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How to Setup and Utilize MotoCast on Your DROID RAZR


Motorola introduced a new service called MotoCast with the DROID RAZR. It’s an access-your-PC-from-anywhere type of app that is built off of the technology that was included in ZumoCast – one of their recent acquisitions. Through MotoCast, you can access your entire music collection (stream it too), view photos, and double check your presentations for work at any time. It’s not cloud-based, as the informatoin you are accessing is all stored on your own PC still.

We highlighted our love for MC in our DROID RAZR review, but Moto has released two videos that should give you an even better overview and tutorial of its inner-workings.  


  • Jon

    can someone answer this question for me. when i go to install it says itunes needs updated and needs to be closed but i updated it and closed it. and im the only one logged onto my computer. please and thank you.

  • Pier Marzano

    Hi All, my name is Pier, I write from Italy (so, please, forgive my poor English) ūüôā
    I’ve a problem with Motocast, hope you can help (I got this amazing¬†phone only 4/5 days ago…).
    IÔĽŅ tried everything: using Motocast (sync with WMP, iTunes), dropping m4a into Motocast Music folder, dropping MP3’s, creating a new folder and dropping in both m4a’s or mp3’s) but had always same issue. Sorting by Artist I cannot see any artist Pic (never wanted… anyway, they display only in PC shared),¬†but many cover album do not appear (and I’ve ALL cover saved/showed in iTunes). More… many artist properly listed in iTunes (name, album, etc) are visualized as VARIOUS ARTIST in Motocast! (strange thing¬†is that in My personal File folder same album has everything!
    Examp. Motocast/my music: ‘Various Artist’, Album ‘Big Generator’ —
    My Personal Folder: Band: Yes, Album: Big Generator).
    As above said,¬†I tried everything files are properlu named/stored in Itunes. Sorry for my poor English ūüôā hope anyone can help. Cheers from Italy. Pier! (PS. What a great phone!!!!!… Apple?! Bye Bye….).
    thank you in advance

  • fyi, your computer has to be running each time you want to access your files remotely. I cancelled my motocast. If I wanted to access a document on my razer maxx remotely 24/7 my computer and it’s internet connection needed to be running 24/7. not good for the environment, not good for the life of my mac, and not good for me.

  • XxNirvanaxX

    Just some more info Idk why people are saying the Razr doesnt have any Custome ROM it does lol. And can someone plz fill me in why is the battery not being removable a problem?

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  • Hanson Chua

    No need to upload all your files to a cloud account, unlike othera. Just access any part of youe computer anytime, anywhere. Best part is, it works with mac.hehe send and receive any file to and from your computer. To any part of your computer. You can even juat transfer the file to your desktop, and the one uaing your computer, can either be shocked, or be waiting for it. With this in mind, your back office can qork wonders while you’re in a meeting. Hehe

  • Hanson Chua

    And just an addition, it prevents people from turning it on and off all the time and changing the battery.
    With this, it will preserce the battery, the phone’s body and battery cover, and those small metal connectors that connect the battery to the body. I aay it’s still a win win feature

    • Echo

       All of your reasons are extremely lame.

  • Hanaon Chua

    I have a razr droid and defy right now. Works well with razr and the functions are priceless.
    Loving every moment and feature of the motocast. Only question is, how to install it to my defy as well.
    Truly the best application and feature so far. The razr droid is already thw perfect phone. Adding
    This feature just made it double its worth. I short, this feature just made the razr droid
    My 200% approval.hehe

    The non removable battery sucks, true. But it helps the phone from being worn out

  • Craig

    So I’m very new the the smart phone thing… Ok so I’ve said it…. but now that its behind me I have to ask this question..
    Doesn’t anyone else have¬†security concerns, how is it that I’m not making my whole PC accessible on my wifi accessible phone?¬† Or is it simply the very select files that I choose, are accessible to my phone???
    I’m so confused!!!

  • Mike G

    Hooked this up on my razr and none of my music transferred over to my phone and all the pictures were terrible quality. proceeded to delete it

  • Jpv190

    Sop, does my computer have to be on to be able to stream? Ans:Yes! So, who is gonna pay for that energy bill? Motorola? I don’t think so.. Great service but it has that TINY defect, your computer has to be on to be able to access your files… I rather not leave my computer on all day to be able to do that, I will survive w/o it like I have in the past

  • I like ¬†Nexus!!! I want his!!!

  • Anonymous


  • ZumoCast can stream and download too.¬†

  • This did not explain how to set it up as the description claims.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Call me crazy – but if I want access to my music, photos and docs can’t I just use Google?? Doesn’t something like MotoCast sort of defeat the purpose of Android?

    In fact – isn’t this not as good because this only accesses your PC?

    • Brandon Sobotta

      I do things on my PC that I cant do on my tablet or phone. Still I wouldnt use this cause I use google music, and Dropbox, but I am sure it would work real nice.

      • Sp4rxx

        The point of the software is a direct connect to your PC without using a cloud or interim server to store it.¬† So basically, your comment had no impact on DeVito’s question.

        • This is NOT a direct connect. It goes through Motorola servers to manage the connection…at all times. It’s even worse than the Cloud when it comes to privacy. They have direct access to your PC’s files and what you do with them. No one can connect through a PC and the subsequent router without either port-forwarding or use of a browser to login into a third party server. Mobile devices are not stationary and do not have a fixed IP. Therefore they have to log in as well. All information passes through Motorola’s servers. Which are now about to be owned by Google. Which has a history of spying. Just a thought.

    • Perhaps worse. It has access to your PC….at all times while you leave it on. That make you feel good???? Google has already been caught spying. Motorola is being bought by Google. Think about it.

  • Damented

    app only works with the Razr. I tried it when I had the rezound. as far as battery life on the Razr I get one full day + . 
      Just my 2 cents

  • Anonymous

    This is amazing – what a great feature – I want this – That Nexus has a lot to live up too – holding out until it is released but if it doesn’t do this and half the other things the Razr can do I am going with the Razr.¬† Only downside I see with the Razr is the non-removable battery so far.¬† Just sayn

    • Anonymous


    • KevinC

      would you care to mention the other things the Razr can do that the Galaxy Nexus can’t?

      i’ve got one for you that the razr can’t do. ¬†Custom ROMS and updates straight from Google as soon as possible.

      • Anonymous

        I care so I’ll mention a few. How bout expand storage through micro sd slot, direct connect to your TV via mini hdmi, and support USB mass storage.

        Oh and you forgot to mention a new one the Gnex can do that the Razr can’t.Toggle the volume up and down for no explainable reason. Ohhh thats a feature you don’t want to talk about… ¬†

        • Anonymous

          “Now thats funny, i don’t care who you are” – Larry The Cable Guy

        • KevinC

          galaxy nexus can directly conntect through the MHL port. ¬†USB mass storage isn’t needed without an sd card. ¬†you can directly connect the gnex to your PC and transfer files without usb mass storage, no mounting is required. ¬†so the phone and the pc can use the storage space at the same time. thanks for pointing out a feature that the razr doesnt have, idiot.

          • J_chavez_z71

            Well how about the motocast fearure? You get to stream music, videos and files from your computer wirelessly. And it even streams your music from itunes without having format. Motorola has always been very user friendly with there phones as supposed to samsung. For one thing these phones aren’t nothing like the iPhone, too damn restricted.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks jldleo, also, being 7.1mm thick is insane and that alone could retain longevity.¬† As for custom ROMS and updates, well the normal consumer really doesn’t even know what a custom ROM is and the Razr is lined up for ICS. So really, are we looking to dismiss ICS already?¬† It just got here and is going to stay for awhile.¬†So as long as it last two years until they release (peppermint patty or something) I don’t care.¬†¬†One other note, Engadget gave the Nexus the highest rating ever to a Droid phone however they said the camera was total rubbish.¬† The Razr has an 8MP with HD quality even from the front facing camera.¬†
          Listen, I don’t want to knock either phone – both are dream phones and are NOT made by apple and that alone makes me rejoice.¬† I was just saying the Nexus has a lot to live up to when I go to the store to see it (SOME DAY!).¬† I have been playing around with my co-worker’s Razr at work and right now I am sold on it.¬† Just some thoughts but a great discussion….

          • Anonymous

            Just so you know, since you’re new and all..that kind of logic and rational thinking isn’t the norm around here.

          • Sp4rxx

            I second that!

    • babadush

      If you are computer savvy use rdp. Same thing.

    • Anonymous

      I like the MotoCast feature on the Razr but that’s not going to swayed me into getting the Razr at least not for now….the nonremovable battery is a big turn-off for me with the Razr….what are the other things that the Razr can do that the G-Nexus can’t?

      • Blix

        swap out a microSD card

        • Anonymous

          Right now I have an 8gb¬†card on¬†my OG Droid and I’m only using about 3.5gb of the entire storage. I think that 16gb or 32gb is more than enough storage for me. I don’t need to be swapping sd card. I put the card in there when the 16gb got damaged and I haven’t taken it out since I put it in.

      • J_chavez_z71

        Actually, you can remove the battery. Google it and see for yourself. I have a razr and the motocast feature is simply amazing, it streams music fast like if you had it saved on you phone and the cool part is it works with itunes.

        • Stephen Kucharski

          I agree…Motocast is¬†phenomenal¬†software that has entirely changed the way I use my phone. ¬†It’s incredible.

      • ¬†battery life on the razer maxx is amazing. i constantly check my email, facebook, calendar, etc so I’m constantly using it. i only charge it once in the evening for like 3 hours and its good. best smartphone yet.

        • tomn1ce

          This phone was not out back then nor did anyone outside of Moto knew of its existance. I got my self the G-Nexus at the end of Dec and I haven’t looked back. I got the extended battery at half price and I just swap battery when one dies. I used to carry¬†2 batteries with the OG Droid so this is not a problem for me.¬†I do give¬†credit to Moto for making the D-Razr Maxx with a 3300mah battery and yet keeping the phone that thin. Hopefully other OEMs learn from that and make it a trend with their devices.

    • Anonymous

      How bout the eniterity of the rest of the software…idk like the OS, UI, and updates…

  • OG Droid

    Does anyone know if this app will work on other phones. Just download the system dump would like to try this out on the og droid.

  • thatguy

    im not sure if to buy a rezound/razr for $0.01 with the double data or to wait for the galaxy nexus. does anyone think there’ll be a $0.01 sale on the galaxy 2 weeks after it launches like for the razr/rezound?
    or if its worth to spend $300 for the galaxy nexus instead of the other two for free?

    • Anonymous

      A .01 sale is definitely a black friday deal.¬† When’s the last time you saw a good phone on sale for that cheap?¬† (Besides last black friday)

      • thatguy

        When I took out a bionic for $0.01 last month. was a good phone but not exactly what I wanted

    • Anonymous

      That is a choice only you can make with your money.  I am going to wait because the Nexus is what I want for many reasons. No it will not be a penny anytime soon.