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SyncMate For Android – Allowing For Perfect Sync With Your Mac Computer

There has always been sort of a gap between Apple’s computers and Google’s phones.  Thanks to SyncMate, that may be a problem of the past.  With SyncMate’s software, you can sync up to 4 Android devices to a Mac computer.  Syncing options include the ability to partner your Mac with a Google account which includes contacts and calendars, music,  photos, videos, and even the ability to view, compose, and send SMS messages.

Naturally, there is a free version that gives people a pretty good idea of how the software operates, but then there is the Pro version which offers a very comprehensive list of features.  SyncMate has contacted us about doing a small giveaway for our readers, so be on the lookout for that shortly.  In the mean time, does this sound like a good way for Apple and Google to start syncing better?  We know many of you always had troubles making your Mac and Android device get along.

SyncMate Website

  • Anonymous

    this seems to be a good news for the users.

  • Doug Wing

    As a proud Mac and Droid user, I would love an easy way to keep my iTunes synced with my Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      Use Google music, all you have to do is point it to your itunes folder where all your music files are stored.

      • Thank you, P&P. I like your comment a bazillion times.

  • pilot25

    this is automatically done with google’s servers.  this app is completely unnecessary.

  • Trfking

    I use a macbook and a DroidX and would never pay for this. Contacts? Google. Calender? Google. Music? Google. Why do I need to pay $40 for this?

  • I Purchased a Mac in 2006 to replace a Windows MCE. It still does all the photo, music & video editing and DVD authoring I need.  I have TV capture/viewing card and all I have added in 6 years is ram & HD space. I don’t thinks I can say the same for the Windows PCs I own. This may be something I can really use. Between my OG Droid and my WiFi Asus Transformer I want to kick the tires.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve installed OSx on my Win7 machine just to see what the fuss is all about. It seems like it was designed for stupid people, or at least for those that are not computer savvy but want to feel like they are. I almost could feel my IQ drain away slowly while using it. 

    • Riders0fTheli

      Whats your preferred OS? Ive always been a fan of Linux and ran Windows for most of my life. I can honestly say OSX fits my needs as a musician and someone who doesnt want to worry about the mess that comes with Windows. Linux is a very solid middle ground but the lack of recording DAWs and my progressing want to simplify makes me less inclined to use it on a daily basis. I like to tinker with all aspects of my electronics but sometimes i just want an operating system that works well and in my completely personal view, OSX does that for me. There are benefits and negatives to each operating system, the choice lies in which one balances most with your lifestyle. My MacBook Pro with OSX, Linux, and Windows 7 seems to do the job to take care of all fronts.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, this is the internet. There is no room for coherent and well thought out responses, only bashing. Didn’t you know that? 😉

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I make a living on a Mac as a coding & graphics guy & work on one 8-10 hours a day for 15 years – but I love the open source of Android mind you – and so I plan to give this a whirl and see what I think about it.

  • Anonymous

    Funny to see all the Mac bashing yet the vast majority of the Android development team at Google works on Macs.

    • Richard Calderon

      Agreed, I recall reading an article last year that Google banned all windows machines due to security concerns. Most of them now use Macs.

    • Mr. English

      It’s not just at Google…:)

    • Anonymous

      They got hacked by China on their windows machines, that’s why.

      • rgrluke

        Unix and Linux are not really more secure, they are just much less targeted and attacket.  Partly because they are not “the machine” Microsoft is, and partly because most hackers work on those type of platforms and don’t like attacking thier own systems.

        • Linux is considered one of the most secure kernels in the world, 45 vulnerabilities ever found(And fixes within days). Unix is the father a Linux and is similar, it is not just user base it is its build quality.

        • Anonymous

          No system is perfect but you should check out what gets hacked most at the Black Hat security conferences.

  • Jason Purp

    These are what you call “filler” articles.

    • bigrob60

      Like most of this season of the Walking Dead. 
      Guy 1-What are we going to do today?
      Guy 1-Look for the girl and maybe kill a walker.
      Guy-1-Again! Ok. (in Eeyore’s voice)

  • Why would I pay $40 for this when I have ZumoCast and it does everything I need to go as far as receiving stuff from my mac for free? And I don’t even really use it. Other then music I have no reason to sync my Bionic to my mac. My calendar is Gmail so it already syncs, contacts are also saved through gmail so Im set and now with google music in full force I have my itunes music so I really have no need for this app,

  • Duluke

    This might be a dumb question but I’ve read about using RSD Lite to flash SBF files. Is there a program like RSD Lite that runs on Mac OS?

    • Kal5el

      As someone who had this exact question almost 2 years ago, I can tell you that I couldn’t find anything. I ended up running RSD Lite on a Windows virtual machine in OSX. You could use Bootcamp

  • Anonymous

    whoa, there are mac users out there that aren’t too smug to own a device that doesn’t have an “i” in front of its name?  does apple know about this?

    • Mr. English

      I got an email from Apple yesterday telling me they don’t like my use of an Android device since I own all Apple products aside from that. I have to get rid of it by the end of the week or they’re going to take my wife. Wait a minute….

      • Anonymous

        i hope they don’t sue you

  • Anonymous

    So glad to hear this, it’s been a real pain sometimes having a Mac and an Android phone lol

  • Anonymous

    That giant Mac picture threw me for a curve, thought I had taken a wrong turn and ended up on TIPB for a moment.

  • RickyB

    Ohh, here we go. Im not going to argue/debate with anyone on what computer i choose to use. I am an android user for life but i am also a photographer, therefore a mac user. Macs are better for me, for what i need a computer for. This article is for mac users, so if you are a pc user, just disregard and kindly move on. No need to start anything. I am interested, however, in what this software can do for me…

  • Mr. English

    Wow. my Droid might finally work right for a while. (obligatory sarcasm to combat douchebags that had to start their own). Seriously though, gonna kick this around the block and see if it shortens the gap and actually works.

    • Sadly, the OG Droid doesn’t appear to be in the list of supported phones.

      • Anonymous

        That’s hilarious. 10 points for creative sarcasm. I do have an OG in pristine condition. I laugh when I imagine I used to think it was cutting edge and feel even better when I wonder what WILL be cutting edge later. Either way, funny comeback.
        Oh crapola, Disqus changed my posting name when I updated my account. Unrelated, but it just came to me. Dammit.

        • Hahaha, I’d love to take credit for some dry humor, but I was actually being serious. I’m still puttering away on my OG Droid at the moment, though I’ll be upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus when it arrives.

          • Anonymous

            Even better. Makes it that much funnier. My gf is using the OG and it’s still relevant in many aspects with the downsides not being the fault of the phone as much as the result of progress. I remember, of all my phones, it was the first one that stopped me from constantly throwing it against a wall or out of a car. (used to be on Sprint). Anyway, good point, good laugh.

  • @yahoo-6WMN7SNGCCAKYWDLF4MCWDM6SM:disqus  As an audio..

  • Drftsld

    All we need now is a way to sync our apps and data like game progress to a computer, kinda like the iPhone. That’s the only thing I envy about the iPhone.

  • T20009

    Will it work with Galaxy Nexus?

  • Jeepguy04

    You forget they are selling this to mac users.  They love doing things backwards and paying for unneeded stuff that should just work for free. Don’t blame them though, they have been brainwashed by the man.

    • jason6g

      i love it lmao

      the only time i ever plug mine in is to send large files (movies, tv shows) or to dump a rom to it. even then its not necessary. been “syncing” over the air since november 2009 with a pc and linux machine!

    • Mr. English

      Such uninformed nonsense. I’ve been a windows user since 1993 and a Mac user for one year. The number of times my Mac has not “worked” so far are 0. The number of times my non Apple devices choose not to work rallies in the thousands. You get what you pay for. I love Android, I like Windows, but I’m completely satisfied and feel I got my moneys worth when dealing with my Apple products. I still won’t dump Android, and I can enjoy all platforms without insulting either camp, but this is an opinion forum, so it’s clearly warranted that such remarks are both encouraged and expected. I’ll hit post on my Macbook pro  now and watch my comment fly onto my homepage which is set to DL for my minute by minute droid fix.

      • Blood

        he’s talking about mac users

    • Anonymous

      Ignorance at its finest. I’ll praise Android over iOS any day of the week. But the generalization that Mac users are just stupid is pathetic. My MacBook Pro has been nothing short of amazing with my music production. I definitely cannot say the same for Windows 7. I really like Windows 7, but when it comes to stability and quality of a laptop, this has far exceeded my expectations. I’m no Apple fanboy, just admitting that their MBP lineup is EXTREMELY well made.

  • Jeepguy04

    I’m confused. Isn’t android built so you never have to ‘sync’ your phone to your computer? This sounds like a step backwards. Especially with the new music that is served from the cloud. And your photos can be saved automatically to google plus. And your contacts have always synced with your gmail account.

    • Taylitor

      Where I listen to my music most I have no signal and can’t use the wifi… so the cloud does me no good.  I’ve heard of many others in the same boat.  That is where the concept of the cloud is flawed.  It’s a great idea for those that don’t lose coverage… but for those of us that do… it’s fairly useless.  Then there’s pictures… I use the camera on my phone as my primary camera and would generally prefer that they not all get automatically put online… even if it is secure.  As far as my contacts go… I have only email addresses saved on my google account… so that doesn’t do me a lot of good.  Admittedly I will be updating that seeing as how I’m a new android user and see the advantage… but a better syncing option would have been very welcomed.  So… yeah… this concept is a welcome option to many.  No animosity here… but just because something works for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

  • Anonymous

    One of the best features of Android is that you DON’T have to sync it to a computer.  This idea is totally counterintuitive and I bet SyncMate sells 3 copies. All to the 3 people who work at SyncMate.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know, Mac Heads sure love to sync everything.

      • eXsoR

        I own a Macbook Pro and it does not know what Sync is. I remove iTunes the first day i bought it.

  • Kevin Lorance

    As an audio engineer, we’re Mac users in this house. I’m not fanatical about Macs but that’s what the best audio software is most compatible with. It’ll be nice to have this as a syncing option. Thanks for the heads-up Kellex.

  • Definitely needed. But I wouldn’t pay $40 for all the other stuff that comes with it. I’d just want the Android syncing options, which isn’t worth paying $40 for…

  • inb4 “hurr durr Macs”

    As a Apple laptop and Android phone owner, this program sounds like exactly what I need. I’ll be on the lookout for the giveaway, but if I don’t win that, $40 sounds like a reasonable price to pay.

  • Anonymous

    As if informed Android users such as would use Apple products. C’mon Kellex, u didn’t realize this, bro?

  • Whett Phartz

    Mac? That’s a funny lookin’ phone there. 

    • Anonymous

      Just get your Droid’s dongle out and see what happens.  Let nature take it’s course.

    • bigrob60

      You have to hump a 4 to appreciate an 8. LOL.  

  • Might be worth checking out. Things already seem to work ok for me.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Boy

  • Mctypething

    I doubt you’ll have much interest amongst your readers.

    • Don’t be naive, bro. There are many many many Mac users.

      • Greg Williams


      • Mctypething

        sounds like we need a poll!

        • Hah! PC or Mac user? I can already tell you the outcome. Most readers here are probably at the office. As such, most office places use Windows computers. So you would probably see a number that reflects that fact. But, not everything we write about is for one side or the other. This post was directed at readers who use Mac computers. We gotta get some variety, amirite? 🙂

          • Mctypething

            You hit the nail on the head, PC user at the office. You’re right though. I’m all about variety and posts other than hype posts about upcoming phones. It’s nice to read about all things Android.

          • Here we go!  http://imgur.com/3tjHQ

          • Greg Williams

            you guys use google analytics….so what’s the percentage of mac users that visit this site? 

            i know i’ve checked Droid Life from my girlfriends iPad, so there is at least one visit from an apple product

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I check the site with my Mac, Windows 7 laptop and iPhone.

          • Greg Williams

            Thanks! And exactly! Lots of Mac users, no surprise there. So this post is definitely relevant

          • Dan Brown

            Awesome, thank you for posting that for us! I’m pleasantly surprised what large chunk of Linux users there are!!

            …also, remember than many Android phones show up in Google Analytics as Safari.

        • Dominick DeVito

          you want a poll bro?

          sorry, sorry – I couldn’t resist.

          • Guest

            PLEASE!!! don’t get him started.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t need a poll.  Operating system is the kinda thing you can check from many web servers traffic stats.

      • Mr. English

        You’re right. I’m a solid Mac user and aside form all the childish bashing on sites like this, DL is my number resource for all things Android and the page that I check hourly, almost incessantly, and get ALOT of excellent articles and advise from. I’m on this site for the authors and contributors, not forums, just sometimes I can’t help but smack back. DL rocks, some of the fan club can learn some manners, but overall, this is a goldmine of a site.

    • Colin Vesper

      Mac user here.  I found this post to be helpful.

    • shdowman

      Just because we don’t want an *phone, doesn’t mean we are not avid Mac users….I would never go back to PC after 10 years dedicated to Mac.

      On the same token, iDevices are not allowed in my home. Go figure…

      • Anonymous

        Same. I prefer working on my Mac to this Windows machine in the office 🙁

  • People use Macs?

    • Mr. English

      No, people use Windows. Computer users use Macs. 
      heh. Had to have a little fun, all in good nature of course.