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Amazon Holding Weekend Long 50% Off Black Friday Sale On Select Apps

Starting tomorrow night at 12 AM, Amazon is hosting a little 50% off Black Friday sale on some select apps.  The sale will last from Thursday night at 12AM (Friday morning) all the way until Cyber Monday at 11:59 PM.  Some of the apps are very well known such as SwiftKeyX, Shazam Encore, and plenty more.  If you plan on picking any of these titles up, just check your phone and find the deals.

  • Exchange By Touchdown – $19.99
  • LogMeIn Ignition – $29.99
  • Shazam Encore – $4.99
  • SwiftKey X – $3.99
  • Kids ABC Letters – $2.99

Do we have anyone here planning on waiting in line at any stores tomorrow night?

  • Anonymous

    Dang, I never really got into the whole black Friday thing. I suppose I’m too lazy so that must be my reasoning. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000155987673 Austin Mutschler

    I am going to waiting at Walmart!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think this is why you asked but….

    I MIGHT head down to BBY or GameStop to pick up Skyrim on sale tomorrow night, so I can spend my Friday off vegetating in front of the TV while I kill dragons.

  • Anonymous

    Plants vs Zombies HD? Does that exist for Android? Can only find the standard version atm in the appstore…

    • http://www.facebook.com/joel.gautraud Joel Gautraud

      I see Plants vs Zombies (Kindle Fire Edition): http://goo.gl/nzJOh

      Question is… is there a way to get Kindle Fire Edition apps to run on other Android phones (mostly interested in the GN). What do you guys think?

    • Zebra
  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/RXFWXDUWRRHCGFV6NP2SDZ7YLU Ray

    Looks like i have all these for free from Amazon thanks to the free app of the day!

    • http://www.facebook.com/joel.gautraud Joel Gautraud

      They gave away LogMeIn Ignition???

      • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/RXFWXDUWRRHCGFV6NP2SDZ7YLU Ray

        no but i got it for cheap when it was on sale years ago

  • Greg Williams

    Outside the Verizon store.  The nexus comes out Friday at midnight right?

    • http://www.scaryuncledevin.com/ Devin Rodriguez

      Sure, why not.

  • Friday_is_Black

    Yes, I will be in line at Amazon Headquarters in Seattle to pick up a few of these apps!!!

    • Anonymous

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  • Narbz


    • Anonymous

      cant count bro?

    • Jak_341

      u lose bro.

    • Narbz

      its my f@#$ computer (or internet) when i click it says there is no comments AGHHHH it does it to me all the time lol

      • Ephzycfk

        cool story

      • Anonymous

        Same happens to me. It seems to be a problem with the new format or something. It’ll tell me 0 comments when there are already comments or it’ll tell me there a bunch of comments and then not display any of them.

  • Jak_341

    Yep. I will be in line with coffee in hand simply to watch the chaos. I like seeing soccer moms get into arguments and fight.