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Samsung Thinks Apple’s Lines of People Waiting for the Next iPhone are so Silly

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What’s the best way to get the mobile world fired up before heading into the most important holiday shopping weekend of the year? Put out an ad that takes left and right hooks at Apple and their fanbase that is willing to wait in line for weeks, days, or hours to get the latest iPhone. Well played, Samsung.

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Spc Hicks09

    Can we ever just get a post here that doesn’t have anything to do with a dumbass iPhone? I guess everyone just likes the stupid iFan drama that always shows up here, even though the site is Droid-Life and not iHateMyLife.

  • Huv

    Samsuck is seriously effed up. 

    They are like the divorced wife who still screws the ex-husband behind her current husband’s back. 

    Get sued by Apple, copy the Iphone, but keep offering their electronics to be used in future Apple products? 

    Yeah that makes complete sense.

    • John Davids

      Awww. Apple fanboys are adorable.

  • Very cute and with regard to the i*one users i know, quite accurate as well,lol.

  • Alexander Garcia

    LMAO! Very clever indeed! “I would never buy a Samsung. I’m creative.” “Dude, you’re a barista!” Classic!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty dang funny. But does Samsung honestly claim if people were waiting in line for one of their phones like that they wouldn’t like it?

  • “Is this what adultery feels like?” rofl!

  • haha, great vid!

  • Why would anybody stand in line for what one could order online. That beyond my understanding.

  • Maggie DiMarco‎‎

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  • Tyler

    Haha the girl in the baby voice “why don’t we just get 4G phones…”

  • Eeedog76

    I personally have seen a trend on here lately of Apple fanboys getting on here and trolling…its almost becoming as bad as Engadg…..

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…..so if people are ‘iSheep” for waiting 9 hours to buy an iPhone, what do you call fandroids that have waited 9 MONTHS (and counting) for a piece of stale Gingerbread???


    • Eeedog76

      i was just commenting about Apple fanboys coming on here and trolling…thank you for being a prime example of that

      • Anonymous

        You’re welcome….

  • ChrisI

    +100 for this commercial. Funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Could you imagine the possibilities that Apple products would have if they put their marketing/advertising budget into R&D and creating open devices? $76 billion in cash reserves all from outsourced manufacturing, overpriced consumer goods, and hapless, mindless, drone consumers. Iphones are the antithesis of personal privacy and freedom.

  • Anonymous

    Not very sportsman like Sammy, but funny Ad nonetheless. There are two more ads from Sammy floating in the interwebs I saw this morning. 

  • Zeadaplaya

    Ugh all these iSheep and Android-lovers-that-hate-any-android-phone-that-isn’t-theirs NEED TO GTFO!!!

    • Stating El Obvious


  • Anonymous

    of course samsung thinks that standing in lines for the iphone is silly cuz they’ve never had a line of people outside for one of their phones…and who cares about what phone a person wants? THEY’RE the ones buying it not you

  • Anonymous

    Kellex what are you and all your followers doing lining up already for the nexus???

  • guest

    I’m and Android fanatic and could never see myself switching to IPhone, but I’m seriously not getting talking about the waiting months on Galaxy Nexus..They said it would be released in November and it did. Verizon has never confirmed a date for it.Working for a Verizon retailer, we haven’t even had any information it’s release outside the MAP. Anything else is rumor and speculation. Not really any different from the IPhone. I think the ad is hilarious and isn’t much different than the whole Verizon AT&T battle. Besides the Ad is promoting the GS2, nothing else. I’m just saying… 

    • I agree.  If it releases on Dec 8th (as the rumors suggest), it will be late by a whole 8 days.  Why are we so upset about that.  Even if it releases on Dec 31st, that’ll only make it late by a month.  Calm down people, it’ll get here.  Some people are probably getting it for xmas which means they have to wait until the 25th to get theirs, oh the humanity.

    • J Dub

      So you are comparing waiting for the Nexus at home or work to actually putting your life on hold waiting in line for hours, days, weeks for the newest only slightly updated iPhone?

      • guest

        Not at all. I wouldn’t wait in line for any phone lol. I think its silly and not that serious to be waiting in line for anything I can just as easily order online or get later that day. I have more grown up things to do in my opinion…Like sell those phones to the people waiting in line 🙂 Plus I don’t think there was ever really much of a need to upgrade to the 4S if you have the 4. My only comment was about people stating we have been waiting months on a phone that actually came out when it was suppose to. Sure the US market has to wait while the UK got theirs already. But there was never a US release date and we are still in November.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Perhaps Samsung should focus on putting out a quality device rather than mocking potential customers .. yeah, that’s the way to get potential customers. . mock them. Right on!

    • Stating El Obvious

      Yeah, their business strategy is just plain awesome.

    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      It’s so accurate though.  Does it hurt, jarred? 

  • AKinney

    There is also another thing that Apple fan never mentions. 80% of the people in those lines are upgrading. They are not new iPhone users. Regardless of the once a years lines, the iPhone base has stayed stagnant. Right around 27% market share. Even the release on Verizon didn’t make a dent while the Android market share has constant growth. Those lines mean nothing. 

  • awesome

  • Anonymous

    Funny the nexus sheep r just as bad..

  • Anonymous

    lotta trolls in here

  • Sucks to be a Verizon customer.

    • not really we still have the only real 4G, mostly country wide. still have the best recepetion. Can you hear me now?

      • who cares about 4G if the phones suck?

        • who cares about a nice screen when the size sucks?

          • J Dub

            Randy says “They see me trollin’. Tryin’ to get them hatin’. I got nothin’ betta to do than mastabatin'”

          • you r right i don’t have anything better to do. I have a broken bone in my foot and i can’t walk and have to keep my foot up with ice on it. and im not trying to get anyone hating, if i wanted that i would go to an iphone blog site and start up some crap, thanks for your comment though.

        • eh, TBolt running CM7 is pretty sweet, plus the $5 battery I bout on amazon, I can wait another month to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus

  • Best part are the fan boy excuses at the end, its “retro” ie the screen is smaller because its easier to hold bahaha

  • AKinney

    Apple sheep actually get their phones after a year of waiting. All Apple fans are waiting for the iPhone 5 and that will probably be another year. The Galaxy Nexus has yet to even have a certain release date. The commercial is about the people that wait in line for hours and hours for a slightly upgraded phone that what they already have at the release date. Compare Apple to Apples. No pun intended. 

  • C-Law

    This commercial doesn’t work for me. That line could just as easily be for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus cuz that’s how I feel. I feel like I’m desperately waiting in a line and getting more and more turned off as I read about rumors of delays, bugs, battery life, and bloat.

    • Anonymous

      You’re physically standing in line and putting your life on hold for the Galaxy Nexus? Thats odd, I’m waiting for it too, but right now I’m working/checking the internet and tomorrow I will be watching football and eating turkey with my family.