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Galaxy Nexus Storage Size Returns to 32GB, World Exhales

Does anyone else get the feeling that Google is just messing with us at this point? First the Galaxy Nexus specs said both 16GB and 32GB for storage size, then it dropped to just 16GB causing the entire DL community to stop breathing momentarily, and now it only says 32GB. While we’ll take the bigger storage size any day of the week, this whole situation has become so incredibly silly. It’s not like we were actually worried that it might only come with 16GB as Verizon documents have clearly shown the bigger size from day one, we just likes things to be set in stone in front of our faces.

So, we’ve squashed the Flash and storage issues. By the time Verizon decides to approve this puppy once and for all, it may actually be flawless.

Via:  Google

Cheers Robert, Liderc and Greg!

  • Bob

    I wake up every day now thinking…is today the day?  Sadly, no.

  • Anonymous


  • Kellex, if I may inquire, what “world” are you speaking of there?

  • At least it is pretty safe to say that people who have the ability to effect change on issues like this DO indeed read these Android related websites.  The probably even read the comments depending on how bored they are :O

  • Anonymous


  • Kurt5153

    32gb is nice but I think that lack of a micro SD is a failure, I have a 32gb micro SD n its full so I’m gonna have to cut my video n pics way down! I don’t like it not one bit …

  • Duck Dodgers

    Hehe, Data hoarders are funny…

  • Anonymous


  • vincent scala

    i just ordered the rezound to hold me till i get the GN 

  • Joshua Dudash

    Thank god, I was starting to look for alternatives.

  • I’m really having a hard time on deciding what to do. I’ve had the RAZR for a week now and I love it. The width of it is really the only put off for me. Knowing the GNex is not much smaller why even bother returning the RAZR? Someone decide for me! hahaha


      so far i love my razr… keep it

    • You do have until January to decide. Go try the Nexus when it comes out at the store and if you like what you see change it. If not stay with the RAZR. Many people are complaining about the 5MP camera and sure I wish it was 8MP, but luckily I have a DLSR if I need to take pro shots. My thing is I rather have a phone that will have the latest and greatest Android software when it comes out instead of waiting 3 to 6 months for Motorola to get off their hides to do something about updating their phones.

      • Problem is, I’ve had my RAZR since 11/11. I’ve only got until Black Friday to decide. :o/

        • Yeah that blows. I just see now that you would have had to purchase the phone on the 15th in order for you to be eligible.


          If you are happy with the RAZR, I would keep it. I just don’t like the locked down bootloader. I have an OG Droid and luckily it was the first and only unlocked bootloader phone from Motorola. I’m up for a new phone and this is it for me.

          CPU, Screen, NFC, Barometer and of course, no locked down bootloader to me make it worth going with the Nexus.

          • The screen on the GNex is what’s tempting me. The bootloader isn’t something I’m worried about because, well, I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with that anyway. (Although I’m sure I could learn easily!) I already gave my brother my Charge so I would be without a phone if I returned it. If I decide to go with the GNex I’ll have to dig up an old flip phone! 

  • Anonymous

    Close one.  :: wipes sweat off brow and throws up hand for a high 5…:: any takers?

    • Right here. Just wash them though. I don’t want to know what you were doing before hand.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Freaking HELL YEAH!!

    Seriously, Kellex, when you wrote a post about the fact that we’ll(the US) only be getting the 16GB version of the Galaxy Nexus, I was like… “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!“. I didn’t get the Bionic, which I really wanted, but glad I didn’t because I knew I was FOR absolute SURE going to be getting the Galaxy Nexus, but honestly, 16gb with no removable storage would have been a major let down.

    BUT, now that the 32gb version is back(hopefully, fingers crossed!), well…that is a complete sign of relief. My plan to get the Galaxy Nexus is back on, folks!!

  • Ravnos CC

    one word, RGBW 😛

  • Anthonyg80

    The work is falling apart, and all we think is about this damn phone!

    • Anthonyg80


  • This is like the Thunderbolt mess all over again!  I hope the phone is better this time… 

  • Patrick Da Silva
    • Mps623

      lets see what happens

    • dblj

      hmm, interesting…

    • matt3118

      So $300, but for what memory size? Anyone know?

      • 32GB internal storage. 1GB RAM.

        • matt3118

          I hope you’re right, that would be awesome!

    • Bryan Williams

      $700 full retail.  Interesting.

  • Google is trolling hard.  It’s probably two guys in the web team betting each other who can get the most outraged comments on the tech blogs with their sudden changes to specs on this thing.  “Hey Bob, watch this!”

  • Does anyone else figure that Google will finish off the full release of Jellybean before the Galaxy Nexus is going to be released?  Or will Cyanogenmod finish up a fully working ICS build before the ‘official’ / first / Nexus device is even released?  Anyone else want to bet that Verizon NEVER gets another Nexus device in history?  (Assuming the hold up is actually Verizon… but it seems like a safe bet.)

  • These past few week have felt like a few months :'( … and december 8 feels like an eternity away *sob* ; First World Problems. 

  • xxdesmus

    yeah, let’s go Verizon. Yeesh.

  • nxusnow

    Why can’t they get the specs right? Also, Best Buy has an ad out calling it the Nexus Prime?

  • Anonymous

    ive always thought that google intentionally put 16GB on the site just to keep all the tech sites talking about the G-Nex..

  • Mark Slomski

    I’ll tweet bomb their a** then they’ll see who’s boss. I’d rather switch to T Fing – Moblie. You hear that verizon T Fing – Mobile. I’m still laughing at that video hours later thats the best ive seen in a looonnnggg time. 

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the USB connectivity, will this device still have any issues with a mac?  I was reading that the Nexus is using a Windows protocol.

    • Gregokent

      MTP started as a Windows protocol, but has since become a USB standard, it just hasn’t been implemented as well elsewhere.

      This is recommended for use on mac -> http://www.android.com/filetransfer/

  • Drkbrowne

    Is this phone a global phone?

    • Anonymous

      Yea it’s global. It’s been everywhere except the states.

      • Drkbrowne

        Thank you, i want to make sure my next phone will work anywhere in the world.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry bro, just crackin a joke. It’s not a global phone.

  • Anonymous

    but but but the naysayers swore they were right, even though we had photographic evidence of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus screen showing 32GB internal!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    the more they “mess with us” the more I feel like just waiting until early 2012 for a more battery friendly, faster, less CPU intensive Tegra 3 phone and Google & Samsung can F off

  • Anonymous

    The only problem I see is it’s still a shitty samsung. Did google fix that yet?

    • Azndan4

      I haven’t used the fascinate so I can’t comment on that, but the Galaxy S 1, Infuse, and Galaxy S II have all seemed like great phones to me.  What are you comparing it to anyways, the RAZR?  RAZR is garbage (non removable battery, locked bootloader, too wide), Rezound?  Rezound is garbage as well (tiny battery, locked bootloader, too heavy).  Sorry dude, I think GNEX is still the best phone that hopefully will be on Verizon before the end of the year.

      • Anonymous

        You obviously haven’t used the razr or rezound. Both phones perform well. I have used the fascinate, captivate and charge. All have had serious issues for me/my friends. The GNex could turn out to he one of Samsungs 2 out of 10 good phones, no one knows. But its not necessary to bash the razr or rezound…both are excellent. My girl has the razr, no issues at all. I use to hate moto with a passion but their phones have come a long way. Also HTC is no 2 in customer satisfaction and has only one kind of bad phone one their plate.

        • Anonymous

          I’m ‘renting’ the RAZR until the G-Nex comes out, and I can tell you there is NO reason to bash the RAZR. It’s a great phone. And honestly, isn’t the G-Nex going to be just as wide (if not wider?)

          I do agree, however, that having no extra battery options is a problem, as the 4G is a major drain on it. No need to bash the other 2 though, they are great phones

      • Anonymous

        Not comparing it to anything. But, Samsung Fascinate was not so fascinating. And if the Prime, I mean Nexus, I mean no flash, I mean flash, runaway volume, no mass storage, wait, mass storage, it’s coming out, it’s not coming out, some how manages to overcome all of this, it’s still a flash in pan Samsung.

        And everyone in the whole world knows about Samsung’s infamous fail to lock GPS problems. Google it bro, you know you want to…..

        • TigerPaw

          Nazzi, great post. ROLF, I feel your pain. My Captivate wasn’t so captivating either.

        • John Pisano

          Yup, thats why I have people coming in with Droid Xs that their GPS won’t lock on no matter what… btw guess what, my Charge gets a lock on about 10 sattelites in about 10 seconds. That’s not horrible GPS performance if you ask me. I work at VZW and see the issues people come in with, Motorola’s GB builds are buggy as shit, they shouldn’t have even come out with them in the first place until they were fixed. Like the nice issue where pressing the spacebar the keyboard closes, or was that “intended functionality”

          point is ALL manufacturers have their issues, some phones have em others don’t. If someone prefers Samsung over Motorola than who cares? Does your phone suddenly suck more because someone online said they don’t like it? It’s a phone! If it works for you good for you, if it don’t move on and get another.

      • TigerPaw

        My mileage varies. Galaxy S “1” is not good. I’m going for my 5th handset in a little over a year (I will always get the extended, expanded, supersized warranty. It’s paid for itself and then some.) because of forced shutoffs, shorted out Search buttons, and more. And don’t get me started about the the bad GPS on all of the handsets, which Samsung ignores as an issue. In fact, my mileage has been so bad that the Samsung label is the worst part of the Galaxy Nexus IMHO.

  • Anonymous

    This is like the never ending story. That Amazon deal is staring me in the face. 1¢ rezound vs $300 nexus (yes, I have to add another line which I wanted anyway).

  • Zeadaplaya

    Glad to hear the storage space is back to 32GB and the new usb thing is the exact same as mass storage device.

    • Anonymous

      It never changed from 32… just a mistake on the spec sheet.  But it took long enough to get it corrected with all the hollering from everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe some of you should get off of verizon so you can get the GSM version of phones you can not wait for. I just got my HSPA+ version of the G-Nex and loving it so far.

    So much for a Verizom exclusive…

    Also have Koush’s Nexus S ICS ROM running on the little brother of G-Nex 🙂

    • Anonymous

      If I didn’t have 5 lines on Verizon I would have considered this. 

    • FSFer

      I would love to have a GS2 skyrocket, with unlocked bootloader.

      But AT&T and t-mob absolutely stink in my area.

      • Anonymous

        Same here. I live in northwestern Wisconsin. Very rural out here. If you want coverage outside of the Eau Claire, WI, area you need to have Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve tried getting off VZW several times in the past, but I have to go 2+ miles from my place before I get a signal with TMO or ATT (never tried Sprint).  And this is in the Washington, DC suburbs (less than 20 miles outside the city).

  • Release day for U.S. is December 8th…hold me to that.

    • Anonymous

      I could care less about that…. I would rather hold you to tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    The volume thing worries me a lot more than this crap – that could cause a recall and serious delay.

    • Anonymous

      Software update…. no big deal.

      • Anonymous

        There’s a story here suggesting it’s hardware related.

        • Anonymous

          Not suggesting that it is, suggesting that it is possible…..  It is all speculation. Besides you don’t have 2g do you.. 🙂 since that is where the problem is.

    • Its only if you in 2g, so move 🙂

  • Greg Williams
  • Anonymous

    As we knew it never really changed… just a mistake on the spec sheet.

    But at the moment I am a bit upset with Matias Duarte for saying this was releasing in November.  I thought he would have known….

  • Joejoe509

    Whew! SO glad!

  • EC8CH

    It said 16 & 32 MB at first right…

    I bet someone just deleted the wrong size by mistake the first time… oops!

    • Anonymous

      I agree

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly what I’m thinking happened.

  • Spoken Word™

    I love watching all this angst with every major Android phone release. Ya’ll need to relax. It’ll get here when it gets here and we’ll all get one and enjoy it until the next “must have” phone is released. I’m on my 8th Android phone in 2 years. I’m addicted!

    • Clevelandrocks

      And I thought I was crazy with phones!

      • Anonymous

        Yea i am on my 4th. I thought i had a problem. We are making those greedy phone manufacturers rich!

  • Anonymous

    is it out yet?

    • davetheAndroid

      Right now, I know that next season, I will be sitting in Angel Stadium (as they demolish the red sox!) taking some excellent pics and video of the game on the G-Nex. 

  • I can sense it! There won’t be any more bad news after this! This was definitely the last thing that will be questionable about this device. Now VZW will release it on Friday with great fanfare and we will all be saved in the glorious GN rapture! 



  • John

    damn skippy

  • Bewara2009

    Now those problems ate solved….can they solve the release date now…

    • Anonymous

      Whoa, hold on there God only worked for about 7 days, and your asking Verizon for a release date???  Man, are you asking for a lot lol

      • Anonymous

        Technically speaking, God worked for 6 days. He rested on the 7th.

        • Anonymous

          Amen Brother lol 🙂

  • Interpol818

    Can we make it 64gb.

    • Anonymous


    • JDizzle

      No…Apple will sue!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Goog is messing with us.

  • Tachomanbiiiii

    Nah, not flawless.  Pentile screen.  A little bigger than I’d like.  Otherwise perfect, definitely the best choice in the store (if it ever makes it there).  Day one buy!

  • I don’t get why people get so worked up over rumors. Complain about the lack of release date if you will but everything eles is a waste of time until you can get your own hands on one.

  • AndroidFan

    I keep tweeting to @VerizonWireless @VZWnews @SamsungMobileUS and the like trying to get a release date… nothing so far. maybe the entire community can do it and we can force one or get a slip up.. 

  • Jaime Ramirez

    i want a release date!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      Poop in one hand and “want” in another.  Lemme know which gets full first!

  • Mikehen08

    Anyone else starting to feel like this is the Bionic release all over again?

    • Anonymous

      Naw, the Bionic was like 8 months over due, we are only about 2 weeks over due 🙂

      • Anonymous

        overdue compared to what?

        • Anonymous

          Well, the Bionic was supposed to come out in Q1 of 2011 it was delayed for about 6 months to revamp the device. That’s all I was saying compared to the rumors of when the Galaxy Nexus was supposed to come out.

          Now looking like Dec 8th. But, with the troubles that the Nexus is experiencing in Europe hopefully we don’t see another push back :).

    • Handsett


  • Thrlckdkn


    • Anonymous

      first what…

  • Baker1015 Sb

    It is hilarious the distress that caused!

  • Anonymous

    Some of you guys are about to faint right about now lol 😛

  • Fsgsgssgsh



    Damn if it has a sdcard slot make it 1GB and release the phone NOW! kthxbaii

  • Baker1015 Sb

    Now just release it already!

  • EC8CH

    Just had a VZW sale rep come to my work.  We have about 30 accounts up for renewal (all OGDs). He really wanted us to buy the Razr or the Bionic.

    I’m doing my best to convince everyone to wait out the G-Nex launch.

    Poor guy tried to tell us the Moto Lapdocks didn’t have batteries and need to be plugged in whenever you used them…. just sad really.

    • Anonymous

      lol sounds like you need to get rid of your Verizon Rep and hire a Droid Life Rep.  😛

      • EC8CH

        what the hell do you think I’m doing!? 🙂

        • Anonymous

          LMAO, Kellex would be so proud of you 🙂 lol

    • LOL EC.  For some reason, I always look for your comments on DL.  I have no idea why.  

  • Ray

    i guess we can consider this good nexus news because it recent times there hasn’t been any

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see 32GB is back. I’m not too worried over it thanks to Google Music but I’d rather have more memory for better peace of mind. Thanks for the update Kellex!

    • Anonymous

      It never left except for some goofballs error.

  • OG Droid

    See Kellex; why are you always trying to get us all worked up. lol

    • shdowman

      Because it keeps you coming back…

  • C-Law

    oh thank god


    without an official release date, we’re still holding our breath.

  • wiz

    And there was much rejoicing. yaaaaay!

  • I think by the time they finally get around to releasing it its going to feel ‘old’.

    • Anonymous

      No more so than any other phone ever released.  I laugh at people who complain about a phone taking too long to come out, that it’s obsolete already, and that they’ll just wait for the next leaked model, only to find that that one takes just as long (if not longer) to be released.  That logic is extremely flawed, because something is only obsolete only when something that’s better is actually released for purchase by consumers.  Until then, whatever is the best thing on the shelf for sale at the moment is cutting edge, not obsolete.

      There will ALWAYS be better phones in the works, because OEMs have to keep developing new products.  You won’t ever, ever see a new phone released without seeing something bigger and better coming across the horizon, so at some point you just have to pick the best option available at the moment and jump in.  Otherwise, you will be waiting forever.  All product development works this way.  In fact, ICS was just released, but you can get that Google is well on their way to Jelly Bean, or whatever they call the next major Android version.  That most certainly does not make ICS obsolete, because Jelly Bean isn’t finished yet.

      • TigerPaw

        Obsolete, schmobsolete. That’s not the issue. The issue is having a big launch party with a phone that isn’t actually ready to launch. Get it ready first. Then have the world wide webcast media event, but with the announcement that “pre-orders start tomorrow folks, on every stinking carrier in the known universe for delivery by dd/mm/yyyy (two weeks or less from the pre-order date).” Ah well, I can dream of a perfect universe, can’t I.

  • Aimesome

    to bad it requires mailing in a 16GB model and waiting 4-6 weeks for return delivery

  • Mmmmm.

  • EC8CH


  • josh

    this has been the most roller coaster last month