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ProCapture For Android Brings Pro Camera Features To Your Mobile Phone

Not happy with the short amount of features that come stock with the Android camera application?  Then say, “hello” to ProCapture.  Made by nEast Studios, ProCapture brings many features you would find on a nicer digital camera to a mobile[phone] platform.  Features such as a timer, burst, WideShot, Panorama, and reduced noise.

There is a free version available on the Market for those wanting to try it out before shelling out the $5 for the Pro version.  But wait, thanks to Cyber Monday, potential buyers can pick up the Pro vesion for just $2.50.  Might want to scoop it up before it goes back to its normal price.

Market Link ($2.50 until 11/29) | Market Link (Free)

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  • To be honest there’s way too much DRM in this thing.

  • Cantuckee

    this will be the new picknik or whatever it was called

  • Anonymous


  • So pretty much we’re paying 2.50-5 bucks for a histogram?  

    • Anonymous

      AND a timer feature…also take pictures in bursts feature, too!

  • bluebanzai

    I got the paid version and it is worth the 3 bucks for some extra options. Mainly liked it because it has timer modes. Also adds some scene modes, exposure settings, macro auto focus and you can set the hardware buttons to be the shutter. It seems alot faster although on the Bionic the muting of the camera sound does not work which is a major peeve of mine.  Overall I’d give it a 7/10 where the stock is 5/10.

  • Core

    the stock camera on my droid x is horrible at everything, i’ll test out the free version and see if i like it any better than camera zoom effects, which is my goto camera.

  • No app can make up for a cheap sensor and bad optics.

    • Chaos

      They can make the images turn out better nevertheless.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, the question is, how many of these features are included in the new ICS camera? Panorama for sure, but the others? If enough of these are in the ICS camera then may as well just wait…

  • Ray

    im a photographer among other thing check out my website raphaelgray.com this looks like it will add some cool features.

  • Speaking as a camera snoot, I don’t understand what the appeal is.  None of these camera apps or features will give you the level of quality or options of a DSLR

    • I don’t think DSLR quality is the goal or expectation here. I think typical P&S features are the goal/expectation. Perhaps the title of the post, “Brings Pro Features”, is a bit off here. But I definitely don’t think “Pro” features really are the intention.

      • Jason

        Not to mention your taking pictures with a cell phone! lol I’m sure that most of the camera “snoots” out there have real cameras to take real pictures with. The cell phone is handy but it will never be a stand alone picture taker, it’s not meant to be. 

        • then why even bother? these apps do very little to improve the quality or dimensions of what a phone camera can do. 

        • I’ve got a cell phone, and I’ve got a DSLR with a range of lenses and lights.

          one of them fits in my pocket.  the other weighs in excess of 20lbs for the full kit (tripod, etc).  guess which one gets more use?

          one of them shoots HD video.  the other is a DSLR, and most prosumer SLR bodies with a digital sensor won’t shoot ANY video (it’s fine with me, but it’s a distinction between the two technologies).  guess which one gets more use?

          one of them is connected to the internet nearly everywhere I go, is 8 megapixels, has 5GB storage left to fill on a cheap micro-SD card.  one of them requires a USB connection to a computer to download pics, is 6.1 megapixels, uses compact flash cards at 1-2GB per, and uses a proprietary .NEF format (which is great for what it does, and awful if you don’t have a computer to sit down to offload and process) for raw shooting, 

          that’s not to say that my DSLR doesn’t get trips out in the field; what it does, my cell phone simply can’t do.  there’s lots of reasons to use the heavy glass, the flashes, the tripods, and the rest of the rig.  but my cell phone does SO much, I won’t shy away from apps that allow it to squeeze a little more out of the pocket-sized, video shooting, internet connected thing we call a ‘phone’ now.

          • Mark Grover

            Actually most DSLRs shoot video unless they are several years old,

    • Chaos

      Can you put a DSLR in a pocket skippy?

  • Winner


  • Anonymous

    I don’t have any problems with the camera in my Bionic(5.5.893 Blur version). What makes this worth it? The reviews make me a bit worried…..

    • Anonymous

      Same, the only thing I wish the Bionic had was no-lag shutter.  That’d be beautiful.

      • Anonymous

        The free version is limited to 3.2MP. Does it take better pictures than stock? Ehh….I can’t judge it until I get paid and can get the full version. The 893 camera is as fast as the RAZR’s….this app is SLOWER than the stock Droid 3 camera…..so beware.

        The stock camera lag doesn’t bother me. The reason why it has “lag” is because it shows the picture just taken and does the animation to “shrink” it to the preview window. If all of that was removed it would be just as fast as the Nexus.

        • Wrong. It’s poor design. The lag from button push until shutter function is not from any graphics processing.

          • Anonymous

            What lag from button push to shutter function? On 886 their was lag while it tried to focus but 893+ it’s instant. Look at the the RAZR review video on here. It’s exactly like that.

          • No, it’s not.

          • Anonymous

            LOL ok dude w/e.

            I don’t know what lag ur talking about then and obviously neither do you.

          • Anonymous

            Definitely not on a D3.  Try up to 7 seconds after button pressed.  Though with the D3, I’m sure its not a hardware function as 3rd party camera apps don’t all experience this but the built in camera app is the slowest camera app on the planet.  My D1 was faster at taking pictures!!

          • Anonymous

            My wife has a D3 and yeah the stock camera app is slow as heck. Their is a fix though. Flash the blurcamera.apk from the Atrix 4G. It’s WAYYYYY faster than the D3 one. That’s what I did to my wife’s D3 and her camera loads in a second, maybe two if it’s a first run.

        • Shutter lag is the result of the CCD (sensor) being charged so it can capture the image. Shutter lag is evident in most point & shoot cameras, especially cheaper models (which is where I would categorize camera’s in phones). Higher-end point & shoots suffer less from this and DSLRs have still less.
          In addition to shutter lag there is also a small delay while the camera/software does exposure metering and focusing.

          • Anonymous

            I guess I was talking about time between pictures being taken…..in which you have to factor in the animation.

            Thank you for clearing this up though. Now, would the “zero-lag” poor quality camera in the Galaxy Nexus be a result of the sensor being full on the entire time like it was in video capture? The camera app snaps a picture by simply snapping that frame at the time the action is pressed? It’s a theory at least.


  • Jason Purp

    This will be great for the idiots on Facebook that take pictures of grass and call it photography.

    • You didn’t like my pictures of that Kentucky blue grass?

    • Billy Jenkins

      but the pictures of grass I posted to my facebook profile is the rare grass that can only be found in the front of my house.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures of grass on Facebook before. But I have seen pictures of people with bad taste on Facebook, however.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you look at the pictures then?

      • Jason Purp

        Maybe because they appear on my News Feed?

    • Kimnoom

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