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Cluzee Released as a Personal Assistant App for Android, Do We Have to Compare it to Siri?


Cluzee is Android’s next attempt at having a personal assistant service like Apple’s Siri, yet as with all other apps in this line, it falls short in some way or another. It can work through most of the recommended or sample task list that is provided upon first starting up the app, but once you start shouting out your own versions of tasks for Cluzee to complete, it struggles. I was able to pull up the weather here in Portland on Friday, find a nearby coffee shop, and even find out how many days until X-mas. It works, at times.

So, props to Cluzee for making a big PR splash this morning. You are now in the spotlight – let’s hope you can improve on what appears to be a pretty solid base, and create an app that people can use as a daily driver. For now though, please stop making comparisons of this app to Siri.

Oh and by the way, this may or may not work on your phone. According to the market comments and our own tests, it’s pretty hit or miss when it comes to compatibility. 

Market Link

  • MikeBR

    It does not work on an HT Rezound, resulting in a force close error every time. Try Speakltoit (works on HTC, but not that fluid), Jeanie or Vlingo (does not work on HTC Rezound either).  Or just use the preinstalled Voice Search.

  • DroidTre

    This is just an opinion from witnessing other people using Siri that I noticed how flawed it is in comparison to any other personal assistant app. Howard Stern for example, was using Siri on air yesterday and became frustrated because it wasn’t working like the commercial. It would give him the wrong info or tell him that it doesn’t understand. I find that same flaw using the android apps personal assistance out there. With that said, I think voice activation still has some more years until it is less buggy. Siri in conclusion seems overrated.

  • Anonymous

    here is the cluzee apk for those who cant get it…         


  • Anonymous

    i thought siri was gonna be a useless gimmick but i actually use it everyday…tried cluzee on my nexus S and it doesnt even come close to siri

  • Anonymous

    Market reviews suggest it needs to spend a little more time in private beta.

  • Rayhodge02

    Can’t download to my xoom nor Droid x 

  • There are many apps like this in the market but from what i’ve read about this one it has a chance to be real competition for siri. Developers are working on making it cloud based, exspanding it’s potencial well beyond the limatations of a stand alone app. It still won’t have AI like interactions with you but who cares so long as the functionality is there.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see something that works as well as Siri come around for my android phone. The more attempts, the better. Google voice search is very useful, but it could be far more useful, especially to those who actually use their phone for business instead of just social and gaming functions. I’m sure there are many on both sides of the camp, but as for my personal opinion, I welcome this type of functionality, if it works all the way.

  • Anonymous

    This wlll not work with Bionic so is there another Dev with this type of App?

  • Siri and AI is for real, REAL, lonely people.

  • did it get removed from the market?

    • WAldenIV

      I haven’t got a cluzee.

  • Anonymous

    Market link no longer works….

  • In my opinion, this is retarded. The reason for the ‘sensation’ that is Siri is because Apple customers are sheeple who will buy anything if you tell them its cool or useful. In reality, its useless and retarded, I wouldnt use it if it was useful. Ill be glad when these app developers stop trying to copy this, who cares? The reason we’re on Android is because its different than Iphone. If you fell for that stupid marketing ploy that is Siri, you should go join the rest of them with Apple and get off this site.

    • Justin Kos

      ” In reality, its useless and retarded”


  • Another one? Awesome. Just posted about Speakofit Assistant on my blog yesterday, another app taking Iris head on!  http://411droid.com/speakofit-assistant-one-more-alternative-iphone-s-siri-feature/  

  • John Landgrave

    Not showing up in a market search via the web client anymore. Did it get taken down?

  • Jamie

    Market is telling me it is incompatible with all of my devices, 5 minutes ago it was telling me it would work with my DroidX and not my BIonic.  What the hell.  Anyone have a link to the apk?

  • Dominick DeVito

    Downloaded it this morning. Works okay – has the same voice as Siri – creepy.

    But always crashes on calendar related items (OG Droid). It would also be nice if it worked like Voice Search – you can trigger the app with the search button but all it does is bring up the app.

    Not bad for an initial version though, hope it improves.

  • Anonymous

    Not that its a ncessity but as a user of viper smart start, when I saw siri hacked and able to start a car using vipers smart start I was positive that this was something I wanted. Now I am in no way shape or form even close to considering an iphone, esspecially with D4 so close to being in my mitts, but I will support any dev currently working on a siri port that would allow me to input a friends iphone4s “unique siri id”

  • Djflan

    “Cluzee”….sounds like an old, tired stripper name….could they not come up with anything else?

    Tried it….not so great….and not as hands free as other solutions.

  • Good thing there’s Speaktoit, Skyvi, Iris, and the standard Google speak button, all of which work very well and get updated regularly 

  • Eric

    Who cares about Siri? and this app suck too.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the Goog buys it (or has already acquired something like it) and rolls its own fully integrated version out sometime soon.  It’ll be tough for a 3rd party dev to integrate to the level of an Apple/Siri.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t we scoff at Iphone 4s and Siri? and now we are supposed to embrace an app that is supposed to be the Android version? Just askin..

    • You scoffed at Siri because you possess blind hate.

      • Anonymous

        No.. I saw how it worked before I hated it, but to your point even a blind man can see that Siri in its current beta form is no more useful then a fart app. just sayin.. 

  • Does not work on Photon 4G…lame.

  • jimbob

    “This item cannot be installed on your device”.

  • Wyveryx

    Maybe it’s just me, as I haven’t tried this out but… the name… Cluzee… Not sure if I should get a hanky for sneezing or wipe my nose. Besides, imagine telling someone, “I just had Cluzee Google that place.” Just sounds wrong….

    • babadush

      Sounds like floozy

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the gnex release??? Lol

    • Anonymous

      it’s still December 8th? What do you think happened??

    • We tried to warn people to not buy into ComputerWorld’s “confirmed” post on a pre-order. Nothing is “confirmed” if it comes from an angry customer who spoke with customer service and a VZW store.

      • Anonymous

        I love your site man. Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Honestly I like the name Iris better.

  • it had me disappointed when it could not tell me “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

    • Skyvi said “…all of it”

      • I told Speaktoit she looked really sexy, she said “Oh Brian, flattery like that will get you everywhere”

  • Why does everyone want something like Siri?Do people really talk to their phone that much? I think Google Voice search is sufficient enough, as I only use it while driving anyways.

    • Mctypething

      100% agree. Are people really talking to their phones actively in public. Siri might be cool to show off to your friends here and there, but other than that I’m not sure I’d ever use it. Google Voice Search is the extent of my need to talk to my phone.

      • Anonymous

        For once, I agree with you. Bro.

      • EC8CH

        just try it using a Jean Luke Picard voice next time.

        Makes talking to your phone feel so much more natural.

        • Anonymous

          Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

          You should have gotten Jean-Luc right though. (and really you mean Patrick Stewart)

          • EC8CH

            Indeed Numba One, make it so.

      • Couldn’t agree with the two of you any more. I do not want to walk around talking to my phone. And Google Voice Actions work just fine while I’m in the car or need to be hands-free.

        • Anonymous

          I actually hope Google DOESN’T try to find an answer to Siri for Android other than maybe a few subtle enhancements to voice actions. Not just because it’s something we don’t need, but because then we’ll have to deal with, oh Android copied Apple again crap…over something no one wanted, needed, or uses after the 5 novelty minutes wear off.

          • Dominick DeVito

            I totally agree, however, it would be nice for Android to be able to understand what we say in something closer to natural language. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I shouldn’t have to say things like “question mark” or get the timing right between the recipient of the message I’m dictating and the actual message.

            Also, it would be nice to add calendar events via voice. I currently do this with Google Calendar as a 5 digit contact then initiate a text message via Voice Actions to “text” my calendar a new event.

          • Anonymous

            You got it, Exactly what I meant by ‘subtle enhancements.’

          • ICSLover

            “over something no one wanted, needed, or uses after the 5 novelty minutes wear off.”
            i thought Android was all about choice??? Its nice of you to determine that nobody wants, needs or will use after 5 mins. Pretty strange considering my girlfriend uses Siri all the time. But you are an “insider” so you know what’s best for all of us. Thanks Apple….i mean zepfloyd.

          • Anonymous

            Wow buddy, where to begin, you clearly missed the point. Maybe you should reread. 

            Andoid IS about choice. I’m guess you haven’t really used Google Voice Actions which contains much of what Siri does and has been around for a while in Android. What I clearly stated was Google shouldn’t go all out naming a product and labeling it as a search assistant which lets the Apple fanboys get all hot bothered like we’re copycats, rather make improvements to what already exists as an evolution of of Google’s existing technology. No ones taking away your choice, in fact there are number of APPS that do similar things and with Siri out, I’m sure they’ll be more. Who’s trampling your freedom?

            As to my criticism of Siri, I know more people with iPhones than I care to admit, from ages 20 – 53 and they all have said essentially the same thing, talking to your phone is awkward and rarely use it, unless driving, after initially trying it. I can say no one wanted it….where are forums lighting up wishing it existed? Sounds like people ought to know where their device is capable of before jumping in line with a marketing strategy.

          • ICSLover

            i’m sorry you don’t realize that NATURAL language voice controls are the future. I’ve used Google VA since the day they were released and they are just meh. You must use 1 of 12 trigger words to initiate. Siri is light years ahead of GVA. Now i know you work for google or at least pretend to so you have a vested interest in downplaying this feature. However NATURAL language is the future. Do you suppose we will still have remote controls for our TVs in the future? I love how you assume you can only use Siri in public and look like a douche. How about you want to search or you want a definition or you want to know a bar when your traveling. I am sorry you think typing all of that in after opening google search or the browser is easier. Also watch what i am about to do. I know more people with iPhones than i care to admit, from ages 20 – 53 and they all have said essentially the same thing, Siri is amazing. Did you see that? Siri is awesome and i wish we had that on Android. I don’t want it called Siri but REAL voice assistant and not 12 trigger phrases would be awesome. Sorry you’ve decided with your vast personal experience that i don’t want it. Thanks Apple.

          • Anonymous

            No I don’t work for google.

            No I won’t ever be yelling at my TV nor is it easier than pushing 23.

            No typing that into google search isn’t easier but I can talk that out now. Your point there is? I already said gva should be expanded…. Trolling for siri?

            If you love it so much, go buy an iphone and imessage your gf and be happy.

          • ICSLover

            I love Android more I just think when clowns like you try to downplay the areas where Apple is better it makes us look foolish. UI consistency, Siri, enterprise support, ecosystem integration are all areas where Apple exceeds Android. Why can’t we improve those areas without me wanting to go buy and iPhone and iMessage my girlfriend. That’s just silly. So now we should expand GVA? Early it was subtle enhancements. Which is it? How far can we expand GVA without running the risk of “copying” which you find so outrageous?

          • Anonymous

            Um, one in the same. Not sure how that wasn’t clear the first 4 times above and below here. Your reading comprehension isn’t exactly on all cylinders is it?

            UI Consistency is fixed with ICS. Siri has been hashed enough for now I guess. Enterprise support?!? Really? Let me know when I can hook my iPad up to an 802.1x network. Ecosystem integration?? That sounds something right out of an Apple fanboy if you want some kind of walled garden approach. Once again if you think it’s so much better than use it. If you want to pick on Android at least start with battery life or something…

          • Anonymous

            disqus broke.

          • Guest

            you mad, bro?

        • Anonymous

          I disagree with all you guys here! 

          For me, a true Siri type functionality would be awesome for me.  I’m a consultant, which means I spend half my time driving, half my time pulling my hair out. 

          The biggest draw for me would be the ability to manage my calendar while driving.  I already do, but not in a safe manner.

          • Adam Elghor

            ya and i wouldn’t hurt to have the option of using it even if it is only to show off to your friends

      • Anonymous

        I think automated AI technology in mobile devices and tablets is a frontier that will be expanding here in the near future. With companies like Nuance that can take their voice recognition & speech technology and combine it with AI technology that can actually learn from the users typical questions from voice response, to speech recognition to business & meetings requests IMHO would give another great dimension to the mobile tech world and tablets alike.

        Just think, your in your car with a Blue tooth headset on and your heading to a meeting, Navigation is on and your running late for a business meeting.  Instead of looking down (While Driving) you can simply say  “Call Steve Smith, from abc company” or even “Email Steve Smith, I am running late will be there in 10min. due to traffic” (Without having to push a button) The AI will automatically send or call the message to Steve Smith and respond back with confirmations, ask a question to make sure thats all that needs to be sent etc.. Yes, just like aa EA would do.

        Our mobile devices with AI intelligence combined with Speech recognition I think will be so useful 🙂

        • I think that kind of AI would be awesome, I just don’t want it so intricately tied to voice. While being able to speak while driving is a bona fide safety feature, anywhere else tends to border on obnoxious. However, if I had an AI that would, say, notice that I’ve booked an appointment at 1pm in a location that’s 60 miles away from an appointment I’ve booked at 12:15pm, would be welcome. Of course, that can be extrapolated in almost any direction, but the point is: don’t make it based on voice, but rather any input.

          • Anonymous

            I agree Input is what I was thinking after I posted but was trying togive an example in a short amount of time. AI would be nice and learns the nature of the devices user like places or even new places that user doesn’t know even existed. A vast array of opportunities with AI 🙂

      • IceBergLettuce

        Nicely stated bro.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I’ll keep my actions on my phone to myself. I’d rather not look like a moron on the subway shouting directions on my phone when it takes two seconds for me to type it in. Maybe the people who want Siri should move over to iPhone so we can stop reading about it.

    • Tyrian

      Siri is about as cool as the Galaxy Nexus face unlock

      • Anonymous

        and yet Face Unlock is cooler. Why? Because my phone reacts through sheer intimidation.

        • AppleBlows

          I also love how it is hacked with a photo. Good work Google. No wonder Apple is killing us with enterprise costumers. 

  • Kris Brandt

    I didn’t realize there is a huge market for people to get apps like these.  Siri is fancy, but I still find Watson to be more impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Still has a way to go.  I asked it if I had any appointements tomorrow and it couldn’t answer me.  Looked on the internet to see.  Keep on polishing it.