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Tip: DROID RAZR Frozen and Can’t Battery Pull? Try This Trick to Power it Off

Since the DROID RAZR doesn’t have a removable battery, you may be wondering what you are supposed to do if the phone were to lock up. No chance for a battery pull, right? Thankfully, you can apply the same trick we do on the Motorola XOOM, a device that also does not have a removable battery. In fact this morning, I had to utilize that same trick since my RAZR’s touch screen refused to react every time I touched it. It wasn’t frozen – the soft keys all worked, I just couldn’t make anything happen by pressing the screen. And without the ability to touch your screen, you can’t hold power and then tell the phone to “Turn Off.”

So what do you do? It’s simple.

Press and hold Volume Down + Power for 10-15 seconds and your phone should power all the way off. Then, power it back on as you normally would and get back to reading Droid Life.

  • Brilliant!

  • jess

    my droid razr hd froze and i hit the side buttton and it completly cut off and wont come back on. its a brand new phone. what trick can i do to get it turned back on??

  • DenverDave

    Great tip…you saved me!

  • worked ty very much 🙂

  • LizA

    Worked like a charm!

  • late4work

    freekin amazing! mine was stuck at 1:39am. the alarm didn’t go off, the power key didn’t work… i thought i was screwed

  • Maria

    This totally worked. Thank you so much. This is so neat! 🙂

  • Jbedtz

    Wow nice! Never would’ve thought to do that

  • That is the most awesome thing ever I have been ready to throw my new phone against the wall now on sever occasions. Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura Lou

    OMG! Amazing! Worked for me. Thanks!

  • nolagal


  • Mangekion-Z

    Thanks for the tip.

  • It worked!!! Thank you for the tip!

  • traveler

    this saved me on aa day my phone is very important.

  • Holt

    Worked perfect thanks. Much easier than pulling my battery out of my Nexus

  • Local_lady

    THANK YOU for this post. It worked!

  • Michelle

    AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks!!!!! 🙂 I was FREAKING OUT!!!! We don’t have a home phone!!!!



  • JAZZYjay


  • Ann

    Thanks this worked for me.


    My phone froze so I did a soft reset to turn it off. Now it will not turn back on


    tried that and it didn’t work. Can get the phone to turn on.

  • kroth22

    Genius! Thank you so much!

  • Hambone

    Awesome!!! Thanks!! First time with razr screen freeze.

  • motormouse

    Thanks for the tip! Worked like a charm and I’m back in business!

  • Kim

    I had to hold down the power button and the volume down button to reset the phone.

  • Excellent advice. Worked like a charm. Thank you

  • qtnatty

    worked like a charm on my razr maxx – thanks!

  • Joey

    THANK YOU! lol

  • randy

    ha haaa thanks

  • pickles

    thank you it worked…

  • peajay

    Awesome tip thanks it worked!!


    Thank you!!!!!

  • Eli

    It works thanks droid

  • akirarika

    Thank you!

  • Stephanie Wills

    My droid all of a sudden just blacked out and I assumed it was off. I did what you said to do and it totally worked. It flashed a light and turned back on as usual. Yes !!!!

  • JayDubya

    too cool! Thanx Dude

  • You are a God Send!!!! Thanks so much worked like a charm!

  • Alex

    Omg thank you! Btw does anyone know where I can replace my motorola droid razor screen? I cracked it pretty bad and I don’t know. Where to take it. Also how much will it cost? Thanks

  • Thank you!! Worked like a charm!

  • ashleigh

    thank god. i thought i was going to have to wait for my phone to die.

  • gabbii

    i did that an it came back on and it
    still wont respond

  • arhiannac

    thank you soo much!! i thought i had broken it. i would have died! thanks!<3

  • Mark

    worked great thanks

  • Worked like a charm! Thank you!

  • Brittany<3

    OMFG i can just kiss you right now i was so afriad i losted everything..and your trick worked thank you some much <3

  • Anna Freud

    I pressed the down button and the start/end button simultaneously, and this seemed to work immediately to restart my Droid Razr, after the screen froze. Hope this helps someone else.

  • SassyWood

    Worked like a charm…thank you 🙂

  • deathmetaldaddy

    i am a droid razr owner and mine froze this morning during a call. thank you for the tip. it worked great. glad to know for the next time if and when it comes.

  • [email protected]

    Thank U for the tip, awesome!

  • sweet thanks!

  • wrt


  • fil bond

    Thanks for the hold down the 2 buttons trick. Razr just froze all of a sudden and I was miffed. Thanks again tech pros.

  • Worried Lady

    Awesome!! Thank you soo much! I was freaking out because it froze on me.

  • Jeanine

    OMG I thought I was never going to get my phone to shut off. Thank you for the tip it was a life saver.

  • Shabalabadingdong

    THANK YOU!!!

  • droidrzrrrrr

    worked thanx

  • You totes rock


  • justcause

    haters wanna hate lovers wanna love i dont even want none of the above i just want to reset you yes i do i’ll reset you

  • KRS

    Oh my goodness! thank you thank you thank you! My droid razr is now working again. I was so freaked out

  • DianaL

    Thank you, thank you!!!

  • Thanks! Works like a charm.

  • Dr,Droid

    Wow it works!!. Thought my phone was done for. Thanks this really helped. 🙂

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    This didnt work from me. I hate the razr, worst phone decision I ever made. Its on but the screen is black, I know its a safestrap problem.

  • Jalin

    Every time I do this, the phone turns back on by itself. I need the phone to stay off so I can activate my old phone for a few days. Any way to do this?

  • Ok ok…. phew!!!! It is working now…. thank you sooo much you saved my heart there 🙂 THANK YOU A MILLION

  • It’s not working :/ If I leave the phone on until the battery dies and then recharge it and try to get it to power on will that work?

  • cstndcrw

    I was flummoxed. Your method solved my problem. I thank you implicitly

  • easisk69

    Thank You sooooo much!!! only had the phone 2 weeks and didnt know what to do. this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    Unbelieveable, that certainly did the trick. My next step was to throw it out the window!

  • razr

    gr8 tip. WORKED for me.

  • CassieLynN


  • Wendyrobertson68

    works GREAT!!!!  Thank you so much!

  • Brianna

    You are my favorite person for posting this. Thank you so much. 
    – Brianna.

  • Darlenethms

    wow…..Thank you ! 

  • Lylcarey

    it worked!!! Thank you

  • Anne

    OMG! Thank YOU!!!



  • Heba102

    Thank you soooooo much I needed that help an it actually worked!


  • i tried it and its not working…

  • Novastorm

    Very helpful. Thank you!

  • Xten

    This just saved my life!! Thank you!!

  • Catlady1075690

    Just got the droid razor and the screen froze and I couldn’t shut it off – tried the trick and it worked!!!! Thank you – I was afraid the phone would burn out.

  • Sadkitty93

    Thanks for the help, it really worked!

  • white donley

    Your awesome, I know it was the power plus the volume, but I didnt hold it down long enough~ I love the internet!

  • Cattledog1

    Thanks so much for the tip. My wife’s Droid Razor was locked up this morning and this tip saved the day.

  • Gary_traylor

    wow thanks that worked thanks alot!!

  • LG

    Awesome!!! That worked. Thank you SOOOOO much!

  • Gages03

    Thank you for posting this tip!! I had my phone lock up and go completely black. This worked great and now is working like normal!

  • Hnofun

    that worked lets see if it holds true that it powers up with no problems

  • Sadfasd

    oh my god this saved my life, <3 <3 Thank you thank you 

  • Sjsdakota010

    You just saved my life

  • joe

    That helped me a lot because my phone frze while streaming music and didn’t know what to do

  • Marylou_p_ca

    just when i was going to throw it against a wall – thank you

  • scareddroiduser


  • Littlethings6

    Thank you!! My Razr Maxx just locked up & this saved me!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Nikemoneymaker

    I would like to thank whoever wrote this article it worked perectly

  • Tammy819

    I just purchased the DROID RAZR 16GB and *somehow* locked up everything…couldn’t press a button, couldn’t turn it off, etc… this trick worked like a charm!!  Thanks so much. It also restarted all by itself.

  • Redtarget

    this helped me thanks

  • Sane father :)

    Connecting it to your PC with the USB cable then disconnecting works too

  • Luten

    Saved my day..works great..many thanks!!

  • Ganapp

    To all of you childish acting people. I got on this site to find some answers not to read a bunch of childish remarks. If you don’t have an answer to the question, why do you remark? Thanks for all the help. NOT!!!!

  • coreybeltz

    thanks man helped out alot i was freaking out cause i just got the damn thing haha

  • guest

    THANK YOU!!! 

  • WALLLA11

    OMG!!!!  It worked!!!!   My phone would not power on.  I followed your directions and it powered back up!!!  Yea….  This is my only phone and I had to make an emergency call..  THANK YOU  SO MUCH!!!

  • Dmaier1

    Thank you,this fixed mine!

  • Azonejx387

    My Razr froze up this morning and I used this exact method to try and head reboot my phone and all it did was vibrate non stop. I’ve been reading up on the issue ever since and i see that i am not the only one with this issue. Help anyone please before this becomes the worlds thinnest most expensive skipping stone ever!!!!!

  • Jwelland

    Thanks.  It worked. 

  • Jake Stockel

    Life saver thank you, is the little dot on the back of the phone sort of behind the front one for speaker a reset button or another microphone ?

  • Thumpdrummer2003

    Worked great, thank you very much. You’re a life savor.

  • Curlyfriez_01

    Thank uuu! it works 🙂

  • Anonymous

    awesome. thanks for the tip. definitely easier than pulling the battery..

  • Packerbacker9

    Great Trick works for Razr Maxx

  • Shane

    That just saved my ace, Thnx

  • O.K. That tip worked for me. But for the love of Pete, tell me Why, WHY, W-H-Y can’t anyone build a phone that doesn’t lock up?!!

    I flipped my Moto Droix X for a Samsung Droid Charge. And after just 3 months, I got a Moto Droid RAZR. I am not impulsive and I don’t have silver burning a hole in my pocket. Far from it! I bought a series of newer phones because I assumed that these world class hardware giants would FINALLY figure out how to build phones that don’t lock up. Of course, flipping phones has a massive down side. I had to absorb the extra 2 year contracts required for each “upgrade”. Now, I have an extra Verizon contract that I can’t shake (I am still paying for the Droid Charge because I believed that the RAZR would be free of lock ups…Yes, I am actually willing to pay off the additional $1500, 2 year contract that now runs concurrent with my newest phone). Even with this willingness to pay double, I still have the problem in SPADES!!

    What gives, Motorola. With a built in battery and a soft switch for power down, it would certainly seem that you licked that problem. Well, I am here to say “You Didn’t! Please, for the love of Pete, fix this problem!

    Ellery Davies (aka “Pete”)
    Ellery (at) starbus (dot) com

  • antonkoolaidisatool

    Thank you! That was so easy. Antonkoolaid is kind of an idiot.

  • Ha_ha_hehe9

    my good man, you saved me, i almost had a heart attack when my razr froze up

  • LatriceMatthewsPerryman

    Hey thanks I was going crazy!!!

  • Jasonallenthompson

    Thank you. It worked!!

  • Korey

    This worked for me! Thanks! =) <3

  • Thedirtydirty

    holy crap it works thank you so much

  • Thank you SO much!

  • kld

    Thank you for posting that power+volume down trick. That worked marvelously for me on my Droid RAZR.

  • Debc_58

    Wow you saved me another trip to Verizon for another 30+ minute wait. Holding it down for 10-15 seconds did the trick. Now I’d just like to know why it keeps freezing up!

  • Rosario2130

    Your awesome love you!

  • Beautygurl34

    this worked for my droid razr thank you…i didnt know what to do

  • Dfprivate

    Tricked worked fine! THX

  • Southgirl78

    omg, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • Youngtimmothy


  • Mlhanson69

    awesome tip!!  my phones touch screen froze, and i did the volume down and power button thing and viola……phone back to normal.  thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Viki Kuykendall

    worked like a charm, thank you for advice, the holding is much quicker and easier than a battery pull…thanks again.

  • Estella

    Nice!! thanks a buch!! 😀

  • Hugo

    thank you it works!!!! I almost destroy my phone!

  • Tim523nt

    Don’t turn phone off (power off) while charging. This locked up phone in off position.

  • Elizabeth Sadosky

    My Razr was completely black…wouldnt respond to me tapping it, plugging it in, trying to power on. I freaked out for a little while…Then I found this page, I tried it and it worked! Thank you for saving me from having to load my 3 kids in the car to drive to the Verizon Store.

  • Whlanteigne

    Most people just call customer service and demand a brand new phone when theirs locks up, or they forgot their password, or the battery dies.

  • Thanks!  Worked like a charm. 

  • Omar

    this is suchhh a lifesaver. i don’t know what i did but my touchscreen stopped working randomly after my phone locked up and couldn’t turn it off but works now. thanks 🙂

  • Heartinhand223


  • Casper4313

    thank you

  • UndecideDroid

    Works fine until the button fails, as on my Droid 1, where the down volume is not functioning.

  • Colt

    Lots of people sure are riding the Gnex bandwagon. I like the phone, but since I’m not a developer and don’t NEED root options, etc. I will get the razr. Since there is this feature to use to turn off the phone, then why do people complain about the battery? How many people actually switch out bats or install extended ones?

  • Smalltime

    A Tip? This has been everywhere since anyone knew about the non removable battery. ummm, ok.

  • Anonymous

    I have had this phone since Saturday, used it, and have not had the thing lock up on me once.  I am kind of surprised.  Not completely sure I am keeping it, but very pleased with it so far.  

  • Dbarden31

    I’m still waiting on a full review of this device…..#justsayin


    Humm…all the fuss about the RAZR locked up but what makes you think the Nexus won’t?  I think
    every phone has their moments of LOCK UPs depends on the users.

  • M3n4c3

    Nice tip…try reading the first two pages of the “set-up” guide. 

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    The history books will remember this as “The Nexus – Razr Civil War of Droid Life”

    …or something

  • RTFM dumbasses

  • Keith Sumner

    It’s official, Nexus fanboys have surpassed apple fanboys in complete stupidity, and ignorance. A once strong community is now divided between those of us who are intelligent, and those of of us who cry themselves to sleep at night because the Nexus hasn’t been released yet, and feel the need to take their frustrations out on the rest of the Android community.

    • test run

      nexus went head to head with the razr on phone dog and flunked.. sorry.. nexus is a joke.

    • MyMantha

      sunday 10/14/12 My 3 day old Razr Maxx is frozen on my emergency dial screen. I have tried (several times) holding the power.volume down button for 15-20 secs. the phone reboots and goes right back to the emergency dial screen. No buttons work, the home/apps/back/soft touch screen. HELP PLEASE!

  • Fixed

    Press and hold Volume Down + Power for 10-15 seconds and your phone should power all the way off. Then, power it back on as you normally would and get back to refreshing Droid Life for Nexus you will replace it with.

    • Keith Sumner

      piss off troll, this is droid-life

      • Relax just having some fun, that is far from trolling.

        • Keith Sumner

          Kay, sorry. 

  • Guttatae22

    Damn that’s crazy I just did this method right before I came on DL lol…Dats crazy

  • Anonymous

    droid charge does this too, is this not a universal android thing?

  • Anonymous

    I Love My Razr!  purchased at 6:45 11/11/11. Looking forward to playing with all of the docking features soon.

  • Joe

    I Cant believe Verizon is Taking Sooo long to Encrypt the GN Bootloader that Canada is getting the phone first! Wow the Nexus All Locked up Will be Lame from Verizon!

  • Kind of annoying that it doesn’t have a removable battery.  

  • Mark

    A tiny tiny compromise for having a sealed water resistant phone. No biggie, and certainly no reason for the troll haters to diss the device. Other things on the RAZR that would’ve been nice to have (like the Chinese HD version)? Sure! …but this isn’t an issue.

  • PyroHoltz

    Why isn’t a button combo more common for a force shutdown? I’d rather use this sort of method to hard reset my D3(this trick didn’t work BTW.) Pulling the plastic cover off the back is sort of a pain. Luckily I don’t need to do it on the latest update but seriously.


  • Edd

    Im often out for long periods of time with no way to charge up. Love being able to keep my backup battery in my wallet and slap it in when im in need. If its between razr and bionic I still choose my bionic.

    • LionStone

      Yea me too, but there are still pretty good rechargeable batteries that you can use to charge your device without changing the battery. I have a Richard Solo 2400mAh, pretty small and light, you just connect it to your phone with a little connector.

      I also have a Solio, a solar charging device that will hold a full charge for a year. It has 3 little panels that fan out and a pencil thru the middle props it up for charging. Its good for going in the backcountry and it will charge other devices as well. Its nice to have these two options because they will work with any phone. But yea, nothing beats having a fresh battery to swap out and be at “full” again in 5 minutes after boot up 🙂

  • Justin Kos

    kellex why did u get a razr? NEXUS!?!?

    • Angryunibrow

      He gets them for free!

    • Keith Sumner

      this is DROID-LIFE, sod off, loser.

    • Anonymous

      You seriously just asked the man behind DROID-LIFE why he got a DROID RAZR? 

      You really should have been aborted, seriously. You cant put two and two together. 

  • Drdavepepper

    I just cant wait to come back on Droid Life and see how many people are complaining about not actually being able to use their Phone functions on their Phone. Samsung is junk reception, junk GPS, and SLOOOOWWWW. Still havent had to reset my RAZR and love having it being rooted since day 1. Cheers! GL

    • Keith Sumner

      Can’t mount the Nexus via USB, either :>

    • Anonymous

      My buddy has a Nexus S and has never had any of those issues. It’s a rather snappy phone as well.

  • Tyrian

    I experienced this same issue with a demo unit in the Verizon store. The touch screen was not very responsive.

  • thanks

  • Anonymous

    Trick? More like following the instructions that are printed on the protective film when you first unwrap the phone.

    • SamIam

      Ok, Ron. That’s quite enough of your common sense & rational view.  Here at Droid-Life we have to act like everything non-Google-native is a conspiracy.

  • Anonymous

    I think the Razr is an awesome phone. I can’t tell you how nice i think it is. However, I got one and there seems to be SIM card error that’s plaguing a lot of Razr users, and it seems I have to go to Verizon and get a new Sim. Deep down, as much as I love the Razr and I can settle on a new SIM. I’m returning it for the G-Nex, just because for what you get for your money. I just have to go back to my D2 that locks up every hour or so, and of course I can pull the battery on that bad boy.

    Don’t dismiss the Razr, because I really liked that phone….I think it’s hell of a lot better than the Bionic or any of the Droid brand now. Smart Actions works like a charm too, if you know how to use it. Battery life has been near 12 hours or so. 

  • Anonymous

    real quick question…isnt this DROID life? is the nexus a droid? what’s it doing on here instead of on an.droid-life.com?

    • Anonymous

      Droid-Life is a blog about the Droid line of phones and Verizon devices.

      • Anonymous

        right, so since the nexus only matches one of those criteria…why is it being reported about here? you, yourself, said “and” not or…which would have made for a valid argument

        •  Droid life covers all Android phones offered on Verizon.  If it bothers you, find a new site.

          • Anonymous

            it only bothers me as far as EVERY SINGLE STORY(regardless of its nexus-ness) has a flood of nexus comments on it…thats all…

        • why are you bitching? This blog is about Android and Verizon. Galaxy Nexus is both verizon and android.

          This blog isn’t exclusively Droid brand.

          Here’s the title of the homepage

          Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog – All about Android and the DROID lineup of phones, Rooting, Apps, Reviews and Videos

          • Anonymous

            If that’s the case, then why is there an Android life?

          • android life is geared toward non-verizon phones. it’s all under the same domain and its like a sub-blog

            like engadget alt

          • Anonymous

            More click revenue? 

          • Anonymous

            Who the feck clicks on an.droid-life?

          • Anonymous

            Android enthusiasts?

        • Aaa

          You are [intentionally] misinterpreting the use of his “and”.

          • Anonymous

            You are correct!

          • Anonymous

            “and” only has one meaning, it has to be both in order to be valid…what is there to misinterpret? if you open a checking account and have your checks say “Mr. Aaa and Mrs. Aaa” you both have to sign it…if you have it say “Mr. Aaa or Mrs. Aaa” either of you can sign it

    • Anonymous

      I’ve wondered that too sometimes

  • Jer85008

    Same old Motorola. This comes as no suprise to me becau….wait…sorry, Droid X just locked up again. Gotta go pull the battery.

  • I have had my RAZR since the 11th. I have yet to have a lockup. Some stuttering or webpage lockups, but not the phone itself. I can not say enough good things about this phone. For perspective though I moved up from a Windows 6.1 Samsung Omnia.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Windows 6.1 Samsung Omnia? Wow.


    • Anonymous

      i’ve had mine since the 10th(i pre-ordered it and it came a day early) and have yet to have a lockup…but just the same, i’d rather push a button combination than have to pry the phone open and pull the battery

    • Anonymous

      It really is a good phone.  Battery life hasn’t been a problem with the smart actions in place, and it’s pretty damn fast.  This’ll definitely keep me pleased as punch for about a year and a half.

  • ShootAngelsFace77x

    My iPhone 4s has never frozen and it’s been the best phone I’ve ever owned!
    OK you got me.  I don’t own an iPhone.  AND I NEVER WILL!

  • Had the Razr since launch day, and have yet to need to do this.

    • Anonymous

      Same here.  But if people simply read the instruction booklet that came with the phone, it plainly tells you to do this if you have a lock up.  It’s no big mystery.

      • Sadly not many people read instruction manuals for phones. Especially when they read this blog

  • Anonymous

    boo non-removeable batteries.  you gotta show these phones who the boss is.  it’s very gratifying to rip that cover off and kill its lifeforce when it’s acting up.  haha.

  • and this is why i will not buy a phone without a removable battery. 

    • Kierra

      Lol, your rationale is terrible 

    • Keith Sumner

      You won’t buy a phone without a removable battery because you can just hold the power and volume button down instead? Yeah, that’s such a huge pain in the a$$, rather than trying to rip the battery cover off, pull the battery out, put the battery back in, put the cover back on, and restarting.

      You’re so smart.

  • Tachoboiiii


    It’s simple.

    Sell RAZR.  Buy Nexus.

    • test run

      why? the nexus only offers a better screen. horrible battery power. slow. pathetic camera. nexus sucks.

  • The only phones I’ve had that never locked up are my old flip and slider phones. Even iPhones lock up 😉

  • Anonymous

    You gotta be kidding me.

  • Here come the hate comments. Every phone I’ve had has locked up at some point or another so i don’t want to hear the hating about the RAZR.I’m sure even your godly G-Nex will lock up at some point too.

    • Does your hate comment count, too? 😉

    • but at least we’ll be able to do a battery pull

      • test run

        who CARE

    • Anonymous

      And when that happens, a simple battery pull will suffice. 

      • Anonymous

        oh snap

      • Kierra

        You think this is complicated? 

      • It’s no more difficult to hold a couple buttons for a reset than it is to pull the battery.

      • Do you not get that this is essentially the same thing as doing a battery pull?

        • Haters gonna hate.

        • Anonymous

          I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to do this with my current phone. But I am reading about countless people already needing to do this with their “STOCK” Razr.

        • Anonymous

          Of course I understand this “essentially the same thing”, I can read. But when the average consumer has a phone lock up on them, they can easily pull a battery with the Nexus. With the RAZR, they won’t know what to do until they contact nerds like us who are on here all day.  

          • Anonymous

            Actually it’s in the instructions that come with the phone.

          • Anonymous

            Oh yeah, that’s right, when people are at work, school, the mall, driving somewhere – whatever, and their phone locks up, they usually have their retail box and manual in their back pocket… I forgot most people do that. 

          • Keith Sumner

            Yeah, and most people also know how to root/hack their phones too don’t they, troll?


            Whoa bro, might what to look in the mirror before you start slingin’ the t-word… just sayin’



          • Anonymous

            I suppose if you want to be unreasonable and not read the instructions to your $600+ device, then I say you get what you deserve.

          • no one reads those manuals anyway

          • Anonymous

            because it’s human nature to not read that little book. if you’re going to buy a 700 dollar device you should know how to use it, instead of just having sites like this around to spoonfeed you the information

          • But, no one reads them.  The vast majority of consumers purchase top shelf smartphones, like the razr, b/c it looks cool.  

          • Anonymous

            Ever heard of Google?  You could find out how in 30 seconds.

          • 1loudls

            except, when you cant get to a Google screen because your phone is locked up and you didn’t RTFM and you dont know how to do the reset.

          • Anonymous

            Than you ask someone else to look it up, find a computer or use a little common sense. You have no one but yourself to blame for not knowing a basic function of the device you are using. I mean the iphone works the same way and it’s practically made for tech illiterate folks.

          • Meanie

            Funny, the first thing I tried when I figured out I couldn’t open the dam thing up was holding the power button and volume UP.  Who’d a thunk?  That didn’t work, so I googled and got here purdy quick!

          • test run

            the nexus is a JOKE of a phone REphone dog.

      • Mchlls22

        Sounds pretty simple either way….maybe I’m more advanced??

      • Anonymous

        Pfffft just use the “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!!” to reset ur G-Nex. 

      • test run

        ummmm pressing two buttons is way easier compared to taking out a battery and putting it back in..

    • Anonymous

      It’s hard to argue against manufacturer UI’d phones lock up more often than stock google experience devices.

      Not hating on the Razr, it looks like a badass device. I am hating on any manufacturer UI though.

  • Brady McEwen

    huh, I can do the same thing with my captivate by holding volume up + power, but it actually does a reboot not just shutdown. Handy, though not sure it will work when the phone is frozen….

    • It should, it’s supposed to be equivalent to a hard reset like holding the power button on ur PC after a BSOD.

  • Anonymous

    What does this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus? 

    • Anonymous

      Nothing, But at least Verizon and Moto released the phone.

    • Mike919

      HAhahahah… win.

    • JSIN1605

      Last i checked the Galaxy Nexus isn’t going to be a “DROID” so you should troll on an.droid-life.com

      • Anonymous

        my point exactly

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t I needed to but a “/s” at the end of my statement to show how sarcastic it was. But just to be clear, this site is about all phones on Verizon, so even if my comment were serious, deal with it. 

    • Mark Angliss

      I don’t know…  what, in the title “Tip: DROID RAZR Frozen and Can’t Battery Pull? Try This Trick to Power it Off”, suggests to you that this article has ANYTHING to do with a Samsung branded phone?


  • Dominick DeVito

    Razr frozen and Can’t Battery Pull? Exchange it for a G-Nex.

    • SamIam

      Actually it seems easier than pulling the battery (as you are insinuating).

      • JD

        Not for the regular consumer. Pulling the battery would be the easier solution for most people.

        • Nick

          yes, rather than holding down two buttons for 15 seconds, lets use our fingernail to carefully pry up that fragile back plastic cover and make sure not to snap any connectors!

          • JSIN1605

            dont forget to take it out of the case first.

      • It was actually easier than pulling the battery. Trust me I have plenty experience pulling batteries from devices and this was quicker and easier to do. I was panicking when my Razr froze and I knew the battery was inaccessible. I was even contemplating removing the camera panel and forcing the phone open but thank goodness for this article.

    • Keith Sumner

      Exchange it for an inferior build, inferior radio, inferior GPS, and no micro SD option for a phone for the sole purpose that it has newer software. 


      • Dominick DeVito

        All this based on what? Is the phone released yet?


        • Anonymous

          Because you are.

  • Brian Petro

    Did this last night it works…

  • Mctypething

    Keep making great products Moto!

  • Anonymous

    lol you’ll want to get familiar with this workaround.  you’ll be using it a lot!

    • Anonymous