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DROID RAZR and Its Gorilla Glass Fail to Survive a Pocket Drop, Galaxy Nexus Succeeds Down Flight of Carpeted Stairs

When the DROID RAZR was announced last month, Moto CEO Sanjay Jha stood on stage raving about its build quality and the materials used to make it one of the toughest phones on the planet. It has Gorilla Glass, a kevlar back, splash coating and more. Unfortunately, there aren’t many materials that can be used to save a phone from a pocket drop to face on concrete. Might be time to invest in a case if you haven’t already.

On a related, the Galaxy Nexus and its non-branded “fortified glass” seems to have passed this stair drop test with flying colors. We should take into account that the stairs are covered in carpet and are likely the only reason it survived. Hard wood stairs and the G-Nex would be joining our RAZR friend in the Graveyard of Forgotten Phones.  

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Cheers Actngrezy and Liderc!

  • Am I the only one to have the screen break side to side, one line about 1/4 way up from bottom . No drop , just noticed it layin on table. don’t know how that happened. Oh wait: same thing happened to my wifes razor 2 days later. same kind of break, same place on phone. No abuse,no rough treatment, no drops. quite fed up with it. just wondered if anyone else ad like problem.

  • bburg

    DO NOT BUY DROID RAZR!!!   Bought 3 Droid Razr for company less than a month ago.  Two out of the three have shattered screens from regular use (drop less than two feet onto grass and edge was sat on while on sofa).  Definately not “Gorilla” glass!!!!  Also cost more to replace glass because you have to replace LCD also.

  • Fredmperrotti

    My razr was on my lap, when i got out of the car it slid off and shattered the glass. Gorilla glass sucks. More like Chimpanzee glass.

  • Blahhh7580

    My droid razr died from a pocket drop aswell, half the screen shattered and the rest cracked. Gorilla glass blows its not scratch proof either, I would have still had my phone if the screen was plastic or maybe real bullet proof glass would be awesome.

  • Spfld8

    I dropped the Galaxy from the sink to the tile floor, it landed face down glass side hitting the tile. When I picked it up I expected a shattered glass, but it survived intact. 

  • Trav

    That was a pretty hard drop… carpet or no carpet. That little phone rotation he was doing near the end was really annoying though.

  • Manuel Olague

    because of the contour display the worst you can do is scratch the top and bottom

  • The glass is so thin on these phones i don’t think it matters much which type of fortified glass is used when it comes to impacts. I think it’s more ment for scratch resistance and both of these phones should do well in that.

  • Tommyo

    Got mine on 11/11/11 and by Monday at work in the field interview, slid off my file folder and glass face fractured.  operational, but bits of glass around edge was chipping off, but screen protector kept main glass together.  Insurance replaced after a week (no stock on Monday night).

  • Aaron Carter8921

    You can have the toughest stuff on a phone but if you look at this way, No phone actually lasts forever… No matter how you fortify it to withstand face to concrete, your going to get either a scratch or a spider web cracked screen

  • WarDroid

    I dropped my phone climbing out of my 18 wheeler once and it fell face down and I accidentally kicked it across the parking lot. No broken glass and just one tiny scratch. Dropped it several other times too and other than scuffing up the corners of the phone, no harm was done.

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    So you’re not going to throw it on the ceramic! lol

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  • my droid fell out of my pocket while bombing a hill on my longboard. No damage, just a scratch to the metal.

  • Justin Kos

    news flash, glass shatters

  • Naga Appani

    Bullshit, My mobile did fall directly down from a 6 steps height and did not even have a single spot/crack on it… And, this crack looks like someone has hit with a stone not a drop…. 😛

  • Seriously it’s a phone.. unless you wrap it in bubble wrap and never touch it will it be fully protected. It’s a phone, no its a smartphone so unlike those “dumbphones” there not meant to take a beating. One drop and its lights out. Get insurance and life moves on.. 

  • Morespeed360

    That sucks…..Also Checkout this Computer Repair Course http://www.theitcourse.com

  • Anonymous

    Hey I know…. DON’T DROP YOUR PHONE!!!!

  • Its just one of those broken screen apps. Nice try.

  • i can only guess its due to the shape of the glass screens.  Angular corners will break easier than rounded corners due to impact distribution.

  • Anonymous

    Popular Science: In a independent study recently conducted by some nit wit and posted on Droid life it was discovered that concrete is harder than carpet. So should you drop your phone on concrete you should expect it to break. 

  • chowyenfats

    Where’s the video of the razr doing the stairs,you going to need more people,we don’t believe you.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just as interested in the Gnex as the nex guy but post like this prove nothing. Your not going to convince someone that one phone is better than the other based on a slanted test that will give the device of their choice the desired outcome.

  • Chuck Bryant

    Just anecdotal evidence, but I’ve broken the screen of 3 non Gorilla Glass phones but the two I’ve had that have had GG, a Storm 1 and a Droid 2, have taken everything I’ve thrown at them, including drops onto concrete, and survived without so much as a scratch.  I know it’s still glass and it’s breakable, but I’m sold on it’s ability to take my abuse when others have failed.