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Galaxy Nexus Gets the Teardown Treatment

Waiting for the Galaxy Nexus has been painful enough already, so if you can’t possibly take anymore, then you may want to pass on watching iFixit do their standard teardown. As a device that is almost impossible to come by unless you are willing to fork out $700+ for an unlocked GSM version, this just hurts.

On a positive note, they gave it decent scores for repairability. Well, except for the glass, which they recommend you take good care of as it won’t be easy to replace should you crack it.  

Via:  iFixit

  • I like it. Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous

    Oh that is just beautiful!

  • Daymn!  There goes a sourced “inexpensive” larger battery replacement.  They are going to want a premium for that! 

    *image via iFixit.com*

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  • Up2bKrzy

    Funny how the internal of the GSM version as opposite of the VZW LTE version. IE sim card slot is not in this location on the VZW version it is on the other side of the device. 

  • Anonymous


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    fabulous these tips of repairing my Favorite phone so thank full to you for all this 

  • Amazing that tiny little circuit board is 60x more powerful than my first computer, and holds 90x more data.

  • Anonymous

    The NFC antenna is built in to the battery? That means no more cheap 3rd party spare batteries?

    • Evan Knofsky

      The battery snaps in right beneath the NFC chip, they aren’t connected. 

      • So you are saying the LTE version will be different than the GSM for the NFC antenna?  I doubt it (unless you have seen an image that i have not…)

  • Anonymous


  • Dominick DeVito

    The NFC chip appears to be attached to the battery…very interesting…..hmmm….

    • Evan Knofsky

      The battery snaps in right beneath the NFC chip, they aren’t connected. 

      • Anonymous

        I think he meant the battery has connections for the NFC chip because the antenae for the NFC is in the battery. I am puzzled by this as well. Guess you can’t just drop any old Sammy battery into this baby. Kind of a bummer, that was one of the things I really like about the Sammy phones, many share the same battery.

        • Dominick DeVito

          Yes, that’s what I was getting at. It is kind of a bummer, considering I like to use multiple batteries a day.It means we may have to go to Samsung to get a replacement battery, and I’m thinking it will be more expensive.

  • Everyone needs to wipe away those teary eyes.. don’t worry the nexus will be in your hands before you know it and everything will be okay. Scouts honor 😉  

  • brandon coulter

  • Seriously? Meh, who cares anymore. I get an upgrade in March and by then there will be something that will make this phone look like a cheap ass Boost Mobile phone.

    • Anonymous

      I can upgrade at anytime but if there is a Nexus II phone after this i mean worth the wait cuz they my fix the battery issues

    • Cam

      True, but then in July there will be something to make that phone look like a chump phone. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • Anonymous

    Dude there is Rummor that there is A Galaxy Nexus II in work coming in Feb. any knows about this???? if so i’ll wait

    • Anonymous

      dude over at nexusrumor-life.com they’re saying the Galaxy Nexus SII 4G HD with Sound Blaster AWE32 drops in March! 

  • WayneBradyKnowsAll

    Hmm, looks like the comment section is starting to get smaller and smaller here on DL…I wonder if that has anything to do with the Sensationalism in a lot of these blog posts.

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      • Anonymous

        Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

        C’mon, that’s good stuff.

        • EC8CH

          good stuff indeed


  • What would be really cool? Let us trade the front and rear facing cameras for the Galaxy S2 variants with the same dimensions & connectors. I would not mind replacing them on my own based on this tear down. I’m just going to have to check out the tear down of a Galaxy S2 and see if the camera dimensions match.

    Update: That would be a no go. Connectors are completely different and it seems the appeture on the S2 camera is smaller based on its package size. The front facing camera has the light sensor built in which blows.

  • smoothy

    It looks like they can remove that lame 5 megapixel shooter… and it even looks somewhat modular… I wonder if its possible to replace it outright? HMMMMMMMM…

  • Billywitchdoctor

    I didn’t see the 4G LTE chip listed – I take it this was the GSM version?

  • JSIN

    im just curious why this is on Droid-life instead of an.droid-life  im tired of these nexus umad butt hurt fan boys crying all day

    •  Then don’t come to this site.  It really is that simple, even for simple minded folks.

      • Turd_Ferguson

        why? this site was based on “Droid” Verizon’s signature android phone line-up, not android.Hence the dame Droid-Life.  Android-life is supposed to cover everything else.  So I guess you really do fall under the category of simple minded.

        • Anonymous

          sick of seeing this argument. if you dont want to see nexus comments try not clicking on articles with nexus titles then reading the damn comments… moron

          • Turd_Ferguson

            Same argument goes for you and Hank, but nice try. 

    • i love to see us Verizon android people unite and just rape commenters like this 🙂

  • EC8CH

    Did they find a release date anywhere inside there?

    • Mctypething

      no, but hopefully they found your brain.

      • Anonymous

        you lookin for his brain bro?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      ha ha no, they just found a tiny camera, no expandable memory port and a shit load of plastic

      • EC8CH

        I’ve read reviews that have said that although the outer shell is plastic the G-Nex feels solid, more so than previous Samsung phones.  I thought this was impart to an internal metal frame, but it’s hard to tell from the photos if that is true or not.

        • EC8CH

          I think you can actually tell the inner frame is aluminum from this photo.

          • Anonymous

            If you look at this same photo on ifixit at “huge” size,  you’ll see a touch weld point to the right of the purple #8, that’s got to be metal/aluminum. You won’t see that on plastic bits.

          • Anonymous

            Super glue and plastic look amazingly similar to aluminum and a tack weld.

          • EC8CH

            the shiny bur around the hole in the post in the upper right looks very metallic to me.

          • Anonymous

            It is common to use metal threads heat sunk into a plastic body. The same way they build the remote controls for your TV. It is entriely made of plastic.

          • EC8CH

            I don’t think that photo looks in any way like a threaded metal insert.

            I’m pretty sure what it does show is the internal aluminum chassis.

  • Anonymous

    So the battery is removable after all….

    • Greg Williams

      Just about to write the same thing!

    • EC8CH

      when was that ever in question?

      • Mctypething

        “Not everyone who comments on Droid-Life is an Android expert… or an annoying troll.”

        u a hypocrite bro? 

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          • EC8CH

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          • Mctypething

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          • EC8CH

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          • EC8CH

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            Not wanting to kiss a guy doesn’t make you a homophobe, but jumping at opportunities to accuse others of being buy just might.

            And I don’t think there’s any need to thank you, it appears you think highly enough of yourself already.

        • EC8CH

          That happened to be a genuine question.

          I thought there was some speculation that the Droid 4 had a non-removable battery even though the back cover was removable, so I didn’t know if there was similar speculation regarding the G-Nex.

          But thanks for adding your usual dickish attitude. 

          • Mctypething

            Wow, really? You’re not a very good G-Nex troll then.

          • EC8CH

            We all can’t be superstar trolls like you… that’s what makes you so special.

          • Mctypething

            yeah, just like we all can’t be mechanical engineering superstars like you.

          • EC8CH

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          • the phone has already been released… there is no speculation, and the lte version is basically a little fatter and a few other minuscule changes.  you know very well there was no chance of a non removable batter on the nexus dont try and play dumb you were just picking on that person. man up to what you said

          • EC8CH

            of coarse there isn’t currently any speculation, I was asking when he heard that it might not be removable.  I read a lot of rumors around the D4’s battery and it’s semi-removable back cover and was quite frankly interested if similar rumors were once held for the G-Nex.

          • Mctypething


          • EC8CH

            good morning

        • Case in point: Me. I don’t know ish about android anything, but I’m learning. AND I am an annoying troll.  AND I have the nerve to post comments! Muuhaaaaaa.  But there was wayyy too much testosterone on here, I had no choice but to fling some estrogen around.

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        • Guest

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      • HuskerHog

        Getting it confused with the RAZR.

      • i think he got the G-nex and the Razr confused, pretty obvious that was the case if you just think for about half a second.

    • Cam

      You’re thinking of the Razor. The Nexus battery has been known to be removable.

    • I didn’t know this was even a question. 

    • i0BAY

      ha that was the razr never the nexus.

    • I think you’re thinking about the Razr. Razr battery is not removable.

  • Anonymous

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  • Michael Potter

    Oh God the Horror! D:  I am waiting for a Nexus and check back every day, and the first thing I see is them tearing it apart! Kellex, why do you hurt me?

    • Anonymous

      Lol because he enjoys seeing us in pain lol  They could’ve just given that poor Galaxy to me lol

  • Mtnhdwr

    Instead of tearing down a perfectly good nexus why don’t you send it to me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    So all 1gb of ram isn’t DDR2? Wonder what the reasoning for that would be.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh, how come people are tearing apart, and we cannot even buy it yet……..

    • Keith Sumner

      Yes you can buy it.

      • We can’t buy it in the US.

        • Joseph

          You can buy the GSM version for ~$700. Probably the same price some here are going to pay when it comes out on Verizon. For those who “hate” Verizon so much they can switch.

  • John

     512 MB DDR2 SDRAM ? Thought 1 GB….?

  • Anonymous

    Pretty interesting to see it taken apart.  

  • Page 2 indicates that the RAM chip is only 512 MB, not 1 GB. Anyone know why?

    • Anonymous

      Reread, page 2 shows where they know there’s 512 MB of RAM, and where they think the other 512 MB of RAM is…totaling  *drum roll please*……*do the math yourself*

      • The article has been updated to include the other 512 MB. When I first looked, that part wasn’t there.

      • Keith Sumner

        1024 MB, which is more than the 1 G everyone keeps saying.

        • 1024 MB = 1GB

          1000 MB is not 1 GB. That’s why when you buy a 500GB hard drive, your computer reads a lot less. (Roughly 488 by my math.) Because the manufacturer considers 1000 MB = 1GB, but the computer considers 1024 MB = 1GB. (Same will happen with any capacity HDD, you do not get the entire amount that’s advertised, and don’t let anyone tell you that it’s because of “formatting”)

          Humans use a base 10 system, computers use a base 2 system. Therefore, 2^10 = 1K = 1024 not 1000.


          Read the section titled “Consumer Confusion”

        •  You don’t know much about memory do ya?  1024 mb= 1 gb.

      • Joe

        Why have it separate? I assume they’re both DDR2.

    • xformulax

      512mb packaged with the nand flash chip, and another 512mb on it’s own chip.

    • the memory stack that is listed in addition to the RAM chip also carries 512MB DDR2 SDRAM for a total of 1GB

  • Anonymous

    was looking forward to this 🙂

  • Dominick DeVito

    Verizon’s giving us the teardown treatment.

    • tjmonkey15

      And the silent treatment.