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Thickness Comparison: LTE vs. GSM Galaxy Nexus

At some point in the night, Google updated their Galaxy Nexus landing page to include a picture of the LTE variant that is headed to the U.S. “later this year” (according to Verizon). A couple of things were instantly noticeable:  a color change and thickness difference. As you can see in the picture above, the LTE version appears to have gone with an almost all-black posterior rather than the metallic grey backing that graced the GSM version of the phone. It’s not ugly, but personally, I preferred the color scheme on the non-U.S. version. To each their own though.

On the thickness note, you should be incredibly happy. We knew it would be thicker than the GSM version since it comes equipped with an LTE radio, but this isn’t much. Google gave us the dimensions almost a week ago, and at 9.47mm, is not a thick device by any means. It’s thinner than the Bionic, Rezound, Thunderbolt, and Charge. It’s thin, folks. 

Cheers Michael K!

  • JD

    You guys do realize what a 720p screen will do to 3D gaming performance, right?  You better hope you have a PowerVR SGX543MPx (x = 2 or 4, ATM) under the hood.

    But, just like the RAZR, it has a very disappointing SGX540.  Ouch.
    (Even with the 80MHz clock difference between them, it’s not justifiable)

  • str8rippinem

    There are loads of new videos on youtube right now showing unboxing and tours. This phone is f’ing sexy. It looked big but then was compared to the Att GS2, it will be the perfect size hence the fact I’m not a woman. I was leaning towards the Rezound and Razr which are awesome devices, but after watching videos for 2 hours, the nexus will be my next device. And if I don’t like it, 30 days is plenty for a return.

  • Anonymous

    how about actually waiting until the phone is actually released before you make comparisons you idiot? thats not even the LTE version.

  • Huv

    Who cares about thickness? Unless it was a 5″ phone-tablet like the Galaxy Note it won’t ever be practical in everyday use. Hell I had a Samsung Suckrocket for half a week and felt uncomfortable holding the even slightly larger screen.

  • Nakouro28

    If this is the LTE verision…..Where is the Verizon 4GLTE logo?

    • Anonymous

      because it’s not the LTE version, that idiot kellex likes to confuse people by posting misleading articles like this.

  • ZT

    The European version looks much classier, ugggh another disappointment!

  • Pjhollen

    The Verizon one reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d get shoes at Payless.  My mom would tell me they were just as good as Nikes, but somehow they looked a bit off…

  • BL4Z3D247

    I think the all-black look will make it look thinner which I think is the reason for the color change.

  • Anonymous

    This device is so thick and outdated. The razr and droid 4 are the way to go

    • Ahsan

      So thick? It’s barely thicker than the RAZR, and thinner than it’s ugly hump. Its also thinner than your precious Bionic. And how is it outdated? It’s clocked at the same speed as the RAZR and Droid 4, but doesn’t have an outdated software and nonremovable battery. Looks like the RAZR and 4 are the outdated ones here.

      • Ahsan

        Oh wait! It has a better screen also, even though its “outdated.” 

        You’re probably going to use one of your stupid replies: “whatever the razr rules all machines :))))” or some sh1t like that. 

      • Anonymous

        The radios and plastic feel will be a big disappointment.

        • Guest


    • Guest

  • Anonymous

    ZOMG ITS 0.5 MM THICKER!!!11!!  wHAT A FAT POS!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that the LTE Galaxy Nexus is ALSO thinner than the Incredible S/2.

  • Natepiccone

    Sweet Jesus, all the titty babies moaning and complaining….

  • RECK88

    HA! still not thinner then the Razr! i just went to best buy held the razr in my hand and fell in love. how can u say u cant make the galaxy nexus any thinner and that its only thicker then the Razr because of the LTE radio. pshhhh find another excuse sammy.

    • Ahsan

      How bout that 10mm ugly hump?

  • Anonymous

    +1 for the stealthier paint job!

  • Bert336

    i want the Original color, plus the LTE version looks like it lost some of that curved face like the GSM version…i am pretty disappointed…..

    • Anonymous

      Why not take it to a phone artist and get it customized the way you want? Not the way Samsung did the Euro phones. Not the way they did the LTE phones. Maybe something like these? http://www.colorware.com/c-17-smart-phones.aspx . Disclaimer: I *do not* work for Colorware, nor have I ever done business with them. Just shaking my head over the trivial things people complain about.

  • droseum20

    the contour display on the LTE looks significantly less curved than the GSM… anyone feel the same way? 

    • Anthony Vella

      Thats what I am saying but I think that due to the extra .53 mm, the backing is more strait but the screen curve still exists.

  • C-Law

    This looks different from the side than I remember p3droid’s nexus looking. His looked much more rounded on the side. I wonder if they changed something or its just the angle or what

  • Disenchanted

    Is it just me, or are the Nexus Galaxy ads pasted all over this friggen site every day starting to get really irritating when we can’t actually buy the phone for many weeks already…

    • Anonymous

      It’s just you.