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Video: First Look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus [Unlocked]

samsung galaxy nexus

It has been a couple of days since we picked up a Galaxy Nexus from the UK, so it was about time we put together a quick video tour of it. The device, as you may have expected, is living up to expectations. The build of the phone far surpasses that of previous “cheap feeling” Samsung phones, the screen is gorgeous, performance-wise it’s super fast, and of course Ice Cream Sandwich is a treat to play with. Whenever we do get our hands on the LTE version here in the states, I have a feeling you will be blown away just as I have been. Battery life will be a concern when that version arrives, but I’m starting to think the stock and unlockable experience will overshadow those worries.

Check out our quick tour of the device after the break. 

YouTube Preview Image

  • Sruel3216

    that camera is simply amazing. i am sold

  • James Friedman

    Where’s the review of the barometer? :-/

  • Xzibit

    Yo dawg, I heard you like smartphones, so I put a phone in your phone so you can hypebeast while you hypebeast.

  • Anonymous

    as a regular user of DroidLight and a future G-Nex owner, one of my concerns, albeit a small concern, is how powerful is the led flash on the phone?

  • Anonymous

    : “It’s a breath of fresh air!” is well said!

  • Justin Kos

    will the back from the GSM version work on the LTE version? despise the verizon branding stamped on the back

  • Anonymous

    What live wallpaper is that?!

  • First look? Ummmm no.

  • Anonymous

    Thats the first time I’ve ever heard the placement of the headphone jack rationalized like that. I’ve spent my entire life just gripping a device with my thumb and forefinger, letting it kinda hang like that and just sorta dropping it into my pockets. I guess it wouldn’t work for people with skinny jeans, like I give a damn, but I it’s interesting to think about.

    • Anonymous

      “but I it’s interesting to think about.”

      No it’s not.

      • Anonymous

        To me it actually is, but what can I say? I’m boring.

  • kellex why is your voice so sexy. no homo

  • Ufcjeff

    i was just looing for his opinion thats  all does not bother me at all

  • 2ceedz

    So i take it now hdmi, so no mirroring?  (Yes, im asking, LOL)  🙂

    • 2ceedz

      Meant to type no, not now, LOL. ^^

    • Nathan Corachea

      i heard it has that special kind of port where the micro usb that also works as a hdmi port, you jsut need a special cable for it to go to the tv or whatever

      • 2ceedz

        Thanks for the Response… I had heard about the new mini usb, but wasnt sure if GNex had it or not…. really not a deal breaker since NFL mobile blocks the freakin videos… LOL

  • Wintrmte

    Wondering what the dialer / receiving calls and text message interface look like in ICS – anyone have any video links of that?

    Also, since it doesn’t support USB Mass storage, what are the options for Mac users to sync music, guessing there is probably some support in doubletwist?

  • Jfrer360

    I have been having crazy issues with droid bionic and i am on my 3rd bionic and this new phone is having radio issues. So I have been communicating with verizon and they  told me to hold off until the middle of December and they will probably let me be able to switch phones completely. This is the phone I will be switching to. 

  • nexus on the brain

    Kellen what happened to the white formica desk you used to do your “how to root” videos on?  That looks like scraped wood, moving up, huh?…ha ha

  • Pie

    You always have awesome wallpapers, does anyone know if that one is from the market?

  • Why did you not compare it to the original Droid? It seems like that would have made sense, considering a lot of Droid owners are considering this phone. Maybe post some photos of the two phones so we can get some idea about the size?.

  • nexus on the brain

    America…Fu c Yeah, coming to save, the mother f-ing day YEAH!

    • Nathan Corachea

      Galaxy Nexus….FU C YEAH!!!

  • Anonymous

    Question for anyone out there that can help me. I know the gsm version of this phone is penta-band does that mean it will pick up ATT HSPA? Kellex said in the video it would do 3g and I know HSPA is really just beefed up 3g so is that what he was meaning?

  • Kellex what app are you using for the notification light???

  • Anonymous

    alex of gizmodo rather vehimantly disagrees with your assessment of placement of the headphone jack… lol I personally have little to zero preference, as long as it’s in the same spot as the charging port. Nothing annoys me more than stupidly placed ports (think the Thunderbolt, with its damn usb jack along the side that sits flat when using the kickstand… morons…)

  • Ufcjeff

    kellex  on cnets review of the nexus one of the criticisms the reviewer had was that they found some of  the layouts for the screen too clutterd i guess thats the term , do you have an opinion on that now that you have one i hand?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t use it if you feel it is too cluttered? Simple as that lol.

  • Anonymous

    There really isn’t an options/menu type button is there? Or is it located somewhere else? That would suck

  • Almarhofo

    oh let me just compare my super nice phone to all my other super nice phones. unreal!

  • that picture is not flattering for the galaxy nexus’ butt

  • Brett Ward

    will it have a removable battery? seeing as how thickness is of no importance to me and i actually prefer mid-weight and somewhat bulkier shells, i am looking forward to putting an extended battery in it

  • i heard theres a slight chance of verizon starting preorder tonight. not trying to spread rumors, but if it does, i think im going to do that and then thats one of my christmas gifts, although i dont think i can wait til christmas to use it. 

  • Xhaxol

    I love how the screen actually looks blacker than the bezel.

  • Anonymous

    when you said you were going to rant about the audio jack, I thought you were going to diss the nexus. too bad I would’ve had to kill you 😛

  • Anonymous

    just me but the only thing i like is the notification light….not really impressed with ICS or this phone…my GSII is better than this IMO

    • BobbyGeneric

      Is your screen better?

  • Jikhead

    Hey Kellex, what do you think of the camera compared to the Rezound, all features and not just the ICS software-side of the camera.

  • Xhaxol

    i dont like the side scroll threw apps, just find it annoying. i wonder if there is a way to change it. i know a launcher would solve that but wonder how the launcher would work with the on-screen buttons. would be cool to sea what golauncher or adw would look like in ics.

  • Ry D

    I’m so sick of hearing about this phone. I’ve seen a million review videos & I’ve heard of every feature ICS has to offer. I’M NOT MAD BRO, I’m just done hearing bout it. Like a recovered addict, I’ve gone through my withdrawal and now I’m just not paying any mind to anything bout this phone except on when I can get it in my hands for purchase consideration.

    • dieringer scott

      u annoyed bro?

  • andrew z

    I wonder if there is a way to scrub the logo off without the backing aswel. 

    That would be awesome. 

  • Bkirsch

    “We’re Droid-Life and we’re out. Peace.”