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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Poses for the Camera Again, Couple of Verizon Apps Loaded

Needing a late night Galaxy Nexus fix? Will that pretty picture do the trick? One of our fine friends just sent over the shot above, along with a side view in hand and a look at the stock set of apps that we have included below. As we saw during a set of Google G-Nex videos earlier in the month, a couple of Verizon apps have made the cut:  My Verizon and Backup Assistant. While we would have liked for the phone to have come completely clean, these two are somewhat acceptable as our readers seem to have made it clear that they do utilize them from time to time.  

Pretty slim LTE device, I’d say. It may not be DROID RAZR thin, but it isn’t anywhere near the tank status that some of the rest of Verizon’s LTE lineup has hit. This is one of the first times we have actually seen the LTE version of the phone in hand – not bad.

And lastly, here is the screenshot of the app drawer where you can clearly see the My Verizon app hanging out.

We will have the boot animation shortly. So you know, Verizon apparently hasn’t touched it. It’s exactly the same as the GSM version and doesn’t even include a VZW 4G LTE splash screen or anything. +1

Update:  A quick video that shows the device in hand, under the battery cover, and the boot animation has been posted here.

Cheers ___!

  • Your imformation is usefull. Thanks for share.

  • tr0ubl3d0n3

    Seems to me that there was probably a tug of war between Google/Samsung and Verizon.Wouldn’t surprise me if this is the last Nexus phone Google would give Verizon for a long time.I hope I am wrong.

  • Jerry Lange

    All the comments on here about sandlot were awesome!! haha 

  • Yellowcanary73

    Will it have the same problems the Razor has and is it the type of screen.
    Re: Black Spots Under Screen Noticeable in Dark RoomI have the same problem here, I can see it on bed time on dark screens, I’ve read in on 1 of the forums that galaxy nexus & note have the same problem :http://androidforums.com/3542874-post8.htmlBut when i google it, i couldn’t seen any posts saying that the new nexus and note have the same problem, I guess it’s a Motorola Problem, And for a device as strong as that, they should repair it soon !! Editing:well, I guess S2 has the same problem..http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s2-international/423152-dark-screen-blot 

  • Marvin de Pano

    Again, Verizon dangling a piece of meat in front of a hungry pack of dogs.

  • Stachemoney

    Anyone wonder why the battery door is always lose or half off in a bunch of vids and pictures.  You can see this one above has the battery door lip showing.  Makes me wonder if it stays on tight or is hard to make sure all the connections are snapped in.

    I took a preemptive strike and bought a case for the phone.  It is only making me want it more.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    The release delay is caused by Verizon loading the phones with ………………………..


  • Anonymous

    Who cares about the two VZW apps I may or may not use…IT DOESN’T HAVE TOUCHWIZ!!!!

    • Nathan Corachea

      Eventually CM9 will be available for the phone, which will be bloatware free. In my opinion CM  rom usually seem faster to me, especially if you add a custom kernel

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I use the my verizon app and backup assistant…im cool with that

  • Drummer62

    My son has the Samsung Charge and it by no means is a “tank”. I have set it down side by side with my Incredible 2 and I’d say they are pretty much the same exact thickness. The charge may actually be slightly thinner. I do hope this Galaxy Nexus is  thinner than both of these are.

  • Kurt5153

    Still waiting!

  • Anonymous

    Phone is actually not a bad looking phone.  Doesn’t look as thick as was feared.  But alas, my heart belongs to another.

  • ok, for all the people on here bitching about two verizon apps on a Stock OEM device. I am 90% sure they put them on the phone for two reasons… one..People do use the My Verzion app to monitor there data usage and second, the Backup Assistant I can see why because people who have never used a Google based device that has never backed up anything on Google’s servers before. Any buddy agree?

    I’ll take 2 verizon apps as the only bloatware type apps any day of the f*cking week…just as long as you can delete them lol.

  • Anonymous


  • the 8th is the release date. 

    • Anonymous

      based on?

  • So Great Job, you’ve mentioned that there’s a couple of Verizon apps installed on the thing….



    • Nathan Corachea

      i dont think you can remove bloatware, unless you root it

  • If you need Verizon Backup Assistant, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Anonymous

    that device is huge lol.

    • Guest


      • Anonymous

        This is 1bad69z28 aka guest

  • Alan Paone

    They’ve even put bloatware on the back of the phone! Beware kids, this isn’t a google phone like the international version, its a VZW 4G phone.

    • Nathan Corachea

      i plan to buy the battery door on like ebay or amazon of the international version to give it that real Google experience ahhah

  • Anonymous

    This phone doesn’t look as cute anymore with the Transformer Primes sexyness just around the corner.

  • ROB

    Good luck with that battery cover, the ones at AT&T kept coming off…Samsung makes cheap phones!

    • My Droid X’s battery cover falls off about three times a day, so does that mean Motorola makes cheap phones as well based on that single piece of information?

    • Christopher Dean

      The battery cover on my Droid RAZR falls off too.  All the time.  Ohhh sorry, I thought I’d add my useless dribble to yours.

  • eze4

    It doesn’t look that thin

  • Anonymous

    What I think is so funny is that people are now “Over” this phone or bitching about the verizon apps on it. You know we’re all still going to buy it. Shut your whiney mouths already. It will come out soon enough

    • PC_Tool

      Nope.  Not buying.  Was planning on it, but since VZW was kind enough to wait to even announce the release date until *after* jt1134 had it running on our Fascinates.


      Meh…who needs it?  I’ll save the dough and wait for the S3.

    • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

      I told your wife that too when she stated gurgling and gagging.

  • Stephen

    What is movie studio…?

    • Anonymous

      editing for videos

  • trumpet444

    while useful, the two vzw apps in a nexus stil leave a bad taste in my mouth