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Official Verizon Galaxy Nexus Press Shots Revealed

What, did you think we were trying to forget about the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon? We have definitely seen the Twitter war going on after last night’s vague tweet from @VZWsupport, but are trying to ignore it. To help make your day brighter though, how would you like to see the official press or website photos of the phone, straight from a VZW .xml file?

The backing of the phone matches up exactly to the photo that one of our sources sent us earlier in the week. It says “Verizon” and “4G LTE” instead of “Google” which yes, is crazy odd. The color scheme could be slightly darker than the GSM version, but it still looks hot.

Three more pictures after the break.  

Mmmhmm. Temporarily fixed?

Via:  Android Forums

Cheers Han Solo, Dave and kidtronic!

  • Appleanche

    Honestly, Kellex it’s time to take control of the comments here.  Maybe you should institute a review process for the comments because it’s gotten way past the point of being ridiculous. 

    I scroll down comments to see NSFW images and other idiotic crap. 

    • wwwdotjesuslovesyoustillevenifyoureadvilecommentsonDLdotcom

    • What a bitch

  • Confused

    How do you get an image from an XML file? Do you mean someone found the URL to an image in an XML file?

    • Yes, you have it right.  I just looked at currently released phones and used some existing URLs to guess a link to the Nexus XML file.

  • STiK

    100% Locked down!!!! Show us some real hardware coming from CES!!!

  • Hey DL, can we just start talking about what comes next now?  I’m seriously thinking about riding out my OG till the quads come out, so lets hear more about them please. If I wait too much longer though I’ll need a Jitterbug.

    • Theres not much talk about quad cores because they won’t be in phones until at least march april that’s a little ways away from now

  • TAchoboiiiiii

    Looks better in that gunmetal color than just silver!  #Dope

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  • *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    Yea what is up with the no Google on it anywhere? People actually have a job that determines that and that person where ever they are should be fired right now! This is such a weird phone isn’t it? A pure Google experience but no Google branding. Lol it may not be worth the fight for Google but it makes me mad.

    • 1337

      Also like to mention the 2 VZW bloat apps. Not that 2 apps is that much of a problem it just takes away from the PURE Google experience.

    • Anonymous

      The two pieces of Verizon software on the phone negates the “Google Experience” so the Google logo is not there.

      Would be freakin funny if the bootloader was encrypted so it can not be unlocked 😀

  • Anonymous

    Reading these comments is a good way to pass the time waiting for an announcement.  Keep ’em coming boys.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…Thursday Pre-order launch???

  • xxdesmus

    where the eff is the phone already?

  • Anonymous

    (  )(  )

  • Booboolala2000

    Wonder how much unremovable bloat is on this nexus? Vz navigator ? And all that other shit? I know it can be quarantined but really I wonder how much “nexus ” is left.

  • Thelegedofdavid

    YES!!!!!!! ALMOST!!!!! Im just excited that the front of the phone has noooooooooo logos

  • Anonymous

    Check out [email protected]

    • Yeah hes been telling them how he already preordered it and its on its way.  Very funny stuff.

      • Jac White

        Agreed…..at first I was like yeah OK.   Then I decided that would probably piss verizon off more since people will see it and more of the “average joes” will start asking about it as well.  

  • Anonymous

    Screw the posts, i’m here to read the comments!

  • Earleepa

    Is santa going to put one of these under my Christmas tree or will I have to wait till new years or later?

  • Like if you want a different battery cover that says Google.

  • Anonymous

    People are really gonna buy a GSM cover just so it says google?  Please tell me your kidding….does it make you cooler by having it say google, my god weirdos

    • EC8CH

      All I can say is thank god they kept the branding off of the FRONT of the phone.

    • Angryunibrow

      Isn’t the below comment yours? – Looks like you have a new profile picture.

      “First thing I’m going to do is buy a replacement back cover to completely wash away Verizon branding.

      F U Verizon. You’re nothing but a dumb data pipe, when will you ever learn that?!”

      • Angryunibrow

        Mr. Dominick DeVito

      • Anonymous


      • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

        Then go to a different ‘data pipe’ in the mean time STFU.

    • You gotta keep posting. It’s like a parody. This is awesome.

    • guest

      Were you not just recently ranting about doing the very same thing?

  • Anonymous


  • Maybe it means a release is eminent. 😀

    • Sdg7

      We can always hope, although we did get press shots like two weeks ago…maybe now that they are uploaded to Verizon’s website it will only be two more weeks before the page actually goes up. Rofl. 

    • Oh it’s definitely eminent.  But I think you were meaning perhaps it’s imminent.  Two VERY different meanings.

  • babadush

    watching vzwsupport getting twitter bombed is about the funniest thing I’ve seen all week

  • Steen Kendle

    Might just buy the GSM version and switch to US Cellular!!!  I think they use GSM?!  Sorry if I’m wrong.  

    Just looked they are CDMA. My bad coach

  • Anonymous

    What a great news !  Official photos of Nexus !  You guys waste Your time on BS instead of pressing Verizon about real thing.
    Why this phone is delayed !

  • I don’t see why the GSM back wouldn’t fit. Thickness shouldn’t make a difference. I am going to buying a GSM back as soon as I can.

  • Steen Kendle

    Sure doesn’t have that curved glass look to it.  Somewhat disappointed in that.  Hopefully its just the picture.

    • Chris G

      Yeah I noticed that too. It seems like one of the things that will make this phone more unique. I hope they didn’t make it too flat.

  • Stewie

    The one thing I was hoping for in ICS was the ability to remove icon text on the homepages, aks Go Launcher  and ADW … Not a deal killer for me in all, but perhaps today or tomorrow the fat assed executives at VZ will realize they could make up for losses in the bionic and razr by just giving us the damn thing already.

  • Anonymous

    people still interested in this stupid phone?.. and you REALLLLYY have to be desperate to think this phone looks anything but fugly.

    • Looks are a opinion. It might be ugly to you but it looks amazing to me. The RAZR looks ugly to me.

      • babadush

        Me too but then again I like minimalism. He probably likes gaudy crap like gnomes in his yard

      • Anonymous

        From the front the Nex looks like an oversized iPhone.

        • EC8CH


          • Anonymous

            We’ll see about this in court. Apple owns the patent for everything rectangular. If you cut a grilled cheese sandwich in half better not lot apple see it.

          • EC8CH

            I cut my grilled cheesies diagonally so I should be safe.

          • Anonymous

            Can we have a diagonal phone then?

  • babadush

    Verizon is saying to themselves “now nobody can see our logo on the front ” customers are saying “thank God”

    • Pardes33

      Verizon can go fark themselves for putting their POS branding and bloatware on everything.  What a POS company.

      • babadush

        If people weren’t such lemmings and fall for all that crap then I’d have more faith in society as a whole. Considering most people just go around buying and clicking things because it was on a phone well, yeah I don’t have faith in people or companies who promote zombie behavior

  • I’ve retweeted every single tweet directed at vzwsupport about Nexus today 😀 My loathing of Verizon has been around for a very long time (always overbilling me, charging my dad 10 bucks a month for data when he has a flip phone, horrible customer service etc.) this has just put me over the edge.

  • Joshlewis87

    Boo for Verizon branding this phone. They could have at least left Google on the back and put the 4G logo below it. I wonder is the GSM covers will fit it…

    • babadush

      That’s a great question. Let me know what you find out please

    • Anonymous

      Doubt it. D-L should put together a group import buy of the Asian LTE back. Provided it fits and has the Google branding.

  • So what are the chances that a battery cover from the GSM version would fit on the LTE version…

    • Anonymous

      The GSM version is a different color than the LTE version. It would look weird to have a different light gray battery cover on a dark gray phone. I bet Verizon did this on purpose so people couldn’t swap battery covers to remove their branding.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t think I can care less.  VZW’s branding will not be on my Nexus.

  • Insect Overlord

    All your Nexii are belong to us.

  • Booboolala2000

    I wonder if it will be a “Nexus” and get updates asap, or will it be like the of Droid?

    • EC8CH

      it will be interesting to see how that is handled

  • Anonymous

    Still no word of a potential launch date. In fact, no marketing materials of any sort have landed my way. Still, Verizon’s notorious for pushing launch dates on us literally two to three days before said launch so at this point I’m not writing next Thursday totally off. 

  • Anonymous

    4.65 inches on this phone? shouldnt this be in the tablet section

    • babadush

      Your screen name explains your comment perfectly

  • I’m actually angry (who knew one could feel so strongly about a phone) that Verizon is dragging their feet on the release of this device. It is the most anticipated phone, probably ever, by Android enthusiasts. It’s been released already in Europe and more ICS ROMs are being created every day. The biggest reason to anticipate this phone (ICS) is becoming less and less exciting as more and more ROMs are released. 

  • Anonymous

    phone says verizon on the back? i cant buy it now, the whole point was to buy a google phone

    • Yeah, cause what’s etched into the case has any relevance with how the phone actually works.

  • That’s what I did today is watch the Twitter storm against @vzwnews @vzwsupport!! Hillarious


  • Lolercopter

    omg, stfu about the nexus, we don’t need 100 posts/day

  • Anonymous

    There is no Google name on the back of the phone because Verizon has been busy adding crap-ware.  Google doesn’t want their name on it anymore.  It’s been bastardized.  🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yeah except all the training has made it clear it’s a completely stock product. =

    • Luckily Google added away to disable apps.

  • Jake Lipson

    did anything happen @ 7:00 am cst?

  • STiK

    I love you all too 😛

  • Vaglvr

    i was all excited about the phone, but already lost interest. with no release date, i don’t wanna wait around. i’m just better waiting till Q1 2012 for new devices. to say that this GNex was a thrill kill, was an understatement_

  • 1st purchase after Galaxy Nexus: replacement back with Google logo.

    • Holy crap, this is a great idea.

    • Al Heasley

      eff that……im getting an otterbox to cover up the graffiti. 

      • I’ve never been a fan of defacing my phone with a clunky case.

        • StealthVoodoo

          Get an Incipio Feather. SO THIN

        • Al Heasley

          to tell you the truth…….i did not think so either……but then i got one for my old droid x2 ( that was three phones ago) and i loved the feel of it. like this thing is almost indestructible. 

    • EC8CH

      From the tear downs I’ve seen it looks like the battery cover doesn’t function as an antenna so it should be possible.  Depends on the color difference though I guess.

      • JMac726

        I thought it was a different shape from the GSM version though?

        • EC8CH

          hard to tell if the 0.5mm thickness difference will make the two battery covers unswappable.

  • aldizzle419

    Everyone is bitxhing about a release date, but I will bet when this phone releases, everyone will start bitxhing about bugs/battery/etc. Them taking this long hopefully means they are fixing all of the problems.

  • Azndan4

    I twittered them too lol

  • My hype for this phone is pretty much gone.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo