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Original DROID FRK76 Update Rolling Out Now

A whoppin’ 761KB update for the original DROID is available now. Bringing the phone to Android 2.2.3 (build FRK76), this minor security fix helps block rogue/unauthorized certificates in the browser.

More info.

Cheers OzzyGee!

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would re-relaease the exact same OG Droid but with Bionic type specs

  • Cherrisa

    my OG droid has decided to restart and shut down a lot lately. ¬†I’m trying to be patient for the nexus ūüôĀ

  • Aw shucks, I just installed Liquid 3.2! How will I ever be able to … oh nevermind!

  • Shelnbay

    So how to I uninstall this POS?  My activity launcher has crashed resulting in a reboot 3 times in the last 24 hours!

  • Draggerlane

    Wha?????? That dinosaur still kicking I thought that thing was extinct

  • Anthony Vella

    What the hell!!!! My Droid Charge is supposed to get a roll out on the 29th and they are pushing this update to everyone phone at once. Screw you Verizon, learn to take care of your crap.

    • Rob Morris

      A lot more people have droids then charges and their contracts are just about up, they’re trying to get some brownie points so people stay with verizon

  • Pseudoelf

    Running 2.3.7 with Bugless Beast. Nice and stable not going back.

  • C-Law

    I got this update right before Thanksgiving. How did I get it so much earlier?

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  • Justin Kos

    ending fragmentation one phone at a time

  • Dshudson

    If your still rockin this phone… “don’t”

    • Tevisofelidor

      I upgraded to the Droid 3 two weeks ago and am happy with it. I still use my rooted OG Droid around the house on wifi. my Droid tried to update to frk76 but then it wised up and refused it…. I guess it likes who it ended up being at the end o its contract LoL

  • Brian Hermon

    For those of you who want to root after accepting the update check out this thread. Looks like you’ll need superoneclick 1.7 and rageagainstthemachine. Haven’t tried it yet but seems to work for others.

  • bigrob60

    Too bad I don’t have enough storage left on this phone for it.¬†

    /s. I never use the web on it anyway.

  • mm777

    after i get a new phone. the OG droid gonna be a webcam server for the rest of its life till it explodes. [don’t ever overclock a 900mhz celeron to 3.0ghz on a asus eeepc 701 4g surf]

    • Will

      how do you make it a webcam server? Interesting idea

  • EC8CH

    Is this update ICS?

    • Yeah… 2.2.3 = ICS

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I also got this over a week ago. It immediately killed my phone’s performance. Caused my phone to overheat MASSIVELY when not even in use. I was running 3-hour battery life when idle and not even using the phone. I switched out batteries 5 times in one day. Moto told me to try a factory reset in case it was a problem with an app conflicting with the update. I did and my phone is working great again now.

    Jfyi if anybody else experiences this after the update…

  • Jason


    • Jason

      Gives a shit!!

    • Anonymous

      Probably people with OG Droids I would assume… Clearly, you aren’t one of them.. So why even comment?

      • Jason

        I do have one and it is taking it’s much needed dirt nap in a drawer! This update doesn’t do anything which is why I posted this and mostly to be funny but you just ruined that……..
        With verizon’s new return policy for the holidays noone should still be using the OG, go get you a new loaner phone till the Gnex comes out like I did and take a step into the present.

        • Anonymous

          sorry bud. didnt realize you were joking. my bad.

  • 2.3.7 on my OG, FU verizon!!! ¬† Now just release the damn Nexus!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Interesting to see how many OG Droid owners aren’t rooted. I would think that it’s a must at this point.¬†

    • Anonymous

      I would say so! I’m still running my Droid stock!

    • I rooted but unrooted for this update. I will stick with ADW Launcher until the nexus comes out.

    • Lgreg64

      i have not rooted my OG just run Go Luncher

    • C-Law

      I was unrooted last week bc if I want to use roms, I end up having to flash back to stock around once every two weeks. No one makes a rom that will work on my phone without eventually breaking. I was running gpa19 the last time with no problems for a week. Loved it. But then my wifi stopped working. Wouldn’t pick up anything. Reflashed back to stock and working again. With cyanogenmod7, I always end up with a sound problem where the pitch jumps way way up eventually. So annoying

      • Sam Oerly

        The new Bugless Beast 2.3.7 is incredible and incredibly stable.  

        • Landon Rordam

          I disagree. ¬†I was very excited about that. ¬†But about every 1 in 5 calls, my phone would vibrate and vibrate and the screen would never wake, so I couldn’t answer the thing. ¬†Then one time it just WOULDN’T STOP VIBRATING. ¬†When I was expecting an important call, I flashed back to stock.

  • Interiorposterior

    If I could just upgrade the RAM, internal memory and processor, I wouldn’t need a new phone. I’m going to wait for a Droid 5 since Moto blew it on the 4 by using the same processor on the Droid 3 with only a slight upgrade bump as well as a redesign. I want my next phone to have OMAP5, a 2nd gen LTE chip, those new long lasting batteries, and those new displays that will preserve battery life extensively. 2012 is going to be a good year for batteries.

    • Anonymous

      my next phone is going to shoot rainbows into the air and cure rare forms of cancer in unicorns.

    • Anonymous

      Good luck.

      OMAP5: maybe late 2012 more likely 2013.
      New battery tech: 2020 by the time it’s developed enough to¬†release.

  • God I miss my OG…

  • John

    anyone know if this breaks your root?

    • Yup, that actually appears to be the ONLY thing it does.

      • John

        gay. oh well, it’s just a loaner og droid until i get the nexus

  • Anonymous

    I got mine last night. WOO HOO…

  • tjmonkey15

    I “enjoy” rollercoasters, not browser security updates.

    • OG_thingofthepast

      Just put my Droid away for safe keeping as I am now rocking a Rezound.  Rest peacefully OG.

      • Anonymous

        Just put my Droid away for safe keeping as I am now begrudgingly rocking a Razr. Rest peacefully OG.  

        • OGDroiDGO

          Just put my Droid away for safe keeping as I am now finally rocking a Bionic. Rest peacefully OG.     

      • TC Infantino

        Just installed my Droid in my car as a music server for the stereo.  Now using the Rezound for all other duties.  Rock out OG Droid!

  • I got this update over a week ago.

    • FortitudineVincimus


      and since I am rooted, I turned the stupid f***** update down

      • Anonymous


    • samesies

    • C-Law

      Me too

  • Wow, that’s impressive that they still support this device even with the 4th version of the phone just around the corner.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ Support. 

  • Nadeem Najib Kizi

    jk ūüėÄ
    Its nice seeing the OG Droid getting some updates