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DROID RAZR Review – Verizon

droid razr


The DROID RAZR not only welcomes the return of an iconic cell phone brand, but it marks the beginning of a new ultra-slim smartphone era. Motorola has outdone themselves with the build of this 7.1mm thick device, but the question still remains – “Is it enough to drag people away from the Galaxy Nexus?” As with the HTC Rezound, it’s going to be an uphill battle, but one that the RAZR feels ready to tackle. Let’s dive in to see how far it can climb.  

The Good:

  • Performance:  One of the issues I had with te HTC Rezound was performance thanks to its Sense UI skin. With the RAZR, I get the feeling that Motorola has started to listen to consumers and made their Blur skin much less intrusive. In fact, the performance on this phone is on par with that of the Galaxy S2. It’s incredibly snappy, the dual-core processor cruises through any tasks, and even with those awful 3D transitions, the phone never slows down. Since I’ve had both the Rezound and RAZR running side-by-side for a few weeks, I can easily say that the RAZR outperforms it in every way – well except the camera.
  • Screen:  What an upgrade over the Bionic and DROID3. It’s still a PenTile, but with Moto choosing the new Super AMOLED Advanced over the LCD that was used on those other two phones, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you macro shot the screen as I did in the Rezound review, you’ll see some pixels. However, scrolling through the app drawer, screens, etc. doesn’t give you that same headache that you may have experienced on Moto’s last few releases. It’s not on-par with the Rezound or the Galaxy Nexus, but it’s a giant leap forward from where Moto was hovering for most of the year.

  • Hardware:  Tough to call this anything less than spectacular. Motorola managed to pack a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4.3″ display, front (1.3MP) and rear (8MP) cameras, 4G LTE chip, and 1780mAh battery into a 7.1mm thick frame. It’s ultra-light, includes Gorilla Glass, a kevlar backing and splash coating for protection. This phone should impress anyone that picks it up on feel alone. The insides can match any phone on the planet with the outside outshining everyone.
  • Design:  One can make the argument that “Hardware” and “Design” sort of fall under the same category, but with Moto going with such a radical new design, we had to separate this one out. It’s a pretty drastic change from previous designs, yet it still holds some of Moto’s signatures like the rear hump. The side lock switch is very popular in this household along with the squared off edges and sharp angles. This phone is sure to “wow” your friends if you were to toss it on the table at your local pub.
  • MotoCast:  I’m a big fan of MotoCast. Once a 3rd party app called ZumoCast, Motorola has built the access-your-PC-anywhere software directly into their Blur custom skin. With MotoCast set up on any or all of your computers, you can access the files on them from directly within a variety of apps on your phone. Your music syncs into the stock music app, your photos in the gallery app, and your computer documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc. from the Files app. There are other players in this game that can be downloaded from the market, but when one works this seamlessly and has been built right in, why not use it? Motorola’s Blur skin might annoy us at times, but after using the RAZR, you can see that they are improving it immensely with each new build.


  • Camera:  It could very well be the same camera that was used in the Bionic and D3, but it acts a whole heck of a lot different. The beauty of software tweaks at its finest, right here. It’s 8MP and takes for the most part, pretty impressive shots for a smartphone camera. It’s not on the level of HTC cameras, but very few phones are these days. As you can see from the shots we took below, it should easily satisfy your on-the-go camera needs. And let’s not forget how much faster it is than those other phones – something we put on display for you in our unboxing video below.

  • Call Quality and Signal:  The Bionic that I have used for the last couple of months struggled at times to hold signal or at least return to service after losing one. The RAZR, seems to be working much better. I haven’t experienced any noticeable hand-off issues from 3G to 4G. It also does as good as any other LTE phone in the download speed department. Call quality almost doesn’t need to be mentioned since it’s a Motorola device, but we’ll say it anyway. This phone has impeccable call quality that you won’t find on many other handsets.
  • Easily Rooted:  If you are into the hacking game, then you’ll be happy to learn that the phone has already been rooted. Moto will likely patch the exploit in the next update, so if you buy this phone, jump on it immediately. Instructions here.
  • Smart Actions:  Moto built in a new app called Smart Actions that allows you to customize your phone to your life. It can adjust settings or launch apps depending on a lot of things including location or time of day. They sell it as an app that can help extend your battery life, but personally I have not found that it can other than by toggling on or off your WiFi which you can do yourself in less than a second. The idea that it can have your favorite news feed up and running the minute you wake up though, is convenient and worthwhile. Smart Actions are probably the future, and Moto is at the forefront. Here is a video tutorial on how to use it.


  • Accessories:  Motorola is proving that it is the king of accessories. With the purchase of a RAZR, you have the option to add on two different Lapdocks (the 100 or 500), two different HD docking stations, a webtop adapter, and a car mount. If you were looking to add on extras to a phone, the RAZR has plenty of choices.
  • 4G LTE:  We would knock the phone if it didn’t have LTE, so we should at least give it props for having it. With Verizon’s LTE coverage expanding by the minute, it won’t be long before you can all experience the world of blazingly fast mobile download speeds. Now, if only we can figure out a balance between mobile speeds and battery life.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Battery Life:  Saying that I have been frustrated with battery life on this phone is an understatement. After picking up a RAZR, I kept expecting to be impressed by battery life. I kept thinking that Motorola had come up with some magical trick to extend the life of this phone and was the reason they decided to go with a non-removable battery. I was so wrong. It’s just like any other LTE phone in that it crushes battery juice like Mark McGwire stuck needles circa 1998. And without the option to swap dead battery for good or use an extended one, this is a major downer. Smart Actions are not the answer. For me to get through an entire day (14-16 hours), I had to turn off 4G and GPS and toggle WiFi on. This may surprise you, but the Rezound and its smaller battery performed better than this phone.
  • Price:  Is any phone worth $299 on contract? Probably not, but we sure seem willing to pay it. While I’m not a fan of Verizon’s new 4G LTE pricing, I’m afraid it’s here to stay.
  • Non-HD Screen:  The HTC Rezound and Galaxy Nexus are both launching with the world’s first 720p HD screens. Motorola, to our knowledge, has a phone with a similar screen, but chose to release it in China instead. It’s not like the RAZR’s screen is a bad screen by any means – I actually enjoy it for the most part – it just seems like a step down from its two biggest competitors. We will probably see Moto’s first HD screen in 2-3 months, frustrating RAZR owners just like they are doing to Bionic owners.
  • Bloatware:  Verizon is coming around a bit on this front by allowing users to remove some bloatware, however, the VCAST app selection that is non-removable makes my teeth hurt. Thankfully, Blur now gives you the ability to hide apps from sight, making your phone less bloated.

  • Locked Bootloader:  Motorola told us that they would look into unlocking bootloaders by the end of 2011 where carriers permitted. That carrier part is the key here. When admitting on numerous occasions to this phone being as locked as all of their others, they pointed the finger directly at Verizon as being the reason why. We aren’t surprised that Big Red would ask them to keep this puppy locked up tight, but we still have to point out that this phone cannot be considered developer friendly. I’m sure the community will find some work-arounds as they have with all Moto phones, however, it’ll be a rough ride.
  • Lack of Ice Cream Sandwich:  It’s tough to knock the RAZR for not having Android 4.0 since Google released the source only a week ago, however, we still would have liked to see it. Motorola assures us that they will update phone as soon as possible and we’ll take their word for that. There hasn’t been an Android phone manufacturer to update their portfolio faster than Moto.
  • Lack of NFC:  NFC has been targeted as the future of sharing information between two pieces of technology. Motorola, for whatever reason, decided that it wasn’t important enough to include in the RAZR. Not many phone companies have other than Google – hopefully we’ll see a change in that stance here in the near future. If we all had NFC, the world woud be a better place. Or at least a more efficient one.


Unboxing and Quick Hands-on:

YouTube Preview Image

Software Tour:

YouTube Preview Image

Video Sample (1080p):

YouTube Preview Image

The Verdict:

Let’s be honest here, I’m a big fan of the DROID RAZR. This phone feels as polished as any Android phone to date. It’s ridiculously slim, weighs little-to-nothing, looks gorgeous and performs with the best of them. It has an upgraded screen over its predecessors, enhanced software in the camera, and 4G LTE connectivity. Motorola took what they had on the Bionic and upgraded or improved it in almost every conceivable way. Going into 2012, phones should use the build of this device as a benchmark to try and meet or beat.

With that said, we would have loved to have seen the HD screen that they included on the Chinese version of this phone, a better battery experience, and a more open approach to Android. With the Galaxy Nexus just around the corner, Motorola needed to knock this one out of the park in every imaginable way. They certainly came close, but we would advise you to wait a couple of weeks, get your hands on this, the Rezound and the Nexus for a bit before making a final decision. Verizon has three incredible phones right now, so it’s best to give them all a shot before pulling the trigger.

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Mr. Tim-o-tato contributed to this post.

  • Richard

    Had 5 of these and all of which have broken. Worst phone ever!!!!!!

  • Chris

    And also my phone has the super AMOLED HD SCREEN.

  • Chris

    I bought my Droid razor twoo Weeks after it frist came out and mine did have nfc I had to spend 75 bucks for the ear peaces on sale but well worth my money the phone and ear peaces is the best I ever had

  • Alonso Carvajal

    Sorry for my bad English, what does a bezel mean?

  • Shiftaw

    got the razr less than a week ago…in general great phone…style may not be for all but I like it…however most of the reviews regarding battery life seem to be true…hoping further configuration will help…wanted to know whether anyone else has felt that the phone operates really hot…not sure whether the silicon case I put on it has anything to do with the heat..

  • Should I upgrade to this in March, or look for something else? (I have the DROID BIONIC.)

    • SKAV3NG3R

      Look for somethinv else. The way phones are getting put out it wouldnt be a good look to pick up this phone that far down the line. I say, wait it out. I say, something better will come along by then. I say, if after do the other things i say, you still want it and you think it will make you happy get it.

      I hope that sums it up.

  • Ycare

    Keep all your crap ware , hidden, dressed up, or whatever,,crap is crap JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DISABLE DOESN’T MEAN IT”S NOT CRAPWARE USING MY RESOURCES !!
    Nazi veriazon can cra,m all that crapware down anyone’s throat who puts up with their crapware choke hold..ME? I’ll buy a Straight Talk FIRST !!

  • Magmoss3

    bought my razr at costco on 11/26 for $199…received a package deal (dock, extra charger, extra “battery”) and also got a $200 costco card.  WIN.

  • Dpry3580

    The Razr is by far the best Droid experience yet. I got it at Costco (90 day return) so I could check out the nexus just in case, NO CHANCE. The Razr is a MUCH better device, period. I’ve had 5 droids now, and 4 tabs, this one, along with this lapdock500, will keep me happy for a long time. The design, as this review states, is pretty much perfect, and should stand as a benchmark for future phones. If you want a screen 4.6″+, and a cheap plastic feel, (GN) better opt for that insurance.
    Anyone still shopping new droids in this price range, get the Razr.
    Best choice you could make.
    By the way, how often do you removed your battery, except to get at you SD card? Oh, and when non-Moto phones FREEZE.

    I don’t have to power down, and remove the battery.

    And the Razr’s actually tough enough to through at a Nexus owner (only in self defense of course) without shattering like the Nexus would!

  • Jclark3208

    got a razr 3 days after it came out. Its my first smartphone. Actually went into the verizon store to cancel my service. That all changed when i started playing around with the razr. Super user friendly. Even for a good ole boy like myself. Love the look of phone. Defenately a guy phone. Bought an otter box for it, but i hardly use it. Its a shame to cover it up. Can’t believe how fast it is. Only bad thing i could say about it is the sticker shock! $300 is a lot for phone, but truely it is so much more than a phone. Very happy with the razr.

  • Guest

    > After picking up a RAZR, I kept expecting to be impressed by battery life

    Huh?  So you think the batteries get MORE power, and LONGER lasting when they get SMALLER and THINNER?

  • ZaChYmO

    Razr all the way! Slim-good low batt- mmm updates help, hack it and your phone batt will run longer.. has HDMI-good and everything else a plus!. Gal-Nex camera’s WEAK! No removable Memory! and goes on. Come on weeks to come Moto Razr will be King promise. I wont even mention Rezound its been left behind. I have a TB w/ ICS-MIUI by The great Vicious reason why I might stick with it longer B4 I go for White Razr! ;D

  • Drayphly

    This phone is ugly.   Motorola’s design is really weak lately.   I used to know some of their designers back in the 90’s and the design was sooooo much better then.   Its sad that Americans are designing this crap, Koreans and Taiwanese are making better designs than Americans…. WTF!!??

  • Anonymous

    After waiting for what seems like an eternity, I chose to go ahead and order this bad boy. Although the Nexus seemed like it was going to be my next device, there were two major features that it lacks and that ultimately swayed me the other way. Aside from the excellent construction that MOTO offers, a lack of USB support and MicroSD support ultimately lost my interest for the Nexus. While this may not be a big deal to some, these are two features that I simply cannot live without. I will monitor DL closely to ensure that I am not left out in the cold if an HD version pops up before Januray 9th, but other than that, I am pretty resolute with this new dude.

  • Jesus Lopez

    Motorola has released the Droid Razr at a perfect time,
    especially with the new Android update to version 4.0 being released soon. I
    love that this phone has a dual core processor and a super AMOLED screen, which
    makes it perfect for streaming media. That is why I know the Droid Razr will go
    great with my employee Sling adapter from DISH Network. With the Sling adapter,
    I can stream live and recorded TV to my Android device everywhere I have 3G
    coverage or Wi-Fi. I have made a huge library of DVR movies on my receiver and
    now I can access them no matter where I happen to be. Also, when you sign up
    for DISH, the Sling adapter is free so why wouldn’t you get it?

  • KLM

    I bought this phone and love it. I considered the nexus, but the hardware specs won me over, plus the phone is Android 4 ready. Once the nexus is released, the os upgrade will come soon after.

  • Bigdaddyellison

    One thing to point out on the battery life, the battery gets crushed only when you are pulling a ton of data.  I use my phone for work and in a normal day when I jut use it for e-mail (about 300 per day), phone calls, and basic web usage, I get the same battery life as I did on my OG with a new battery.  I have the unlimited plan still so on weekends I hit Netflix and that does kill the battery.  I can go 16 hours between charges during work days, but when I watch a movie, i get about 2 hours.  It’s all in how you use it.  

  • When reviewing a phone with unacceptable battery life, reviewers should mention this issue up front, so serious phone users can skip the rest of the review.

  • romeo_81

    I like turtles

  • Joert

    What is it exactly that Moto has against putting the charge port on the bottom??

    • Marcus Schoen

      USB is to thick. They stuck it on the top because thats where they can put the largest electronics, in the hump.

  • SleazyE

    I just got the Razr a couple weeks ago and I have had zerin o problems with it. I think it is thin enough to be revolutionary but not so thin that it feels flimsy. The battery life does leave something to be desired but ill give moto the benefit of the doubt and wait for ICS. The super amoled screen is crisp and makes for gorgeous images. I work at Verizon and know plenty of people with CryPhones and most of them are looking for any possible way to get their hands on the Razr.

  • Anonymous

    The best review of the year. You did a great job as usual Kellex 🙂

  • those pics taken with with razr look real good


      agree…it look crisp

  • Did anyone see that Costco has a bundle deal? HD Dock and external battery, plus HDMI cable. Also screen protectors, case and car charger. http://membershipwireless.com/index.cfm/go/shop/do/PhoneDetails/productId/4877/utm_source/internal/utm_medium/banner1h/utm_campaign/RAZR

  • Anonymous

    I see Kellen found the protest for the release of the Gnex!

  • Anonymous

    Functionality wise what exactly does ICS give you 2.3 doesn’t? Face unlock? Meh…
    No doubt the cosmetics and overall experience and polish look awesome and desirable but I’d have a hard time coming up with a list of what someone is missing from Android whose currently running 2.3.4+

    Because of that waiting probably seems easier

    • PowerofPicture

      Hardware acceleration.

  • Penis

    I was torn between Nexus and RAZR – but not anymore.  Bought my RAZR yesterday and it’s a beautiful device.  Coming from a Thunderbolt, which I also loved save for the crappy battery life.

  • Anonymous

    Props for a fair review..im not sure you can go wrong with any of the new phones available…great to see Verizon finally giving it’s customers some of the best devices around

  • Anonymous

    “This may surprise you, but the Rezound and its smaller battery performed better than this phone.”
    Completely shocked!!!  Everyone had the Rezound pegged as the worst out of the 3 when it came to the battery.  Wouldn’t it be funny if the Rezound beats out all 3 once Nexus shows it’s pretty face.  

  • Cody

    Ok so I currently have the Droid Razr. Im giving it a test drive & is considering a switch for the Rezound. Who thinks this would be a good idea? Don’t get me wrong I really like the Razr, but the thought of havin ICS right around the corner really makes me want the Rezound even more. Not to mention it has one of the best screens out there, Beats by Dre, 1.5 Snapdragon processor. I dunno decisions are tough… any advice???

    • Anonymous

      The snapdragon is inferior to the OMAP 4430 and 4460 and I can guarantee you that the RAZR and probably even the Bionic will see ICS far before the Rezound. HTC is just now rolling out GB to their phones and I’m sure that it will take awhile for them to ruin ICS with Sense and release it.  

    • Alexander Garcia

      i’ve played with both the Rezound and the RAZR for a fair lenghty time each and they both have their ups and downs. they’re both awesome devices in their own rights, but i would definitely choose the RAZE for myself. the only thins that bug me about the RAZR is the width of it which i could get used to. the thing is just monstrously wide considering its “meager” 4.3 inch display. now the Rezound has the BEATS Audio and that beatifully awesome display which i find much more beautiful than the iPhone4(S) but it is just sooo laggy as hell considering its chipset clock speed. there is no excuse fo such lag on a device like this! damn you SENSE! LOL. and the Rezound is just sooo bulky fat! i mean c’mon now! we’ve got the G-Nex and the RAZR both slimmed under 10 mm each and the Rezound is a whopping 14 mm!!! SMH… anywho… hope this helps. 🙂

  • Turd_Ferguson

    Still at work moderate use all day nothing too heavy but definitely hasnt been sitting on my desk unused today and i am at 50% 12H 58m 45s

    • Anonymous


  • I’m looking forward to trying this phone out for myself soon. Just waiting for the Gnex to drop so i can try them out side by side. I love Moto’s build quality and the Razr is one hot looking phone. The Gnex is sexy as hell and has that sweet ICS i’ve been craving, what to do hmmm….

  • Granted

    Why the hell are all of those people wearing face masks?! I thought you lived in Portland, that looks like what people wear in certain Asian countries. Very damn weird, maybe Portland smells like shit.

    • Anonymous

      It’s an occupy Portland protest.  Some protesters wear face masks so they can’t be identified.

    • iHateBigotedLeftyFascists

      Fascists always wear face masks. This way they won’t be identified when they go to work in the obama cabinet.

  • Anonymous

    Battery life such a subjective thing. Did the reviewer have the screen on auto-brightness, full, mid, low, etc? Was he consistently using the phone as a watch thus frequently hitting the power button on and off? Is the service in that area bad? Personally, I found myself getting amazing battery life on 3G, like a full day and half, while when switched to 4G my battery life lasted about 12-14 hours.

    The 4G usage involved perhaps like 50 texts throughout the day, push email on and receiving 10 or so, using the phone as watch and checking the time multiple times throughout the day, checking Facebook and posting at least 40 times (refreshing the feed, posting comments, etc.) and checking Pulse like ten or so times day and reading multiple articles. This, combined with a screen manually set to a little over 50% brightness, netted me the 12-14 hours on 4G service before it was down in the single digit battery life number. So yeah, that’s what I got.

    I have to give props where props are due, however, in regards to the Rezound. Today I did roughly the same amount of usage on it plus played a couple YouTube videos, two episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix and took like six or so calls amounting to about 15 total minutes of talk time and it’s at around 30 percent battery right now. I took it off the charger at 9AM today, screen set to half brightness. That’s saying something. 

  • Anonymous

    As I mentioned earlier. I have mine and all of the free goodies.

  • Does anyone know what the prerequisites were for the $0.01 deal through amazon?

    • Anonymous

      new customers not upgrades.

  • ghost

    Are you by any chance running Screebl on the Razr?  If so, it has known incompatibility and increases drain on the battery massively.  I get over 24 hours light to moderate use on 4G without Screebl installed.  With it on, I was getting 50% drain in 3 hours.  This is just to let other users know as well.

  • Anonymous

    Three important facts about this fone:  

    Non removable battery
    Non removable battery
    Non removable battery

    And did I mention 4G sucking your non removable battery dry? 

    It’s a non-starter, dead in the water, not a contender.

  • Best part of the review was the Occupy Portland video hahaha

    • TheseLosersAllHaveTrustFunds

      How did it compare to your “occupy” rally? Fascists.

  • Eric Kwan

    I really think the con of bloatware shouldn’t be downplayed. For me, this is THE issue that ruined my Droid X (I cannot ever get Gingerbread because I removed the pre-loaded, crappy Swype and updated it to the real one) and destroyed my impression of the entire Droid brand. Being able to hide the bloat means absolutely nothing because the crap is still there and still stopping you from getting proper updates and replacements.

  • nice review. i will pass. but i do like how it feels in your hand. sturdy.

  • KevinC

    the fact that motorola has to build a feature into blur to allow you to hide the software they force on you is a pretty major f’up.

    how about just allowing you to uninstall whatever is on there?

    • Dominick DeVito

      I’d blame Verizon for (most of) the bloatware, not Motorola. At least they allow you to hide it – it’s a start.

      Android 4.0+ allows you to stop any 3rd party app so this will (hopefully) be a non-issue soon

  • I looked at them both side by side last night and thought the Rezound’s screen was light years beyond the Razr (which I went in expecting to get based on a multitude of similar reviews).  I walked out with the Rezound and an extended battery, as did my wife.  Maybe it’s just because I’m coming from an OG Droid, but my only complaint thus far is the inability to remove the bloatware and permanently root my phone, which I know is only a matter of time.  As soon as root becomes available to the Rezound (which kicks ass in it’s CURRENT Sense configuration) and I’m able to install vanilla ICS on it, every plus given to the Razr here disappears.  I know the GPU is better in the Razr (and the Nexus, which is still only $35 away from consideration), but I played the reigning graphical pushing champ Shadowgun today and detected no hitches (aside from the dismal controls).  Besides… I have a GTX560ti in my PC and a PS3… I’ll probably stick to games like Angry Birds, solitaire, and Tetris on my phone.   It came down to what I’m going to use it for.  Screen, fast internet, unlimited data, and a battery that will last all day with heavy use (thinness is an arbitrary “plus”).  Rezound wins.

    • You can temp root the Rezound and “Freeze” the bloatware with Titanium backup. It removes them from view and from running, it is a decent stopgap solution. 
      See: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1352618

    • Anonymous

      When a phone is as thick as the Rezound, thinness is hardly arbitrary. The screen is one thing, but a tiny stock battery and Sense are enough to keep me away from this phone. That and Beats is a blight digital music that should be avoided at all costs. Artificially boosted bass and ruined range? Thanks but no thanks.   

  • Dominick DeVito

    How does Motorola get away with saying this phone is only 7.1mm thick when it has that hump on top? So what if that’s its thinnest point? That doesn’t make it 7.1mm all the way around the device.

    • Kierra

      If you have seen the phone in person you would know the hump really isnt that much bigger at all.

      But sure I guess I see your point

      • Dominick DeVito

        I did see it first hand, for a few hours actually. I really love the device, but it’s not really true to say it’s only 7.1mm thick when (in theory) they shoved all the big parts into its hump.

        But yes I do agree with you it isn’t big at all.

        • tjmonkey15

          I agree and think it’s misleading.

    • Anonymous

      Well over 90% of the phone is 7.1mm thin.. I don’t think that hump is to relevant at all.. 

  • Dominick DeVito

    I played with a co-worker’s Razr for a few hours last week, it certainly is a top notch device. I just think the non-removable battery was too bold a move and wish it had an HD screen.

    But it sure is a beauty, VERY tempting.

  • I find it ironic this review claims that the razr is snappy, then compares it to the s2, yet everyone who i know has the s2 and i let them play with the rezound, hands down picks the rezound and then say “it’s faster, and i like the things sense have” …….. 

    • Anonymous

      They’re lying, even this over clocked S3 isn’t enough to run Sense smoothly. 

  • Anonymous

    i have this phone and no matter how hard i try and look and no matter how close i get i can not see the pixelation that you get in these pictures, maybe a little on very thin white lines but the green battery bar is not washed out like you make it out to be. The smart actions if used correctly can get you through a full day not to mention being extremely helpful when i forget to do things.

    • Anonymous

      I can see the PenTile dot pattern just looking at it in the store at a normal distance.  What phones have you owned previously?  If you’re used to something with a really good screen like the OG Droid, iPhone 4/4S etc it’s probably a lot easier to see it.

      • Dominick DeVito

        I find the battery icon to be the easiest way to see it. 

    • Turd_Ferguson

      Look at something orange it sticks out like a sore thumb. I.e. The battery meter below 30%

  • Chris420o

    This is easily the best cell phone ive ever used…i am just rocking it until the nexus comes out but ima be homest its gonna be reaaaalllyyy hard to give up this phone…fits so well in the pocket feels so good in hand performance is top notch…screen is great moto haters lookimg for things to complain about need to get laid bc the arguments are stupid…yes bat life is lacking but comimg from an og that lsted 4hours and a bionic this phone last long enough…also if the “bezel” is too wide for you ypu mpst likely need extend pills…and if you can hold a htc phone in your hand with gimicky ram consuming slow fagazy sense then your not man sense is the furthest thing from pure Android and im pretty sure its made for women

  • Anonymous

    The Razr is the best phone on Verizon now IMO. This coming from a person that use to hate Moto with a passion, and that loves HTC. In full 4g my girl got 16hrs batt yesterday on the Razr and the screen looks good to me. I feel embarrassed kind of for hating on the pentile so much a couple months back, because it isnt that bad. Bootloader is a pain though. Rezound is a dope phone too from what I gather but lags a bit to me.

    We will see how the GNex is when it comes out, before I deem the Razr the best. I hate Samsung a lot, but I will keep an open mind. The Razr and even the Rezound will be hard to beat though. Bloatware and vanilla shouldn’t be a deciding factor on these phones as they are not really a major problem in terms of slowing a phone down with such high hardware specs, plus rooting and debloating takes all of 15mins these days.

  • Ninjamaster

    For me, it’s either this phone or the GNex.  I’m going to probably own both of them over the next month or so, but I swear to God himself that if ICS isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and my new Razr/GNex is STILL plagued by the various problems that have ALWAYS plagued android phones (instability, bad battery life, market not working correctly, gmail not syncing regularly, etc. etc. etc.), I’m afraid I’m going to have to buy…*GASP*…an iPhone 4S….it’s an extremely sad thing to say, but dammit I just want a phone that WORKS…is that too much to ask for from Google?