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SyncMate For Android – Allowing For Perfect Sync With Your Mac Computer

There has always been sort of a gap between Apple’s computers and Google’s phones.  Thanks to SyncMate, that may be a problem of the past.  With SyncMate’s software, you can sync up to 4 Android devices to a Mac computer.  Syncing options include the ability to partner your Mac with a Google account which includes contacts and calendars, music,  photos, videos, and even the ability to view, compose, and send SMS messages.

Naturally, there is a free version that gives people a pretty good idea of how the software operates, but then there is the Pro version which offers a very comprehensive list of features.  SyncMate has contacted us about doing a small giveaway for our readers, so be on the lookout for that shortly.  In the mean time, does this sound like a good way for Apple and Google to start syncing better?  We know many of you always had troubles making your Mac and Android device get along.

SyncMate Website