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HTC Loses Key Patent Infringement Case Against Apple


In this day and age of technology no one is safe from lawsuits, especially in the mobile landscape. Microsoft has sued dozens of companies, as has Apple – with Samsung, HTC, and Motorola countering the lawsuits with their own. The sad truth is that almost 99 percent of the cases involve patent infringement suits – Android took from Microsoft, Microsoft took from Android, Android took from Apple, Apple took from Android, and so on.

To defend themselves from endless lawsuits companies are purchasing other companies with extensive patent portfolios, and last July that is exactly what HTC did when it purchased S3 Graphics. The Taiwanese company has been in a bitter patent battle with Apple since the days of the Nexus One. With the $300 million acquisition of S3 Graphics, HTC filed a counter-suit claiming Apple infringed on the company’s newely acquired patents. Unfortunately, the ITC has ruled in Apple’s favor – handing HTC a significant blow.

HTC has remained optimistic stating, “while the outcome is not what we hoped for, we will review the ruling once the commission provides it and will then consider all options, including appeal.” HTC has several other cases against Apple, however with Cupertino’s recent win analyst are concerned about HTC’s S3 purchase, stating that the loss may have a long-term negative impact.

Apple and HTC will be back in court, this time in a case regarding HTC’s infringement on two of Apple’s patents, with a verdict expected December 6.

Via: Bloomberg

  • applelicious! :D

    Apple might sue the Apple tree for growing apples!


    In my opinion Apple corporation is “Sue Happy” and whenever a competitor comes up with a good idea (Regardless if they look similar or different), Apple corporation tries their hardest to stop the competition.
    I no longer buy apple products because I dislike their business practices!
    I have told others to look up the reasoning behind my logic and they agree, many people do the same like me, informing others of the reasons we dislike Apple Corporation!
    This is a free world, just because you own a patent of one version of a device, does not mean you can stomp out your competition!
    Here is a question for apple: “Are you so afraid that consumers will not buy your products that you have to sue over EVEY potential infringement to stop the competitor from selling it, even if the device is different?”
    Another question for apple: “Why did you include the software design in a lawsuit against Samsung’s smartphone saying they copied your iOS? Did you know that Google made Android, Not Samsung? duh!”
    And a smart phone can only be made so many different ways, HD displays can only be made so many different ways, and so on, it is foolish to decide who is allowed to sell what, that is not allowing free competition!
    Apple making these lawsuits is like me inventing a chair, and suing someone else for making a chair even though their chair might not have 4 legs, maybe it has 1 leg and a 5 fingered wheeled base! But because I’m like apple in my analogy, Their chair is still a type of chair, I want to sue the other chair maker to stop competition! It IS stupid!
    These are my “VIEWS” on apple company, I hope others read this and do their own research to decide if they will boycott apple corporation or not!!
    Sarcastic statement: “maybe I should not say I bought a Samsung Galaxy 5 Player, apple might sue me over not buying their ipod touch, oh no!”
    Actually, I bought the Galaxy 5 player because it has features that apple’s iPod touch does NOT have and that apple plainly said the user should not get, like FM radio, news flash, FM radio has more than just music @ apple, idiots. Also, I did own an iPod touch, the device never worked properly for me, itunes is slow (Even on windows 7 Asus G72gx laptop overclocked, get this SC2 played ultra graphics 64 FPS, NO LAG, just shows a comparison on iTunes lagging), I could not add music on the go, I could not just copy music into the device, I could only use my computer and everything with iPod and iTunes is too restrictive, anything bough in itunes like movies or music, never worked outside of itunes or the iPod touch, I have REAL built in GPS, which does not drain battery power like apple said it would do to the touch.
    I like android because I can brows my files without having to hack the software, I can change MicroSD cards, the app store is not monopolized to just one app store, and much more!
    Also, because I hack my devices for fun to see what I can do, it is a hobby, now I do not have Apple creating updates that do nothing but patch holes that I can use to run my own home made application for fun, and yes I made them with flash, not the restricted language apple requires! 😀

  • Henry Samuels

    Patent infringement occurs across all industries and all sectors of the economy. There are no Patent Police, so fighting patent infringement is the job of the company that owns the patent.

  • Elliot323

    I’m sick of the courts kissing Apples ass

  • To avoid other firms’ claims entirely, a company should produce spherical phones without displays and with a lot of physical buttons. There are always many reasons for beginning lawsuits. I think that instead of this, the companies should develop new technologies and not hinder the market. Clash of the Titans: Samsung vs. Apple http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/09/clash-of-titans-samsung-vs-apple.html

  • Anonymous

    Well, that was $300 million well spent….I’m sure HTC’s shareholders are sooooo happy!! Lmao!!!

  • RL7189

    Don’t forget oracle vs. google

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • I wish someone could wave a magic wand and fix the patent system.1- I’d like to see patents that are purchased but not developed be fast tracked to the Frand system if they are used to sue some one. This would prevent patent trolling and force a company to use the patents they purchase.That one alone would stop alot of these lawsuits. 2- same for patents that are developed but the developing company has no product produced with said patent, 3-5 years, use it or lose it. This makes a potentialy good idea available to the consumer while stoping a company from filing patents with the sole purpose of keeping it from it’s competitors. 3- expand and modernize the frand system yearly,to better reflect the ever changing tech market. Make all patents that are deemed essential to a products function/form and it’s ability to compete with similar products subject to reasonable licensing fees. The owner of the patent makes extra profit on their IP while the competition can still make a competing product that will actually sell, albeit at a lower profit margin. 4- put a end to ” look and feel ” type patents by forcing prominent ‘company logo’ labeling and limit disputes to out right cloning and real innovations. Companys can put money back into the economy by advertising their products instead of wasting it in the court system.
    The idea being to make it so that the company that innovates the most stands to gain the most thru licensing fees and being first to the market with products. Not by hording tech, not by monoplizing a product and not by any other form of anticompetitive practise(lawsuits). This way the consumer wins and instead of lining the pockets of lawyers, companys can put more money into R&D or better yet, hire more workers to sell your products. God knows we could use the jobs !

    • Counsel Dew

      On the bright side, HTC will continue to oblige us with the use of Carrier IQ… look that up for giggles ;p

    • Dion Tsai Sioe

      Weird enough in large parts of the world that is a requirement that you should show up with a working prototype.

  • Say what you will about the patent wars, HTC was making a mistake to buy S3 just so it could have someone that had won an interim ruling against Apple.  It’s like betting on the horse in front at the first turn of the Kentucky Derby.  Now, HTC’s out $300 million *and* it’s still on the losing side of the dispute.

  • Anonymous

    The lesson here is that a company needs to patent every possible thing, even if they have no intention of ever using it.  Because apparently patent law circumvents reason and competition.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Time for big Brother Google and it’s new little friend Moto to help out

  • Glen E Ston

    Quietly Beats Brilliant Audio

  • Yes, please continue to sue each other and pass on the costs to the consumer. We all simply just can’t wait. 

  • Anonymous

    This certainly isn’t helping innovation or the consumers…this is bullshit

    • Dan

      ^ This 

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Businesses have patents, this is how business works. This is how business has worked since there have been patents. Get over it. Innovation continues on even with patents, innovation always finds a way to move on.

  • Patents suck. They don’t seem to do much good. I think patents for small-time inventors should remain (to help them get big), but big-time companies like Apple, Samsung, etc. shouldn’t be allowed to use them to wage war against one another. I always thought the idea about patents was to protect IP, but also to protect small inventors who had really no other way to avoid being stolen from.

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting so tired of these stupid lawsuits. If all these Android manufacturers want to attack Apple then they need to come together and sue them because there is no way they are going to do anything to stop Apple individually.

    • Trevor

      Sounds like a comic book story lol just replace apple with Lex Luthor and android with The Justice League

      • Anonymous

        If only the Android manufacturers were smart enough to do that

  • what infringements?

    • Anonymous

      You uninformed bro?

  • Anonymous

    freakin’ Apple… stores like Vons and Ralphs had better watch out. you know those bunches of fruit you have on display for sale? watch out… Apple’s coming for ya!!!