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Founder Of CyanogenMod Offers An Update On The Development Of CM9, Original DROID No Longer Supported

“Never ask for ETAs.”  Probably the most well known quote from the CyanogenMod Team.  It makes sense though, seeing that greatness can not be rushed.  Well I wouldn’t call this an actual ETA, but Cyanogen himself has gone ahead and posted up a blog letting everyone know their plans for distribution of CM9 – the newest custom ROM offering based on Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich.  According to Cyanogen, thanks to changes Google has made in their code, the CyanogenMod Team is going to be working extra hard to create working builds for multiple devices.  Little hiccups like this have never stopped them before.  No need for worry there. 

Google did a great job with ICS and added some really awesome features which in some cases replace or deprecate functionality that we had in CM7, so we are reevaluating all of our customizations. There are a number of challenges that we are up against. Google has made some pretty major changes to the Android framework that break compatibility with older proprietary camera and graphics drivers in order to achieve some pretty insane performance, but I am confident that the team will be able to overcome these issues like we have in the past.

Now for the sad news.  The CM team will no longer support the original “OG” DROID.  So all of you OG die-hards might as well upgrade to the next thing you see and like.  Galaxy Nexus?

The first devices (besides the Nexus S, which you can already get from Koush’s section on ROM Manager) that we’ll have ready will mostly likely be devices based on OMAP4, MSM8660/7X30, and Exynos. We also have some Tegra2 tablets in the pipeline such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Asus Transformer. Sorry Droid1 owners, we’re dropping support for you. Time to upgrade.

They took that phone all the way to Gingerbread.  You have to be thankful for that.  So there you have it.  Work on CM9 is well under way and if you own a Nexus S, you can already get a taste.  RIP OG.

Via: CyanogenMod

Cheers Jem!

  • Well I just had a huge facepalm when I saw this. I was one of the fools who went out, used their upgrade, and bought the Bionic. I returned it and went back to my OG only to find out that I will not be experiencing anymore CM greatness until I decide to buck up and buy another phone. I just cannot stand MotoBlur and all the prison-like control over the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, Transformer gets CM!

  • jbonics

    As far as the droid 2’s roms I have tried then all, CM is the best imo. If you told me a 3500 quadrant score was possible @1.43 GHz on a D2 I would laugh. Thank you Cyanogen you gave me a new phone. Magentagen Reflexogen Processogen…

  • Xodyaq

    Meh, Cyanogenmod is fine and all, but I’ve had better OG performance with LiquidGB. The OG is still great hardware, period.

  • TC Infantino

    The OG had the best run you could hope for, and with all the support from great Devs like the CM team it stayed up there with some of the newer and supposedly better phones that came out.  Sadly the OG cannot keep up now that 4G, bigger screens, much faster cpu’s and HDMI output are becoming the standards.  BUT OG’s never die, they just ease back and watch the show…I am still using mine as the music server in my car.  The OG still has alot of usefullness left in it.

  • Sammyxp

    I’m hoping the MSM8660/7X30 he mentions is the Rezound!

    • Jer85008

      Surely it will, and I’ll definately try it with mine as soon as a stable version is out.

  • Greg Williams

    2 years of support?!? what more could we ask for! thanks guys!!

  • Thanks to CyanogenMod for all their support for the Droid OG. Still going to use my Droid as a WiFi device after I get the Galaxy Nexus, excited to see the new CyanogenMod, though I’m just so pumped about ICC!

  • einstein2001

    OG’s never die

  • Garrett

    If they got on eastern time they’d have to have stories published by 6a.m. just to have them ready for you guys making it into work, or an hour into work. Most publications publish articles in the timezone that they reside in. For one I’m glad to see something as popular as this coming from Portland, OR seeing as I live just down the road from there. Here’s hoping they stay all things Oregon.

  • dee

    i dont have my OG anymore but whattt? i love seeing support for that shit still

  • Rip droid? .. not until i get my Gnex! OG is still hanging on for a little bit.. 

  • Trevor-kai Craig


  • I am amazed that the OG droid just got an update last week

  • Anonymous

    “Sorry Droid1 owners, we’re dropping support for you. Time to upgrade.”

    I’ve been TRYING to upgrade…FOR SIX WEEKS!  Where’s the Nexus?!?!? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    If and when I get ICS it will most definitely be CM9.  I’ve grown sort of a hatred for stock ICS because of the “G-Nex” trolls. 

    Oh and before the “G-Nex” trolls chime in with “bootloader” this and “Bionic will never have ICS” that…

    • Anonymous

      a dual boot ICS Alpha is already working on the Bionic so STOP TROLLING FOR UNICORNS

  • Lmrojas

    What about my droid x 🙁

    • Anonymous

      I know! Also, no stable release for CM7 yet…

  • Benjamin Mackie

    So sad to see no OG support, but I totally understand. Its time to upgrade, and luckily, the majority of us will still be moving towards ICS by getting the nexus

  • Anonymous

    Tear drop…. now where’s my Nexus?!

  • RIP OG Droid. All though my OG struggles from time to time on CM, I already have plans to upgrade to the G-Nex. There will always be a special place in my heart for the one that started it all. 

  • John

    Does not matter.. other devs can build from source, even if many of them god lazy after the initial 2.3 update and started using CM7 source instead.  we WILL have a source ICS build for Droid, mark mywords. 

    • Keith Sumner

      Um, no you won’t, ICS is for dual core processors.

      • PC_Tool

        Keith:  I have ICS running on my 1Ghz, Single-core Verizon Fascinate.

        John is correct.  Google has stated that any phone capable of running GB should be able to run ICS.  Since AOSP ICS is open-source, it is virtually certain someone will get it ICS running on the OG Droid. 

        • probably  be done by pete alfonso and his bugless beast he only supports nexus s og droid and 1 other i forget but if anybody is likely to do it it would be him. I dought it will work well with the ogs lack of ram and internal rom space meaning slow apps off sd I love my og but I am going to sell and get a galaxy nexus or maybe weight for  a second gen lte phone with 4 cores etc 

          • PC_Tool

            S3 should be out mid-year as I hear it.  If waiting, I’d wait for that.  🙂

          • im not waiting more than 1st quarter because i beat my og droid like a 2 dollar hooker and i don’t think she is going to last much longer shes overclocked and running gingerbread 2.3.7

          • PC_Tool


  • Not a surprise, My D1 struggles with CM7 sometimes. 

  • Anonymous

    Seems like D4 would be the logical upgrade for OG owners.  As a OG – to – D3 convert, I’m very happy but am a little envious of the D4.

  • EC8CH


    10/17/2009 – 12/2/2011

    • Daniel Simpson

      I’m sure there will still be unofficial ports.

      • Cyanogen IS the unofficial port

        • Anonymous

          Cyanogen is the official unofficial port.

          • Msh12

            I think he means an unofficial unofficial port

  • Anonymous

    Poor OG, you served me well

  • Erkleehoo

    Can’t wait to upgrade! If IT will just be released already….

  • RIP OG Droid.. My daily phone is a Droid X on MIUI but I still have my OG alive and kicking strong on CM7.. I still pull it out and use it every once in a while..

  • Monoxide

    I knew this day would come ಠ_ಠ

  • Kayvon Khaledi

    Support for the Transformer? Hell to the F ya! Who needs the Prime when CM makes CM9 available for the Transformer! Just made my day!

  • PyroHoltz

    Here’s to hoping the D3 will get the CM9 love soon…the OMAP should help there.

    As for upgrading to a GN, probably not in the cards for me any time soon, plus I really like the keyboard…just don’t know if I want to grab a D4 when they come out, not thrilled w/ Moto/Big Red’s locked bootloaders.

  • Anonymous

    : Sad but true. Upgrade already before this year is up. lol

  • Anonymous

    Cyanogen Mods are waaayyyyyyy over rated. At least as far as the thunderbolt is concerned… we have much better sense roms than AOSP.

    • Xfloggingkylex

      Make sure NOT to get the galaxy then, you’ll be disappointed with AOSP and not sense.

      • Anonymous

        yep.. not getting it.. I could grow to love AOSP.. but it’ll take me some time to forgive Google and Verizon for botching up the release/launch.

        • Anonymous

          You mean not releasing a product that they felt had issues? You mean not announcing an official release date therefore you are basing everything off rumors?


          • Anonymous

            no.. I mean google holding an unveiling in China and telling the world it’ll be released in November.. and then not being in control of the launch of their flagship product in the best market that the nexus devices have traditionally enjoyed.. notwithstanding the fact that Google is an American company.

            :double facepalm.

        • The phone is useless to me if it’s not supported directly by AOSP/Cyanogenmod, sense is neat if you like to pretend you’re doing something to your phone. It don’t run Cyanogenmod, but I rely heavily on his libraries, binaries and configs to build system images for MIUI. 

        • KB Smoka

          Why is it botched?!  Because it didn’t come out in YOUR timetable?

          • Anonymous

            no, it is botched because google said it would come “sometime in november” and came in the UK only with a botched volume issue, while google refuses to comment on when it would be released here in the US because they “don’t want to steal the carrier’s thunder”.. all along not showing a semblance of control over their own flagship device.

            When a product is not launched beyond 2 months after it was originally supposed to be unveiled… then yes.. it is botched.

    • Anonymous

      Cyanognemod for the Thunderbolt is not an official build. It was just something Slayher put out there for us to make us happy. It’s because it was not a 3g phone and the problem was with Verizons 4g.

      It still has bugs in the Thunderbolt build.  You have to try it on a phone that is supported before you can make a judgement.

      • Anonymous

        I did try it on the Incredible when I had it. There is no question the team is comprised of some extremely bright people..and they did the best they could (even better than google itself) when it came to providing a nice clean AOSP.. but AOSP until ICS came along.. was simply not very pleasing to begin with.

        If Slayher’s build is not officially CM.. then I wonder why he is allowed to use their name. I think generally HTC Sense has cleaned up their act pretty well and gone are the days when we needed underground developers to hack the system to make it function the way it should.

        I’ve tried them all, and nothing comes close to the stability and optimized performance of Stock. (at least on the TB).

        • Emily

          You are in a different crowd than everyone else in this post. You are a RAZR/Rezound guy, the others are vanilla Android people.

          You think aosp wasn’t very pleasing and the others here think OEM skins are disgusting. plainandsimple

          • Anonymous

            The skin is not the problem with CM7s.. of course they are vanilla..and if it sux.. it is because of google.. My point was with the plethora of issues with the CM for the TB in particular.

        • Correct on the Slayer comment. He had to change his forum from “Cyanogen Mod 7 for Thunderbolt” to “Unofficial Cyanogen Mod 7 for Thunderbolt”… It isn’t even listed on the supported phone page on cyanogenmod.com.

          Everyone is allowed their own opinion. Just wanted to let you know that IMO thunderbolt is not a great base reference for CM7 or AOSP. 
          Happy Friday!

    • I was fine with the CM being over rated comment, but to say sense is better than AOSP… this is just crazy talk. BUT, if you are basing this off of your experience with the Thunderbolt, then I agree. That phone sucked and CM7 make the camera shitty, the 4g buggy, and gave it an overall unfinished feel. Many times I wanted to go back to my OG Droid. 

      AOSP in most cases is faster and easier for personal customization. Please don’t write it off yet until you try it out

      • Anonymous

        I did say in my original comment that it is over rated as far as the TB is concerned. 🙂

        • Emily

          Many people like stock experience with the many customization options and tweaks Cyanogen Mod allows. Many of which would not be in other roms if it weren’t for the developers on the CM team.

      • Emily

        Agreed, I use sense roms only because LTE is making it hard for the developers to have solid ASOP roms. My GPS never works correctly and network location is finicky. This is the only reason sense roms are better than AOSP on the TB. If that was not the case CM7 or OMFG would have been permenantly on my phone. Instead of me constantly flashing these “much better sense roms” trying to find one that annoys me the least.

        When my OG Droid was replaced with a D2 i was very sad with Blur and wished I had Sense instead. Now with what Sense has become and what Blur has become, I rate Blur above Sense, moving it from last place to second, behind AOSP

    • Anonymous

      God I wish I could down vote this. The devs at CM put so much more thought and effort into their product than HTC and it shows.

      • Anonymous

        Putting more work into something doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. No doubt the CM team is pretty hard working and talented.

    • yea right. ur crazy. sense sucks

      • Anonymous

        yea, sense sucks.. and yet it is the most popular overlay in android.. and HTC was the top manufacturer of android phones this year in the US.

        You are a fool.

  • RIP … we will miss you. the best thing since sliced bread at the time IMO

  • Jace Mar

    I love my OG droid. I’m willing to rock it for as long as I need in order to get the best upgrade. Why? Because I want my next upgrade to be as good as this phone has been to me. Sure it slow down and/or freeze every so often. But who cares, live long and strong my OG droid.

  • Taylor Steele

    I’d hate to say it but this may truly be the end of the OG. If Cyanogen drops support its only a matter of time till the rest of the developers do the rest. 

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I still have the OG in my desk at work, continue to load roms and screw with kernals and overclocking, ect….

    I do have to say that CynogenMod was actually one of my least fav. roms to load…. sure it had some cool options and functionality, but total overall smoothness and experience with other roms was MUCH better.

    Never been a fan, keep loading them… never like it.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    R.I.P. OG Droid! Toast to what started it all for a lot of us! 

  • Dominick DeVito

    The OG’s had a great run. But like all great things, it must eventually come to an end.

    (But there’s always the great Pete Alfonso)

  • Alex Harman

    Dang it, I loved what CM had done for my Droid. Jan 1 is so far away for me, but I’ll be getting my G Nex using the upgrade that I get!

  • Congrats Verizon for holding up the Galaxy Nexus for so long that practically every other compatible device will have an ICS build before an official release ever comes out..

  • Supersporttahoe

    People still use the OG Droid?

    • Dominick DeVito

      Hell yes. The best tech product I’ve ever owned. Running Pete Alfonso’s GPA19 (2.3.7). Runs great. I also use it for app dev at work. This thing is still a workhorse

    • Duh. IMO till the nexus was announced for VZW, there were no worthy devices to upgrade to.

  • Ok, so who should I turn to for custom Roms for my D1?

    • drk70

      Running Liquid Smooth 3.2 on my OG.  No problems here.  Themed to ICS also.

      • Wow that is one ugly website, but I’ll give it a spin

  • Radgatt

    Cant say that I’m surprised. All good things must come to an end.

  • John

    Good for them. People need to upgrade.

    • I would if the Nexus would ever come out.

  • Carlito Pr787


  • WindedBison

    The OG is dead, long live the OG!

  • Alias747

    OG Droid is going the way of dinosaurs, awesome but extinct… 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Totally understandable; 2+ years is a good, long run.  Let the OG retire on top as king of CM7 installs.

  • I think it’s amazing the OG has come as far as it did. It’s time to put the old girl down.

    I’m glad to see the 10.1 get the ICS treatment, though.

    • Can not agree more, contract on my OG is up next month. Hopefully then I can get a Nexus.

      Long live the OG Droid, the phone that put most of us here on droid life

  • thesaber2000

    im not surprized,  even after i get the nexus, im still keeping my og

    • OG_RIP

      Yes, but with the Nexus, Rezound and Droid4- there is no reason anyone should be using the OG in 2012. 
      Unfortunately 256mb of ram will only go so far…Not to mention 4G LTE is lighting fast and a 3.7″ screen is just too small now.
      RIP OG- it was a nice 25 month run!

      • I don’t understant how 3.7″ is too small, when the most popular phone ever is 3.5″. I miss my OG droid screen (But 3.7 is only doable with a hardware keyboard)

        • OG_RIP

          4.0″ is perfect.  People don’t buy the iPhone because of the screen size, they buy it for the ease of use and clarity of the screen.
          Not to mention the battery life- which is part of the reason Apple has not yet updated the screen size, nor put the battery hogin 1st gen. LTE chips.

          • Anonymous

            4.0″ is too small for me. Yes, I’m aware that she said this, as well.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. 4.3″ (or 4.65 with no capacitive buttons, same phone size) seems to be the sweet spot.

      • Daniel Simpson

        Unless they can’t afford a new phone right now.

      • mm777

        true it shouldn’t be used as a phone anymore. how about a webcam server? Or something else.

        i am doing a webcam server that watches through the eye-hole on the front door.

      • thesaber2000

        im keeping mine just to mess with it and try things that i wouldnt have tried while using it as my daily phone. and for the sweet memories!

    • Spencerwalker

      If I could open my OG Droid and drop in a dual core OMAP, 1gb ram,  16gb internal memory,  LTE and a better keyboard, I would never need to upgrade.  

      I like the size, I like the slider, I like the open bootloader, I like the removable battery, and storage, I like the indestructable build quality, I like the stock android, I like the back button to the far left, I like the roms.   

      The OG Droid with a dual core, 1gb ram, 16gb internal, front camera, better back camera, LTE, better keyboard, HD screen would probably sell millions.   How many chips on the motherboard would that be?  4? new screen, new cameras and a new keyboard?  

      I’d buy 5.

      • Anonymous

        amen to the indestructible… mine has flown out of my pocket riding a bike at a fairly hurried speed while jumping flights of stairs and landed hard on cobble stone, taken countless bike accidents(mountain and road), spent 30mins in a cup full of sweet tea(admittedly the camera has a permanent sepia filter now) etc. and it is still going strong 😛

        • Anonymous

          How the hell does a phone spend 30 minutes in tea? I have to hear that story. I do agree, though, a full-steel phone is a truly excellent idea. The DROID4 should have the same build quality.

          • Anonymous

            Lol… Basically I was driving home from work and I was exhausted so when I got into my car I took a sip of the tea and put it in my cup holder and then I got my phone out plugged the headphone jack into my car and started up pandora and put my phone down in what I thought was the center console but was actually inside the cup of sweet tea. Then I started driving home in traffic which take about 30-45mins and the entire time pandora kept on playing so I never noticed it. So when I stopped at the traffic light before my neighborhood I picked up my cup to drink a little more and at that point I noticed something… my cup was way heavier then it should be…..
            And actually OG just kept chugging along for another couple of days without a hitch until I started having problems with my screen and my digitizer it was at that point that I decided to soak it in isopropyl(91%) alcohol(in order to mix with the water to make it evaporate better and dissolve and clean out the sugar so that it wouldn’t eat at my parts) and then put it in a plastic conatiner filled with damp-rid( I set my phone on a empty roll of duct tape so that it wouldn’t be directly sitting in it).. and guess what it still runs perfectly well minus the stain on my camera sensor…

      • Mrcarter812

        Dude…. Just Upgrade… Sheessh -__-


    • Some Random Dude


  • Anonymous

    I was hoping to give the wife’s OG a try on some newer ROMs but it has been replaced when she got me a Rental Razr for our anniversary and my Thunderbolt went to her, she even said “Here is something to tide you over until the Nexus is released, but you have to pay for the restocking fee.” 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t let Molly Wood hear about this or we’ll never hear an end to the cries of CM fragmentation!

  • InfernoX51

    Figured this was pretty much the end for the ol’ OG. 

  • Peter Kelly

    I’ll buy a wreath for my OG on the way home.

    Of course, I’ll need to ask it where the florist is before I do that.  Great little phone.

  • Gamer 28

    That’s too bad, but I’m pretty sure other developers will port it, in fact I’d be surprised if we didn’t get at least one Jelly Bean  Rom. 

  • Anonymous

    Pretty soon the OG will be hailed in the halls of the Mobile Hall of Fame, Ahh, a legend for the ages


    This is when you know it’s time to retire the ol’ OG Droid

  • OG Droid support dropped just in time for me to upgrade to the GNex. 😀

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    RIP OG. May God bless you as you have blessed us. 

  • Anonymous

    RIP?  I’ll just wait on Pete to port something.  If ICS can install on more ancient devices, then there should be someone that can bring my OG to 4.0.2 and my bet is on him

  • Elliot323

    Please just make a plain ICS rom for the Bionic

  • Anonymous

    Cyanogen… you’re dead to me.  Thanks Liquid Smooth for making way a way better rom for OG than them anyway.  I even have ICS flavor on my OG now thanks to 3.2.

    • Even though that ROM has many of CM’s code in it? 😛

      • Dominick DeVito

        I have to agree. Liquid Smooth ROMs, in my experience, have run much much better on my OG than CM. Perhaps they stripped a lot of it away?

        • Yea no doubt, I enjoy Liquid as well. I think the kernels he uses just run smoother. Either way, have fun.

      • Anonymous

        Tuche… let me think of something else to be mad about real quick….

        Ok how bout CM is the iOS of android roms!  Yea I said it!  I’m hoping the Nexus gets as much love and creativity as I think it will so there are more options for roms.  Or at least more skins.

        • Anonymous

          CM the iOS of android roms? What are you even trying to say? That it’s popular? For good reason. More “skins”? Have you heard of the theme Chooser that’s a part of all CM7 builds?

          Your trolling attempts are mediocre at best.

  • RIP OG Droid. You served me well.

    • Anonymous

      Amen. I’m just waiting to get my hands on a Nexus now. My contract expired a couple days ago.

      • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

        Same here. Upgrade eligible as of 11/27/11 and only have one thing on the brain: NEXUS. 

        • Anonymous

          Upgrade eligible 08/31/11 here

  • Earleepa

    I want everybody to read the first few sentences of this article and apply it to the galaxy nexus that you all want so badly.

  • Murphy

    Hey Kellex, can we do a poll for people who are still under contract but still getting a Gnex. Maybe Verizon will see how many people are willing to shell out $600 to have the latest and greatest and release the damn phone already.

  • Steve

    um tried 7 on my bolt and dinc, it sucks, the greatness that cant be rushed must be experienced on other devices…

  • Will someone create ICS ROMs for OG Droid?  I bet someone will try.

    • Anonymous

      they’ve alredy got it on the g1 so………….

  • bigrob60

    Nothing signals the end of a device more then when the Dev community says it will no longer support it. (Turns on lighter app in remembrance)

  • OG Droid will live forever.

  • Anonymous

    you guys really need to get on eastern time.  

    • Daniel Simpson

      Us west coasters dont mind the PST times.

    • Sholes

      No, they don’t.  Learn to adjust for the time zone you are in, like the rest of the world has already…  

      • Anonymous

        They play catch up for the first hour, posting stuff that’s been reported on for 3 hours. After that, it’s all good. But for the first hour it’s kind of lame.

  • Peter

    ICS is coming along nicely on the Inc. Can’t wait to see ICS with a few more features added, I may never have to upgrade.