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Another Look at the Galaxy Nexus Retail Box

The pictures we saw this morning of a white box that were said to be the retail packaging of the Galaxy Nexus had some of us scratching our heads. It had to say something on it, right? It does. It says “Verizon” in white and is essentially the anti-Rezound box which was all black with an almost un-readable black Verizon logo on it. I’m trying to find some meaning for the all-white exterior, and all I can come up with is “Vanilla.” Vanilla meaning no skins attached, a “vanilla” version of Android, and the anti-every-other-damn-locked-down-phone-on-Big-Red. In other words, a breath of fresh air.

Cheers @drewm25!

  • Anonymous

    I would have to agree Kellex with your assumption(on the box color meaning). Good guess by the way, Cheers from the Android nut:)

  • Anonymous

    *update* my buddy said the street date for his store is the 9th… So far away….

  • NotoriousNeo

    Got a launch kit today. Nexus is on my lap as I type. December 8th is looking like the day (or 9th, but I’m going with 8 since we’ve always launched devices on Thursday’s a majority of the time). =)

  • Anonymous

    No street date yet, but upstate ny corporate vzw store just received in their Nexi 5 minutes ago!!

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    Complete Apple rip-off.

  • Anonymous

    It might be a GNexus in White.. that will just make my year.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm white is totally Apple’s color.  I smell a lawsuit coming on… /s

  • Djwatson217

    Just talked to my “Verizon Rep “. Phones are in the store!

  • Oh My! Is this an article about a box? We really are sheep.

  • Sublime8696

    Step one…. Cut a hole in the box.

  • Bryan Williams

    172 comments about a box.  And it’s not part of the female anatomy.

    Pretty lame.

    • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

      No, pretty mature.

      • Bryan Williams

        Get over yourself, it’s a joke.

        Wasn’t aware you were assigned to the, “making sure everything on the internet was up to mature standards”.  I think you have your work cut out for you there buddy.  Better get busy, starting with your username. Ironic much?

        • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

          Hypocrite. Is it your job to comment on others not making sexual references to the word ‘box’? Shove off sailor boy.

          • Bryan Williams

            You’re a jagoff and make no sense.  Drop back 10 yards and punt.

  • talked to manager at store… last night… thursday is the day…. 

  • Bythebayou516

    Actually, to me the white box represents something else. In a course I took in high school we learned that white symbolizes purity and innocence. In this case, no OEM skin. Oh, and it’s white so your significant other doesn’t get mad at you for cheating on her.

  • Mikehen08

    f#%ck it!! Dont even give me a box! Just give me the phone, charger, and headphones!

  • Atrain729

    Hey Kellex….any thoughts on why the verizon nexus “more info” site is down? 


    Could this be some site maintenance getting ready for an announcement? I know I’m just nit picking here but anything is hopeful to me

  • Anonymous

    i think the white = pure, not vanilla.  We see this all of the time.  White wedding dresses, white baptismal gowns.  Sayings like “pure as the driven snow”.   Going toward the white light – clean and pure.

    white = pure google.

  • SB1

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Verizon is trying to kill this phone to up profits on droid branded devices.  This has been the second worst release I’ve ever seen (except for the crappy A$$ bionic I bought)

  • D+T→n(14.1MeV)+α(3.5MeV)

    The only phones that are actually “locked down” on Verizon are the Motorola phones – which have encrypted bootloaders. ALL phones -even the Nexus line have locked bootloaders, the difference is that the Nexus, Charge, Thunderbolt, etc. can be unlocked while the Motorola phones require a lot more work to get around (2nd init, i.e.)

  • Anonymous

    Really? We’re caring/worrying about the retail packaging? I wouldn’t care if they packaged the phone in an old Tickle-Me-Elmo box they found in their attic. All that matter is that I get the phone in my hand.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you try to figure out what the box means. It’s a god damn box. Packaging for the phone it means that the phone is inside. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Mikehen08

    Someone mentioned that the other two Nexus’ came in all white boxes. Might just be a Nexus thing…

  • Eddie

     brown top and bottom and a white sleeve can very easily be added to make this look like the ice cream sandwich box pictured elsewhere. 


  • Rich

    Well I doubt December 9 is the date…. wth would vzw wait 1 day or that day to announce it being release? they wouldn’t…

    Since the date everyone believes is the release, is 3 days away, I say its hog wash… i say its next week or near xmas for release…

    • Cam

      Or, there may just be no big launch announcement. Just one day no Nexus, the next day it’s on shelves.
      Don’t take away my hope, bro.


        • Anonymous

          Thursday or Friday…. I keep hearing both dates from sources. It’s insane there is still no clear answer…

          • Anonymous

            Could be Thursday at midnight… which is really Friday.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet “Galaxy Nexus” is embossed on one or both of the sides… just like the Thunderbolt, Revolution, and Rezound.

  • tmcgradyr01

    We’ve come this far as to admire a plain white box…

  • Anonymous

    At this point it can come in a plastic bag for all I care, I just want it.

  • Karl

    Samsung is really opening themselves up for more lawsuits.  It’s like they’re asking for it with this packaging.  People could easily mistake this for the packaging of the apple phone.  It would be easy for samsung to differentiate…off the top of my head I can think of several things they could do to the packaging that would keep apple from having a legitimate claim:
    Packaging that contains no white.
    Overall shape that isn’t a rectangular prism (come on! a box with all 90* angles!  they stole that directly from apple)
    Logos that aren’t centered on the box
    Non-horizontal seams
    Packaging with significant exterior adornment
    Or just no box at all!

    • Anonymous

      Wow… people this is not packaging by Google or Samsung.  It’s straight Verizon style packaging.  They package all of their non-Droid high end phones in this type of packaging.  The only difference here is that it’s white instead of black.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        even more wow… IT IS JUST A F****** BOX PEOPLE!!

      • Karl

        It was a joke….compare the list to the list of things apple said samsung could do to keep from getting sued because their phones were too much like apple’s phones.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t worry man, the majority of us knew you were obviously joking.

    • Rlbjunkmail

      Did anyone also happen to tweet Colin Quinn over the weekend? Talk about missing the joke….

  • Whett Phartz

    I believe that this box will revolutionize the field of device box development. Box developers all over the world are scrambling for their own box to study. What secrets are hidden under the box’s colorless exterior, waiting to be discovered? 

    Apple will of course, sue. They patented the white box. This box looks suspiciously white. 

    • EC8CH

      but it has square corners.

    • Anonymous

      Any truth to the rumor that Apple is suing iRAQ? Didn’t Apple buy all copyrights to the letter i?

  • Mark Wilk

    A boat is just a boat.The mystery box can be anything! It could even be a boat!!

    • Could be the White RAZR…

    • Jonk19

      Lmbo. Family Guy ref. Nice

  • Anonymous

    I dont know, It looks all White to me.

  • DWM

    They should have just put a giant bar-code on it like the old “Generic” food packages.

    Anyhow, I’m not buying it for the box it comes in. 🙂

    • Anthony Vella

      Even though the box probably added $20 to your fee and the inside is blood red with Verizon branding EVERYWHERE. Google is becoming Verizons maid, make everything and brand it all like Verizon did it.

  • Anonymous

    Are my posts going through?

  • 8======D

    Or Verizon has no intention of marketing this phone and thus sees no point in putting colorful pictures on the box. Anyone who is going to buy this device knows exactly what it is and why it’s special, and that’s why Verizon’s snazzy marketing campaigns haven’t coaxed them into the flashier RAZR or Rezound by now. 

    • Anthony Vella

      They marketed them because they need to sell them due to the Nexus being released. The RAZR and Rezound lost money due to the anticipation of the G-Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Um… what is wrong with people?  This box is identical to the Thunderbolt and Revolution boxes (both phones I have), except it’s white instead of black.  This type of packaging is classic non-Droid high end Verizon packaging.  Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow the fruit company will sue Samsung for this.

  • Anthony Vella

    I just bought a white box on Ebay, should I put rocks in it and sell it for $299 also?

  • Maybe it’s white for Xmas holiday?  LOL!

  • or ice cream for ice cream sandwich

  • Binglut9

    where the doubters from yesterday….obv it was the box

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    stoooopid question of the day…IF the phone is going live on Friday, when will online ordering open up, or is online ordering not happening with the galaxy nexus?  Thanks

  • 好文章,转啦

  • Anonymous

    wheres the news in this? its a box….nothing more..nothing less 

  • JMac726

    What’s in the box, what’s in the boooooox??

  • Keii Graham

    Even the box tries to play dumb about the phone. I see what you did there Verizon.

  • Fakemail

    Haha a post about a box! Oh, it wasn’t a joke leading into something interesting? Ahhhhh.

  • Thats really ncie!

  • Anonymous

    This still seems really odd that there’s no Google logo anywhere on this thing – the phone itself, the box etc.

  • Let’s not forget that the Thunderbolt box is pretty much the exact opposite( Stark black with only the Verizon logo on it).

  • Austinrgoebel

    White means pure, no skins, just pure

  • Adam Gustafson

    Box is white cuz you unwrap it and get an ics phone inside. And vanilla is not white its brownish. 

  • This is a stretch, but maybe its meant to look like an ice cream sandwich, with the all white wrapper and all?

  • Look at the Box ????? Huh … This is post worthy????   I mean come on …  

  • Austinrgoebel

    White has no colors, its nuteral, like the nexus with no skins

  • Jeremy Morrison

    Might as well take a black sharpie and write my name down on one of them there boxes!

  • Can’t wait to take  a bite 😉

  • Anonymous

    Its all white because its going to have a black sleeve over it making it like an ice cream sand which? Just a thought.

  • Mwildberg2

    Will Best Buy Mobile also put these up for sale this Friday???

    • Mwildberg2

      Anybody have any information on this. I live about 65 minutes away from the nearest Verizon store and Best Buy Mobile is literally 10 minutes away???

      • Daniel

        I work in mobile, and I haven’t heard about it being released yet. My coworkers all think it’s still the Prime. If it is released the 9th, we don’t have it yet.

        • Mwildberg2

          Ok thanks a lot for the info!!

    • Anonymous

      Call and ask

  • Vanilla except for google wallet…

  • Anonymous

    The day the Nexus comes out, I’m buying the Bionic. 

    • Christephor

      i know your trying to be funny but its not…

      • Anonymous

        I’m dead serious.

        • eggo

          u mad bro

          • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The day the Nexus comes out, I’m selling the Bionic!

      I really am.

    • Reapersquadron

      You salty? Yeah? Have fun with it.

  • Harrison426

    Ice cream sandwiches are always wrapped in the white paper… cmon people

    • Anonymous

      Old fashioned ones are at least. Every ice cream sandwich that I’ve had in the last few years came wrapped in plastic.

      • Harrison426

        what? Then and now, i’ve only ever seen ICSs in that white paper crap that always takes off the some of the delicious black cookie.  then i run my bottom teeth over the white paper to get it back.

      • Anonymous

        Just got some Good Humor brand ice cream sandwiches from Sam’s Club and they’re in white paper!  Me likey

        • Anonymous

          You wanna get high?

      • Anonymous

        Once you said that, all the pieces came together, like a my inevitable erection when I get this phone…..hmm need to work on my analogies. BUT Thank you Sir!

      • Loki

        Verizon isn’t gonna really sell the phones. There won’t be on display, they’ll keep them hidden in the back of the store in the stock cage, and will only sell them if you request one after letting the store employees first try to sell you every one of the other phones in the store for a time of at least an hour. And then and only then you have to give them the secret password for them to sell you a nexus.

        • Anonymous

          And the password is: STFU&GimmeAGNex

    • James Friedman

      This should say Google though and not Verizon if they are trying to go for that type of look….

  • Alec

    It would be better if the box was black (Verizon logo) and the slide out box was white, cause then it would resemble an ice cream sandwich! 

    • Tim242

      Ummm no. An ice cream sandwich is wrapped in white. The part that slides out is dark. You got it backwards : )

      • I believe he means the white would be the ice cream, and the black would be the cookie sandwich pieces…derp

        Besides, most ice cream sandwiches I’ve enjoyed over the years were wrapped in aluminum foil…silver

        The cookie part should also be brown with small holes in it, not black…maybe dark brown

  • Andrewtrespando

    i had to buy a rezound. if this phone doesnt come out in 2 weeks i am stuck.

    • Anonymous

      If you bought a Rezound now, you have until January 15th to return it and only pay a $35 restocking fee. Plus, everything is pointing to this Friday for the Nexus, so you should be fine.

  • Znibbor

    I am so sick of you knuckle heads complaining about your OG, incredibles or Droid 2 hanging on by a thread. I’m still rocking an Eris that I got at launch. Everyone settle down!

    • Anonymous

      Wow. I think you deserve to be the first to get the Nexus if you’ve had to endure an Eris for two years.

    • Mike McCrary

      Dude I’m rocking a G1 right now, How do you think I feel?! 😛

    • Anonymous

      You win. My wife had an Eris (got it when it came free with my OG). After four replacements Verizon finally just sent her an OG.

  • so all those boxes with upc’s in the background are nexus’s?????  2nd one from the bottom is MINE!!

  • Guest

    so funny how much drool and hype over this thing.  i got the UMTS version today and well let me way it is nice but it “ain’t all that” for sure.

    you will see when you hold it.  ICS is a definite + over GB.

    • Anonymous

      I have an OG Droid running Gingerbread now. If everything on the Galaxy Nexus was the same as it, aside from ICS and the necessary hardware improvements for ICS to run well, but it was otherwise identical, I’d still get the Nexus.

    • Please, way in…

      I think you mean ‘weigh’

  • Grovestreet213

    We got a box! Call the bomb squad, we got a box!!

  • Kierra

    Lol I find this ish so funny. Seriously its just a white box with a nice phone inside. 

  • Dan

    Are all the boxes in the background GNex’s too!?

    • 15_GNex_per_store

      Looks like it and I count 15- not a lot for each store…

  • Jason Purp

    All of those Nexus boxes…
    All of that Vanilla…
    Oh man

  • Dirk Diggler

    Got this from Phandroid, Nexus is confirmed on the 9th

    • Dirk Diggler

      although its prob fake.. looks kind of unprofessional after further inspection. I dunno

      • Rootzwiki says (where they got this from), that they have other documentation which shows that this is real but they were asked not to share it yet to protect the source. 

        • Dirk Diggler

          Nice.. Hopefully it is real.. here is another document from the same source that gives some more info


  • NotoriousNeo

    What the shit?! Ugh! Kind of upset we didn’t get our shipment. There’s always hope for tomorrow!

  • Anonymous

    It’s white because it is pure like snow, which is also white and falls around Christmas time. Then Verizon put their name on it, like everything else they sell.

    • Anonymous

      no u idiot a ics is wrapped in white paper!!

  • I would cry if I had to cut that box for a GD mail in rebate.

  • look at all of them in the background… it’s beautiful 

  • Simple, yet elegant…I guess. I like the black boxes better, but yes, white screams “clean and pure [Google experience].” They could use the box as an advertisement if they wanted to, but I guess not. Why can’t we have a box with a pictures on it like the GSM variant? Regardless, I’m glad that it’s here and I hope this means it’s coming out on Thursday or Friday and not this weekend or next week! Alas, outsiders may be dumbfounded by the fact that we’re amazed by a blank white box.

    • Anonymous

      The Verizon Galaxy Nexus is not a true pure Google experience phone.  Can blame Verizon and the two pieces of software they insisted on.  That’s why the box is different and no Google logo on back of phone.
      I feel sorry for Verizon if this phone can not be unlocked using the fastboot technique. Has it been confirmed that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus can be unlocked?  Would not surprise if Verizon has it locked down 🙂

      You would think of all the Verizon Galaxy Nexus floating around that someone would have unlocked it…

      • Mike McCrary

        Videos of the LTE GNex booting up have shown the unlock key.

        Also Google has confirmed that Google will be providing updates.
        Please stop posting false speculation as fact. 

        • Anonymous

          What video, can you point one out that is the Verizon version booting with the lock symbol unlocked? The ones I have seen have shown it locked. I stated nothing as a fact besides that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is not a pure google experience which it is not for silly reasons 🙂

        • Pasta

          First, can you have “true” speculation?

          Good news if there’s confirmation (even unofficial confirmation) that it’s unlocked.  That was my biggest concern with a Verizon Nexus phone.  It felt more like people were assuming it would be unlockable because it was Nexus.

  • Now when can I own it? My Droid2 is going to fully give out on my any day now

    • Canon

      I still have the OG Droid. You shouldn’t even be complaining now.

      • Emily

        Having owned both the og droid and a droid2, I can say Jeremy had more right to complain than Canon.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I have a question.. When do you guys believe this will be avail for preorder, if ever?
    Also If I order it online, when would it come? Friday or would it ship ON Friday?

    • Not sure that there will be a pre-order. It may just go on-sale without much notice.

      • Anonymous

        Verizon sales lady I spoke to yesterday while waiting for my Chinese food to be ready said as much. She told me that aside from actually releasing it there will be little to no marketing for the phone. No pre-orders, no big store banners hanging up, the phone will simply go on sale (although her understanding was that it would be available Thursday, not Friday). She said Verizon in general isn’t as excited for this phone like they usually are for new releases. If not for the fact that they get to be the carrier with the first device to ship with ICS Verizon probably wouldn’t have agreed to even carry the phone.

    • NotoriousNeo

      If it becomes available for pre-order, usually it’ll ship the day BEFORE it’s actual release, meaning you’d get it ON launch day. However, I’m starting to agree with Kellex. I think Verizon’s just going to cut it loose and be done. 

  • Paulqg

    So if I would to say that I work for Verizon and I have 5 galaxy nexus devices. Would you hold it against me? It’s a honest question!

    • Cam

      Depends. Do you mean stores are only getting in 5 per? Or, you grabbed 5 and took them home with you?

      • Paulqg

        I have 5 myself! The stores are getting plenty more!

        • Jeremy Morrison

          I wouldn’t if you sold me one! 🙂 Otherwise you just plain suck!

    • Anonymous

      Can you confirm or deny any of the rumors, especially the release date?

  • Afelm

    Looks to me like it says something on the top of the box as well. We already new VZW was treating this phone like the step child so they def had no plans for a big advertisement push let alone do something special to the box. The phone sells it self… We all know why we’re buying it. All I can say is let the celebration begin because it’s here folks, this week is defiantly it!

    • Afelm


      • I think he meant defiantly, as in “VZW wanted to hold it til February but its defying all reason and actually coming out this week”..


  • I…. I never thought this day would be so close… its so beautiful :’)

  • Robb

    who cares about the box, boxes end up in the trash anyway. just give me the damn phone!

    • Anonymous

      I agree. That Ice Cream Sandwich box is pretty cool, but I don’t care if it comes in an airplane barf bag (provided it’s not used), just as long as they release the thing soon.

  • Gamble

    I have a sudden hunger for chinese food…

  • Anonymous

    I hope to have one in my hands on friday

  • EC8CH

    Almost perfect, just make the Verizon logo a little less readable…. little more… little more….


    What? You can’t see it at all anymore?


  • davidbavin1

    Kellex, you mad bro?

  • Timfantry

    Why is it Friday and not Thursday? just talked to a reseller saying Thursday.

  • Anonymous

    Look at all those lovely boxes ready to be handed out 🙂

  • I guess it’s safe to call Friday “Nexus Day”

  • Anonymous


    • Tim242

      Yes, I am!

      • Anonymous

        Damnit. My pointless one word comment didn’t get first.

      • r8rs

        Not cool!

        • Tim242

          Oh, it’s very cool!

  • Anonymous

    Or maybe its just racist,just kidding

  • Trolololol

    Even in all white Verizon managed to stick their logo on. Damn corporate whores ruining it

  • Anonymous

    White = Wrapped. Box inside = Ice Cream Sandwich colored. 

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe the red like shown earlier?

      • Anonymous

        the red was the interior. This is the outer box, a cover basically. Slide this off the actual box, which is a box colored like an ice cream sandwich. Open that box up and you have the red interior with the phone.

    • Its red like shown earlier.. 

  • Ian Wilson

    Perhaps it signifies the idea that the phone is (almost) completely untouched by Verizon… *puffs pipe and gazes into the fire while stroking chin*

    • Liking that too.

    • Anonymous

      And the Verizon logo that is there signifies the changes Verizon has made, like installing two of their apps, swapping out Google’s logo for their own, and delaying it my almost a month.

      • NotoriousNeo

        Or, you know, the fact that it’s just, you know, on Verizon. 

    • Anonymous

      untouched minus the part where the google phone cant run google wallet…thanks to big red

  • Anonymous

    The box inside is black with a white center around the sides, basically an ice cream sandwich .. this white exterior is basically the wrapped for the ice cream sandwich 😛

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope that breath arrives Friday.

    • Sorry to highjack your post but…

      Kellen, regarding your “tip” about the 16gb version of the phone. Is there anyway you can get in touch with a source that received the phone in today and see what size they got?

      • Kellex tweeted it as a joke… It’s not true.

        • The phone is 32GB. That was just me sharing some of the troll emails we get. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s the vanilla middle of the ice cream sandwich-like box? That was my guess the second you posted the ics box.

    If you recall, the chocolate wafers on the ics box sort of cover the white middle part (like a plastic cover would on a Tupperware container) on both sides. Seems like a perfect match.

    The red would still be the inside of the innermost white box.

  • Cam

    I was disappointed for a second, by the plain white box. But then I though, ‘what the hell was I going to do with the box anyway? Keep loose change in it?”

    • You can sell it on eBay. I have my box for the OG iPhone from 2007 in a box for storage so when I retire it to get the Galaxy Nexus because I don’t want the iPhone 4s.

  • Jamesdoulane

    The Beatles white album was pretty damn revolutionary too.

    • Ahh yes indeed.

    • Anonymous

      I got my father a puzzle of that album cover. That was fun to watch.

  • TheAndroid1

    I wish more packaging was like this.

  • Jamie

    Maybe they all ship in a giant black box? 😀

  • Nice and sleek.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ll put a black/brown sleeve over it, mhmm.

  • Charlienesh505

    At this point they dont need to advertise or put anything flashy on the box. We all want it already!

  • Dennis Donovan

    It looks like the wrapper of an ice cream sandwich lol

  • Jamie

    That’s actually a bit disappointing.  I was hoping it would look similar to the Nexus S box, with the Google colors inside. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      The HSPA+ Version is like that…It is not just a plain white box as the Verizon version.

  • awesome

  • Anonymous

    A very welcome breath of fresh air…but I’m tired of holding my breath.

  • Dan

    Look! A box!