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Verizon’s Equipment Guide Updated, Galaxy Nexus Release Date of December 9 is “Official”

Yep, there you go. Just like we said last Friday.

Rest of the official specs below. 

Cheers __!

  • Stu Pidassol

    The Galaxy nexus is coming out Friday? You would think they would have had some articles about it on this site. *sarcasm*

  • whoster69


  • Bionic

    What is up with all the friday releases?  Weird

  • Acemillion

    Maybe I missed it but why no 16gb version?

    • theraskell

      who cares?

      • NotoriousNeo

        Choice and lower price, duh. 

  • Bbrutcher

    just hung up fron vzw csr…confirmed the 9th to me!  asked if he could just place the order now and said nope computer won’t let me do anything with it until that day..boo!!

  • Anonymous

    i called all the stores in my area and of course no one knew iif it was coming friday.the most i got out of anyone is that they have had accessories for awhile now…i hope this is right kellen

  • Anonymous

    For those asking about how memory its 32gb…..its on the spec sheet above…..

  • DJMoney28

    Just called my local Verizon store and then called Customer Support, both of course denied knowledge of a Friday release.  Also, my upgrade isn’t due until the 27th of this month.  Both the store and customer support said the earliest I could upgrade was the 20th because the Galaxy Nexus is a 4G phone.  Was anyone else aware of that rule?

    • Moto Spark

      I upgraded early with a $20 charge to the Razr which is also a 4G phone, and returned it in 2 days due to how wide it was.

  • Anonymous


  • goodfella

    I wonder if you are able to activate Google Wallet after rooting the phone??

    • goodfella

      …not that we have any NFC enabled credit card machines around town but would be nice just to know you have it..

    • Anonymous

      Rooting won’t be enough. Wallet requires access to the “Secure Element,” so it has to be flashed on. You’ll need to unlock the bootloader for that, although at this point the only way to root is to first unlock the bootloader anyway.

  • Anonymous


  • any pre-order info?

    • Bionic

      At this point, being only 3 days away, i doubt there is a pre order at all

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if it’s likely they’ll have an online release at 12AM? Skipping the taxes would be nice 😀

  • Mike Woods

    VerizonWireless York, PA Just called Verizonwireless 800-922-0204 and she confirmed it’s in their system for the 9th to launch. She also mentioned it would most likely be posted to their site in the morning.

    • Anonymous

      I just asked that right after you posted this haha, thank you

    • haywood

      I just called Verizon and they confirmed Friday…no pre-orders

      • goodfella

        I wonder how many each store including Best Buy keep in stock on launch dates? Just curious just in case I need to call out from work in the morning to go pick one up 🙂

        • Bionic

          They had over 300 Bionics ready so Im guessing the same number if not more

  • OH NOEZ, KELLEX! Nexus-life.com has already been taken! 🙁

    • Mike Woods

      I own gnexforums.com and gnexforum.com if you want them

      • Mike Woods

        I also own gnex-life.com

        • Nick

          I own motoactv.net @ motoactv.us. Probably not as popular as yours though 😛

  • just verified the 9th with my store, and he’s gonna set one aside just for me 🙂

    • NotoriousNeo

      We always say that. =P

      • shut up! i wanna feel special

        • Anonymous

          there’s a ‘special people club’ for that

  • Anonymous

    called my local store. on sale friday. no pre-sales. but said they think they have enough to get them through the day!

  • Mike

    Any word on Simultaneous 3g and 4g voice and data

    • Anonymous

      No SVDO, but you can do voice and data over LTE

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wow just noticed they listed the usage time as 12 hours

  • Rob

    $30 minimum data plan required??  what about the 300MB plan (double data promo) for $10?  I’m hardly ever off wifi.  is the $30 plan required for all LTE phones?

    • NotoriousNeo

      Yes, the $30 2GB (4GB double data promo) is the bare bones minimum plan you can attach to a 4G LTE smartphone. The $20 300MB is just for 3G phones. 

      • Rob

        I’m so confused.  When i go to the website and add the RAZR (for ex) to my shopping cart and proceed to plans, it shows the 300MB plan as a clickable option.  What gives?  This $10 difference will decide which plan is cheaper for between this and ATT (after company discount)!  Gahh….

        • NotoriousNeo

          Actually, I see that now too. From what we were told, however, 4G phones required a minimum $30 data plan. They even had us switch out price cards to reflect that. But hey, if it lets you do that online go for it, but be wary. 4G phones can gobble up internet pretty quickly, although I guess with that data manager the Nexus should help you avoid that.

          • Rob

            thanks for the help.  I just hope it wouldn’t be a situation where they let you choose the 300MB option online, and then a month later they automatically bump u up to 4GB.  

          • goodfella

            That’s called a lawsuit.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, while that would be one option, another approach would be to view it as a really good deal. At that point, Verizon would have fundamentally changed the terms of your contract. If you chose to decline that change, then they could either restore the original terms, or the contract would be null and void. 

            In that case, you end up with a subsidized Nexus, and Verizon ends up with no contract at all.

          • Rob

            interesting.  well, i did some interweb research and it appears that when they started the double data promo, they also made the 300MB plan available to all phones, so we’ll what happens on friday when i try to get a nexus!  otherwise, it’s gs2 time on att…thanks all!

    • just pay the extra $10 and enjoy a sick phone

    • Bionic

      yes it is

    • Mgarney26

      as far as i know it is unless you are on a grandfathered plan.

  • Mike Woods

    Just called my local verizon wireless store and they said its rumored to be the 11th or 12th. Just sayin all this shit is pissing me off. I actually think this site is giving me high blood pressure.

  • Kdkinc

    Do you get a discount on accessories when you upgrade to the GNex ??

  • Pardes33

    Amazon going to carry it ?

  • Beret69

    Do we know yet when Flash is going to be supported?

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Called local vzw store, they will call me as soon as they know how many they have in stock, but they verified it will be the 9th. WHATS UP BITCHES!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they should get around to actually announcing it then.

  • NotoriousNeo

    Got one in my hands right now. Gotta say, I’m digging the new interface. Not digging the performance hit all but one live wallpaper do though and that you can’t remove the Google Search bar. Other things are kinda annoying me, like the Facebook sync issue, but overall very solid phone. 

    • KevinC

      what performance hit?

      • NotoriousNeo

        All the live wallpapers, the exception being Phase Beam, have a noticeable effect on the scrolling and transition animations, the main thing being they cause the phone to lag. 

  • Ronnie Phantom

    Store in Boston still claims they’ve gotten no word on a launch date. They must not like money.  

  • My week: Tuesday, Hurricane Lebron 9’s. Thursday, Cannon Lebron 9’s(for my fellow sneakerheads), Friday, Nexus. What a great week 🙂

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Everyone go on VZW site and find your nearest store that opens at 9

  • Does the Nexus do simultaneous voice and data?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest about the “Like we reported last Friday thing.” You reported 100 other dates as well. You were bound to get one. haha

    • Krayzee

      + 1 million. I’ve said this tons of times. I too can say every date out there, and claim i told you so!  stfu about it

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      • Anonymous

        Is this how google thought Verizon would advertise a nexus phone?

        • honestly i dont remember a whole lot of advertisement for the other nexus devices, granted i wasnt as much of a fanboy before.

          the only ads i recall are DROID and EVOs

          • Anonymous

            The Nexus S 4G had a pretty strong ad campaign with Sprint earlier this year. Other than that, I can’t think of anything either.

          • The original campaign was a failure as far as marketing goes. Most people still don’t know Android and far less know Nexus. They know Droid and I doubt the Nexus will get as good an advertising campaign as the Droid, but if they can get just a few TV commercials I think the GNex will do very well.

            I should point out that most people don’t realize the phone they are using is an Android phone. They compare it to the Droid.

        • The Nexus One had ads all over the internet, where most of the fan base was. Google probably couldn’t do that this time because the release was mediated by the carrier as opposed to it being open, like the Nexus One.

      • GN FTW!

    • Yeah but he wasn’t just pulling dates out of a hat, they were coming from other sources silly pup.

      • Anonymous

        So reporting all sources, no matter what, is a good idea? Got it! Haha. Relax Kellex’s bodyguard. I appreciate his work as much as anybody on here. I’m just saying

      • Stating El Obvious

        Sheep alert.

    • nicotinic

      That’s what bloggers/web journalist do. They provide the info they get and try and indicate what’s most credible out of what’s been reported. The more accurate they are prior to release the more loyalty among the site’s visitors. But you knew that. I mean let’s be honest…

      Did we really need a let’s be honest post? Nah, cause I don’t recall, correct me if I’m wrong, you posting any potential dates on your website. How you managed to get so many likes just indicates that trolls reproduce at an alarming rate.

      • Anonymous

        Well isn’t that just the sweetest thing? You defended droid-life and you really put me in my place!….. Like I said to the other guy, I appreciate what Kellen does in running this website. We all want the damn phone to come out so when we all hear a bunch of different dates only to see them come and go, it’s frustrating. I get he is not the one delaying the phone but he is the other getting all of us excited for dates that don’t end up happening (which is looking like the 9th is included in that). I can guarantee those likes are from frustrated people who want the phone, not trolls.

        • nicotinic

          If you’re appreciative then why post that comment?
          People whine and complain about the multiple dates but that’s often why many come to the site in the first place… The announcement of a new device, it’s specs and the expected release date. Many dates are given and hopes are often dashed but it’s all part of what these sites do.
          Thanks for responding. You’re just a Smart Alec by nature and I’m okay with that. I am too.

          • Anonymous

            It appears we have come to an understanding. 

          • nicotinic


    • Anonymous

      The Verizon store in Branson, Missouri spilled the beans by saying it was delayed two days so we don’t know when it is coming out. Well in two days will be the 9th, Friday.

  • I’m going to buy two to show Verizon that I support their decision to release an Android flagship.  They need to see that this is a good idea for them.  

    • Anonymous

      You can give me the 2nd one. Thx d00d!

  • Anonymous

    Does it do volte?

  • It’s only official to me when the device hits the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    This will be the longest week of Wed to Friday.

    • Anonymous

      Lol I’m sitting here thinking the same thing. I don’t drink too often but these next few days I might get drunk and pass out early just to kill more time, haha.

  • viewthis74

    so does this mean i can call my local verizon store and they will stop pretending they don’t know the G-Nex is and let me pre-order it?

  • Anonymous

    Stop this insanity. I’m trying to work.. Ok, nevermind, please give me some more.

  • Yes!!! i just pressed my dick up against the computer screen.

  • C4dtutor

    Wheres this from?

  • K6tcher

    Well   guess P3droid will eating his Nexus. 

    • Anonymous

      ????…Please type in English. P3 said on Nov.29th that if we didn’t have the device in the next 14 days he would eat his Nexus.

  • Droidzzz

    Hahahahahaha nerd boners everywhere!

    • bigrob60

      It’s making it difficult to use my laptop.

      • Jared Smith

        Boner bro?

  • Kris Brandt

    3 more days!  I’m going to make sure I get it first thing in the morning so I can drive back home, root and unlock that sucker, and then enjoy its interface at work.

  • OH snap…when’s payday again?

  • Verizon link or shenanigans 

  • pre-order?

    • Mr ilheis

      There will be no pre-order. I just got off the phone with VZW!

      • prove it

        • Mr ilheis

          Call them for your self and then get back on here and tell me what they say!

      • bummer! it’s too cold to camp out… if it’s meant to be, it will happen on my lunch break!

  • Koroz

    think I burned myself out on interest in this phone.  I was going to pick up a Xyboard but after seeing the prices think ill pass on that also, looks like ill wait awhile and see what else comes around the corner.

    • gadgetryan

      Tablet wise…wait for the Transformer Prime!!

  • The Rock


  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!