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Galaxy Nexus Storage Size Returns to 32GB, World Exhales

Does anyone else get the feeling that Google is just messing with us at this point? First the Galaxy Nexus specs said both 16GB and 32GB for storage size, then it dropped to just 16GB causing the entire DL community to stop breathing momentarily, and now it only says 32GB. While we’ll take the bigger storage size any day of the week, this whole situation has become so incredibly silly. It’s not like we were actually worried that it might only come with 16GB as Verizon documents have clearly shown the bigger size from day one, we just likes things to be set in stone in front of our faces.

So, we’ve squashed the Flash and storage issues. By the time Verizon decides to approve this puppy once and for all, it may actually be flawless.

Via:  Google

Cheers Robert, Liderc and Greg!

  • Bob

    I wake up every day now thinking…is today the day?  Sadly, no.

  • Anonymous


  • Kellex, if I may inquire, what “world” are you speaking of there?

  • At least it is pretty safe to say that people who have the ability to effect change on issues like this DO indeed read these Android related websites.  The probably even read the comments depending on how bored they are :O

  • Anonymous


  • Kurt5153

    32gb is nice but I think that lack of a micro SD is a failure, I have a 32gb micro SD n its full so I’m gonna have to cut my video n pics way down! I don’t like it not one bit …

  • Duck Dodgers

    Hehe, Data hoarders are funny…

  • Anonymous


  • vincent scala

    i just ordered the rezound to hold me till i get the GN 

  • Joshua Dudash

    Thank god, I was starting to look for alternatives.

  • I’m really having a hard time on deciding what to do. I’ve had the RAZR for a week now and I love it. The width of it is really the only put off for me. Knowing the GNex is not much smaller why even bother returning the RAZR? Someone decide for me! hahaha


      so far i love my razr… keep it

    • You do have until January to decide. Go try the Nexus when it comes out at the store and if you like what you see change it. If not stay with the RAZR. Many people are complaining about the 5MP camera and sure I wish it was 8MP, but luckily I have a DLSR if I need to take pro shots. My thing is I rather have a phone that will have the latest and greatest Android software when it comes out instead of waiting 3 to 6 months for Motorola to get off their hides to do something about updating their phones.

      • Problem is, I’ve had my RAZR since 11/11. I’ve only got until Black Friday to decide. :o/

        • Yeah that blows. I just see now that you would have had to purchase the phone on the 15th in order for you to be eligible.


          If you are happy with the RAZR, I would keep it. I just don’t like the locked down bootloader. I have an OG Droid and luckily it was the first and only unlocked bootloader phone from Motorola. I’m up for a new phone and this is it for me.

          CPU, Screen, NFC, Barometer and of course, no locked down bootloader to me make it worth going with the Nexus.

          • The screen on the GNex is what’s tempting me. The bootloader isn’t something I’m worried about because, well, I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with that anyway. (Although I’m sure I could learn easily!) I already gave my brother my Charge so I would be without a phone if I returned it. If I decide to go with the GNex I’ll have to dig up an old flip phone! 

  • Anonymous

    Close one.  :: wipes sweat off brow and throws up hand for a high 5…:: any takers?

    • Right here. Just wash them though. I don’t want to know what you were doing before hand.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Freaking HELL YEAH!!

    Seriously, Kellex, when you wrote a post about the fact that we’ll(the US) only be getting the 16GB version of the Galaxy Nexus, I was like… “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!“. I didn’t get the Bionic, which I really wanted, but glad I didn’t because I knew I was FOR absolute SURE going to be getting the Galaxy Nexus, but honestly, 16gb with no removable storage would have been a major let down.

    BUT, now that the 32gb version is back(hopefully, fingers crossed!), well…that is a complete sign of relief. My plan to get the Galaxy Nexus is back on, folks!!

  • Ravnos CC

    one word, RGBW 😛

  • Anthonyg80

    The work is falling apart, and all we think is about this damn phone!

    • Anthonyg80


  • This is like the Thunderbolt mess all over again!  I hope the phone is better this time… 

  • Patrick Da Silva
    • Mps623

      lets see what happens

    • dblj

      hmm, interesting…

    • matt3118

      So $300, but for what memory size? Anyone know?

      • 32GB internal storage. 1GB RAM.

        • matt3118

          I hope you’re right, that would be awesome!

    • Bryan Williams

      $700 full retail.  Interesting.

  • Google is trolling hard.  It’s probably two guys in the web team betting each other who can get the most outraged comments on the tech blogs with their sudden changes to specs on this thing.  “Hey Bob, watch this!”