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Gingerbread Update for the DROID Charge Rolling Out Now

Are you a DROID Charge owner? Then today is your lucky day. The Gingerbread update that we brought word on last week, is now available to the masses. Simply head into Settings>About phone and check to make sure that it is available. There are a bunch of fixes and enhancements tied to this update – you can find the full changelog here.

And that puts all of Verizon’s LTE devices on Android 2.3. +1

Cheers Randall!

  • Dmzman

    To add insult to injury, Gingerbread was released TODAY for the Samsung Fascinate.  All Fascinate owners are already claiming to have gotten the OTA update.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting more and more pissed off at Verizon by the minute.  Like I said in a previous post, EVERYBODY CALL CALL CALL AND HOUND THE SH|T OUT OF THEM.  DON’T GIVE THEM A MOMENT’S PEACE!!!

  • Dmzman

    I say ENOUGH ALREADY!!  Every one of us Droid Charge owners needs to barrage Verizon with calls complaining about this ongoing charade and demand they get off their asses or we’re all going to demand newer models with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  Call them now!  Call them RIGHT NOW!!!!  Here’s you’re script from the movie NETWORK once you’ve told them why you’re calling: –> , “I’M AS MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!”  Advise them Samsung has already released the source code on their website (which they really have).  I think we all agree this nonsense has gone too far for wayyy too long already.  United we stand!!!

  • Dmzman

    Just got off the phone with Verizon.  Apparently, the OTA HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED yet.  Of course, they 1st tried to point the finger at Samsung as usual, but I never let them get away with that BS.  Every time you call, you get a different answer.  This time, the gal I spoke with said “Any Day Now”.  I told her the gal I spoke with yesterday said it IS RELEASED and could take a few days to hit every Droid Charge on the system.  I made it abundantly clear to her that all us Droid Charge owners are sick & tired of this nonsense and radically pissed off.  I also made it clear that if this update doesn’t hit my device soon, I’m either going to root it or demand a different model altogether that already has Gingerbread.  Of course, that means EVERY OTHER 4G LTE phone offered by Verizon.

    Stay tuned …………………

  • WalkerNA

    From the comments on the Fascinate-Gingerbread release page it sounds like all Fascinate owners are being pushed
    the update at once.  Why are they pushing the Charge update in stages?

    • Dmzman

      The sad FACT is they’re not pushing anything yet for the Droid Charge.  Believe me, we’ll all know it when they do, or should I say at this point … IF they do.

  • Still nothing a day later here in Maryland.

    • WalkerNA

      Same here in Delaware

      • Nothing in Coastal SC yet… This blows

        • Dacmill4

          Nothing in Wisconsin :^(

          • Anonymous

            Nothing here (STILL) in Houston!!!

  • Still waiting in Michigan!

  • 05ponikar

    09:42 AM EST 12/01/11………Nothing in VA yet either…dowloading Odin and all needed files to root this baby as I type this….to $@&# with VZW and Samsung…..lookout Gummy!!!

  • Joecochran1980

    no update for me in wv yet

  • Phillip

    This GB update has got to be a hoax. Don’t you think if it was real, more sites than this would be announcing it? This sucks. Samsung sucks and VZW sucks. I’m rooting my Charge.

  • Spc Hicks09

    Misleading topic. It’s most definitely NOT rolling out to the masses. Maybe 5 people got the update so far lol.

  • Dave T

    Nothing in Nevada yet.  Would really like these manufacturer types to come through for a change. 

    • Spc Hicks09

      It’s Verizon, not Samsung.

  • Dmzman

    11/30 10:10pm ET…. Still playing The Syncopated Clock by Percy Faith
    (the old Late Late Show theme) on the music player in continuous replay
    mode while STILL waiting for the OTA notification as the Droid Charge stays plugged
    into the charger AS USUALLY HAS TO.  The 1st phone I’ve ever had that requires being plugged in more often than not.

  • Dmzman

    11/30 5:10pm ET…. Still playing The Syncopated Clock by Percy Faith (the old Late Late Show theme) on the music player in continuous replay mode until I get the OTA notification while leaving the Charge plugged into the charger AS USUAL.

  • 123

    just check nothing here in Atlanta

  • AZ still nothing.

  • Still waiting in MI.

  • WalkerNA

    Still impatiently waiting here in Delaware.

  • Guest


    Still says coming soon…. anyone actually get an update yet?

  • Davet

    media player never quite synced right either, and don’t tell me about double twist, that crap doesn’t sort the files for you or auto tag the incorrect or missing tags.  hopefully this fixes that too where it doesn’t actually sync both ways.  

  • Its about damn time!

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy, bro.

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  • Davet

    The settings> about phone doesn’t do SH!T.  that’s only there for people who already have the update pushed, and if they hit the install later button.  

    • I updated mine manually through my settings and about phone about 30 mins ago…. it does “do SH!T” the update is just released in batches dumb ass..

  • Davet

    So where is the official download link so we don’t have to wait anymore for Verizon?

  • Anonymous

    i hope this fixes the random pausing with mp3 playback

  • “And that puts all of Verizon’s LTE devices on Android 2.3. +1” Just in time to upgrade 4.0!

  • sog805

    Still don’t have it here in So. California…

  • Monty Waggoner

    I’m surprised to see so many stock Charge users. I waited about 3 days before losing the stock firmware. It was slower than my Droid 1 or Dinc.

    • You held out longer than I did; I rooted it as soon as I got it home from the VZW store. lol

    • Spc Hicks09

      Not still using stock, just reverted back to see how it feels to get an “official” OTA lol.

  • Anonymous

    samsung is the mentally challenged horse of the update race.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    I can’t wait to see what this update breaks.

  • Anonymous

    I have absolutely hated this phone. Writing how broken it is would take me 15 minutes. I would avoid it at all costs. It would be nice if this update can magically fix all if it’s problems, but I am not done installing so I don’t know if it will. 

    • Anonymous

      Ok, wow. MUCH faster response time. The average time to open up my contacts and hit the 4 buttons required to make a phone call would take 15-20 seconds. There used to be lots of lag and force closes, but now it’s very very smooth. I feel like I have a phone again. 

      But still, I paid 700$ for this phone only a few months ago, and it’s barely starting to work decently now? And who knows how long it will run this smooth. In a few weeks all of the bloatware may start to slow it down. Rooting is NOT an option because I plan to take the phone back once the Galaxy Nexus is released at Best Buy. 

      • Obizzle

        Bro, you can unroot, ODIN back to stock and return it. Rooting is the only thing that has kept me sane on the DC.

        Flashing in ODIN is simpler than flashing a hot chick in an elevator. I do both regularly 

        • Anonymous

          Good to know, about the ODIN part. If this new update is a bust I will have to try out ODIN.

          • I’ve tested both rooting, unrooting, and back to rooting using ODIN; and the Charge handled it like a boss. My only complaint is that it doesn’t like CMR

          • Spc Hicks09

            I use clockwork just fine. What issues did you have with it?

          • I got recovery working, but when trying to flash a backup or another ROM using CMR….brick. lol

  • No GB update yet here in MD on my Charge.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? A non Nexus rumor related post on here?

    Holy hell maybe the dark times are almost over…..

    • Anonymous

      Count the posts from the last week and then count how many of.them.refer to the most anticipated device of the year. Get a little perspective.

      • Anonymous

        Then count how many irrelevant references and comments of the Nexus on those non-Nexus posts….yeah.

        • Anonymous

          So, because the people who comment make stupid irrelevant statements, you criticize the blog as a whole? People come.here for breaking android news. The GN is the biggest news at the moment and has the most breaking news/rumors. That’s why there is a larger amount of stories on it. L

          • Anonymous

            When did I ever criticize the blog? I was referring to some of the users, not the blog itself.

          • Anonymous

            The original.comment I replied to was about the whole blog.

  • Anonymous

    So what’s the new color scheme?

    • Obizzle

      poop and pumpkin. 

      just a tad more neon green to spice it up.

      yep, a poopy neon green pumpkin…spicy!

      • Anonymous

        LOL thanks!

  • Kalric

    Rooted (shhhh), so I have to flash back to OEM…but don’t want to if it’s not out for everyone just yet.   No free Wi-Fi hotspot with OEM.   😉

    Ill. -nothing here yet (from non-rooted users)

    • Kalric

      Still patiently waiting…well, pestering the other guys with the non-rooted phone if he’s getting the update notice.

      Still nothing here in Illinois.  /sad

  • Scotty

    No Ginger for me yet.. been checking an nada =[

  • Anonymous

    Wow….at this rate, that ice cream sandwich will be melted by the time you all get it….lol!

    • Kalric

      Don’t think the Charge will get ICS.   I “HOPE” I’m wrong, but as fast as they’re pushing phones out the door (all manufacturers), it’ll be left behind.   Almost like buying a new car…drive it off the lot and you’ve lost 20% of the value in under a mile.   ha ha   🙂

      • Spc Hicks09

        It will get ICS if we ever get some REAL developers on it. I mean come on, even the Eris has a ICS port now.

  • Jak_341

    Fascinate? Anyone know about the Fascinate?

    • If you are rooted, it already has an ICS port.

      • Jak_341

        It is an unrooted phone that is my mother’s. I am not rooting her phone. It’s easier for my life to keep it stock.

    • Kalebsabados

      idk i hope so even this phone SUCKS 

  • Sdg7

    Woah, I assumed this thing already had 2.3. I guess +1 to Verizon for getting all LTE devices on 2.3, but its kinda disappointing it took the Charge this long, considering I’ve heard it was a pretty good device. Plus I thought Samsung got on the ball in terms of updates?

  • Shaunrodriguezzz

    Mine was updated when i woke up this am

    • g-bo

      notice anything impreoved/different?

      • Thelegendofdavid

        Me three. Maybe they found something wrong with the update and decided to pull it. Rumor has it they’ll re release by the time jelly bean comes out
        . Holler!!!

        • Thelegendofdavid

          My comment was directed @aham comment

        • partidroid

          What!? I checked Nina’s phone this morning when I woke up and there it was waiting patiently for me to install… cool but where is the cool old school TV disappearing act? WTH!

  • aham_brahmasmi

    Umm…I still did not get….did the check for system update thing it says “Your system is currently up to date”  🙁

    • George

      Me too

    • aham_brahmasmi

      what the heck….i did not get yet…….

  • Interstellarmind

    no update here in NYC.

  • Got it this morning.

    • gregba

      what are the noticable differences?  Im still waiting for my update.

  • MFG

    Remember how much Kellen hated this phone?

  • Anyone get it yet? Or maybe the manual update?

    • Guest

      You can get the manual update on Rootzwiki.

      • Thank you very much.

  • You seriously +1’ed that all Verizon LTE devices are on Gingerbread? Considering all of them should have released with Gingerbread, seeing as it came out last year in December, I think it’s horrible it took this long. Let’s hope it doesn’t take this long for devices to get updated to ICS.

    • Thelegendofdavid

      It probably will….thats why i have decided to go with googles phones from now on. Nexus will be the first. Can’t wait to get my hands on that bad boy


    Finally!!! The Charge is a great backup phone for me. Had no problems out of while in use until i got my Bionic & ive used some since. Probably about to toss the Bionic on CL this weekend & use it until the Nexus drops

  • Anonymous

    ‘Bout damn time!

  • Anonymous