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Video: First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus [Unlocked]

It has been a couple of days since we picked up a Galaxy Nexus from the UK, so it was about time we put together a quick video tour of it. The device, as you may have expected, is living up to expectations. The build of the phone far surpasses that of previous “cheap feeling” Samsung phones, the screen is gorgeous, performance-wise it’s super fast, and of course Ice Cream Sandwich is a treat to play with. Whenever we do get our hands on the LTE version here in the states, I have a feeling you will be blown away just as I have been. Battery life will be a concern when that version arrives, but I’m starting to think the stock and unlockable experience will overshadow those worries.

Check out our quick tour of the device after the break. 


  • Sruel3216

    that camera is simply amazing. i am sold

  • James Friedman

    Where’s the review of the barometer? :-/

  • Xzibit

    Yo dawg, I heard you like smartphones, so I put a phone in your phone so you can hypebeast while you hypebeast.

  • Anonymous

    as a regular user of DroidLight and a future G-Nex owner, one of my concerns, albeit a small concern, is how powerful is the led flash on the phone?

  • Anonymous

    : “It’s a breath of fresh air!” is well said!

  • Justin Kos

    will the back from the GSM version work on the LTE version? despise the verizon branding stamped on the back

  • Anonymous

    What live wallpaper is that?!

  • First look? Ummmm no.

  • Anonymous

    Thats the first time I’ve ever heard the placement of the headphone jack rationalized like that. I’ve spent my entire life just gripping a device with my thumb and forefinger, letting it kinda hang like that and just sorta dropping it into my pockets. I guess it wouldn’t work for people with skinny jeans, like I give a damn, but I it’s interesting to think about.

    • Anonymous

      “but I it’s interesting to think about.”

      No it’s not.

      • Anonymous

        To me it actually is, but what can I say? I’m boring.

  • kellex why is your voice so sexy. no homo

  • Ufcjeff

    i was just looing for his opinion thats  all does not bother me at all

  • 2ceedz

    So i take it now hdmi, so no mirroring?  (Yes, im asking, LOL)  🙂

    • 2ceedz

      Meant to type no, not now, LOL. ^^

    • Nathan Corachea

      i heard it has that special kind of port where the micro usb that also works as a hdmi port, you jsut need a special cable for it to go to the tv or whatever

      • 2ceedz

        Thanks for the Response… I had heard about the new mini usb, but wasnt sure if GNex had it or not…. really not a deal breaker since NFL mobile blocks the freakin videos… LOL

  • Wintrmte

    Wondering what the dialer / receiving calls and text message interface look like in ICS – anyone have any video links of that?

    Also, since it doesn’t support USB Mass storage, what are the options for Mac users to sync music, guessing there is probably some support in doubletwist?

  • Jfrer360

    I have been having crazy issues with droid bionic and i am on my 3rd bionic and this new phone is having radio issues. So I have been communicating with verizon and they  told me to hold off until the middle of December and they will probably let me be able to switch phones completely. This is the phone I will be switching to. 

  • nexus on the brain

    Kellen what happened to the white formica desk you used to do your “how to root” videos on?  That looks like scraped wood, moving up, huh?…ha ha

  • Pie

    You always have awesome wallpapers, does anyone know if that one is from the market?

  • Why did you not compare it to the original Droid? It seems like that would have made sense, considering a lot of Droid owners are considering this phone. Maybe post some photos of the two phones so we can get some idea about the size?.

  • nexus on the brain

    America…Fu c Yeah, coming to save, the mother f-ing day YEAH!

    • Nathan Corachea

      Galaxy Nexus….FU C YEAH!!!

  • Anonymous

    Question for anyone out there that can help me. I know the gsm version of this phone is penta-band does that mean it will pick up ATT HSPA? Kellex said in the video it would do 3g and I know HSPA is really just beefed up 3g so is that what he was meaning?

  • Kellex what app are you using for the notification light???

  • Anonymous

    alex of gizmodo rather vehimantly disagrees with your assessment of placement of the headphone jack… lol I personally have little to zero preference, as long as it’s in the same spot as the charging port. Nothing annoys me more than stupidly placed ports (think the Thunderbolt, with its damn usb jack along the side that sits flat when using the kickstand… morons…)

  • Ufcjeff

    kellex  on cnets review of the nexus one of the criticisms the reviewer had was that they found some of  the layouts for the screen too clutterd i guess thats the term , do you have an opinion on that now that you have one i hand?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t use it if you feel it is too cluttered? Simple as that lol.

  • Anonymous

    There really isn’t an options/menu type button is there? Or is it located somewhere else? That would suck

  • Almarhofo

    oh let me just compare my super nice phone to all my other super nice phones. unreal!

  • that picture is not flattering for the galaxy nexus’ butt

  • Brett Ward

    will it have a removable battery? seeing as how thickness is of no importance to me and i actually prefer mid-weight and somewhat bulkier shells, i am looking forward to putting an extended battery in it

  • i heard theres a slight chance of verizon starting preorder tonight. not trying to spread rumors, but if it does, i think im going to do that and then thats one of my christmas gifts, although i dont think i can wait til christmas to use it. 

  • Xhaxol

    I love how the screen actually looks blacker than the bezel.

  • Anonymous

    when you said you were going to rant about the audio jack, I thought you were going to diss the nexus. too bad I would’ve had to kill you 😛

  • Anonymous

    just me but the only thing i like is the notification light….not really impressed with ICS or this phone…my GSII is better than this IMO

    • BobbyGeneric

      Is your screen better?

  • Jikhead

    Hey Kellex, what do you think of the camera compared to the Rezound, all features and not just the ICS software-side of the camera.

  • Xhaxol

    i dont like the side scroll threw apps, just find it annoying. i wonder if there is a way to change it. i know a launcher would solve that but wonder how the launcher would work with the on-screen buttons. would be cool to sea what golauncher or adw would look like in ics.

  • Ry D

    I’m so sick of hearing about this phone. I’ve seen a million review videos & I’ve heard of every feature ICS has to offer. I’M NOT MAD BRO, I’m just done hearing bout it. Like a recovered addict, I’ve gone through my withdrawal and now I’m just not paying any mind to anything bout this phone except on when I can get it in my hands for purchase consideration.

    • dieringer scott

      u annoyed bro?

  • andrew z

    I wonder if there is a way to scrub the logo off without the backing aswel. 

    That would be awesome. 

  • Bkirsch

    “We’re Droid-Life and we’re out. Peace.”

  • Baker1015 Sb

    what do you mean “stock and unlockable experience” mean?

    • Nick S

      Stock = no bloatware (well, minimal in this case anyway) and no UI skin

      “Unlockable” is in reference to the bootloader, which means easy to root and modify any and all wares.

  • Xhaxol

    half a millimeter is the thickness of 1-2 business cards depending on card stock, most people will not be able to notice the difference. 

  • Anthony Vella

    This is honestly a great phone by many standards. The ONLY thing I am somewhat worried though about is the battery life, coming from a Droid Charge where battery life is pathetic.

    OT: Does this phone have a Micro LTE chip requiring a Micro LTE Chip?

  • Anonymous

    This phone is going to break my heart if it stands me up one more time

  • Anonymous

    Look forward to me very own.

    Uhhhh … re the headphone jack placement … some of us put our phone in our pocketses right side up, Kellex.  

  • Anon

    cost plus kitchen table?

  • Tyler

    I don’t want to watch anymore damn videos! I WANT MY OWN ICE CREAM SANDWICH!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Battery life will be a concern when that version arrives”

    or are you guys just so enamored you gloss over this statement

    • Anonymous

      But…but NFC!!!!!

      • FortitudineVincimus

        It is ALL about ICS, no one should get it twisted otherwise.

        There is nothing special about this phone, even more so going into 2012 with quad cores coming. This phone, it’s hardware that is, will be out of favor in 2 months and by that time, all new phones will have ICS. So.. I plan to wait.

        Nothing special here.. move along, move along

        • Gino Fratto

          Its a nexus… yes, other phones will have ICS… with Touch Wiz or Blur slowing them down… Also, didn’t the Thunderbolt JUST get Gingerbread?  This will get every update first, by MONTHS. The hardware is very good, just not ultra top of the line.  It does not need to be, ICS is optimized for it so it runs smooth as silk.  A phone is more then just the hardware…

      • Anonymous

        NFC? What NFC? Oh you mean……

        ZOMG TEH NFC!!!!

        • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Do you actually need LTE running at all times?  I intend to keep it off and just turn it on when I actually need it…

      • Anonymous

        As do I, but LTE isn’t the only thing chugging energy on these smartphones

      • Anonymous

        Well Verizon’s 3G speeds typically run around 150kbps around where I live so I NEED LTE.

        • Anonymous

          not really unless you are doing something on the internet 24/7 which if that is the case you shouldn’t complain about battery life.

          • Anonymous

            I dont have anything to complain about in the batterylife department of my Bionic(I have the extended battery though) even on LTE.

            It’s not just “doing something on the internet 24/7” it’s the fact that I have to wait twice the length of a video for it to “buffer” so I can watch it or stare at my screen until it’s 90 second timer puts the screen to sleep while the page is STILL LOADING that make me mad bro.

            I need LTE because I actually use the internet on my phone. I can’t wait for the expansion of LTE in Savannah because I’m just outside of it and hopefully I’ll pick it up. Otherwise the only real time I have internet is when I’m on Wi-Fi.

          • Anonymous

            so like I said you can’t turn lte off when you are not doing that? Are you watching videos all day on the phone? If so then you really shouldnt complain because it would die on 3g the same if you did that.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t live in a LTE area yet….like I said before…..and I have no issues with battery life on 3G or LTE….battery life is perfectly fine for me….you’re missing the point.

            I NEED LTE because regular 3G is so mind numbingly slow where I live and work. It’s not just video’s it’s EVERYTHING. Facebook, Market, browser, gmail everything is so slow my screen times out before it’s loaded. 90% on the time spent on my phone where I work is waiting on the slow 3G connection. It’s not just my phone either, it’s everyone else on my team with Verizon phones. I only get LTE once I go back home to Florida and I love every single second of it because I don’t have to wait 20 minutes for a page to load.

  • Djspikezz

    Thanks Kellex for teasing us with this. I drool everytime I watch demo’s of ICS and the GNex. I can’t wait to have the actual phone to drool on!

  • Anonymous

    if you were to compare the camera quality to a current phone which one would you compare it to? Would you say the camera on this is worse than say, the Thunderbolt?

    • Anonymous

      I also would like to know this. I know it takes fast pictures, but does it take GOOD pictures?

    • I LOVED the camera on my thunderbolt (was the only good thing about that phone..lol) compared to my Droid, DX, and D3

  • Looks awesome!! Can’t wait anymore…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the video, nice to get another look at the Nexus.  Glad to hear the rant about the placement of the headphone jack, Bottom is Better.  It’s made sense to me for so long, since I’ve used my Itouch to listen to music while running I’ve always felt like it was best that they have the headphone jack at the bottom so your wire isn’t shooting above the phone.

  • Stating El Obvious

    We all good on the placement of the headset jack front?

  • sorry. i like earphone plug on top. Just saying

    • Anonymous

      So do I.  I sit my phone in my car’s cup holder and easily grab it to switch songs and such so I like it sitting right side up.  I also like having  the power charger on top next to it.

      • Xhaxol

        if there is an option for the screen to be rotated upside down that will not be an issue as the as the phone will have the right orientation regardless. if its not a stock option them cm9 will have that option.

    • I always put my phone in my front pocket top down but when I workout or run I have to put it the opposite direction because of the headphone jack so I actually really like it being on the bottom.

      • Dan Brown

        I thought you said you have to run in the opposite direction because of the jack! …

  • Anonymous

    I really like that wallpaper, do you have a download link?

  • Skaletr

    how does this compare in length and width dimensions to the rezound?

  • Tyler

    Really hoping the Dec 8th release date is true. Need to replace my OG Droid soon which still has the original battery (which could be worse)!

    • 2ceedz

      Hypebeast!…… The VZW rep that I use (most store’s reps suk) confirmed that she had heard the 8th also… not a solid confirmation, but much better then nothing!  She’s supposed to call me when its confirmed. (Although im sure D-L will let us know first).

      Im out… Peace!

  • Anonymous

    finally, a video that shows the onscreen buttons turn when flipped and then disappear while watching a video.  I always knew it did it but have been waiting for a video.  Thanks Kellex!

    • same here, really glad to have video confirmation, you made my day kellex

  • I’d like to see how the stock browser performs. You think you could do a video on that Kellex?

    • OG Droid

      By most reviews its has one of the fastest browsers on a phone.

  • Anonymous

    VERY nice tour, no wasted time or talking, you hit some very good points. 
    I just grab popcorn and chomp down when one of these walkthrough videos come up….definitely getting it when it comes out, but Im ok with the “when its ready, its ready” approach, although getting sick of my rooted DI wanting to do an OTA update to Gingerbread.  Just shutting it up for a few more weeks and restting back to stock so I can sell it when the Nexus comes in.

  • Bob

    As long as the camera is better than my OG’s I’ll be happy.  I think the camera on my Samsung flip was better than the one on my OG.

  • Anonymous


    I want this phone now, not later, NOW….well….or at least when I get paid and when there’s an actual release date! Now…forget the Bionic, forget the RAZR, forget any other phone, the Galaxy Nexus is truly the phone I’ve and all the world, has been waiting for!!

  • Richard Rivas

    Great observation, there no better feeling than having the head phone jack knawing into my palm and as an additional plus a free skin welt. Great design!

  • Ericpayne1980

    my precious…

  • Anonymous

    I need the UK (or Canadian) version to come down in price a bit before making that purchase.  Or maybe (hopefully, praying) by that time AT&T will announce that they are getting it.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    How does settings button work? Life if you want to get to the settings app, how do you do it?

    • Anonymous

      Its in the form of an app icon you can get from the app drawer. Also in the beta of ICS that I’ve been using, I have a settings button on the top of the pull down notification bar. Not sure if that will carry over to the final version but that’s what I’ve seen so far…

    • Got a video coming that shows this. The OS essentially adds an on-screen settings button in apps. It’s pretty cool.

  • Insect Overlord

    When he takes a picture of the Nexus S it looks like a Tron’s mobile phone.

  • GinoSylum

    I think what people miss when saying that “ICS will come to my Razr or GS2, so who cares”, is that it was optimized for this phone.  YES, in benchmark tests the GS2 has a faster possessor, but i would bet my life that ICS will play nicer with the GNex regardless… From all accounts it has almost no lag at all.  They took a page from Apples play book with this.  The actual hardware is less important than the way the software is optimized for it.

    • I would tend to agree with your assessment. We are at a point where phones have incredible specs, but it’s about the combination of software and hardware. With this phone, you get a happy marriage of the two thanks to it being a Nexus.

      • Alix8821

        Kellex… how much wider is the RAZR?? I got it as placeholder for Nexus. Love the hardware, and know ICS is optimized for Nexus… BUT, RAZR is so damn wide…Pics??

        • It’s slightly less wide…at least that’s how it feels. Havent’ looked at the dimensions yet. Both are noticeably wide and big though. 

      • Enigma2u

        Kellen are you using it on both att and Tmo. To check out how or which it performs better on…I am curious to see performance on both and speed test on both hspa+ …I might say hello to Tmo. Especially if the battery life is great on it and this merger seems to have failed

      • Anonymous

        Please do a comparison shot of the bezels from the Galaxy Nexus vs the Rezound/RAZR/Bionic and GSII. That seems to be the latest thing that people are bitching about.

        • TheAndroid1

          The RAZR is the first phone where the border and bezel were large enough to bother me.

          This phone looks fine.

        • Anonymous

          Really?   This is the first I’ve heard of it…..

    • Anonymous

      The Razr runs the same internals with a lower clock speed on the GPU, it should play more or less exactly the same way on the Razr, unless it’s skinned or something. The again from what I’ve read the Nexus has no speed advantage over the Razr or GSII, at least in “feel” so who knows.

  • How are the quality of the pictures??  That is the most important question for me!

    • nexus on the brain

      hey, buy a camera!

  • Colin Zack

    Display on youtube looks amazing. Can’t wait to try Netflix/Hulu on it. 

  • Every time I think I’m over it, I’ll watch a new video and start drooling all over again.

  • that is awesome. thanks for the video. so, the question is, do i go gsm or lte??

  • Mike

    is that a stock background?

    • Nah, grabbed it from some wallpaper app.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, any plans to take a video throwing it down *non-carpeted stairs* to show us how the non-Gorilla Glass performs? 🙂

  • djvick

    Nice, I can’t wait! Let’s go Verizon! hurry it up already!

  • Insect Overlord

    It’s not made by Apple.  Therefore, -1. 
    The Engadget and CNET Product Review Teams

    • Anonymous

      Engadget actually said 

      ” The Galaxy Nexus is definitely the best Android phone available today — it’s possibly even the best phone available today, period.”

      in their review. So it must be the best phone ever made.

      • Anonymous

        But if you took ICS out of the picture, how would it stack up against the Galaxy S2?  Also on that matter, how will the Galaxy S2 be with ICS?

        • EC8CH

          “Also on that matter, how will the Galaxy S2 be with ICS?”

          it would be not on Verizon 🙁

          • Anonymous

            I know…..poop  -_-

            But I was thinking about it when he mentioned “the best phone available today”

        • Xhaxol

          the problem with that is Samsung, Samsung has the worst track record for upgrading phones. A friend of mine has a fascinate that doesn’t have gingerbread yet. I would not even consider samsung if it where not for Nexus being a Google phone. I have a feeling that you will not see ICS on GS2 until after GS3 comes out. Unless you root and have a custom ics rom.

          • Anonymous

            Google will be in total control of the updating because it is a Nexus phone the manufacturer does not matter.

          • Anonymous

            I think thats what he was talking about

          • Anonymous

            Except that is only in the US. Internationally they are excellent with updates and some of the first to get updates out. Carriers slow them down a lot here in the states.

        • Anonymous

          “Also on that matter, how will the Galaxy S2 be with ICS”

          BAD ASS. Simply put.

          (OHMIGOD did a Moto fan just compliment the GSII??!?!)


          • Anonymous

            Yes, I agree.  It would be bad ass

        • WhatsGucci

          I want to stick things in its 3.5mm HEADphone jack

          • Same here. I want to just shove my accessories right into it.

      • EC8CH

        topolsky said pretty much the same thing. basically if the external materials were more upscale and the camera was better he would rate it better than the i*hone 4s.

      • Anonymous

        Like I said before…even a Greek God would appreciate this phone. ‘Nough said.

        • Anonymous


        • Calculatorwatch

          And Zeus would get great battery life since he can recharge it with his hands 😛

  • EC8CH

    Inception Kellex hands @ 8:55

    • As I rewatched, I sort of got creeped out hah.

      • EC8CH

        Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.

      • Your next phone review should have THIS video playing. 

        • Anonymous

          So I heard you like videos of me holding phones.

          So heres a video of me holding a phone while I’m holding a phone.

          • Anonymous

            “You blowin ma mind!”

      • A phone within a Phone 

    • Some Random Dude


    • Thought of the same while watching the video

  • So out of the big three which one has the best battery life in your opinion?

    • I don’t have the LTE version so I can’t test that. This GSM version kills LTE phones, but that’s not a fair comparison. Just a guess, but will assume the LTE Nexus will get anywhere from 8-12 hours with moderate use.

  • Blueethernov13

    I’d like a phone that will get me from 730 am to 830 pm without having to charge it….i hope this Nexus allow this…..

    • Maybe if you turn off the 4G radio.

  • I want to caress and fondle it.

    • Anonymous

      I want do do dirty things to it

  • Sweeeet cant wait…………….droid 4 or this?

    • Anonymous


    • It’s no contest. D4 can’t compete with the GNex.

  • just lol’d when he said the fondling, molesting it comment

  • First world problem: My Droid X has a headphone jack on the top.

    • Some Random Dude

      First world problem: Idk which $300 smartphone to buy :'(

      • First world problem: My expensive carrier won’t release the expensive phone I want so that I can be the first of my friends to have Ice Cream Sandwich.

        • Anonymous

          FWP: Using a connected device, and a net connection to post on a forum about FWP.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t watch and having a hard reading about the Nexus. I can’t take my OG Droid anymore and don’t want to lease any other phone!

  • John

    Can’t freaking wait to get my hands on this thing

    agree 100% on the placement of the headphone jack

  • Jason Purp

    I want this phone. Thanks.

    • Some Random Dude

      no need to thank me citizen

  • shdowman

    How is the camera? Everything I have read is stating it is fairly sub-par. I use my phone A LOT for snap and go shots..

    • Arenaboi

      There are samples all over the place…you can see for yourself: http://www.engadget.com/photos/galaxy-nexus-sample-shots-0/#4632994

      • Pdiddy187

        Those pictures were taken in Westwood. I want to know who the hell has this phone and I don’t. Grrr.

    • I haven’t been blown away by it. Low light it’s bad, in good light it’s decent. It’s unbelievably fast, but that doesn’t make it awesome. Still testing, but so far not my favorite part of the phone.

      • shdowman

        Thanks Kel. Pretty much what I figured.

      • Anonymous

        if you were to compare the camera quality to a current phone which one would you compare it to? Would you say the camera on this is worse than say, the Thunderbolt?

        • shdowman

          From what I have heard, it’s almost the same as the Nexus S

          • Anonymous

            and how is the Nexus S camera? Sorry, never owned one. 

          • shdowman

            Like the camera on the Galaxy Nexus.

            lol…like the Galaxy S line, (Fascinate)

      • Anonymous

        Any chance you could compare some indoor shots from Rezound to GNex? Sound quality comparison would be nice as well (with decent non-Beats headphones)

      • Anonymous

        Kellex, how does the G-Nex camera stack up against the regular SGSII camera (pixel count difference aside)? Would you say the GSII cam overall offers a superior experience in all regards or does the G-Nex beat is handily in speed? Thanks!

        • To me, the SGS2 camera is better. Will be taking a bunch of pics later today or tonight and should have a good gallery up tomorrow for everyone to see.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, answered a question for me!

    • If it’s not 34 Megapixel then I’ll pass. Can I use my DSLR lenses on it? I’m not worried about call quality I have a camera for making calls.

      • shdowman

        No need for that…I’m allowed to ask.

        It’s a component of the phone like the others. It’s not a make or break issue as I have a nice DSLR as well. But, if I don’t feel like lugging it around that day, it’s nice to have a decent point and shoot in your pocket. The optics on these phones nowadays are about (if not already) to replace point and shoot cameras altogether. I am just slightly disapointed that they didn’t got with the same optics as the SGS2. I have read negative reports on the camera, hence why I asked someone who has been using it firsthand.

      • Roshan John

        haha although I ‘liked’ your comment…  camera and battery life are so important in a phone. frankly, I could care less about call quality, because i text 90% of the time. I probably use less than 200 mins/month.

        I am an amateur photographer, and i take my DSLR on outings 3-4x/wk, but there’s nothing more convenient able to catch a moment with your phone. 
        To compete with apple, you need an incredible display, battery life to get you through the day, and a sick camera. this phone will probably only get us 1/3rd of the way. The new interface will dominate all platforms, but other basics may lack. 

  • T Hall

    me want so bad. 

  • Evan


    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      Actually, that was me. 

      • Anonymous

        what kinda voodoo is this?  you are replying to Evan and yet it shows as your reply being posted before Evan’s. 

    • There’s only one thing lamer than posting 1st and that would be posting it when your not.

    • zUFC

      dummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Hallelujah, something to once again satisfy my craving for this phone! Thank you DL!