people get charged a $175 disconnection fee for dropping the data plan.

        • Anonymous

          I have had them do this as well – in fact we recently had them do this with 2 netbooks on our account that are still on-contract.  They essentially took the dataplan off and assigned it to our account as a ‘Test Device’.  Still keeps the contract so we don’t pay the ETF but reduces the cost to $9.99/mo before taxes and whatnot.

        • Just so I understand this correctly. I have my Dx on Family plan (not eligible for upgrade), so I can go ahead and purchase a smartphone – say Razr and next day go to Verizon and ask them to switch the phone with my Primary account and cancel the data on the NEW line and place a different feature phone on that line? 

          What about the data plan on the new line? Will they allow me to drop off the data plan from my new line? Is it necessary to add a new line from Verizon website? or I can do that from any online retailer?

          I knw many have already answered the question, but just wanted to make sure because it seems too good to be true and I don’t want to incur additional $40.. per month on the phone I will not use at all.

          • Anonymous

            Understandable. 🙂

            I order a phone online for $10/month using a family plan “add a line” (NOT individual line). I then charge the device to my account, unless I hav e money. Once the device comes in, I activate it directly onto my primary line and activate a junk KRZR on the new line. When you drop a smartphone the data package is automatically dropped as well. The only charge outside of the $10 you will see are any partial charges for the time you had those features activated. I had a extra step when I got my RAZR. Since its sim based, the number for the new line was already activated on the card. I had to go Into a retail store to have a new sim issued for my primary line to use the device. The upside to this, the rep added a dummy device to my account, so I don’t need my KRZR anymore. Just a side note, I’ve been doing this for 2 years and have actually gotten 2 phones for free out of it. Somehow directly activating the line on my main line instead of e news one tripped out the system and failed to charge me for the devices. Maybe you will have this luck too!

    • All about the placeholders.

    • Anonymous

      So, you kept two placeholder phones for a year?  Wouldn’t that cost about as much as you’d “save” in the upgrade?  2 phones x 12 months x $10 = $240…

      • It would if I was only upgrading 1 phone off-contract, but the wife and I both change phones everytime one really peaks our interests so in the end it’s much less than buying 2 phones off-contract

        • Anonymous

          Cool.  Sounds like a good option, then.  Plus you get the extra phones if you needed them for backup or lending I suppose.

  • Ive noticed that it is usually to the primary account holder. For example my primary account holder is eligible for an upgrade on 8/4/12 but it says upgrade at a discounted price now!

    • HuskerHog

      The primary is usually elegible sooner than the other lines as I am now.  I will, however, receive and extra $100 on my usual upgrade date.

    • Usually the case, but the line of mine that was changed is a secondary line.

    • boy get back to studying

  • HuskerHog

    No change on my account.  Upon calling Verizon, I was able to verify that i will receive my $100 New Every Two incentive towards my new phone (Galaxy Nexus).

    • In looking at my account it only shows $50 incentive online, is it different if you call or go into a VZW store?

  • Yes I have the upgrade option since last month even though I qualify for upgrade in July 2012

  • Anonymous

    I got an early upgrade last month and I had bought the dinc2 on release day. Verizon loves me cause I love their droid phones. Now it’s galaxy time.

  • Guest

    I have the Samsung a950 (I don’t use it). Great phone back in the day. It was like the best phone money could buy, back in like ’05. Oh, nostalgia. 

  • Mine also did not change…still April 2012 for full upgrade. Do however have my last early upgrade waiting…NEXUS PLEASE!!