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Verizon to Sell the Galaxy Nexus as a Phone With “No OEM Customization”

Verizon’s comparison of the Galaxy Nexus to the competition gave me a good laugh today because of one category in particular. See the “User Interface” section? They plan to use the “No OEM customization” as a selling point for this phone, which just so happens to be the number 1 asked for approach to most phones by all Android enthusiasts. It’s fascinating to see a carrier differentiate a phone out as being stock, since the entire point of OEM skins to begin with is to help differentiate them all. It just shows you how few Android phones there are that can offer you a truly stock experience. They don’t come around often my friends, this would be Verizon recommending that you jump on it.

Also nice to see them list 32GB again, especially with that $199 price floating around this weekend.

And by the way, full training is effect – still no firm date though.

On a related note – does anyone else find it odd that they did not use 4G LTE in the comparison sheet? I’m not suggesting that it won’t be LTE, I’m just saying that they usually use LTE as one of their top selling points.

Cheers ___!

  • wow….samsung galaxy is the most acceptable and like able for all over the world.if you have take my point of view.so then i say that galaxy is a brand that is very beautiful and good machine.i have to use it myself for the last 5 years.and when i have taken any sell phone then i firstly preferd  the samsung galaxy.because i like it and trust it very much as a good and nice brand.thanks samsung galaxy….. 

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t they also use this “no OEM customization” to steer users to the other skinned and bloated devices that can grab more money out of consumers?

  • Anonymous

    Heh…  I’d be jumping on it already as my A855 Droid’s VERY long in the tooth- but they’re NOT selling it to me yet….yet…

  • Anonymous

    “My Verizon” is OEM customization.

  • Fk Gregory

    what does OEM mean in this?

    • Anonymous

      Original Equipment Manufacturer

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Great, no TouchWiz, but what about the carrier bloatware?

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous


  • Smr561

    Why does the Nexus have 1.2 GHz and lesser quality cameras?  I hope that’s not correct,  If you’re going to improve a phone then improve it, don’t make it a better phone in some areas, but not in others.  Sometimes more choices is not better.

  • Sts86gt

    Is it me or does anyone else  think that the only advantage the GN has over the SGS2 is ICS?

    • Dominick DeVito

      Better Processor (OMAP 4460 vs 4430)
      Better camera sensors
      HD Screen

  • Anonymous


  • I think all the phones on that chart are 4G so it doesn’t make sense to use it as a selling point.

  • Villarreal Francisca

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  • Dear Verizon,
    Carrier customization is far worse than OEM customization. That is all.

    the Android enthusiast community.

  • Tyler

    Am I the only one who noticed that the phone says its .35″ which is equal to the 8.94mm instead of the 9.47mm that was leaked a bit ago? I don’t see credibility when the specs aren’t even right.

  • Jack Hoffman

    Per P3Droid’s Twitter:

    @[email protected]: did you ever say the release date you heard a few days ago? is it def on the 8th? appreciate your posts

    @P3Droid @htowngator: no, and its going to be soon, you will have the Nexus if you desire it before the middle of the month.

  • xD

    This is CLEARLY FALSE. 

    The title of this post is “Verizon to sell the Galaxy Nexus.”
    That is a lie. They are going to delay it into oblivion. 

  • Rw-1

    You either want this phone, or you don’t.

    If you don’t, then you find what works for you. I’ve no issue with that.

    I would be very suprised to see it come in at $199, but if it did, then rejoice! Because the upgrade would be less than that. But you all know who were dealing with right?  VZ = greed.

    Tick tick tick …  it will be here soon.

  • thaJack

    Technically they are right. The OEM, Samsung didn’t customize it. Verizon did however. It has been confirmed that it is NOT stock.

  • Fred

    dayz all good phones bubba!

  • Anonymous

    I want to see AngelFace and that one iPhone troll that use to come here debate on whether the 4s or RAZR is better.

    • Fred

      they are better….than their predecessor

  • Jon

    Umm…don’t all of these phones have 4G? Thus it’s not necessarry to compare that because it’s common amongst all of them? 

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t they list advantages like LTE? I really think they are trying to everything they can to push the Razr and Resound and not sell the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    I hope someday they offer a phone with “No Carrier Customization. ” It’s too bad they couldn’t resist putting on Verizon bloatware and branding.

    • Joshnichols189

      People actually use backup assistant and myverizon though

      • Tyler

        Some do, some don’t. If you use it why cant you download it from the market and leave it off for the rest of us?

  • No OEM, no freedom. {{-_-}}

  • IceBergLettuce

    This makes me smile bro.

  • Jerry Lange

    I think by “No OEM Customization” They mean the UI.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I have an iPod for my music, I have a video game device for video games, and I have a portable DVD player/tablet for movies on the fly (which I use only on long flights).
    I have never even used up 32 gigs for music and I am a distance runner (love my nano). The idea of using my phone as an MP3 player simply is not an option because phone batteries just aren’t there yet. Watching movies on a phone? Yeah, did that once as a novelty and all it did was annoy me with such a small screen.
    This is a cellular phone folks! 32 gigs IMO is actually overkill. The phone compliments my laptop which is always with me as well for business, emails, documents, etc.
    For phone calls, text messages, quick emails, and file viewing these phones are absolutely AMAZING. If someone is bitching about no SD card, 32 gigs on board, and a 5mp camera, NOTHING will make them happy. How about buying a camera for video and pictures?!?! They are dirt cheap you know.
    I am able to call anywhere in the world, send decent pictures on the fly to ANYONE, and do tons of things a cellular phone traditionally wasn’t meant to do. Why all the whining?
    These Androids are a godsend. Be happy guys. In my youth a walkie-talkie that communicated over 50 yards wirelessly was a wonder. Look at what you can do with a relatively tiny device and be grateful you live in such amazing, exciting times!

    • I’m wondering why you bought an android when a BB would be free and do everything you actually use your phone for and have for a decade.  I don’t want to carry a tablet/ipod/nano/cellphone/camera when I can carry one item.  My phone replaces the usb stick I load music on and plug into my car stereo for my hour long commutes.  And streaming audio is limited when your commute include poor reception areas, and more memory means less time spent syncing playlists.  To each his own.

    • MM

      I dont understand.  This works for you, thats great.  But what works for you doesn’t always work for others.  I have another story then you which i need ALL the space i can muster since i dont have internet at my house and my job is with the government so forget about doing anything with those computers.  My phone is my all in 1. I dont understand Whining when im buying something and i need more out of it then you do…  That being said i wont buy this phone i will get another to suit my needs.

  • Hardtorn

    No “removable storage “….. that seems odd for a phone at this level.

    • Anonymous

      The Nexus S was like this too. It’s not that surprising.

  • Anonymous

    They should have named the Nexus the Samsung Ghost….will it ever show up or is it just a phantom…

    • Anonymous

      It’s real and sitting on my desk now, well the GSM version 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Coming from Blackberry, my DroidX has been a DREAM phone for me. I just SBF’ed again and reflashed the new GB build along with Liberty v 1.0 ROM and the phone runs like a cheetah. I can only imagine what this Galaxy Nexus is going to be like with ICS. 
    But seriously, people are bitching about no SD card despite having 32 gigs on board. Are you kidding me?!? I have NEVER filled up a phone with even half that. We are talking about a cellular phone right?
    I have customized every phone I have and bottom line, I use them to talk, text message, email occasionally, post up photos to Facebook, and rarely play a few rounds of Words with Friends. My phone is a portal to the world but 32 gigs is more than I could ever need.
    I’ll wait until after Christmas to get the Galaxy Nexus just to allow the kinks to work out and see if another beast emerges after the holidays. I’ve wont be waiting in lines or battling it out like iSheep for the next best toy. Hold your horsies folks. I’ve lived in a world where the brick cellular was unbelievable and unaffordable for most of the population. These tiny new things are simply amazing so quit yer whinin’!

    • Anonymous

      I think 32GB is plenty, but some people will fill it up. If I didn’t have a separate iPod, I’d use my phone primarily for my music. I’ve filled my 32GB iPod up. Granted, there’s some movies on there and that wouldn’t go on my phone, but still. It’s not that unreasonable.

      • Wolfskull

        google music and done

  • Anonymous

    kellex, should we be worried about the no-4g/lte thing?

    • Anonymous

      I’m gonna scream if that’s why it’s $199…

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I’m getting scared about.

        Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt

  • Yellowcanary73
  • Yellowcanary73

    I was looking at the Razor but after seeing the screen problems forget it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hey AngelTroll, I hope you read this. How are you enjoying that battery life on your razr? How bout that crappy Motorola camera? Oh, and I’m sure blur is treating you just fine! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i dont know about you guys but im ready for the droid 5 coming this CES.. (sarcasm).. i hate so say it but im gonna get this Nexus since i never had one.. i just always used moto phones.. although i have to give them props for good sound/call quality its top notch.

  • Anonymous