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Just Because It’s the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, Here is One More Small Gallery and Some Speed Tests

Nope, we still do not have a release date for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon even with multiple rumors pointing to this Friday as likely being the day. What we do have, is one of our favorite tipsters sending in another handful of pictures and a couple of speed tests. We know that you have seen more than enough of these already, including our posting of the first ever hands on with the device from Samsung’s shop in NYC, but it’s the VZW Nexus, and we know you always want more.

So to kick off the week, check out two more pictures below, plus a look at some 4G LTE speed domination.  

Speed test 1:

YouTube Preview Image

Speed test 2:

YouTube Preview Image

Cheers ___!

  • I Love how the sever used in the speed test was Tijuana Mexico cablemas, lol 

  • Anonymous

    This device has ICS going for it. It is very thick and it is made by Samsung. Maybe they  prove me wrong we will have to wait and see.

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  • Anonymous

    Ok, so most likely it will be this Friday, but what I want to know is what the price will be. 

  • Anonymous

    Is it typical for Verizon to not announce the release date until only a few days beforehand, or do they usually announce the release date a week or so ahead of time (for example)?

  • Ninjamaster

    Just talked to a rep at my local store here in Charlotte, NC.  I said, “Do you guys have any info on the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?”, and she said,”We thought it was the 8th or the 9th, but we still haven’t received any confirmation yet.”  I then said, ” is that just the ‘official’ response that you’re supposed to give, or do you really not have any info?”.  She said, “We’re waiting for them to tell us if it’s the 8th or the 9th.”  This is AWESOME, because this basically means that they have them in stock, and they know it’s either going to be pushed out Thursday or Friday THIS WEEK.  Great, great news, folks.

  • Just thinking about this, everyone says that the launch date (speculated) Is going to be December 8th. My question is, how can this be true? Wouldn’t Verizon want to allow people to pre-order the phone at least one week in advance?

    • OG Droid

      No, they didn’t say anything about the bionic until a day or two before it came out. No pre-orders either.

  • Anonymous

    4G LTE speed tests don’t really indicate much about the device that is already set to work with 4G networks.. such speed tests are meaningless.

    Of more interest is the over all fluidity of the interface and optimization of system & user apps.

  • Bewara2009


  • RSone

    Just left Samsung store after spending an hour with the phone.  Felt like meeting a celebrity that you’ve only seen in pix.   Samsung personnel wouldnt answer any questions, and redirected someone to another model who asked what their latest Verizon phone was, without even mentioning the GN!

    Some random first impressions:- Hardware is absolutely amazing.  Felt much more comfortable in the hand vs. the RAZR.  The “right” thickness, and weight.  – Screen is beautiful.  Brightness needs to be maxed, and automatic turned off.  But still brighter than the Rezound, with nearly comparably detail IMO.  Watching an Youtube HD movie trailer was incredible.   Especially when the soft keys disappear and you’re using all 4.65″ of the screen.- Camera is fast, but as some have noted, can be a little too fast, shooting pix before it has autofocused. Works much better when you’ve focused manually or confirm autofocus.  – Phone is lightning fast!  Zero lag or stutter when scrolling or calling up recent apps.- ICS looks and feels great.   Much has been written on this, and its all true.  Occasional trouble finding where they moved all of the options, but to be expected on any new OS.  New keyboard is also quick and very responsive.- Browser is great.  Love the quick controls that can be turned on the labs. Did however, had occasional trouble zooming on and rewrapping text with a double tap (including this site).  – Home Screens — only disappointment.  Wish there were more than 5 of them.  Especially since the space for widgets is relatively small, with the status bar on top, Google search bar on every screen, bottom row of icons, and soft keys.  Will be better when someone finds way to replace the Google bar with a search key.  Widgets kept getting rejected with msg that there wasnt enough room, and that was after letting go of it.  Also few widgets allow for resizing currently, making it tough to fit more in.Overall, I can’t wait for Verizon to release this.  Definitely my next phone.

  • Anonymous

    By the time this thing comes out, the Razr will have ICS and probably have a unlocked bootloader…

    • Anonymous

      Ya right like big red would let that happen. Kinda why there are two razrs one has unlocked bootloader. And big reds doesn’t

  • Narbz

    i want this phone so bad that I dream it, & it  was announced by Verizon & i already had put in my order but for some odd reason it said 29.6 GB lol
    I wish dreams were reality so i could at list have a release date !