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NVIDIA’s Jen-Hsun Huang Expects Tegra 3 Tablets Will Drop To $299 In “A Couple Quarters”

In a recent conversation with tech journalists, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stated that he could see Tegra 3 devices going for as little as $299 in the upcoming quarters.  That is a mighty claim given that most of the second generation tablets we will be seeing such as the Transformer Prime will run a Tegra 3 processor.  He does not go into specifics for which tablets, but we know that not all super high end tablets will drop to $299.  That doesn’t seem logical.

Since Amazon and Barnes & Nobel tablets are modestly priced and successful, other tablet manufacturers may need to start thinking more realistically price-wise with what consumers want.  So should we be waiting for this price drop before we buy our next tablets?  Is saving $300 more or less worth waiting on a tablet?  Most people would say, “yes.”

Via: Engadget

  • EC8CH

    So how does the guy who supplies parts to Tablet manufactures know how his customer is going to price their products 6 months from now?

    Here’s to hoping he’s right!

  • gimlet72

    You always pay more for new technology. Obviously there will be a price drop in the 3rd quarter on Tegra 3 tables as the tech will be older. 

  • Anonymous

    Tablets fit within the realm that is somewhere between worthless and useable.

  • Guest

    I think it’s more important that we begin to see this price drop on smartphones.  If prices are as low as $200-300 why aren’t we seeing this for smartphones that are priced at $600-800 unsubsidized?  People are equally likely to want to upgrade their phone as much as they want to upgrade their tablets.

    • Vinnie

      Very True… If they are selling tablets with specs that are as good if not better than the phones that are coming out, how are the phones still double the price?

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In this economy, no wonder Barnes and Noble and Amazon are making a profit with lowering their prices and making their tablets affordable.

    I think Moto and Nvidia and other OEM’s are seeing how smart the consumer is, in their shopping habits and NOT biting for that outrageous price tag.  Sales are a little slow with the Xoom and other tablets that have that high price tag.

    Most consumers are saving their cash for what they really need.

  • Tablet prices are so bloated its ridiculous…yes…they need to go down..

  • Anonymous

    I’d just be happy for the Transformer Prime to drop down to $399.  It wouldn’t have to drop all the way down to $299.  Although I must admit $399 still seems high as you can get a full blown laptop for that much, but it’s better than $499. 

  • I will probably wait, since I bought the original Transformer for $399. But then again I still have my OG Droid.

  • Nah if I want something I buy it thats why verizon needs to hurry up with this gnex and asus with this Transformer prime.

  • mm777

    i am saving $300 to buy a phone next month. why not you?

  • Good job of letting your partners out to dry.