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DROID 4 Round-up: Official Pictures, Specs, Accessories and a Current Release Date Target

If like most people, you took the entire weekend away from the Android world to enjoy the holiday festivities, you may have missed all of the DROID 4 talk around these parts. We now know pretty much all there is to know about a device that up until just a few weeks ago, was a complete mystery.

As many have screamed over the last few days, “this is what the DROID 3” should have been. The DROID 4 by all means is the evolution in the DROID series that we like to see, just usually not so close to its most recent predecessor. It has 4G LTE, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, webtop capabilities, and a sleek new RAZR-esque design.

If a physical keyboard is a must have, the D4 is looking like your best option to date.

  • Droid 4 looks like the Droid Razr but with a slide out keyboard, i mean look. Its got the same rounded edges, same design, camera hump on the back, back cover looks almost the same.

  • Luke

    Is Droid 4 a global phone?

  • Any idea what full retail on this phone will be?  I plan on purchasing this and selling my D3.

  • Blueethernov13

    The rate these phones are releasing is disgusting and aggravating. Maybe apple was onto something by releasing a phone every other year……..releasing the Droid 2, 3, and 4 in like 18 months is terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Moto is not going to pause until one of two things happens:

    1. All “current” VZW phone are brought up to late 2011/2012 specs (Webtop capability, TI OMap, qHD, 3D Blur, LTE (other than a few entry level models), and likely fixed internal batteries).  This means the Bionic, X2, D3, D2G, Pro et al are all going to have shorter than expected lifecycles. 

    2. The Google acquisition is finalized and they start having more of a firm hand in Moto’s product planning. Remember, the handset manufacturers and carriers have their roadmaps planned out 18 months or so in advance. 

    I expect Moto to rally around the RAZR formfactor (again) and along with the Droid 4 it will probably spawn a 4.5″ 720p RAZR HD, a Droid X2 style midrange 3G device, and Moto’s first device running ICS from the factory as well.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see RAZR-style Atrix 3 or Photon 2 devices on other carriers as wel.

  • Craig

    In my opinion it’s too little too late.

  • Santiago Dolores

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  • srk

    So is it going to be a world phone, as the “specs” post suggested (look at the specs sheet — gsm bands are included)?

    • Skinja99

      That is the question. The razr had gsm bands includd at one point. But they were just referring to the overseas razr that did not have droid branding

      • srk

        Good point.  Well, I will probably get this phone if it is a world phone.  Otherwise,  I’ll probably get the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    As a very happy d3 user, it is pretty lame this is out so soon, i would have waited a couple more months for the extra ram etc. There should be some sort of verizon trade back d4 upgrade for d3 owners.

  • Csd577

    enough is enough with the people saying they need the nexus instead because of the bloat…..i highly doubt vz navigator app being installed on this phone is gonna slow it down, get over it, you guys are starting to sound like that weirdo looking dude dominick devito

    • Dominick DeVito

      No, maybe people are getting tired of Verizon’s act.

      At least I’m not afraid to show my face, coward.

  • Skinja99

    LTE and GSM World Phone Sim Capable? Anyone know?

    Moto released a non-keyboard device that is LTE and has a GSM World Sim slot in China, right?

  • Anonymous

    motorola’s ridiculous.  great looking device, but jesus.. slow the f*ck down

  • Jessica Casteel

    I don’t know, I like my Droid 3 just fine.  I don’t need the webtop or 4G, I have a Chromebook and am rarely without Wi-Fi.  I don’t like the RAZR style either, one of the reasons I didn’t get the DROID X2 was because I felt that it was to thin.  Never did like the RAZR flip phones either for that reason.  Not liking the set up of the D4’s keyboard, D3’s keyboard is nice and easy enough for even my 3 year old to use.

    • Brandon Sobotta

      The only thing I REALLY want on this is the RAM. The screen would be nice but not a big deal really IMO

  • Enigma2u

    Hey kellen don’t u think that maybe the reason Moor is pushing out these phones so fast and heavy is to collect on the last of the profits before Google takes over …I mean i know its also an incentive based industry and well i wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what is happening them trying to squeeze every last penny they can from it because of restructuring that almost always occurs with any mergers I am sure some expandable people will be getting pink slipped soon …well that’s thinking of it demo a business stand point …also if the Gnex dosent hit on Dec 8th and this does I swear I am going to Tmo for the white SGS2 …this is beyond BS

  • Benjamin Mackie

    If the bootloader was unlocked, hands down this would be my next phone. Im not holding my breath

  • droidify

    and I thought the razr had a big bezel. I bet that thing is wider than the gnex. Nice job Moto. 

  • MikeP

     Getting the D4! Any confirmation on the global GSM capabilities or was that a typo?

    • Sam

      Also curious about this. Verizon could be awesome and release this as a global-capable device, or it could be a dick and lock the GSM then 4 months from now unlock it and release it as the Droid 4 Global.

      (please don’t do the latter Verizon, luv u)

    • Ardy

      Is it a world phone?

      • Luis

        The leaked specs say it is.

  • Morenoc12

    …… Makes me think another delay on the ICS front…..

  • Dominick DeVito

    D3? This is what the D2 should have been.

  • Anonymous

    If only I didn’t have to choose between hardware or software.

    This is the phone I want, it is just so bloated next to the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    And another cause for VZW to delay the Galaxy Nexus yet again (beyond 12/8). This phone looks fantastic, but the pace that Motorola is setting for new device releases has got to be getting under some early adopters skins. I wonder what, if anything, this has to do with Google’s takeover. 

  • Ryan

    if only it came without blur, unlocked bootloader and the possibility of ICS within the next 6 months…

  • Anonymous

    I will be MAD BRO if this actually releases before the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Verizon training must be really quick and easy lately:

    D4: Razr with a keyboard
    Razr: Bionic, only thinner

    • Razr: what the DX2 should have been, but thinner 🙂

      • Anonymous

        no, the bionic’s what the X2 should have been.

        • No kidding?  Could be why I replaced Bionic from his post with what the DX2 should have been.

          • Anonymous

            yeah but when we’re listing them all out here, you can’t just skip the models, if you want to be technical with the dramatic joke here.  the whole point is that motorola’s throwing a new phone at us every few weeks and in the process burning everyone who got the prior iteration

          • No way, I am layering my sarcasm. 🙂

    • Edwin M

      D4: what D3 should have been
      RAZR: What Bionic should have been
      Bionic: what X2 should have been
      D3: What D2 should have been

    • Interiorposterior

      Galaxy Nexus: What the Nexus S should have been
      Nexus S: What the Nexus One should have been
      Nexus One: What the G1 should have been

      This whole “should have been” argument is really old and retarded

      • Dominick DeVito

        Okay, thanks hater. But that wasn’t the point of my comment.

        I was pointing out the small differences between all Moto devices.

      • Mctypething

        so are you

      • Anonymous

        Only thing is, those devices were released each a year apart. Not 2 months.

  • It’s not so much the keyboard, but the fact that its NOT a huge screen. There’s nothing wrong with 4″. Its a phone.

    • D4_replaces_OG

      If the D4 released before the Nexus, Samsung is going to lose a lot of sales…us early OG adopters have been using this same phone for 25 months and need an upgrade.  
      The D4 may be the Droid we have all been waiting for…

      • Edwin M

        Going old school with that last line. Nice.

      • Edwin M

        Woops, just read it and I thought it said “The D4 may be the Droid we have all been looking for…”

      • Djstar2k2

        wish it was stock ics then id jump all over this

    • Anonymous

      With all the whining that happens here, its the small things like this I feel like get overlooked.

      I was messing with the Razr and I can’t hold the phone with one hand and reach the opposite corner of the screen… a phone of that size is laughably impractical. But what the nerd here focus on is the bootloader. Whatev’s.

      • D4_replaces_OG

        I agree, +1.  I have said this on multiple RAZR posts, but everytime I do, someone says I have small or girly hands.  
        All I know is that coming from an OG Droid and messing around with the Rezound, the RAZR is way too wide!  I feel like I am holding a mini tablet in my hands.  Someone at Moto messed up with this design- what was taken off in thickness was added to the width. 

        Let’s hope the D4 is not as wide!

        • John

          It kind of sucks but based on the leaked specs photo, it’s just about as wide and long as the Razr. Pretty big for having a 4.0 inch screen. I hope it’s a typo.

      • Anonymous

        I seriously don’t understand this gripe, I can not only reach across to the other side of the phone, but can touch my finger as well.

        • Anonymous

          But thats not how you hold a phone in typical usage. The base of the phone rests near the palm of the hand, or on the base of your fingers. That is how most people would hold a phone to type with one thumb/hand. From that position it is not (really) possible to reach the opposite corner of the phone

          • Anonymous

            Well, maybe thats how you would hold your phone during typical usage, the above photo is how I hold mine, same way I held my OG as well.  Not getting into a whole thing with this, just throwing it out there

        • Guest

          Now show a video how you try to tap and swipe different areas of the screen with one hand.

          • Jane

            Typing and tapping links too.

    • Joseph

       I can use a 4.3″ screened phone with one hand just fine but I still prefer not to have a slab of a phone. I really hope there will be more high end 4.0″ or less phones with thin bezels in the future.

  • Is this really an evolution of the OG DROID?  More like a bastard red-headed cousin. I am hoping for a vanilla Android slider from Motorola in the future…. will I get it? Probably not.  Just shows how special my OG DROID really is…..

  • Getting a Galaxy sorry Motorola!

  • Mctypething

    Moto should change the name of all their phones released in the next 12 months to “this is what ___ should have been”.

  • Anonymous

    If this c omes on the 8 and the Gnex doesn’t….my head will AsPLODE!

    • Shiggity

      It almost looks like you typed this…with boxing gloves.

      • Pena

        Maybe he should have used a physical keyboard…

  • Anonymous

    Oh well, I wanted to wait for a physical slider, but que sera sera.