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Amazon Starts Black Friday Deals Early – All Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Phones Just a Penny Today Through Cyber Monday

And here come the pre-holiday weekend deals. Amazon has announced a new penny sale that drops the price of all Verizon, Sprint and AT&T phones to just $0.01 from now through Cyber Monday. When we say “all,” that means the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound are included in that list. .

You won’t be able to use an upgrade to get this deal, but can by adding a new line to your current account. Also, if you add on a WiFi hotspot package, Amazon will kindly toss you a $100 gift card.

Links:  All Phones | RAZR | Rezound

  • good phone 

  • Jtlm03

    Edwin M has it figured out.  It’s called corporate myopia.  Levitt wrote about it in the Havard Business Review in 1960!

    The most successful companies have eyes focused down the road.  I would like to see a bone thrown our way every now and then as well.  I was with Cellular One then bought by Century-Tel then bought by Alltel, now Verizon.  How’s that for being a sucker?

    Anyway, the money isn’t in the phones, it’s in the continued contracts.  Help us out a little, Verizon.

  • Pissed

    HELP!!! I literally bought a Razr yesterday, the ONE day I had not checked DL for 900 times and didn’t know about the penny special till afterwards!! So I paid $299 for my Razr!!! Is there anything I can do about this?! Think if I complain to Verizon they’ll give me money????

    Also, does anyone know if I “had” bought my Razr from Amazon, would the Jan 15 exchange policy still apply?

  • guy1234

    Im an at&t customer, I bought htc vivid for a penny today on amazon, I have a family plan so I added a new line and so I get the phone for a penny, but with at&t, you can cancel your line in the first 30 days without the early termination fee. so If I only cancelled the line and kept the phone, I will only have to pay 250 for amazon, which is a good deal as the phone price is 500.

    Another question, how does amazon charge you the 250? via your at&t contract or what? because I bought the phone with a Walmart debit card that have only 24$ in it.
    plus I bought the phone today and amazon says it will arrive after 12 days, but when I log on my at&t account, there is no sign for an added line.

    • Angela Hill

      Look, man. NO wireless carrier will credit back the ETF to your account until the phone is returned. AT&T aren’t the ones who cancel your contract, it’s Amazon. You should’ve probably looked into this brilliant scheme more before buying up phones for a penny.

      • guy1234

        “If you need to cancel your service within the first 30 days, you will need to contact your wireless carrier independently to cancel your cell phone service (we aren’t able to cancel service on your behalf).”Amazon can’t cancel my contract as it doesn’t have the right, anyway I will try doing my plan and hope I don’t get screwed

  • Anonymous

    I was really bummed because I just bought a bunch of phones from them on 11/11 during their $111.11 sale and now this comes along.  Converting from AT&T to Vzw.

    With nothing to loose, I called Amazon and asked about price protection for recent purchases.  She said they do not offer that but can grant a one time exception.  Sweeeett!!!  Happy Thanksgiving.  I just got them to credit me several hundreds of dollars!

  • Evan L

    Amazon’s Terms

    When you purchase your device with service from AmazonWireless.com, we automatically pass along an instant discount from the carrier to you.  This discount has been provided to you based on your agreement to (a) activate a new, or extend an existing, line of service for this device with the carrier, and (b) maintain this service in good standing for a minimum of 181 consecutive days.  If you do not activate or extend a line of service in connection with this device, or if your service is canceled/disconnected before 181 consecutive days, AmazonWireless.com will charge you $250 per device, plus applicable taxes.

    It says nothing about keeping the same plans. I ordered a rezound as an add a lien for my family plan, i will swap to a dumbphone ESN to pay $9.99 add a line fee only. If amazon charges me i will dispute with my credit card company. Terms basically say i have to keep the line open.

    • I’d think very long and hard before trying this myself. Aside from the already established fact that both Amazon and Verizon have confirmed that changing the phone number assigned to the new device would trigger Amazon’s penalty fee, there’s alot more teeth in what you quoted than it appears at first glance.

      Note the phrase ‘line of service for this device’, in particular the last 3 words, as well as the statement ‘maintain this service in good standing’.

      Generally speaking, making a major change to a service plan (and replacing a smartphone with a dumbphone and removing the data/texting/wireless soda machine, etc.. would be considered major) is considered a disconnection and reconnection, which is why when you make such a change they typically have to go through the whole “You’ll be charged a pro-rated fee for the new plan but you’ll get a refund for the remainder of the month on the old plan” speech. They do this deliberately to prevent the sort of thing you’re attempting here. In addition, they can claim that the statement ‘for this device’ was violated simply by changing the ESN associated with the new line of service.

      On top of that, disputing any penalty fees with your credit card company based on the grounds that a huge merchant and your carrier wouldn’t let you defraud them will probably fail as well, as most credit card companies have little interest in undermining the same sort of contracts that they cards rely on themselves. It’s not like Amazon failed to provide you with what you paid for.

      • Evan L

        I called amazon twice and of course got two different responses. One told me its only the line of service amazon cares about and another rep said its the device. So i asked what if i break the device IE: drop it etc, you are saying i will have to pay amazons fee if i replace the device on my own? Then the rep stated no then i wouldn’t be charged however if the phone appeared on another line of my account i would be charged. This makes no sense, so your saying if i break the phone i can get a dumbphone from craigslist and replace it but then if i use the original phone i bought i get charged back. Too much conflicting information. I am willing to keep the line open but not willing to have an extra data plan. So i called to cancel but they processed my order so i will be returning the phone and dealing with verizon to rid of the extra line (this will be a mess im sure). Because I can not get a clear answer im going to go with you on this one and see that they are giants and I will lose 🙂 

        • I have talked to my friend (works at verizon) said swapping phones is no problem, and amazon only cares that the phone number they give you and the $9.99 line stays active for 181 days. Nothing about you have to keep data. (Like Evan said, what if you broke the phone and replace with Dumb phone)

          Also I have done this before with best buy deals. They do the same thing have to keep the same line active. I did this when I talked my X into buying the DX and swapping with my Inc.My phone (rezound) is going to be here today and im going to verizon to swap it out. I will post any issues I run into.

  • Not touching this with a ten foot pole!  I dont want to have to wait 180 days to switch the Razr on my main line and stick my D3 on the amazon line.


    why cant you just add the line, pay that months bill, then drop the line, keep the phone…?

    • You can do that if you don’t mind getting hit with about $600 in penalty fees.

  • Need a new phone

    looking forward to buying a new phone, would the razr do or should i wait for the galaxy nexus?

  • Alight13

    Just spoke to Amazon wireless representative.  I told him I have a family plan and asked if I could transfer the new phone to the primary account and put my old phone on the new account (after it was received).  I was told that the phone that you purchase must stay on the new line for a minimum of 181 days or you will be charged the penalty fee.

    Basically no switching phones on lines before 181 days… unless you want to pay $250

  • Just ordered a Razr for my recently laid off wife because they are clearly going to stop paying for her phone bill.  Gotta love the .01 Razr!

  • so whats stopping me from buying a couple of these penny phones and selling them on ebay for six hundred bucks, paying the etf and potentially making a few hundred dollars when its all said and done? <—seriously thinkinng about doing this… 

    • Anonymous

      there are 2 seperate fees.

      ETF = 350
      and I think amazon will charge you 250 if you cancel within 181 days

      so your looking at 600$ in fees. I might of read the fee’s wrong though.

    • Each time you do this you will be hit with the $350 Verizon ETF AND the $250 Amazon 6-month-no-plan-changes penalty.

      So if you like the idea of eating the taxes (remember taxes are usually charged on what the phone retails, not the actual selling price) and startup fees and having nothing to show for it you’re all good.

      • bad4u6669

        Hmmm… curious now when do we see the taxes? because im at the checkout on amazon and im seeing only the penny. Will verizon charge me taxes when they charge the activation fee?

        • In this case I’m not completely sure.. I’ve never bought a phone and plan through Amazon before so I don’t know if they charge the taxes or the carrier charges them. They also may not charge you up front but may report the sale to the tax entity in your particular state so they know to expect that tax money from you.

  • Jman13331

    Did anyone acutally read throught the terms of server agreement by amazon, If you do not have to keep the data on the new line you upgrade then this is not that bad.

    Im thinking somewhere in there it says you need to have the data on the new line.  Did anyone verify that?

    • Anonymous

      I read it and only found mention of the line itself needs to stay active for 181 days

      • Remember though that unless you can prove that your situation is so unusual that a data plan would be useless or that they would otherwise not be able to provide the data benefits to you, all of the participating carriers require data service to be included on a line that is used by smartphones or else they include it in their base pricing. Furthermore, the 6 month period only applies to the penalty from Amazon and it doesn’t waive any ETF from the carrier in question, so there’s still some serious financial disincentive.

  • Billy Jenkins

    i dont understand where it says “you won’t be able to upgrade to get this deal but can by adding a new line to your current account.” does that mean u can buy the phone for a penny off contract or u have to activate a new contract to get it for a penny.

    • You have to activate a new line with one of the carriers in some way shape or form to take full advantage of the deal. Either you start a new individual 2-year contract or add a new line to an existing account (and get locked in for 2 years on that line) and you can get this deal.

  • Aran Miller

    What really sucks, is I am starting a new line with my Galaxy Nexus, but it’s obviously not on this list!!! That just sucks!

  • Ok so this is how it works. If you add a line using Amazon you can then switch it to the line you want it to be on and then dummy out the ESN on that new line you added. Verizon doesnt require you to keep the data on that line as long as you keep it active. Keep in mind that companies such as Amazon, Wirefly and similar do reserve the right to charge you based on changes that are made to that line you upgrade and add with them. These details are provided in there terms and conditions. Not to say they will charge you if you did that but most of the time they have it in place to do so. So if you add a line and then just make it a simple phone with no data it will cost you an additional $240 over the course of two years, if you have a single line then based on how you change your plan it could end up costing you more. Hope this helps with any questions on how it all works.

  • Ahsan

    God damnit why do they never include upgrades? I don’t want to pay 300 dollars for a phone.

    • Carriers don’t chase after upgrades as hard as new subscribers for a few reasons.

      First, most people aren’t likely to switch carriers because it can be a big hassle. Number portability helped somewhat, but it’s still sort of a pain, especially when you switch to a different wireless network and need to get a whole new phone.

      Then there’s the idea that an upgrade is basically already money in their pocket.. if someone isn’t likely to jump ship, then why go out of your way to keep them? Money spent on rentention is not considered to have very low return value.. why spend extra effort/money if the customer isn’t likely to leave anyway? It’s pretty cynical and rude but it’s the dominant way of thinking in just about any subscription-based business: your customers will not leave so their money is already yours.

      Which leads to the third point: New accounts/lines are king because they represent money you didn’t already have coming to you. Giving a $750 phone away in return for $2500+ over 2 years sounds like a good initial investment to me. In the case of existing customers, they already expect that 90% of that $2500 is still going to come their way (assuming 90% customer retention), so the same situation results in a net loss of $500 ($750 loss with free phone vs $250 loss without free phone) and they’re less likely to give returning customers big hardware discounts.

      Yes, I did just have this discussion recently with someone who still considers brand loyalty something that should be rewarded.

  • so what if you are out of contract, and you cancel your service, then call in to resubscribe? could you then take part in this deal?

    • Yes but you wont be able to keep your number well not easily there are ways around it just have to jump through a few hoops.

      • Can you port your existing number onto the same carrier?

        • First you’d have to wait 6 months before you could change your phone number, according to my conversation with Amazon customer service. So either you would have to keep your current line active and pay for both for 6 months, or cancel the line you want to transfer and open a new account/line, and hope your phone number is available when you sign back up.

          And for me the whole cancel/resubscribe option is a dealbreaker.. I’d lose my grandfathered unlimited data, and the idea of unlimited 4G data is just too much to overlook.

          • Not exactly what I meant. More like, I’m already on Verizon. I would rather pay the ETF because it’s cheaper than getting a new phone upgrade. Can I go onto Amazon and say “new line” then “use my existing number” and get a totally new contract with the same number on the same carrier? Not something I plan to do, but it’s a fun thought.

          • I’m pretty sure that will not work, or at least it didn’t when my coworker tried it not long ago when he attempted to get a Bionic at a discount before his contract was up. Apparently they’re wise to that particular shenanigan already. It also checks to see if you have an existing account with that carrier during the transaction and needs enough bona fides to make it very difficult to cheat.. at least it did when I was checking the options for new vs upgrade.

  • Confused Razr Buyer

    I’m confused– for the people who say that this adding a line would take you at least $410-480: 

    My math (and granted I’m wrong a lot) comes out to:

    Phone: $.01
    Add a line: 9.99 (to a family voice plan, which we have) x 24 months (contract) = $239.76 (plus taxes and fees)

    Get the phone, switch the added line to a feature phone with no data, and keep the line for two years.  Which rounds out to a final cost of: $239.77 (plus taxes and fees).  

    Where did I go wrong?

    • Asher

      That’s only if the data plan isn’t part of the contract. The discounts are offered with the revenue from data plans taken into account, so you couldn’t just jettison that $30/month obligation. I think.

    • One major snag: You can’t switch the new line to another device (or change the phone number on the new device) for at least 6 months or Amazon charges a $250 penalty fee, and you practically need an act of Congress to get carriers to waive the requirement for some sort of data plan now. Even if you have a phone with no data capability whatsoever, they’ll still try to force a data plan on you.

  • you all really need to stop with this complaining. they are running a business here so you have to view it from their standpoint. would you want to make money or lose money ? also, i think verizon has been great to loyal customers by giving us great service and some of the best phones out there for us to choose from… quit complaining you should be happy that amazon is giving you a deal still.. ill take 70$ off anyday over 0$ off. and also everyone keeps saying that the companies are being greedy… THE CUSTOMERS ARE BEING GREEDY ! you all keep wanting everything for less and less and expect verizon to give you more and more… if you want better service and better phones.. you will pay more.. so if you dont want great service and great phones then you can switch carriers and pay less.. im 16 and pay for my phones and data and i dont complain… nuff said

    • Slow your roll a bit there, friend. You seem to be under the impression that Verizon (or just about any other company for that matter) is a selfless, generous entity with only their customer’s happiness in mind and that they would never try to price gouge at every chance they get. Please stop now before you are inevitably disappointed by something they do and go full emo as a result.

      Imagine you’re on a sports team and you’ve played your role for season after season without complaint, just getting the job done. You hear the owner has made plans with a Ferrari dealership to provide new cars for the entire team. The day comes and eveyone lines up for their Ferrari. You watch him hand the keys to a new $100,000 car to the rookie who hasn’t even stepped into the locker room yet and he slaps the kid on the shoulder and says “Have fun”. Then he turns to you and says “Yours is going to cost $75,000.”

      If you claim that you wouldn’t be disappointed in that scenario, then I claim you’re probably a liar. I will also claim that anyone who is getting too bent out of shape about the whole thing needs to work on their sense of perspective We’re paying for a service as opposed to actively working to make the company a success, but there’s still alot more Verizon could do to show some appreciation to their existing customers.

  • Here’s my situation – 2 active lines, both on an older 3G unlimited data plan, both out of contract and month-to-month, both with their final New Every 2 discount still intact. I’d like to upgrade both phones but would need to keep the existing phone numbers since they’re used for both personal and business comunication, however I can’t afford all 4 phone lines. Does anyone know if I could add 2 lines to my existing service (so I keep the unlimited data) and have them upgraded to 4G, then transfer the phone numbers from the original 2 lines to the new phones and cancel the current month-to-month plans?

    • Anonymous

      If you manage to do that….you will have to cancel your new contracts and end up paying the cancelation fee that would be $300+ per line. I think, if I’m not mistaken VZW is charging like $350 for early termination per line. You’re better of paying $229 per phone than paying $350 per line for the early termination fee…You can always shop around to see where you can safe the most for both phones….

      • Asher

        tomn1ce, I think you got it wrong. Gilbert can terminate the lines he currently has at no cost. He would port his numbers to the new lines, lines 3 and 4, which he would keep, while terminating the old lines, 1 and 2. 

        I have the same question as Gilbert. I expect that you *cannot* get the unlimited data plan on the new lines. But adding new lines to get the discount and killing the old ones sounds like a possibility. Someone’s got to ask a Verizon rep.

        • You’re partially correct, as I outlines elsewhere. Amazon has a 6 month “No tomfoolery” clause which basically says you can’t change the phone number of plan in certain ways for 6 months or else they charge you a $250 fee.. I think that offsets the commission that the carriers would otherwise give Amazon for signing up a new line for 6 months. In my case that’s almost a financial break-even for keeping the other lines around longer than intended, but the other potential hassles make it much less attractive.

    • Ok, for anyone interested, I talked to both Verizon and Amazon and here’s how it would have to work: I would need to add a new line to my existing account, but only that line would be subject to the 2-year contract. The other lines would be left on a monthly basis and I should be free to cancel them without an ETF, subject to an important limitation.

      However (and this is CRITICAL in my situation) according to Amazon’s terms you would not be able to change the phone number or change the plan type on the new line for 6 months or else you would be subject to a $250 fee from Amazon.. apparently if there are major changes to the plan before that 6 month mark Amazon will not get their ‘finders fee’ (my name for it) from the parent provider, so they recoup the discount via what amounts to an ETF.

      So in my case, that would amount to about $40 a month extra, or $240 for those 6 months. Technically still cheaper than buying the phone as a normal upgrade, but that’s assuming everything goes through as I was told. making e more hesitant, I’m not 100% sure I would be able to grandfather my unlimited 3G data to the new 4G line like I would with a straight upgrade. It also doesn’t take into account the phone number juggling that would have to take place for at least 6 months.. either I would need to switch everything to the new # permanently or else let the new # sit mostly idle since it would be destined to be changed; that seems pretty wasteful.
      Decisions, decisions.. In my case it’s probably best if I just hunker down and wait a month or so.. Contract prices should drop a bit around the end of the year, especially as the next cycle of major upgrades starts to show up on everyone’s radar.

      • Here’s an idea for you, something I’ve been thinking about doing myself with one downside.

        Get the 2 new lines. After receiving the phones, port the old phone numbers up into Google Voice, adding in the numbers as their forwarding lines. Install Google Voice onto your new phone, and configure it to use your GV number (your old number) as the number for calls and text messages. Using just the application you can send and receive unlimited text messages, though you would want to make sure you set up Google Voice itself to not forward text messages to the phone, otherwise you’ll get the message in both the messaging application AND the GV application. This will let you keep your current number along with getting the new number for cheap.

        The downside I spoke of? MMS doesn’t work unless it’s sent from Sprint. It’s something they are in the process of adding support for, but if your friends try to send you images on your old number at the moment, you won’t get anything.

        This is the boat I am in right now. I want to use Google Voice, it has plenty of features that I like, being able to text message right from the web interface is handy, transcription of voice mails when possible, blacklisting entire numbers, having custom greetings for specifics users and groups, also cheap international calls (which I don’t use, but just felt like listing). I just don’t want to lose MMS at the moment, but may have to.

        • One additional thing to tack on, 1 year from now when the next great phone comes out and a deal like this comes up again, you could then cancel the newer number, pay the remaining $230 on the VZ ETF, and get yourself a new phone again, though it would then be lacking the 4GB data, unless they of course make the standard (which would be awesome).

          • Hmm.. that’s an interesting idea.. I think the sticking point in my case is whether I could add the new line(s) and include the unlimited data from my old plan (which a straight upgrade would guarantee) as well. Getting MMS on the phone isn’t a big deal for me, most anyone who would send me pictures via text would know a half-dozen other ways to get them to me. Thanks for the suggestion!

          • You might be able to have a Verizon rep trade the data plan from one phone number to other, something worth calling about. In that case, get the new line, trade the data plan, switch up to Google Voice. Something I should probably keep in mind too as a I get ready to make this change.

          • I actually asked about that and they said it wasn’t possible to trade data plans in this case, since the original data plan is no longer an option available under most circumstances. The rep I talked to actually had someone try that earlier.. couple that just got married, his plan was grandfathered and had unlimited data, her plan got a nice employee discount from her company, but they couldn’t get the two to play nice and ended up escalating it so she wasn’t sure how they resolved it. But it can’t hurt to ask.. maybe they can do it but it’s just not common enough to be available to the rank and file account/CS reps.

  • Anonymous

    Need help. Rezound under new line with new 4 gig plan and wifi hotspot for 1¢ and $100 gift card or nexus for $300 and no giftcard with wifi hotspots under original line? I could drop my original line but I will lose unlimited data. But 4gigs in fine. Help!!!


    only on new lines or new accounts… not on loyal customers who can upgrade… 🙁 sad face. 

  • JMac726

    Hmm, I can’t find the Nexus on here…

  • Granted

    I have a question I’m hoping someone can answer? If I add a second line and choose the RAZR or the Rezound for a penny, can I just choose the $9.99 device plan and then switch my current Droid X to the new second line. And then I would want to take the new RAZR or Rezound and make it my phone on my first line, does that make sense to anyone? Because if I can just add a ten bucks a month charge to my account and swap out the new phone to my first line, well that would be awesome!

    I’m assuming this isn’t possible because logic dictates that I’d it’s to good to be true then it most likely isn’t. But if it is the case I wouldn’t have to buy a data plan for the second line either right? Because I would just plan to move my older Droid X to the second new line, never use it, and put the RAZR or Rezound as my main line. Well I’m sure some smart person here has considered this same thing, so I would appreciate any helpful thoughts on the mater and I thank you in advance.

  • Anonymous

    Well, not ALL Verizon phones (cough apple cough.)

  • Dbarden31

    All I want to know is will there be any black Friday deals that UPGRADING customers can benefit from? Anyone?

  • Anonymous

    I would love if, for once, these offers would be available to us existing customers. I don’t want to add a line, I just want to upgrade one of my four that I’ve had for years. Why not reward someone like me who has been a Verizon customer since 1999 and has always paid my bill on time? I understand it good business sense to have this available only for new customers, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be upset about it.

  • Whett Phartz

    Dear Santa,

    I’m tired of Verizon’s foot-dragging on phones that I like. If you don’t have Amazon do this promotion next year, when all 4 of my Verizon phones are out of contract, after Verizon pulls the stunt of dropping grandfathered unlimited data plans, then I’m going to kick your arse.



  • Anonymous

    The price of the ETA is close to the price of a new phone + activation. So this is really a pitch for people to break their carrier contracts…

  • StephenParkhum

    Hmmm…I’m looking to purchase my girlfriend a phone for christmas. This would be a fantastic deal!

  • Roshan John

    I don’t get it. Why would I just add another line. the guy at the Verizon store said the same thing. Who the f needs two cell phones? What am i missing here? can you add a line and get rid of another line or something? 

    • There’s no advantage.  You could buy a junk phone and swap it to the new line, cancel the tiered data, put the new phone on your real line and essentially be paying 10 or 12 a month for a new phone over 2 years.  Comes out to about the same price with a lot more hassle.

    • WantNewPhoneButAmPoor

      I get this from Verizon CSR’s too whenever I walk in the door.  It is my understanding that “adding a new line” under the Family Plan is a cheap way to get a phone as you add the additional cell plan.  THe next step would be to swap the “new” phone from the 2cnd line to the 1st existing line.  Basically, switch phones between the two cell plans, aka ESN switch. IMO, its a ghetto sales trick to give you a new phone.

      Doing the math for the Amazon deal, the least expensive verizon plan with Amazon add-on appears to be $20/month.  You must maintain at least 181 days = $120.  After that, apparently you could cancel the 2cnd line and pay the VZW penalty which is $350 – $60($10 deduction for months used in 24 month contract) = $290.  All together that equals approx: $410 for the one penny phone and not having the additional contract. I’m guessing they would flag your account in some manner so this could be done every 6 months. On the other hand, an additional $20 for 24 months = $480.

      Get Amazon Deal, cancel in 6 months, pay VZW fee = $410.
      Get Amazon Deal, Pay minimum plan for 24 months = $480.

      The price to pay to have the latest and greatest…

  • Can anyone explain the disadvantages of signing up via amazon? I know they have their 181 day cancellation policy as well as no returns, only exchanges. Is there any other fine print I should be worried about?

    • Arameth

       Is it exchanges for the same device?

      • I’m not sure, honestly, it’s just what I’ve read from a lot of people.

      • JMac726

        Goood question.  I’d like to buy a $0.01 RAZR and exchange for a Nexus!

        • I think you can only trade for phones of the same value as well, not sure how that would work out since they are all on sale. Maybe you can only trade for phones of the same value at the time they were on sale?

  • bigrob60

    Should I add a new line on my acct for a penny, sell the phone on ebay when the G-Nex comes out & then cancel the added line & buy the G-Nex w/ left over money from the selling of the Razr? Decisions Decisions.

    • Interstellarmind

      verizon will slap you with a $300 early termination fee if you do.

      • bigrob60

        Amazon has it listed for $750. I sell it on E-bay for $600. -$300 for the early termination fee & $250(for me) to upgrade my original line w/ The Nexus. I just made $50 bucks. If it actually went that smooth. 

  • hahahaha don’t b mad I bought the droid  2 then bionic i was in your shoes 2 one point I was mad bro!

  • Anonymous

    anyone ever returned an amazonwirelss phone?  In the store you get 14 days $0 penalty.  Online it looks like there is a $250 fee even if its within 14 days…  anyone have any details?

    • shdowman

      There are no returns, just exchanges. Be VERY careful with this on Amazon and read the fine print carefully…

      • Anonymous

        Thx, I’m interested, but not biting yet.  Not sure about the display.

      • that is not true.  Read the Returns Policy on their webpage.  You can absolutely return the product

        • shdowman

          My fault. I am thinking of my experience last year with them…

          No exchanges is what I meant. Unless it’s for same phone. Keep in mind, if you return phone, you have to wait 30 days, before you will be treated as a new customer. It’s all a bunch of dodgy nonsense, I would avoid them unless you are 100% sure of what you want.

  • Ray

    the sgs2 skyrocket is really a great deal for 1 penny

  • Jac White

    I am out of contract but dont think I would give up unlimited data just to get an amazing price on one of these phones.   That said if I could get the rezound for .01 I think I would bite instead of waiting for the Nexus any longer.

  • Dan Thompson

    good incentive to sign up for AT&T & Sprint……???? anyone?? I may just switch over considering nothing is holding me to verizon…..

  • Anonymous

    hmm.. perhaps I can use this opportunity to jump over to AT&T.. who seem to have a better selection of Galaxy devices..The ETF would be offset by the practically free device.

    • Jason Frasier

      that is actually what I did.  My ETF is going to be around $160 to $200.  Still a savings over using my upgrade on another provider.

  • Ok, so I could add and swap but after 24 months the net cost would be more than the upgrade price + w/ever discount you can talk out of the agent.  Very trixie.

  • Enigma2u

    So hypothetically if nexus drops before or on Monday we can add a line and take advantage of this? ???….(yes I know part of me is dreaming but damn it If MILK can have a dream why can’t I!)

    • Enigma2u

      Stupid auto correct its suppose to be MLK

      • EC8CH

        see that edit button??? ———–>

        • Granted

          There is no edit button in the mobile version of the site. Unless it is seen if you’re signed in, but that also is another annoyance because in the mobile version of the site our even the desktop version of Dolphin, there is no button to sign into your account. The only way I see to it’s go to the forum and sign in, but that is just damn stupid, why not make it easy and put a sign in button on the top of this page. For a website about mobile devices, it sure isn’t friendly to anyone viewing it on a mobile device, pure hypocrisy! If I’m wrong please do correct me, but I know I’m not because I’ve never once seem a sign in button while viewing on my Droid X or my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyway to sort of… cheat this? Can I add a second line, and then switch my OG Droid and it’s plan? So then my OG Droid would be on the 300mb/month plan and say Razr/Rezound on the unlimited plan, eventually ditching the OG Droid side of things all together?

    • bigrob60

      I was kinda thinking the same thing. I’d would suspend service on my current line. Port my number over to the new line w/ the Razr. Then maybe sell the Razr when the G-Nex comes out. Cancel the new line &  w/ left over money upgrade my original line. Sounds pretty involved though. 

      • JMac726

        Can’t just cancel, there’s a $350 fee for ending your contract exactly that reason

        • bigrob60

          Hence why I said sell the Razr when G-Nex dropped to pay for the ETF & still have money left over to renew my contract for my original account. None of that matters now b/c someone mentioned that you have to keep the line active for 6 months or you’ll have to pay full price for the phone. Which I forgot when I posted that. 

    • Anonymous

      You are signing a contract on the additional line which will require data. You’ll be paying $20.00 (data) plus $9.98 (line) for 24 months for a grand total of $719.52, which is about the price of full retail.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually going to be a new Verizon customer, and this is tempting, but I’m sticking it out for the GNex.  The Razr’s screen pales in comparison to the Rezound’s (and probably the Nex’s), but the Rezound is a brick with no ICS.  Oh well, maybe it will be a penny at some point…

  • Jason Frasier

    actually my wife and I had discussed me switching to AT&T so we could save money on our monthly bill, service is fine where we live and travel.  When the skyrocket came out I was very tempted but was inclined to hold out on the galaxy nexus. after today, I can wait no longer.  The $300 price swing plus the savings on our bill was too much to refuse any longer.  I will root the skyrocket and enjoy the work of our gifted ROM community.

    • Cwebb619

      I just ordered the Skyrocket today, the lack of ports on the Nexus is something I cannot overlook plus the Skyrocket has LTE and NFC, making it semi-upgrade proof.

  • None of these deals mean anything to most of us as we’re already current customers so we can’t even take advantage of them. I want to see something like that Droid loyalty program come true.

    • Asher

      Hey, I have a possible workaround, for some people. Can someone answer this:
      If I have two family plans, and there’s a number off contract on family plan A, can I port that number to family plan B, and qualify for the “add a line” discount (i.e. get a phone for a penny)? I know you can port numbers between family plans for a cost of $10 or $20.The downside is that you couldn’t get unlimited data this way, if you already had it. For a savings of $230, if you would’ve bought the phone otherwise.

  • MagicMan

    Any way to get that price for an upgrade?

    • Bryan Williams


    • Anonymous

      Looks like there is an “Existing Verizon Wireless Customer Plan” option.

      • ShopDroid

        If you select it, the price goes to 229

        • Anonymous

          Thanks man, good to know, I am at work and didn’t have a chance to play around with the option. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    If only I could use an upgrade this would be nice..

  • Now would be a great time to launch the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing worse than buying  phone the day it comes out only to have Amazon start selling it for a penny few weeks later.  

    Heck of a deal though, wish Gnex was on the list.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I don’t buy devices on day one, I usually wait a few weeks to pull the trigger. This way I can shop around for the best price and at the same time give them some time to iron out any bugs that may come with the device……but’s I must say that’s a heck of a deal……and for current customers they have it for $229 which is better thene paying $299 @ VZW…

  • Edwin M

    Again, screwing the loyal customers. I understand these companies are trying to get as many subscribers and  new money as they can, but how about saying thanks to those of us who have been long time customers.

    • Chris G

      All Companies screw people.  Take Cablevision for instance.  They have a $69.95 rate for all 3 services and will include an ipodtouch. But you have to come from another company to get it.  The fact that I’m not a customer of them now isn’t good enough.  

      This offer from Amazon is the same idea.  screw people who would pay you.

      • Edwin M

        Absolutely, I’ve had DirecTV for the past 3 years because I couldn’t stand cablevision anymore. DirecTV does the same too. New people to DirecTV get free NFL package while someone with 3 years of overpriced service can’t get it for even a small discount.

        • Anonymous

          Dude, I too am seriously thinking about killing the cable box in my home. I am looking into a satellite solution. Is DirectTV better/cheaper than say other satellites services?

          • Granted

            Direct TV has it’s negatives just like anything you buy, but all of the awesome benefits you get from it far outweigh the bad points. I’ve been with them for like four years now and I rarely ever have any issues. Even rain won’t disturb service for very long, plus if you have a DVR you can still watch shows you’ve taped previously. And I also bought a Hauppage (spelling this wrong I think) HD-OVER, and I can use it and hook it up my laptop and record either live television our shows I’ve recorded and have stored on my Direct TV DVR.

            Plus it has the ability to be able to hook it up to my Xbox 360 or a VCR and record anything of those as well. But I crossdress, I got off topic, yes in my opinion I think going with satellite is a better use of your money than cable. But to each their own and it boils down to ultimately what you are looking for in your television service.

          • Edwin M

            Yes, what Granted said basically sums it up. I think DirecTV has almost everything figured out. It is probably a tiny bit more costly than other things but the customer service, hardware, and HD offerings is by far way better than I had with Cable. I don’t think Dish offers as much as DirecTV does.

    • You really don’t understand business do you, longtime customers are less likely to switch, thus they sucker in new customers and then screw them over in the long run like you think they screw us over.  Its called marketing.  This is how they make money, they are a business and only care about making money, not you, the consumer.

      • Edwin M

        I completely understand how business works, which is why I added the line about them trying to get subscribers and new money. I’m not saying they need to give everything for free, I would just like a little bone thrown our way every now and then. Companies don’t think about the long run. The only reason I stick with VZW is because no one can match there network. Customer service over the phone has also improved a lot. But if Metro PCS or some other POS company had half their network and was at least close to reliable, I would jump ship.

        • Stating El Obvious

          VZW knows that Metro PCS or some other POS company is not anywhere close to reliable as them, so they have no need to throw you a bone.  It’s quite simple actually.

          • Exactly, and until enough yous jump ship the other POS companies will never have the money to upgrade.  So they have you stuck, why throw you a bone?

          • Edwin M

            I agree completely. That’s why I bitch and complain because I know nothing changes. It’s my American right to complain and complain!

          • bad4u6669

            yup, freedom of speech. Just dont do it in public places unless you like pepper spray. lol

          • Edwin M

            Ok, this one made me LOL.

    • how is it screwing you?  if you have cell phone service right now, you were happy with the price you paid at the time.  if it’s bothering you that much, wait longer next time.

      (although i will say… this elimination of one year contracts is kinda annoying me.  so i’m probably buying phones full retail from now on)

      • Edwin M

        Is anyone ever happy with the price they pay? No, people can be disgruntled and still be customers. Look at all the people who still stick with AT&T. I hate these giant corporations, but it doesn’t mean I am going to sacrifice cell service to go to a different company.

        • actually, yeah they are.  that’s the point of prices.  if you find it fine you buy the item…if not, you pass.

          • Edwin M

            SO if you find something cheaper like a week after you get it, you wouldn’t be disappointed or upset?

    • Anonymous

      add a line, switch phones, and put a shatty phone on the “new line”…simple fix!

      • Edwin M

        Lol, I already have 3 lines on my plan now. If I had the money, I probably would.

      • I used to work for a Verizon distributor and we told people to do this all the time.
           EXAMPLE: If you have a Droid X2 and you want a Razr, add a line and get the Razr for $0.01. Switch the Razr to the line with your Droid X2. Now you have options, best option is:
        A) Put a non-data phone (ENV 3) on the “new line” that had the Razr, so now it’s only $10 a month, then put Droid X2 on Craigslist for $120-ish.

        • bad4u6669

          Have you done this with a discounted phone from amazon. One person says it cant be done, http://rootzwiki.com/topic/10018-htc-rezound-only-001-for-new-lines/

          I need confirmation one way or another before I grab one.

        • DaveIsAwesome!

          And Google Voice let’s you keep your same phone number when you do this.

        • yeah, this works when you already have a family plan.  otherwise it’s a bit more than just $10 a month extra.

    • DaveIsAwesome!

      So wait, if I set up a new line, cancel it next month, did I just get a RAZR off contract for $340 (the ETF)?

      • Yes

        • doctorplootonium

          false. you will pay the $350 etf + amazon’s $250 etf. 

          “If you do not activate or extend a line of service in connection with this device, or if your service is canceled/disconnected before 181 consecutive days, AmazonWireless.com will charge you $250 per device, plus applicable taxes.”

  • hatethanet

    Damn, I feel bad for people who bought a phone recently and didn’t get to take advantage of this.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone knows black friday will bring deals. I don’t feel bad, it’s no secret something like this would happen.

      • trikotret

        its been 3 months now. anyone get hit with a $250 FEE by amazon after putting a dumb phone on the new line to get rid of data

  • Who is actually getting a new contract?

    • greensky23

      Me. My AT&T contract expired a bit ago (I’ve been rocking an unlocked Nokia E63 for the last 2.5 years), and I desperately wanted to get back to VZW and a new phone. Snagged the Rezound, now just hoping for a root.

  • anal fisted again. thanks Amazon.

  • shdowman

    All good and well for new customers. Loyalty means nothing..(I know they get more $$ off new accounts vs. upgrades)

    • cantcurecancer

      All I ask for my loyalty is to keep my unlimited data, which is something they can take away from us at any minute. 

  • Anonymous


  • Thank God it’s Nexus Verizon preorder day!!!  *rolls eye*………… *other eye poked out from pointless nexus nonupdate news*

    • EC8CH

      How can your eye be poked out from something that is “pointless”?

      • my finger was apparently more pointy than the news 😉

      • Stating El Obvious

        Blunt objects can poke.

  • Df2rools

    double data, phones for a penny. i don’t think i can wait for the nexus =/