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DROID XYBoard Accessories Arrive in Verizon Shops, First Look at its DROID Eye

Will the DROID XYBoard (silly name and all) arrive next week at Verizon stores? The most recent MAP list we have suggests so, but also the fact that accessories are now arriving. It makes sense that Moto and Big Red would look to pump out both 8.2″ and 10″ versions before X-mas, especially with the Transformer Prime not landing in the states until the 19th. Anything to get a jump on what should be the hottest non-Kindle Fire Android tablet on the market.

It will be interesting to see if Moto’s second round in the tablet game can be more successful than their first. Both tablets will come equipped with 4G LTE out of the gate, unlike their predecessor who had to wait 7 months before being upgraded. Pricing is another question that will have to be answered, however, we have seen a potential list. The 8.2″ XYBoard will more than likely come in 16GB and 32GB models priced at $429 and $529 on 2-year contract. The bigger 10″ version will have 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models available for $529, $629, and $729 on contract.  


I’m just wondering why tablet manufacturers continually feel the need to partner up with carriers and offer subsidized pricing? I have yet to see a study, but would still make a massive bet that sales of WiFi models trump anything with a 3G or 4G radio in it.

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  • j droid

    think i saw this on vimeo a good while back.  http://vimeo.com/21058033

  • wifi model with a reasonable price please :] $300-350 for the 8.2 media edition sounds reasonable to me, especially since a quad core version isn’t too far away

  • Korn_nut20

    using software to tether without paying is going to get you charged for the data you use beyond your cellular plan. . . Carriers can and will charge cust who have wifi tether on rooted devices. . . Have already seen cease and desist letters sent to cust who use it. . . Keep stealing from phone companies and they WILL fight back. . . up to and including promoting your stealing a$$es to Non Customers. . .

  • One does not simply walk into Verizon

  • Brennan Hall

    So, what’s the difference between the HD Dock and HD Station in the pictures?

  • Anonymous


  • I think I have to give moto a thumbs up for using the eye of Sauron on their tablet.. least that’s what it looks like to me.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Mpickup9

    How can you not like this tribute to the Dark Lord? It might be the one good (I mean wicked) thing about the tablet.

  • JohnPA2006

    Its the COLDPLAY Tablet  (get it, X and Y , one of the coldplay albums)
    get it, get it,…. anyone?   (cricket sounds… silence… walks away head down in shame)

  • Anonymous


  • Rob

    Looks more like “Droid ManBoard to me”

    XY = Man
    XX = Woman

    Right? Those male chauvinistic pigs!

    • Guest

      Be cool bro

  • That’s the eye? They should have named it “the Motorola Droid Sauron tablet” and used a this marketing slogan: “the one tablet to rule them all” and then they could target all the dark lords, wizards, tainted men, and emo hobbits.

    • Anonymous

      don’t forget this guy

    • Mike777

      Exactly what I thought when I saw it, “the flaming eye of Sauron in Mordor, what were they thinking?”. 

  • JohnPA2006

    Xoom 2 ? That name wasnt picked from the marketing because why?????

    No matter who you ask, your going to hear, “oh yeah, thats the Xoom 2 ”
    XYBoard, sounds like a label on a test tube of chromosomes in some lab someplace.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    this thing is destined to fail. how are these people in charge of a massive corporation? 

  • Danny F

    Droid Tab, Droid Slate, sounds much better if they’re releasing this with the Droid brand.

  • Anonymous

    So with all the CarrierIQ stuff going on you would think they wouldn’t make you feel like your going to be watched by an all seeing eye before you even open the box.

    Poor naming convention (is it pronounced “x” “y” board or “zi-board”?
    Horrendous marketing strategy. Most people I know are completely turned off by this macho robot intimidation campaign Verizon and Motorola are so fond of. Instead of making Droid devices seem intimidating (which a lot of non-techi people already feel) they should showcase them as being personable and easy to use, what people actually want.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Why do tablet manufacturers (and carriers) insist on branding the front of the device? Considering a tablet is meant to be turned?

  • RaptorOO7

    I’m waiting for the Prime and the GNex, no more Moto tablets for me.

  • So wait… Tablets get $100-$200 discount for a 2 year contract (with tiny, expensive data caps), and phones get $200-$400 subsidies for the same? The voice cost overhead paying for that?

  • Insect Overlord

    The Xyboard name is just absolutely nauseating.  I think a substantial part of Verizon is now at the equivalent of GM in 1983 all the way up through to their collapse…a bunch of completely isolated and out of touch think tank groups coming up with the most ridiculous crap without ever really engaging the consumer base (e.g. Cadillac Cimmaron, Pontiac Aztec).  Imagine what kind of monstrous, truly iPhone-crushing device they could come out with if they actually sought out the dev community as an active player rather than coming up with totally isolated ideas up in the Ivory Tower.

  • Anonymous

    Worst. Name. Ever.

    Who thinks of this stuff? Can’t they just hire SOMEONE with a descent marketing background?

    • im sure they will get better now that google owns them.  They are just finishing off the last of the old moto craptastic stuff.

      • Chet Stovepiper

        yeah because google are master marketers lol 

  • shdowman

    I will never own one as I never want to try and explain this ludicrous name to anyone.

    Anyhow, I could understand MAYBE getting on a 6-12 mo contract if you really need that flexibility for 3G / 4G, however, if you are smart, you’ll just root your phone with wifi tether and call it a day with the wifi version (if their is one).

    Remember, they (telcoms) aren’t selling these to “informed” people, these are for the masses who don’t know any better and that is where they make their $$ from phones, to tablets, to laptops…

  • Anonymous

    Watch the XYboard have a locked bootloader.

  • Ragg

    You know, I was waiting for this tablet, then I saw the prime and that was all she wrote. The prime has better everything, but somehow this is more expensive? Screw you Moto.

  • so i read a few rumors of a new verizon phone called the Droid Razr Max, thicker with a bigger battery.  Anyone have any info on it??

  • Mctypething

    Tablets have Droid Eyes? Since when?

    • Since it’s a DROID branded device…..?

      • Mctypething

        I was thinking the XOOM doesn’t have one, but I guess that isn’t officially a “Droid” branded device.

        • Yep, exactly. First tablet to have the DROID branding.  

          • Anonymous

            i hope it’s the last until they get their sh!t together and come up with a reasonable name

      • Anonymous

        way to tarnish the droid brand with this incredibly stupid name

  • Anonymous

    do people actually buy tablets and data plans?  why would you choose to buy a tablet & data plan from a carrier instead of a mobile hotspot?  that’s something i haven’t been able to figure out.

    • For the rare individual who actually plans on using a tablet heavily outside of wifi networks, it’s just the convenience of not having to worry about carrying and charging two devices. Also, last I knew, all non-iPad tablets allowed tethering to multiple devices for no additional charge. In other words, you’re getting the tablet computer AND the mobile hotspot functionality when you get a contract tablet.

      Still NO excuse to buy a XYBOARD.

  • MikeyBotz

    is that the eye of Sauron?

    • Anonymous
    • It is spelled Xyboard, but pronounced Sauron.

    • Anthony Lamberto

      was honestly thinknig the same thing

    • Dabruise

      My first thought was “firey anus”……..what does that say about me?

      • Anonymous

        They should have named it the Droid Hemorrhoid, because of the enflamed brown eye logo, lol 

    • LOTR

      I went straight to the comments to ensure that a comment like this was indeed the first one!

      • noisyKricket

        haha, same here

    • Yep, with CarrierIQ on board

    • noisyKricket

      no, that’s just CIQ starting up

    • Legoturtle92

      I thought the exact same thing

  • I’m predicting these won’t sell that well based on price alone. Who in their right mind would pay $529 for a dual core 16gb tablet on contract when they could pay $499 for a quad core with 32 gb with no contract?

    • Anonymous

      who in their right mind would buy a tablet named the XYBOARD

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.  “But it haz teh 4Gz!” 😛

      • Anonymous

        4g LTE Tether. That is all. Moto will loose money on this tab no doubt.

    • EC8CH

      buy you can’t pay $499 for a quad core with 32 gb with no contract?

      Amazon just cancelled your preorder 😛  J/K

  • Zach

    They need to release the nexus, and not worry about the xyboard and droid 4(!)

  • I really dont like the new Motorola Designs with the angular corners a la Razr and this Tablet thing…

  • Anonymous

    wait.. they’re not releasing a WIFI only model?  didn’t they learn from the xoom!?

    • I’m sure they will eventually. Who knows when though…

  • Anonymous

    This morning on my way to work (my co-worker was with me, carpooling) we saw a Prius and the license plate number was: XY MGNT

    We thought, dang, this bitch better be hot…

    Drove up fast next to her, stopped right by he and we both looked over and starting laughing hard at the hideous 50+ year old woman with 150lbs on her face….

    Totally unrelated, except for XY

    Maybe we were wrong and she wasn’t talking about chromosomes?

    • OG Droid

      That’s prolly what Moto would look like if it was a person.

  • Zach

    Xyboard just sounds stupid…

  • Anonymous

    was this supposed to sound like cyborg?  Still can’t get over how bad the name is.