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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Receives Full-Bodied Review

If the wait was not already torture enough, knowing that some folks in the world are privileged to receive the Transformer Prime early is just disheartening.  The folks over at Ritchies Room have Asus’ quad-core device in their possession and have pushed out a complete full-on review for the masses.  From what we have read, there is nothing but great things to be said about this second generation tablet: performance, looks, and the added usability of the fully functional keyboard complete with Android shortcut keys. 

This is the tablet people should think about when they mention Android powered slabs.  We’ve added the hands-on video, so give it watch and tell us what you think.  Is this the tablet that we will see people line up for? It certainly has that potential.


Via: Ritchies Room

  • Anonymous

    It is the 1st why is it not working? wtf I am very upset lol

  • probably about the 20th time watching this, and I feel like there should be one of those censored sounds every time “eee” is mentioned.

  • Kelly

    they apparently suspended the video until tomorrow, December 1st

  • internet marketing belgium

    beautiful really just to great i really loved it a lot its body is looking just too stunning 

  • Video has been taken down.

  • David Parrella

    Getting this for Christmas 😀

  • Bret

    I’m packing my tent into the car right now.

  • TC Infantino

    Wow, that is an awesome looking tablet.  I just may have to talk myself into getting it, probably the middle of next year.  Seriously great looking hardware.

  • Anonymous

    This tablet does look amazing. And I’m glad it’s coming out, because it made the original Transformer affordable for a guy like me. I’d rather have it than an ipad, xoom or no tablet at all!

  • I’ve never wanted a tablet at all. Our lab got a galaxy and it was fun to play around with. GFs dad got an iPad and while its built solid, I cannot stand iOS. After watching this, I could definitely see myself getting way. way to go asus

  • Very cool. Asus hit a home run with this tab. Looks absolutely awsome!

    • Anonymous

      Awesome! Yes, I am definitely restating my opinion of the Prime as an “overpriced” TF101 to “tablet of the year”.  Hopefully a stunning piece of hardware like this will get ICS ASAP and will help kickstart native app development for Android tablets.  Still not enough for Apple to start sweating but I forsee perhaps a $50 across the board price drop for the existing iPad2 SKUs to help keep interest levels up prior to the IPad 3 launch.

  • Anonymous

    Why have I always thought Asus was pronounced as “Azuhs”, not Hey Zeus.  

  • zeus

    It should be pronounced Ah, Ah … ZEUS!!

    • Anonymous

      Bless you!

  • Anonymous

    A little birdie told me I have the Champagne one pre-ordered for a Christmas present. I hope that I like the color as I think I like it more than Grey and I hope that there is no difference in quantity available based on color… Unless it’s in my favor 😛

  • Gdgt

    The video could use less screen time of the guy and white background. It should show more of the tablet.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like really nice hardware, but I think they have to make a case for why consumers would want this over the ipad.  I prefer an android over the iphone for many reasons, but I haven’t yet figured out why android tablets are better than my ipad 2.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      1. $100 cheaper
      2. Quad Core
      3. can be turned into a laptop
      4. ICS capable out of box
      5. expandable memory

      any more questions?

      • Dominick DeVito

        It’s true that the hardware is much more advanced – but frankly there aren’t any apps for Android tablets yet.

        I’d say that’s the big difference.

        • What am i missing here? I have yet to come accross a app selection problem on my Xoom. There was one out of 20-25 games i’ve downloaded that didn’t scale properly but thats it so far. What sort of apps are Android tabs missing? Not trying to start an argument Dominick, just wondering what i’m missing out on.

          • Dominick DeVito

            There are games, but I find many enterprise-centric and kids apps lacking. I own both an iPad 2 and a Xoom for work. I like the Xoom way more (prefer Android to iOS any day of the week) but I’m glad I bought the iPad because my daughter uses many more apps on the iPad.

            Not to mention it is (at times) difficult to find an app on an Android tablet that’s optimized fully for the one you purchased. The Tegra Zone is nice if you own a tegra based tablet – and Qualcomm has the Snapdragon app store – but it’s confusing and doesn’t do the average Android consumer justice with the fragmented app selection.

          • Anonymous

            What if you don’t have a daughter and for work need to see 4 or more email streams at the same time on the desktop? (I’m a logistics consultant for multiple companies and a buddy works for a IT consulting firm that have multiple clients. We both get emails at multiple addresses throughout the day. I use the xoom and he uses the GT 10.1)

    • Try a file manager, SMB access, no PC required and no iTunes in order to do just about anything besides look at stuff on the Web. That is just for starters.

    • Anonymous

      Micro HDMI, expandable memory and don’t have to rely on a  PC for it to be fully usable (Not sure if that’s still the case with the new iOS but that’s why I traded my iPad 1 for the Xoom)

  • Anonymous

    Very thin and looks good! Lets just hope Apple won’s sue Asus for it being thinner than the ipad 2! lol SMH

  • Let’s show the stupid guy talking the whole time, not the tablet in action.  YES I AM MAD!!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I am 18.25x more excited by this than the Nexus phone – preordered day 1 with Amazon. THIS is more cutting edge hardware.. and it will run ICS. I want that cutting edge hardware, design, styling in a phone. And the Nexus doesn’t fill that need. It is only the first ICS phone container and nothing more.

    • Mctypething

      “I am 18.25x more excited by this than the Nexus phone”

      We know, because you keep making that same comment on every Transformer Prime post. 

      • Anonymous

        The anti-troll is strong with you, son.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        not true, not true. shows what you know. last time I posted on a Prime post I was only like 11x more excited, clearly, I am now WAY more excited as I have learned and seen even more.

        • Deal Lover

          Yeah I definitely only remember 11x more excited on other posts. 

    • Goblueboy

      Comparing a nexus device to something that has the best of everything is not what nexus is about. Never was. It’s just a stable phone that will run their latest OS. 

      • FortitudineVincimus

        sorry, I thought EVERY topic here was always about the f***** Nexus in some way, I was just playing along.

      • Anonymous

        You may want to explain that to the Nexus trolls then. Cuz what ive learned is

        1 the TI 4460 in the Galaxy Nexus is somehow better and faster than the quad-core Tegra 3.
        2 because your phone doesnt have NFC its automatic fail and you should just kill yourself. 
        3 If you buy anything without NFC now u simply cannot live anymore. 
        4 Everything, be it a OG Droid or Xoom….or keychain….has a locked bootloader and “MotoBlur”.
        5 “MotoBlur” hasnt changed one bit since the very first version. 
        6 Megapixal count doesnt matter. Especially when higher MP camera’s that take better pictures are mentioned.
        7 1GB of DDR is way more than you would possiably EVER need or want. 
        8 ICS is perfect in every way. get used to the non removable search bar.
        9 Bootloader is EVERYTHING
        10 If you dont hate Motorola then you’re not “cool”.

        • Anonymous

          11. And if you zoom your camera all the way in and hold it 6 inches from the screen you will see the bad quality of motor HD screens.

          • Anonymous

            12 The OG Droid needs a steady diet of ROM’s because the stock “pure Google” one isnt good enough and the phone will die otherwise. 

            13 Gingerbread isnt “optimized” for multi-core phones like ICS is. (Even though last year the very same argument was used for Froyo VS GB flamewars)

          • Anonymous

            14 My OG Droid is on life support, give me the damn Nexus already Verizon or I will leave!!!!!!!

        • Goblueboy

          Some people have louder voices than others. Many look forward to an unlocked bootloader. Because who ever’s fault that bootloader shit is makes the rest of us who look forward to custom roms feel like shit when we buy the phone and it comes locked. We like to take our phones / tablets that we just paid you know around 100-700 dollars for and get the most out of it. 

  • Anonymous

    Gnex + Transfomer Prime = best of both worlds

    • EC8CH

      hopefully they will be able to keep both in stock unlike the release of the OG Transformer

  • Anonymous

    Now Best Buy just needs to “accidentally” ship my pre-order a week or two in advance! 🙂

  • gritz

    Can anybody understand what he is saying?  Way too thick of an accent for me…

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Yeah… he’s speaking English.  Not sure what’s so hard to understand.

    • Anonymous

      Subtitles. Turn them on.

  • I love how they say “Ah-Zoos” and we say “Ay-Sis”.

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Actually, we say Ay-soos.  Just like it’s pronounced.  Just like he just pronounced it, but with American accents.

      • Have I been saying it wrong the whole time? I’ve always pronounced it Ay-Sis. 

        • Anonymous

          Yup, you have been saying it wrong –  http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/17/how-to-pronounce-asus-video/

        • Anonymous

          Where do you get the “sis” sound? I could see Ay-sus, but I say Ay-soos as well

          • I figured it would be like Pegasus, census, colossus, Jesus, etc. “sus” isn’t usually pronounced “soos” when it’s at the end of a word in the English language. 

        • Bullet Tooth Tony

          :-p … I just had to do it that way.  I would totally agree with your pronunciation… if I didn’t see commercials for them a while back.  I like the engadget link down below… with the Dr Seuss tie-in for how to pronounce it.

    • Pickles

      You’re pronouncing it wrong.

      • Ah, thanks for the wake up call!

      • JSG

        Oh I miss steve jobsy

  • Jonathan Duke

    This guy has been doing a great job answering questions on his site, too. Unfortunately ASUS asked him to not publish his follow up video until 12/1 – must be releasing soon!

  • Mctypething

    Hopefully Asus plans on actually marketing this one or else nobody will hear about it. And get rid of that horrible Eeeeeee name. What the hell is that anyway?

    • I hope so too. Asus Transformer Prime is legit. no Eeepee shizzel

    • Dominick DeVito

      Better than XYBoard…lol

      • Mctypething

        True. If they named it the Motorola POS, that would still be a better name than xyboard.

        • Dominick DeVito

          Although an Eee Pad sounds like something my daughter uses for potty training.

          • Chip Douglas

            iPad sounds like something women put between their legs.

          • Dominick DeVito


            Mad TV skit – loved it.

        • NEGivenSundae

          …And Verizon would market it more

    • I agreeeeee. Transformer Prime is cool enough and kind of reminds me of Optimus.

    • Anonymous

      EE pad = Taiwanese engrish I imagine.. 

      Like the Wii.. stupid names that don’t make much sense in amurica.   

    • Anonymous

      wasn’t the Transformer out of stock everywhere at launch because demand was so high?.. either they marketed it just fine or didn’t make enough units 😛

  • Anonymous

    That was posted yesterday. It’s not the “full review” that they will air on Dec 1.

  • Srmelly