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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Docks and Chargers Get a Proper Fondling, Prongs Put to Use

“He doesn’t know how to use the 3 sea shells.” – Demolition Man

Been wondering what the 3 metal prongs on the side of the Galaxy Nexus will be used for? We assumed accessories, but thanks to a series of videos out of MobileFun, we get to see exactly how those accessories will put those prongs to work. A new landscape desktop dock is featured along with a battery charger for those of us that are forced to carry backups because of LTE’s never ending thirst for juice. The portrait and car docks are also featured, which according to our sources, are expected to be at $59.99 and $39.99 respectively.

Landscape dock:

YouTube Preview Image

Portrait HDMI dock:

YouTube Preview Image

Battery charger:

YouTube Preview Image

Car dock:

YouTube Preview Image

Can we have them all? Please?

Via:  SmartDroid, Phandroid

  • I made my own dock using 2 DV casette cases and it didn’t cost $40-$60, 

    • Orin

      Dude, that is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    why no landscape homescreen? am i missing a setting somewhere? rather annoying 

  • Anonymous

    The LTE verison of the car dock does NOT have the 3 POGO ports to permanently connect your dock to the car charger like the GSM version it is basically just a plastic holder. It does have cutouts so you can manually connect it everytime you dock, but I want a permanent port like my droid x car dock has, it is extremely convenient.  Does ANYONE know if the GSM version that does have the permanent ports works with the LTE version.  I’ve done a ton of searching and found that it DOES fit, but I want some confirmation before I order international that it fits AND will charge without issue.  ANYONE KNOW?? kellex please find out since you have both versions and create a blog entry about it

  • Anonymous

    is there a car dock mode like the droid x?  Or can an app be created to take advantage of the API that allows the phone to know it is in the dock so it can auotmatically open up the car dock app?  This is very important to me, and would love to see a developer build a very customizable app

    • Samsung would have needed to build magnets into the phone like Motorola has done.  Based on the videos above, it does not look like that is the case.  You can download an app that would act very similar, but you would need to start it up yourself each time.

      • Anonymous

        There are apps that detect if anything’s plugged into the USB and will default to a chosen app or launcher. Annoying if you want to plug in at home, but it IS an alternative…

  • Regarding the portrait HDMI dock, I noticed that someone reviewing the HDMI out on the Galaxy Nexus had shots of the launcher on the external display in landscape mode!


    Is it weird that the stock launcher appears to only support portrait mode on the internal display?

    Also, will landscape launching be the default (only?) option for the HDMI out? That might further explain a portrait HDMI dock.

  • Tuantsg

    too bad none of these work when u have a case on the phoneee.. 

  • James Friedman

    I want to buy the car dock but it won’t fit with a rubber case….anyone have a good easy mount/unmount dock recommendation? That’s my only fear of buying one of those universal ones. Do you have to resize the holder every time you want to pop it in and out?

  • Manatti06

    The Galaxy is on Orion’s belt..

  • It would be nice to see these docks made in a way to have extra room for us that rely on extended batteries.

  • Manuel Olague

    I think that the desktop dock should have an HDMI port instead of having a separate dock.

  • does this confirm or deny MHL??

  • Marcus Reid

    Interesting not once did I see the Gnexus go into landscape mode in any of these videos?  Hmm

  • Anonymous

    Be nice to have the landscape dock for watching the NFL redzone app.  Always have my OG leaning up against my computer screen heh.

  • Anonymous

    What comes first?

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus
    ICS for Nexus S http://pocketnow.com/android/google-employees-getting-ice-cream-sandwich-nexus-s-ota
    AT&T Galaxy Nexus

    I would say ICS for Nexus S and then the AT&T Galaxy Nexus knowing Verizon 😉

  • Anonymous

    I gotta have the Car Dock!!! Does the HAYCH DMI dock charge the phone as well?

  • Anonymous

    That’s a hug iphone in those videos.

    • Manuel Olague


  • WooHoo! … Need .. Car .. Dock…
    Goodbye expensive to update Garmin!

  • Anonymous

    The dock in the first picture with the Samsung logo in the corner…doesn’t that dock look like a plastic garbage can?

  • Anonymous

    wish they woulda combined desktop with the hdmi…

  • Not such a good idea when you consider that the demo is missing the 2 cables that should/could be plugged into it (12V and audio).

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that the Bionic/RZAR accessories were much more impressive…

  • Kevin Parlee

    Getting the Car dock!

  • Anonymous

    So when does this phone come to Verizon?  And just to be clear, the Galaxy SII is not coming to Verizon correct?

    • Dan Brown

      Dec. 8 or 9th, and correct, NO G SII on VZW.

  • Anonymous

    : So I’m taking the spare battery charger and the vehicle dock (yeah, even though I live in NYC, lolol). I still DO own a car and use it from time to time. Haha.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all over the portrait dock, and possibly the car mount.  Although I wish Sammy would have put together a similar car mount that you just stick into an empty cupholder.  I seriously hate sticking crap to my windshield, especially when I already have a 7″ nav screen built into the dash.  I’m not using this for nav, I don’t need it on the windshield.

  • Car dock and HDMI dock seem to be the most useful. The other two, not so much. Can I buy please?

  • I wish the car dock piece doubled as a case that you could just snap off when you get out of the car.