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Verizon Confirms Two New 4G DROID Tablets, XyBoard Name Is Here To Stay

Verizon is prepping two new 4G LTE tablets for the month of December, an 8-inch and 10.1-inch device both to succeed the Motorola Xoom. CNET recently received some hands-on time with both devices and have confirmed that they will be marketed as the DROID XyBoard. However, both will be known as the Motorola Xoom 2 overseas.

As we have previously seen, both tablets share the same design cues as the DROID RAZR. Rather than the typical rounded edges of other tablets, the XyBoard features oddly sharp corners.

Both devices have a 1.2GHZ dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE connectivity and run Android 3.x Honeycomb. Each device also has a 5-megapixel rear-camera and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing one. The XyBoard is thinner than the original Xoom and features Cornings Gorilla Glass. The 10-inch Xyboard includes a stylus for business orientated users, while the smaller device is considered more media-centric with a 2.1 virtual surround sound system – subwoofer included.

There has been no official word on pricing, however we previously reported that models will start at $429. It is disappointing to see that these two flagship tablets are running last years dual-core technology and operating systems, where is the quad-core and Ice Cream Sandwich?


  • Bunie

     Fck, I hate the Droid name. Every other phone is a “Droid” for Verizon. Back when the first Droids came out, it was a sign of Quality. That all died with the Droid x. i suppose the Droid 2 was fine as well, But from there, Crap devices renamed to Droid.

    • Bunie

       And frankly, i think “Xoom 2” sounds INFINITLY better then “XYBOARD”.

  • PowerofPicture

    Positive comment here.  Other than the somewhat weak specs and goofy name I kind of like it.  The Motorola UI looks nice on a tablet.

  • Anonymous

    it’s the same specs as the original xoom but with 4g, and BLUR.  whats the point?

  • Needs more impressive stats if it truly wants to make a dent in the market space.  ICS?  1.5+Ghz processors?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sebastian Encina

    Motorola decided against the rounded corners because Apple has the patent for rounded corners, and for square corners, and for round, and for corners, and any iteration for the word “the.”

    • Anonymous

      they also patented the letter ‘I’

  • EC8CH

    Did Motorola even bother to look at what ASUS was doing with their tablet before releasing this, or were they all too busy coming up with the wickedly awesome name?

  • Nikon D300

    Who runs these companies, a bunch of chimpanzees? Any idiot can tell you these products are failures. How much do they get paid? Hire some decent designer like Jonathan Ive, and someone with some imagination. Any teenager who reads this forum could do a better job and cost Motoloral/ Verizon a lot less.

  • faber

    Zoom and blur name are gone as moto recognizes their own failures. Soon they will have to change their name from motorola.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad there doing the same thing under a different name

      • 4k9

        Yeah, try this one….Google. has everyone forgotten that Google bought Motorola Mobility and is out to reshape the brand?

  • Jerry

    So the logical progression is the Xylophone right?

  • Fail. The Asus Prime is going to eat these for lunch.

  • I am going to walk into a Verizon store and keep asking about the Xoom2 and make him repeat that god awful name until I can’t hide my laughter. I never owned a Xoom1 or kept up on it much but was it that big of a failure that they needed to abandon the ‘Xoom’ label? Or is it that these new tablets won’t match the Xoom1’s standards so they would rather not tarnish the name?

  • C-Law

    Is it X Y Board as in the x and y axis or is it pronounced zyboard? Zyboard I guess sounds similar to iBoard which is similar to iPad. Coincidence? Maybe I’m thinking too much about it

    • Anonymous

      think in the likes of Cyborg. maybe that’ll help.

    • I was thinking “Chi” as in the Greek letter, which would make it the Keyboard, if you wanted to butcher the Greek pronunciation. Doesn’t make it better, but it makes it at least tolerable.

    • Anonymous

      I think its pronounced Yeeboard or Weebaord

      to sound like the Wii

      Either way, still like Xoom 2 better

  • Alex Harman

    Droid Xyboard: It’s the Xoom with a stylus and cut off corners!

  • Dancenoahdance

    lololololololol it has blur, probably an encrypted bootloader, and over priced. I’d rather buy a OG Droid than this piece of crap.

    • Anonymous

      It has Blur? And now a encrypted bootloader?! When did this happen? 

      • Probably sometime during device development.


    you forget that average people which are none of us i guess, will buy them… i went to verizon to try get an early upgrade and a guy bought a xoom….yea, the xoom 1… so no matter what, they’ll sell… maybe not as well but just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Yuck… looks like they made some “OEM customizations” with the UI there. Why can’t they just leave the UI alone… same with HTCRAP and Samsung.

    • Anonymous


      Cuz all I see is Honeycomb. Looks exactly how my Xoom did stock.

      • Anonymous

        The font, desktop icons, and the back arrow. That’s not stock honeycomb. I think I see the blur icon for the browser there, no?

        • The calendar icon is the blur icon, not the Honeycomb icon for the calendar. This thing is blur’d out. Sucks. DO NOT buy it. It’s crap. F*** Moto’s sh**** customizations.

  • Anonymous

    CNET is an absolute joke when it comes to tech sites. “The Droid 4 is essentially the Droid 3 with LTE” 


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    On a very different note from the tone of everyone else’s comments…

    I love that Motorola Weather clock. It’s beautiful!

  • Kenny

    Xyboard is an idiotic name. It’s two steps away from cyborg, which seems to be the best guess around as to what it’s supposed to sound like. But when I read it, I think it’s supposed to be playing off “keyboard.” So I’m supposed to pronounce it… Seeboard? Kseeboard? Ksyboard? And why are we talking about keyboards if it’s a tablet? Baffling. Oh, CYBORG? Then why isn’t it Cyboard, so that connection would be remotely gettable? Did we really need naming continuity with the failed Xoom, which sounded just like the failed Zune?

  • Anonymous

    Why would Verizon even pick this up? What could they possibly be thinking? Xyboard? That’s infinitely worst than Xoom, which was an awful name to begin with. Never mind the fact that it’s ugly as sin and has laughable specs. Sanjay Jha needs to be fired. 

  • Anonymous

    why does Motorola only seem relevent to Verizon wireless?

    • jason6g

      besides the original razr and the atrix, they are a joke to everyone else 😀

  • Anonymous

    I remember when the Droid name used to be an indicator of quality. Now I don’t know if I’ll ever buy another Droid again. 

    • Adam Elghor

      …….the truth hurts 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Yup, the Droid branding was cool two years and died when a new droid was released every two weeks. I’m exiting the droid brand and moving onto the Galaxy Nexus, a true Android phone.

      • Anonymous

        Same here. I hear once you go Nexus, you never go back. I’m just worried that Verizon may not get another Nexus with the way they’re fumbling the release.

        • Anonymous

          Then I’ll keep the G-Nex forever!

      • Anonymous

        Looking back, I think the beginning of the end of the Droid branding’s quality was the Droid Charge.

  • Not wasting money on this when the Prime will be out soon. 

  • Anonymous

    I would be embarrased to walk around and say, “Hey yeah, look at my Droid XYBoard.”

  • Anonymous

    why dont they just update the Xoom instead of pushing out this bullshit. Xyboard my ass, ill slap anyone who legit uses that name. theres barely a diff between this n the Xoom. its just a giant Razr= iPad/iPhone wanna be. rTab wud be a better name than Xyboard

  • Anonymous

    Cool looking weather widget. That is all.

  • Lulz XyBoard? Really? What the hell happened to Moto’s marketing department.  That, combined with the shitty quality, ensures Motorola’s doom.

  • Taha Sheikh

    No Tegra 3…Locked Bootloader…No ICS…Underwhelming specs…Overpriced like hell

    How do they expect these to sell?

    • Anonymous

      “Locked Bootloader”

      Right just like the Xoom 1? You have no effin clue wtf ur talking about.

      • That was unlockable because it was like the “nexus” of tabets (being vanilla and the flagship for the OS). This probably won’t be unlockable

      • Taha Sheikh

        please refer to the statement by gregory poe for pwnage 

  • Brandon Sobotta

    Would never get this over the prime…

    • Anonymous

      x2 Not even for $100 Less

  • Its not a clean slate of Honeycomb, were moving into Ice Cream Sandwich and sine the Asus Prime has a quad-core processor and once CES hits this thing is outdated once its dated for a release date. Verizon eat shit and die for not releasing Galaxy Nexus in time.

    • Brandon Sobotta

      They never announced a release date…

  • Azndan4

    Rofl Motorola.  Sorry, you fail to impress me with your over hyped, under spec-ed, and overpriced junk.  Is the bootloader locked?  Who cares, I’m not going to buy it anyways haha.   

    • sounds like you are describing iPad1 and 2 to me. iPad two gens 1024×768? iReally? Same $5-800 price as day it launched, surely costs of come down and when it launched it only cost $210 to make

      • Adam Brandt

        I LOVE Android, but I bought an iPad 2 at launch and have not looked back.  I can’t deny the power of it, and the ease of use (not to mention the GPU).  I am sure next year will bring better ICS tablets, but Motorola tablets (Xoom) have NOTHING on the iPad (nor does my Bionic I want to crush in the street, or the plethora of junk they keep releasing.  With their locked bootloaders, bad upgrade support, and shoddy new phones, I was once a HUGE fan of Motorola, but sadly now I hate them.  Now that Asus Transformer Prime on the other hand…

        • Jay

          I’d take a xoom over the ipad 1 any day of the week, and I’d have to think long and hard about taking an ipad 2 over one. And you clearly haven’t been paying attention, motorola’s consistency with android updates is unmatched by any other oem, one series of blunders with the Bionic doesn’t change that.

          • But let’s be serious here. The great majority of readers and people who care enough about what hardware is packed inside their tablet is going to unlock, root, and rom. So OEM software updates is out of the question. Our awesome Android developers are unmatched in updates. Only second to Google themselves.

          • not Asus

        • I will not deny you the iPad is a decent device. But it set a horrible trend of over-priced tablets. iPad didn’t have to go for the $5-800 price tag considering it has $200 in technology built into it. Whats worse, iPad 2 didn’t need to exist, or iPad 1 didn’t actually since it was rushed to market to beat everyone else to the punch, we certainly didn’t need 2 of them in a span of a year or less and sorry but 1024×768 res is a joke and the $5-800 pricetag is too

          iPad costs more than good laptops and is double that of netbooks, It is a big iPod touch, it is a big iPhone minus the phone. and it should be around $299 considering the technology it uses

          • Adam Brandt

            I only bought the iPad 2 for retail the day it came out.  At the time it’s SOC was way beyond anything else (still pretty much is).  Android tablets released 6 months later with similar resolution were the same price.  Keep in mind it’s now 9 months old.  It operates incredibly fast and does every app I ever wanted in a tablet.  The stuff I love to do with my phone as far as customizing and ROM’s still keeps me with Android…that said I still LOVE my iPad for watching movies, and web browsing, and a few other things.  And until tablets with 1080p and beyond come out a 1200×800 really isn’t a leap beyond the iPad 2.  And maybe it cost 300 dollars, but a 50% markup isn’t uncommon, and it was right on par with the Xoom, Tab, etc.  I think tablets will go down this year and ICS will change Android tablets signifigantly, but again, last March there was no other tablet that came close…and I am an Android fanboy ALL THE WAY

          • p-doc

            1200×800 is way better. whole reason i returned the crappy ipad. for an apple product i would expect a better display

  • Surfkru

    Will Moto release a WiFi version if so what will they call it?

    • Anonymous


      • Granted


  • Anonymous

    Xyboard name here to stay…and so is the ipad’s dominance over Moto’s tablets.

    • babadush

      Lol everybody is dominant over Motorola.

      • What about LG and Sony Ericsson. Motorola is doing pretty well with the Atrix, photon, and Droid phones

  • yea they should of stepped it up some if they’re releasing new tablets this quick.. Same exact specs as all the new phones out right now. The price isn’t really justifiable,  especially with the prime coming out… I’ll stick to my $150 HP Touchpad for now.

  • Dipsetdiplomat92

    Did anyone go to the CNET link and notice the picture of the Droid 4

    • yea.. Looks pretty big in hand

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Looks huge. Or he has the world’s smallest hands. 

  • Anonymous

    This is like the 3rd headline that’s popped up in my RSS feed today that starts with “Verizon Confirms…”. My heart can’t take much more of this!

  • Anonymous

    Xoom is a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better name than XyBoard
    But that doesn’t matter, I am not getter it either way.

  • Anonymous

    “…where is the quad-core and Ice Cream Sandwich?”
    Coming 32 days later of course!!

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Damn!!!! I was hoping they would have named it the super awesome abcdefghijklmonp tablet

  • bigrob60

    Kellex, starting articles with “Verizon Confirms” is just plane wrong at this point in time. Stop toying with our emotions. LOL

    • Dan

      Kellex didn’t write this one, but he taught me how to play with reader emotions. No worries 😛 

      • Jason Purp


      • bigrob60

        LOL. Sorry Dan. Your not the only one toying w/ emotions. Check out this chat I had w/ VZW rep about ordering the Nexus. She tells me she’d “be happy to assist me(you)”. Then spills the corporate line. Tried to upload a print screen but it won’t let me.
        Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.You are now chatting with ‘Brittany’Brittany: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?You: Can I pre-order the Galaxy Nexus?Brittany: I’d be happy to assist you.You: OkBrittany: “Thank you for your inquiry. We are still on track to announce the availability of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung this year. We encourage you to sign up at www.verizonwireless.com/galaxynexus  so you will be alerted when the phone becomes available.”

  • Murphy

    Galaxy Ne….ugh, nvm

  • DaveIsAwesome

    Maybe they should call it the Xoom S.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm that’s a Samsung thing…..and everyone here is all over Samsung’s balls.

      You are right sir. Name it Xoom S and put NFC somewhere on the box. DL followers will do a Black Friday rush to the stores ASAP.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    That’s what you call disappointing.

  • DaveIsAwesome!

    So in other words, now is the time to get a Xoom 1 at a really great deal.

  • Finire

    Yep, Transformer Prime it is… Too bad because I really liked my Xoom.

  • Worm

    No thanks. Motorola stays failing



  • Binglut9

    Quad core??? Its funny because every review of the prime haven’t been all that good….so I don’t think its about fores and more about optimizing android for the tablet

    • Anonymous

      But the Prime isn’t running ICS yet. Honeycomb doesn’t perform as well as ICS. Lets wait until Asus puts Ice Cream Sandwich on the Prime before listening to all the early reviewers. 

    • Anonymous

      Where did you see a Prime review that wasn’t very good?  Most of the reviews I’ve read have been very positive.