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Samsung Releases Their Glimpse Of The Mobile Future, Flexible and Resizable AMOLED Screens Are It


The video above shows Samsung’s take on the future of mobile technology.  There are tons of really neat features that Samsung touches on and we hope that all of them make their way to the market sometime before the year 2020.  The imagined device sports a transparent screen, 3-D augmented reality capabilities, real-time worldly translations and so much more.

Not only does it have endlessly fantastic features, but the hardware itself is quite intriguing.  A bendable AMOLED screen with the ability to stretch to whatever size your needs may be.  Wouldn’t that save everyone a ton of hassle?  Does anyone have any thoughts on the future of the mobile world?

Via: Pocket Lint

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  • Anonymous

    there is a flexible amloed screen that has been made and is in prototype right now.  you are able to stretch it to up to 45% of its original size as well i believe, problem with it is that the polymers used with it dont hold up when exposed to uv light

  • Adam Elghor

    but then everyone can see my porn…..

  • Anonymous


  • Nathan Corachea

    where does all the hardware stuff go? and how do you charge it ahahah. maybe it runs off from the heat of our bodies

  • Wmsco51

    Battery life 10 minutes…. Then has to be rubbed on belly, arm, old ladies or old men… Or sum dirty dancing…. Lol.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a damn shame that posts like this & the one from a few weeks ago about the “Android on a USB” that are actually interesting/informative & you can have a discussion about only get 50-70 comments (and half of them are from morons saying “this isn’t (insert device) related”<~~~IT'S NOT FUNNY). But any Nexus/Razr/Rezound posts gets 200+ comments from clowns arguing about 1mp on a camera or "(insert device) is poop". Just wish people would start using a bit more of their brains. Sorry for the rant Kellex/Tim/etc….. b/c the standard of the site is & always has been top notch, but the comment sections are just horrible 97% of the time. I know there is nothing you can do & the only reason it got so big is b/c Droid-Life has always been so dope. I'll always come here for the content, but it's getting harder to stay after the article is over. Hopefully it's just "Nexus fever" that has everyone actin' a fool & normalcy resumes after release.

    • IceBergLettuce

      Cork’s mad bro.

  • Anthony Etter

    Can anyone say hey oh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSVdZyz23AQ oh wait ASUS is already planning for the future.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    Fake stupid commercial. Fail DL, Fail.

  • Fakemail

    Shit, I’m still waiting on my hover board and self lacing Nike’s, along with my long distance functioning jet pack. Although to be fair they did indeed have an insanely expensive working model of the hover board, it of course wasn’t available for public consumption, regardless of price. Damn I want a hover board, that works over water.

    • Anonymous

      they made the self lacing Nike’s, they were like 3000 a pair tho

  • Imagine how much this will cost with and without a contract.

    • Fakemail

      Inflation my friend. In the future salaries will be larger. Of course except for dead beats and those people who make reality television, hopefully the world will have become intelligent and have all people associated in any way with “reality” television executed.

  • Anonymous

    lets be absolutely realistic about this. if you know anything about technology today, then you should be sure to know it was created yesterday.  people get so hyped up about new tech that comes out or is speculated to come out.  if they are saying that this is something that is in our near future then be SURE it is already here and working, just not for our (general public) viewing and playing pleasures… so please do not knock someone who says it is awesome or they can’t wait for it to come out with statements of “thats never going to happen” or “is this a joke” because it wasnt to long ago that Bill Gates himself said that we’d never need more memory than 2GB of DATA or never be able to fill it….look at where we are now…NUFF SAID!!

    • Prof. Tom

      Reply to Land252:   Uhh… Bill Gates didn’t say “2GB”.  He said 640K !  2GB is over 3000 times that.  Pedantic, but we have to squash rumors like that. 

      • Anonymous

        SOOOO thank you for further PROVING MY POINT SMH….annddd in 1990 in a press conference my friend he did manage to sayyy regarding harddrive SPACE – “we will never fill 2 gb” 

  • I’m waiting for the contact lens version. 

    • Nathan Corachea

      eyePhone ahahah (Futurama)

  • Anonymous

    Powered by wishful thinking….

  • Am I the only one “meh” about the possibility of transparent screens? I certainly don’t want anyone/everyone on the other side of the screen to see what I am doing (albeit in reverse). If this is the direction things are going, a handheld device would be practically useless as anything other than a sharing device. A set of glasses, coupled with AR, would accomplish much the same. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah we don’t want anyone viewing our porn or looking at scantly clad women in public on our personal device and in reverse fashion. LOL 😛

  • Well, I’ve already seen flexible in practice, and we don’t really need to talk about the software, but how stretchable are we talking about? Can I have it as a 3 inch phone screen in pocket all day, then flip it to a 62 inch screen, put it inside a wall dock and use it as a TV?

  • what if this was just a display for your phone?

  • Dr Sauch

    Why…I mean, why does this even exist?  Its like someone at Samsung took a bong rip and said “Bro, you know what would be totally sweet?  RESIZABLE SCREENS.  Get an intern to *cough* make a video.”

  • Bob Johnson

    I will be too busy with my playstation 9 to even want this.

  • smo86

    Is this a joke? 

  • Anonymous

    Leaked ip5 videos show that it can fire a holographic keyboard onto a flat surface, you can type on the holograph and the device can understand what you are typing. That would ne sweet on an Android.

  • Anonymous

    Until I see this in anything resembling a finished product, it’s hard for me to get excited about it. 

  • This is the number one reason I am trying to find a job in the mobile phone field. I know that it will continue to grow and expand and I want on that wave! 

  • Omar Ibrahim

    why do i have to hold it… give me a hologram display. please.

  • Man, Samsung loves itself some infringement…..  Anyone else notice the rip off of Noah and the Whale’s song “5 Years Time”?  I can imagine the creative team’s meeting, “Jin, just subtly change a few of the chords, this is going to air in Korea, NO ONE WILL NOTICE.” 

  • Stating El Obvious

    I wonder if EC8CH was involved in the mechanical engineering of this marvel!

  • Stating El Obvious

    LOL….this is silly.

  • Anonymous

    technology is just incredible but lets gett the nexus release out of the way first..then maybe ill start thinking about phones that transform into jets and fly you to an island…wait..the evo already does that

  • Jason

    Its pretty damn cool. I like the day of glass video better. I still think were aways off from this

  • tiptoptommy

    i could see this if everything including battery could be reduced to a thin printed circuit board type technology. I wouldnt say its impossible but wouldn’t say it will be out next year either. I see something similar in the next 5 to 10 years maybe, but with some sort of hardware grip containing all necessary hardware and definately no resizeable/stretchable display, but transparent is definately possible. And i refuse to be part of the “thats stupid/impossible” crowd. I can dream cant I?

  • i’m so glad the majority of you are so dismissive and hateful of this.

    makes it easier/less competitive for people like me to cause changes.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. They didn’t mention if it would have an unlocked bootloader or a 64 core processor so it’s all hate until then.  

      • Anonymous

        it will probably just have a crappy pentile screen. and verizon bloatware….:p

        • devx

          With a device that small they will take on some sad marketing technique and call it “flatware” =P

  • Anonymous

    Cleared and rugged display is the future, lots more AR and AR absorption coming, the ability to parse reflective light as it passes through the substrate and convert into signals, yep.  Expect those parts first.

    That folding, batteryless stuff will come later, lot later. Although you will see lots new neat battery designs as this stuff takes off. 

    Then again, I make sugar pucks and coffee, believe what ya want eh. 

  • Dshudson

    You guys don’t have one yet?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This is Star Wars shit, it is a long, long,long way off.

    • Eskiar128

      i think you mean “far, far away”

    • Anonymous

      I think we will see this sort of thing sooner then you think

  • that’s so sick!

  • joejoe5709

    Riiiiight…. and we’ll all be flying in jet packs too? I would have believed it more if there was a spot for the hardware. Then again… if you showed someone a MacBook Pro to someone from the 40’s they’d say, “Where do the vacuum tubes go??” Haha Soooo who knows. Doesn’t seem realistic though.

    • Anonymous

      Neither did sending a man to the moon.

      • SugaShane

        Whoa… WE LANDED ON THE MOON!

        • Anonymous

          lol, I love random movie references

  • Anonymous

    Guessing that was just to show off the screen technology itself. a screen cant just run itself

  • Keith Sumner

    Yeah, where would the PCB, battery, cpu, gpu, ram, storage card, etc go?

    • Anonymous

      In your booty hole.

    • Anonymous

      It’s coming from the cloud… all of it.  Battery and Antenna, I can’t speak to that.

    • Anonymous

      It would probably be more like a scroll housing all that than how its displayed in the video….I would never buy something like this

  • Edwin M

    Obligatory “This is coming out before Galaxy Nexus” comment.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to ask if this is why GNex was Friday, because they were dropping this on Thurs.

    • Mctypething

      Obligatory “The first two words of this are ‘Samsung Releases’, what a tease!!” comment.

      • Anonymous

        Something I wish was talked about to see in the the future is AI technology that would learn the user habits and details of the individual user.  A device that you will be apple to talk to and the AI will respond back and take care of the tasks for you.

        Siri is not AI, this AI will learn from you the individual user.  I can see that type of technology being a really big hit. Just say’in. 😛

        • Fakemail

          And then it will become self-aware and kill you in your sleep.

          • Anonymous

            LMAO, Yeah I am going to have to watch out for the electric sparks when plugging it in to charge. lol

    • Trolololol

      Finally something apple cant sue, Its so many shapes!

      • Mctypething

        You forgot to add ‘Obligatory’ to the beginning of your comment.

  • Yeah, Im sure that’s possible lol.

  • ices

    And the Battery comes over the air? Stupid thing.

    • tesla did try to create wireless electricity.

      there have been recent innovations in that regard…but not large enough to power things bigger than a small cell phone.

      • Guest

        he didn’t just try, he did!

        • yeah, but then everything burned down.
          and jp morgan cut off his funding.

          would’ve been awesome if his work continued on without the hiccups.

  • unreal2k

    I just don’t understand where the hardware is? The board, the chips etc. Where is everything if the device is just a transparent screen?

    •  It’s all in the cloud… Duh… 😉

    • Anonymous

      Remember how everyone was asking “I don’t understand how you can use a touch screen phone. No buttons? What the hell? Apple’s iPhone is going to fail so hard!”

      When it comes to technology always keep an open mind. Technology is our world’s version of magic, so one should expect nothing less from it.

      • Stating El Obvious

        There’s a difference between the progression of tech and science fiction.  This, as its shown in the video, is the latter.

        • Omar Ibrahim

          just like how mobile communicators where sci-fi in star trek. /me looks at his og…

        • Anonymous

          We wouldn’t have a lot of technology we have today were it not for science fiction. Science fiction is a creative twist on tech and helps drive the invention of innovative ideas we have come to incorporate into our daily lives.

          The first tablet most people have seen is probably one of the computers from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Minus the part where they are stuck to the table, today’s handheld tablets are exactly the same in form and function.

          Recall the Army’s “PipBoys,” the wrist-mounted flexible display machines that were all over the news last summer? At the time I was employed at the sister fort that was working on the technology and saw these things first hand. They were merely flexible plastic screens mounted on a fortified chassis and powered by a Droid Incredible that you simply loaded underneath it (like you would an SD card into a laptop). They were an amazing early prototype and I can easily foresee all the extra bezels and and stabilizing materials disappear once the circuits get smaller, allowing for the creation of digital newspapers as seen in Minority Report and in the Samsung video above.

          Today’s smartphones are more powerful than desktop computers from a decade ago. Technology is getting smaller and more affordable, thus more ubiquitous as a result, and very soon we will see every single little object in our lives incorporate some sort of circuitry. Science fiction helps drive the innovation that is required to get technology up to par with what our imaginations demand of it and will continue to do so even when we think we’ve developed every crazy little thing about which we could possibly dream.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like I’m not getting a Galaxy Nexus. It’ll be obsolete when this thing comes out!