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Report: Samsung Confirms Galaxy Nexus on Verizon to be Released in December

We posted this as an update to our latest Verizon MAP pricing post, but wanted to make sure everyone saw it. According to Business Insider, Samsung has reportedly confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus will launch in December. They did not give a specific date or reason for the push from November. To be fair to Verizon, they did say that the phone would be out some time this year. December 8 is popping up as the current target date.

Via:  Business Insider

Cheers Josh!

  • Anonymous

    I seriously just want this on T-Mobile :/

    • Nathan Hosford

      Realy the hardwear in the Galaxy s2 is better just needs ICS.

      • Hater

      • Booboolala2000

        July or august at the earliest for the SGSII. Same for the Rezound.

    • Christopher Riner

      hell, if you want it on t-mobile then get an unlocked version (whenever they become available- got rumor from hitler they’re hard to find right now).  On the other hand, everyone else will probably get it a few days after verizon at this point.

  • Ulnek75

    by the time this phone is released, it’ll be time for the next one already….

    • Pardes33

      by the time it is released, Google would have announced the next flag ship phone …..

      I hate Verizon.

  • Bbrutcher


  • Anonymous

    Oh he’ll, I might as well wait for the droid 4. Maybe that will be released first.

  • I’m just happy that they at least confirmed the MONTH!

  • Dec 8 for Bell Canada,it’s been announced already so i’m sure it will be released state side by then if not earlier. Verizon must have over ordered on other models and are now desperate to move as many as they can before they announce the day. It’s like they want to piss people off so they will buy something eles and judging by many of the comments over the last couple of weeks it’s been working for them.

  • Naergoth

    Verizon screws the pooch again. As much as I don’t like the fruit company, at least they know how to launch a phone. They force verizon to do it the way THEY want it done. Google needs to man up and grow a pair.

    • The problem with that is Apple gives them the iPhone months in advance for necessary testing Samsung does not. 

      • Anonymous

        Source or stfu.

    • Nathan Hosford

      Its not hard to launch the same phone over and over again.

      • Tim242

        That’s the smartest thing you have said in this entire thread.

    • Anonymous

      Not too difficult when you launch 1 phone per year.

    • Anonymous

      I will be willing to bet that samsung and Verizon knowbhowbto launch a phone as well. The problem is, you are reading rumors. Didn’t anyone stop to think that they would run an ad campaign PRIOR to launch. Well, haven’t seen one yet. That is a pretty good indicator that they aren’t ready. Did anyone really think the phone would simply launch overnight without as much as a single ad in a USA today or even their own circular? Wouldn’t a tv commercial be worth the effort? The answer is yes. And it will all come in due time. Then, the phone will launch.

      • Anonymous

        While I believe what you are saying, didn’t the Asus Transformer kind of do that? I’ve never seen an Asus Transformer commercial.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, but the Transformer is a niche product and not a handset. Asus never advertises anything. This phone is a big deal for Google, Verizon, and Samsung, I am sure they will want the entire world to know about it. I expect an ad campaign like the RAZR, teasers first and then ease into an all out assault on the iphone. Like the online commercial posted yesterday.
          Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

          —–Original message—–

  • Skeptic

    December 8th…..2019

  • Asdf

    holy crap been waiting since sg2 was supposedly coming out for verizon. need a new phone so bad verizon cant do anything right.

  • This is news?  Verizon stated that it will be out by the end of the year, and December is the last month.  If there was a 13th month, I’m sure Verizon would push it to then.

  • Anonymous


    • Is that out yet?

    • Djlowproz

      Man Detox is never coming out lol

  • Ray

    I will believe it when its in my hands


     i just talked to my dude at VZW two days ago and this is about right. he hit me up after a Corp meeting and said two Fridays after blkFri.

    over & out.. 

  • hamholla

    if this phone doesn’t come out on december 8th, im driving my car straight into an elementary school. 

    • So wrong, yet necessary

      • Anonymous

        So necessary, yet…wait, what did the children do?

        • They are our future.  Obviously we were too soft on the past generation of children leading us today.  I feel this is in order. :-p

          • SugaShane

            I’m going to drive my car through Droid-life’s house to wake their arse’s up, so they can post some Nexus news to get me through this last work day! 

          • wurd

    • Anonymous


    • Jason Purp

      I laughed. Very hard.

      • Anonymous

        Purp, your still holding out right???  No RAZR in your mitts lol

        • dblj

          Didn’t he post that he “rented” one?

        • Anonymous

          Stop telling people what to buy stupid tool.

          • Anonymous

            question marks ask questions.

          • Anonymous


          • Guest

            he’s a fuckking dumbasss he can’t help it.  he was probably raped by his father.

          • Guest

    • FBI snitch

      Congratulations ! The FBI will be at your door step soon.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe they will know the Nexus release date.  

        • JusChilln


        • Lmao. Funniest post in weeks.

        • Anonymous

          The Nexus release has been deemed a fringe event.

        • JMac726

          Probably not. They thought it was the 21st

        • El El Kool J

          The Nexus doesn’t even know the Nexus release date is…

    • hamholla

      i just want verizon to know that all of these innocent lives are riding on their shoulders… its up to you verizon. “let’s play a game” (saw voice) 

    • Anonymous

      As I kept reading your comment, and when I got to “im driving my car straight…”, I so thought you were going to say… “into a Verizon store.”

      Boy was I off.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      So what was really learned here? NOTHING. there are 8 days left in Nov. Really, it is pretty obvious that IT WILL BE A DECEMBER RELEASE. Duh! And of course, no official date.

      So again, I ask, WTF was really learned.. NOTHING! business as usual.

      btw, some of you seriously need to get a life. Your whining is pathetic.

      • Tenisguy10

        Ironic… Your whole post is whining. And so are your other posts. Just thought I would let you know. Make android not war. People are allowed to voice their opinion and so are you, just don’t purposely cause problems.

      • Anonymous

        “btw, some of you seriously need to get a life. Your whining is pathetic.”

        You seem to post and complain here just as much as the people your are
        ridiculing.  Perhaps a dose of your own advice is needed. I believe we call this hypocrisy.

    • Anonymous

      Not another Penn St. tragedy

    • Anonymous

      You may get it december 8 of 2013 lol 🙂

      • Guest


    • do it on Thanksgiving so at least we’ll know nobody will be there

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Just make sure you’re texting, so you can blame it on that.

    • Lenny

      Fool! You should bitch slap silly Google/VZW/Samsung executives.

    • whoster69

      Don’t even joke about that.  It is dangerous and stupid because someone might take it seriously sometime.

      Yes, I’m disappointed to, but you won’t think this is funny if some children get killed because someone followed this idea…

  • Flash

    Maybe Verizon is going to pull a “BAZINGA!!!” on us….. I can only hope.

  • Anonymous

    Screw it. I’m waiting for the Edge now.

  • Regrub

    Verizon needs a little bit more time to make sure the Nexus too has a locked bootloader

    • Nagini

      i will get CRUNK.

  • Atc4212

    The manager at the Verizon store I always go to told me yesterday she got an email from corporate saying 12/8 was the “confirmed” date. I’ve been asking her for weeks and she’s been in the dark just like us until now.

  • Anonymous

    Geez…its like a couple of weeks.  Big deal! Chilll…baby…chiiiiilllll…

    • EC8CH

      anybody who’s about to say “that only a couple of weeks away” leave the room now

      • Anonymous

        You win the DL internets for the day

      • bigrob60

        But I can’t leave the room b/c I’m glued to DL for updates.

  • SugaShane


  • El Chupacabra


  • Warden Chinbach

    At this point I feel like I will be pissed if it is released in November.

  • Thecommish

    I said screw it yesterday! Bought the Rezound. Couldn’t be any happierwith it.


    ….And I’m actually not mad, Bro !

    • KevinC

      you’ll regret it, bro.

  • Uh ohs.

  • Reptherockett

    My guess is they didn’t want everyone to hop on to the Double Data promotion for the month of Novemeber since its 4G…those sly Verizon people

  • Dereknmsu

    Yeah they said that about November too. See you in 2012 nexus! 

    • Jjohnson32


  • Chase Maag

    also getting pissed this thing was suppose to be out mid november … my droid died and have had to move to the dark side (blackberry) … its been three week of hell and i have another two to go … about to break down for the rezound … really trying not to though

  • OMG it’s releasing in December, which still qualifies as before the end of the year, as Verizon said. There are no “delays” because Verizon hasn’t announced a tentative date yet. It’s not January 1st, 2012 yet so stop sweating it so much. Obviously the phone isn’t ready if they aren’t releasing it yet. Would you rather the phone have major issues at release?  I’m sure Verizon has their reasons why the phone has not released yet. Good on them for getting it right.

    • Anonymous

      Tell the UK it’s not ready.

      • Well the whole volume bug  while on 2G networks was missed. Plus, the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus uses completely different radios than the UK version, so there could be bugs that arise from that. 

      • Anonymous

        The UK version shouldn’t of been released. Google “Galaxy Nexus volume toggle issue”.

  • Firelight

    I’m throwing money in the air but Verizon just don’t care…


  • Sinofue

    We might as well wait for the iPhone 5 at this point. 

    • Anonymous

      That would not be a bad choice.

      • Guest

  • l4do0

    This phone better be worth the wait! Or ill be pissed!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Jadam6118

    Lets all go to Verizons website and tell them “we are mad bro!!!”

  • Anonymous

    If this phone gets pushed to January we should all sue Verizon for lying…

    • Chase Maag

      no because it will be released in “november” (sarcasm) … seriously 

    • nathanp8


    • Anonymous

      December 27th. Thats the real release date. 

      • Anonymous

        I imagine this as being a real possibility at this point. “Before the end of the year” means “As close to the end of the year as we can possibly manage”

        • Just like Moto and their We will unlock bootloaders by the end of the year.. if carrier allows.. 

    • nathanp8

      Verizon hasn’t even announced the phone.  How can you sue them for lying?

      • Jjjjjj

        Verizon did say the phone would be out this year….so they would be lying, unless they were talking about the business year.

        • Anonymous

          It is going to be released this year…in December.

      • Naergoth

        Verizon did put out an announcement stating that the nexus was coming out by the end of the year. Look it up.

        • Anonymous

          december 31 is the date that this garbage will be release.

          • Guest

      • Anonymous

        You’re right we can’t sue them but we can all go to our nearest Verizon store and take a dump in front of the door.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      wont matter to me, I have decided to wait until 2012 for a quad core phone to get battery and CPU benefits that would really help in phone technology. 

      Galaxy Nexus.. yawn. Already old news to me. Galaxy who?

      • Anonymous

        You can’t be an OG Droid owner right? lol My OG can not make it. I’m tired of “tricks” to keep this pony going.

    • Anonymous

      Bionic all over again lol. They will make this device again to fix all the issues.

      • Anonymous

        Monday, January 9th is the final day to return devices bought during the holidays. I think the Nexus will launch just over 14 days prior to that. (December 22nd for the non-math types) This locks all the new buys in, prior to the 9th. If you buy at launch, the 14 day window will be closed by the 9th and no returns. I then predict that the RAZR HD will launch on the 12th and the Nexus will drop in price to 249 that very week. ICS will have hit several devices by that week.

        • Anonymous

          It may happen because moto has been releasing a lot of device lately. Have you decided which one you will get?

          • Guest

      • Guest

  • Anonymous

    gonna get a razr for a penny, hold it for 6 mths, then get the SGS3. goodbye nexus, it was just never meant to be~

  • IceBergLettuce

    I’m sad bro.

    • SKAV3NG3R

      need a Kleenex, bro?

      • TheRobotCow

        Pass me one bro

        • SKAV3NG3R

          one passed.

          • vardas

            you forgot to say bro, bro

          • There is always a BRO section within the first page of EVERY droid-life story lol love it

          • Guest

            You love it, bro?

          • SKAV3NG3R


          • Bro yes!

          • Anonymous

            Bro-my-gosh, this is getting ridiculous meow, bro.

          • Anonymous

            no sh!t bro!!!!

  • this is bullshit

    • Anonymous

      and you still will no matter when they release it so don’t act like it is anything different.

      • partially true, i will be getting it, as will most of the people here complaining but im sick of my DROID and no longer will be buying an extra because my girlfriend wont wait and is gonna get the iP4S

  • I am so tired of this. Somebody help me. 

  • Anonymous

    Another week of waiting… Holy Bionic Batman!

  • Brandonv Gillis


  • That date is perfect for me. I just started a new job and my pay date is 12/8/11. I hope this date holds true.

    • Rashad Gattis

      walmart employees get paid on thursday.  is that your new job for the holidays?

  • JusChilln


  • Joshua Dudash

    Damn… all the same bs, no matter the manufacturer 

  • Anonymous

    One day late for my birthday! Not happy with all of these delays. I would be happy if we just got a solid date from Verizon, even if it was December.

  • Anonymous

    Next time I’m just going to buy a new phone and not give a crap about the rumors. I held off getting a new phone because I heard that this was going to release late October/early November (also because no VZW S2). Now my Droid is dying and I’m hoping everyday that it doesn’t crap out on me.

    • EmoMorales

      Mine too, I’m likely “renting” either a rezound or razr tomorrow. 

      • Ben

        I “rented” a Razr yesterday and I couldn’t be happier.  My D1 was on its last leg to say the least.  The Razr isn’t perfect, no ICS, no NFC, no Battery Fix, Green Hues on Dim, but next to the D1 it is nothing short of amazing.

        The hardware just feels right.  The size is great, the weight is awesome, the screen looks fantastic on bright, and I can always plug it in when the battery gets low… problem solved.

        I love the Razr, and while I might switch to the GNex when it comes out, I am certainly happy with my $35 investment.

        • Enigma2u

          I have the Razr and honestly its a great phone compared go the bio-oh-no-udidnt-nic and well i hope that Dec 8th is the day because that’s the last day I have to return thus bad boy …honestly if this thing would allow me tl swap out batteries I would keep it but since it won’t I am stuck with this Formosa …I hope we can make this a national holiday like Ice cream sandwich. Day lol

        • EmoMorales

          Nice, I’ll be interested to see what either has to offer. I’m a little cautious about it some how messing up my certain GNex transition, though I have been assured twice now by Verizon that that shouldn’t be a problem. (and I’ve been up front about returning the phone when GNex arrives on both occasions)

        • Anonymous

          You may be staying with the razr after all 🙂

          • Guest

    • Anonymous

      I too am in the same boat… my droid is on life support thanks to roms but day by day new issues are cropping up. I want this phone soooo bad. All the reviews are sterling and I too didn’t buy anything else because of it. Tis mighty sad. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure the roms are the problem, not the life support. Mine was slow and had tons of issues, no matter what rom I used so I did a factory reset. Now it works perfectly. 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah I’ve tried that as well, but mine still tends to freak out. 

        • Mark

          factory reset has mine working fine too… even fixed the bug where the home screen takes 20 seconds to load. Don’t get me wrong, I want the Nexus Stat – but my OG droid from 2 years ago is actually fine.

  • @Saintzman

    God Damnit! They need to just put this thing out!!! My PANTIES ARE ALL UP IN A BUNCH!!!

  • Me


  • Anonymous


  • thatguy


  • Anonymous


    • I swear to god this shit only happens to us Verizon users, we get a kick-ass phone but they make us wait so long we get blue balls.