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For The Next Two Weeks, 12 Of The Top Movies In Android Market Are 99 Cents

Winter is upon us and with that comes cold and frightful weather. On a snowy, or even a rainy day nothing beats just staying inside and watching a movie. Sure you can order one on-demand, but why would you do that when Google is offering up some of the hottest movies for just 99 cents. For the next two weeks you will no longer need to go to RedBox, as you can now watch a hit movie for the same low price of $1 from the Android Market.

At this time the promotion appears to only be available stateside, nonetheless it is a pretty good deal. Who is going to take advantage of this?

Via: Twitter

  • Ajsochowski

    Aside from the garbage of a conversation that Jason Purp started I think this deal is stupid. Yes it is nice to just stream those movies for 99 cents for people with hdmi out ( i am not one of the Inc2, but i honestly dont htink i would do it anyway. Ill just drive 1 mile to redbox and get a BR copy of it for 1.50 watch it and return it. much better quality and if i like it I can either just keep it or right now buy it on amazon for 10 bucks. (this of course is because of the ridiculous sales going on right now)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This makes me want a Logitech Revue. My Thunderbolt doesn’t have HDMI out. Is there any way to watch these from a PC?

  • these movies mostly suck..who watches this crap?

  • TC Infantino

    Ok, very cool.  There are like 7 movies that I would enjoy watching out of that list.  Thank you Google for this deal, and thank you DL for posting this.

  • Anonymous


  • Tex

    Brides maids and horrible bosses are pretty damn funny

  • Now I might actually use their rental service and spend 99 cents each to watch a few movies I only had vague interest in and would have never paid more than a dollar to see in the first place.

  • And for the next forever, all of the movies that were ever made in BitTorrent protocol are free!

  • can’t watch with a rooted device. gotta be kidding me.

  • swirly

    C ool! This is where the HDMI output comes in handy. Connect right to your big screen.

  • There are maybe 3 good movies in that list.

  • Jloya07

    anyone know if they figured out how to play these movies on a rooted xoom?

  • Anonymous

    just saw on Endgadget. Galaxy Nexus now shipping in America

    • Jason Purp

      Ya, it isn’t the Verizon version

    • Not the Verizon LTE verison though.

    • Shannon Vincelette Cormier

      Or Google TV or YouTube.

  • Jason Purp

    1. Droid Life is seeming a little slow with news lately, and whenever they have their own “exclusive,” it’s stupid little things that isn’t really news, or it is, but just a rumor.
    2. I’m kind of confused as to why stuff like this isn’t posted on Android Life instead of Droid Life. I thought with the reintroduction of that site, everything revolving Android would be put there, with the exception of Verizon Android phones. This really has nothing to do with Verizon Androids in specific, and should be on Android Life. It pertains to every carrier, no?
    3. I know I’ll be yelled at for my first 2 points. But it’s my opinion.

    • Shuttup

      • Jason Purp


    • I see it this way…general Android news like this is relevant to Verizon Android phones still, so this post is okay being here.

      • Jason Purp

        But it’s also relevant to every other carrier. Android Life is for the entire world of Android. Droid Life is just for Verizon Androids. It should be on Android Life, in my opinion.

        • Yeah but truthfully, how many of us check Android Life? I hardly ever go over there.

          • Jason Purp

            lol It doesn’t matter, it should still be there. If nobody checked Droid Life and they only checked Android Life, would you think that all of the Droid news should then be posted on Android Life?

            And maybe putting the news on the correct site would change the amount of views.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you. It kinda makes this site look more like “Verizon Life”and maybe I’m nitpicking but I’d like to see anything related to the droid brand here and anything android phone/carriers related on android life.

          • I don’t understand this logic. I have an Asus Transformer. I rented 4 of these movies today. I have 30 days to watch them in HD. I will HDMI out my TF101 to my 60″ Plasma. How is Droid-Life.com a Verizon only site? Of course the name does imply Verizon since it is only Verizon that has Droid phones, but still Kellex and team can’t mention something on this site that isn’t relevant to other folks that probably have other Android phones or devices? Don’t know, just my 2 cents.

          • Anonymous

            It’s not so much that it’s a verizon site but as you said; only verizon carries that brand. It just makes more sense to categorize news where they belong based on the name of the site. Or else whats the point of having two sites?

    • Skittleoid

      What’s the best site for smartphone news?

      • Anonymous


  • Zaire360

    Dope hood .com bigu .com !!!

  • mike

    These movies are horrific. Thats what people watch these days?

    • Jason Purp

      They have no choice. All of the movies nowadays are utter shite.

      • mike

        Ok, i would like to watch fast five, which im sure some consider the worst on that list!

    • Billyrouth2000

      I bet you watch the Muppets!

  • Br_hermon

    You can find the same awesome prices at http://www.youtube.com/movies too!

  • Ray

    I noticed this after i had already went to red box and gave them $1.21 for Conan 

  • Guest

    who the eff watches movies on their phone anyway?

    i’ll watch mine on my giant plasma

    • Anonymous

      I’ll use my phone via HDMI to watch on my giant LED!

    • Billyrouth2000

      Maybe someone who’s taking a trip. Maybe sitting at the doctors office. Or maybe because they want to