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HTC: Rezound Headphone Issues are Isolated and Not Widespread

We received a report yesterday that some owners of the HTC Rezound were experiencing an annoying static noise while listening to music or playing any sort of media. As a phone marketed specifically as the ultimate audio device, this was troubling. After posting, our readers (who are the best by the way) commented on whether or not this issue was noticeable on their phones – some were noticing it, some were not.

HTC is under the impression that most are not experiencing the static noise and that it is an isolated issue:

HTC has received a very small number of calls related to audio on the Rezound, but nothing that so far points to a broader issue. We’re continuing to monitor it closely but currently believe the few calls we’ve received are isolated cases.

So what does that mean for owners who are having audio problems? You should call into HTC’s customer service at 866-449-8358. Not exactly sure what they will do, but the thought is that they will look into swapping it out on a warranty replacement or attempting to fix the problem.

Via:  The Verge

  • oddwon

    I have the same noise issue and found a temp fix for it. By holding the phone in your hand so that the back of the phone is compleatly covered it stops the noise. Another way is to put the phone under a leg when sitting in a chair.

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  • Ideamotor

    It’s not unbearable but I have the same issue with my Bionic. I heard a high pitched squeal with any media, and it comes through strong on audio books. Because of this I have to use my mp3 player which really sucks because it lacks all of the connectivity features of the phone for pandora, radio, audible, etc etc etc etc etc.

  • John Hall

    My Rezound is doing just fine in this area. I’ve been using it to listen to music all day at work for a few days now and no issues.

  • sr

    Mine does it. high pitch wine. And I get these frequent digitized beeps. Pissed.

  • Cmandd

    I’m not hearing any static/strange noises on mine.

  • Damn, Dr. Dre. THIS is what you’ve been charging us $300 for? {{-_-}}

    • Total Creation

      who is dr dre????   

  • Steve Cale

    Wake up Kellex, it is 10am and nothing new has been posted today! What about the new Galaxy Nexus LTE SpeedTest.net video? http://goo.gl/h37ri You really need an East Coast writer. 🙂 

  • Anonymous

    I did a ton of testing on 3G, 4G, plugged in, not plugged in, etc.  I am not hearing anything.  So I am one of two things – lucky, or ignorant.

    • VerizonMustDie

      Or both. 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Nico

    Further testing on mine reveals TWO noises.  There’s a faint crackling/chirping (really faint) that’s present in the background no matter what; jiggling the headphone jack in the socket seems to make it better or worse.  There’s also an even fainter, high pitched whine that’s present when you mute (but keep playing) music.  This seems to only happen when on a 4G connection.

    Guess I got the bum end of this deal.

    • Nico

      Ok, maybe the whine happens even on 3G.  Seems more noticeable on 4G at any rate…

      I wonder if it’s worth replacing this at Best Buy (they gave me a 30 day “Replace for this or similar phone” policy) or just waiting for the GNex or even the Droid 4.  I don’t think I like getting a new Rezound if they might all do this, and they probably do; I don’t trust HTC saying it’s not widespread.

  • Anonymous


  • Dave S

    So I noticed on my Rezound the other day when listening to Pandora in the car that between songs there’s a high pitch whining noise. Once the next song picks starts, even if the song start is quiet, it goes away. It doesn’t do this with the stock media player and I haven’t noticed it with my Sennheiser HD 428 headphones with either. Maybe output impedance means something here? Sennheisers are 32 ohms, not sure what the car is and Monster has a ridiculous policy of never giving any useful specs on their products so you can’t see how badly you’re being ripped off.

    • Anonymous

      Mine did that also, try unplugging it from the charging cord and see if the sound persists. Mine didn’t…I switched out my generic ebay charger for a verizon charger, and no more whining.

      • Dave S

        Good call. I’ll try that. I never had a problem with the Rocketfish cigarette->USB on my Eris or the girlfriends MP3 player that won’t be named.

      • VerizonMustDie

        Good to know. My iPod does the same thing if it is plugged in to the charger in my car. More testing before releasing these phones would be in everyone’s interest.

  • Mikes

    Add sound defects (and make no mistake, equalizers, “beats,” etc. all screw with the sound), and you end up with defective sound.  Is there really someone who thinks that some marketing by a rap artist somehow means good sound?

  • droidincowner

    another black eye for droid

    • Anonymous

      Considering this phone isn’t part of the Droid lineup, care to explain your logic?

    • Do you know the difference between Android and Droid?

      • Jim Ortmeier

        Android is the OS that all of these phones run, android phones anyway. Droid is a name licensed by Verizon from Lucasfilms for a group of android phones in their lineup. The Droid name is supposed to be for their high end flagship phones. There is not a Droid branded phone anywhere other than Verizon. The confusion comes from 2 things, people shortening the Android name to ‘Droid (like Matt instead of Mathew), and marketing, which is similar to the iphone. Just like many people will see a touchscreen phone and assume it an iphone, many people see an Android phone and assume it’s a “Droid”, because of the marketing campaign that Verizon runs with it’s Droid line, which started with the original Droid by Motorola.

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  • George Cremeans

    I called support, they said you had to talk to hardware people. and gave the number 1-800-229-1235. and wtf, they close at 5:30 instead of 9 like the rest of HTC.

  • OreoMan

    “Thank you for calling Carrier IQ, uh, I mean HTC. How can we assist you today?” 

  • big lg

    I think your phone us tapped. Obama is listening to us.

  • Billy Jenkins

    I was having sound issues with my HTC Rezound so I called customer service and they told me to bring it into a Verizon store and they will replace it with a Galaxy Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      At this rate your more likely to get a unicorn with a fresh coat of fairy dust.

      • Billy Jenkins


      • Anonymous

        Hopefully that unicorn can speak english and will tell us the Nexus release date.

  • Anonymous


  • Mmoreimi

    It could just be the source media that people are listening to.  Low bitrate Limewire crap or something.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex…Have you given any thought yet as to what your post headline will be for when the Nexus release is announced? Anybody else care to share what they would post?

    • bigrob60

      Verizon finally gets there act together and Confirms Galaxy Nexus!

    • Coldness

      “Hell actually froze over!”

    • Billy Jenkins

      “Galaxy Nexus has been confirmed to release in U.S. on December 20, 2015. Just kidding. it will release next month”

    • Anonymous

      December 22nd, the Galaxy Nexus will officially launch on Verizon! Droid-Life followers and dozens of random geeks rejoice, the rest of the US has no friggin idea what we are talking about. Nice marketing Samsung and Verizon.

    • Tyler

      “Verizon Announces Galaxy Nexus Release Date: When they said it would be released this year … no one have thought it would be December 29th, the last Thursday.”

    • Since he has used almost every single day this month as a possible release date, he’ll probably say something like “Just like we told you weeks ago, the Nexus will be released on December __”

  • Anonymous

    I had to exchange one because of overheating and the pink button thing. I had that thing at 130F at one point! Audio has been great! I don’t use the Beats buds very often. Lack in high-end. I use the OG Palm Pre buds and they sound great! Trust me on this! Look on Amazon. They’re like $4. Check the reviews.

  • Tyler

    I knew there was a reason why the Galaxy Nexus was better. trollolol 😛

  • babadush

    I wish they’d stop releasing phones so quickly and test more extensively.

  • Dfdf

    No idea about the problem, but let me guess what happens.  Between songs you will head a static.  If you pause a song or stop it, you’ll hear static for about three seconds and then it stops?  Same issue on every HTC phone…the people who claim they don’t hear it are just those who don’t notice it.

    • That’s exactly what I experience.  Though I’d like for technology to work as advertised, this particular flaw does not impact my enjoyment of music with this phone (poor 120 GB iPod hasn’t been used in over a week).

  • Dfdf

    That’s what they claimed about the Incredible 2 as well.  I even have friends with the same phones who claimed it wasn’t a problem.  I would then run a test and prove that it was present on every single phone.  If you have in-line headphones and set them correctly, it will drown it out, but otherwise, it’s there.  It’s just a matter of whether you notice it or not. 

    It’s an HTC problem.

    • Jim Ortmeier

      And like I mentioned earlier, I’ve had both Incredibles (1 & 2), the Tbolt, and the Rezound, and had no issues with static. My Incredible 2 was even a certified like new phone, which some people say are worse than new ones. I do sound system install for a living, and there is no 60Hz hum, high frequency static, or data popping in any of my phones. So please, just because you and some of the people you know may have the issue, it doesn’t mean it’s on EVERY htc phone.

  • Anonymous

    I called customer support. Nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish, and motherfuckers act like they forgot about Dre.

    • Anonymous

      damn, you beat me to it

      • Anonymous

        as in dre beats? zingggg…or not

        • Billy Jenkins

          yea. but its also from a dr.dre song

          • Nico


    • Bewara2009

      U mad bro?

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha, best reference I’ve heard all month

    • Anonymous

      Bwahahaha Chet came out of left field.  Thanks for the laugh

    • Billy Jenkins

      lol best comment of the year. seriously

  • RedMosquito

    I can hear it, but just in between songs.  I also have a horrible vibrate problem between the case, and the closeout piece around the usb port.  I just really don’t feel like replacing my phone…but I probably will

  • Cardeaposey

    TTheyll replace them like they did mine

  • John

    People are still talking about the rezound?


    • It is the best phone on Verizon right now…who knows when the G Nexus will come out.

    • Anonymous

      In a few months when the Rezound has ICS, are you still going to feel superior with your slower processor, “wonderful” Samsung build quality, no SD card, and horrible camera? Oh yeah, you will have NFC. Never mind.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll still take the much better looking device that has been designed to work with ICS since day 1 that won’t be bogged down with a skin. We also know it is obvious that processor speed does not translate directly to device speed.

        I’m going to laugh in 2 years when everyone is upgrading and NFC is on the top of their list. The amount of things NFC can revolutionize is amazing.

        • Jer85008

          Much better looking is your opinion, I think they are both very good looking phones just a bit different. I think which you choose depends on your wants/needs. If you want the latest OS and guaranteed updates from Google with no carrier monkey business, get the Nexus. If the items I mentioned above are important to you, with a bit more stability, get the Rezound. And coming from a reformed Droid X owner, sense 3.5 rocks. In two years when NFC is really developed and usefull, I’ll be ready for a new phone anyway. Like I have said previously, if the Nexus had a firm release date and a better camera I would wait for it too.

        • Jim Ortmeier

          So what about NFC chips built into SIM cards? If/when that happens the only thing better about the Nexus is the faster updates.