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Android Market Application Refund Window Changing to 48 Hours? (Updated: False Alarm?)

The latest Developer Distribution Agreement is out and it includes some pretty exciting news on the refund front. According to section 3.4, the window for refunds is jumping all the way up to 48 hours from the current 15 minutes that you have now. Not all apps fall under this new window though. If you are purchasing products that can be “previewed” from within the market like ringtones or wallpapers, there will be no refunds allowed. But if you purchase apps that cannot be previewed (meaning most normal apps), you get 48 hours to return it. 

3.4 Special Refund Requirements. The Payment Processor’s standard terms and conditions regarding refunds will apply except the following terms apply to your distribution of Products on the Market.

Products that can be previewed by the buyer (such as ringtones and wallpapers): No refund is required or allowed.

Products that cannot be previewed by the buyer (such as applications): You authorize Google to give the buyer a full refund of the Product price if the buyer requests the refund within 48 hours after purchase.

All I can say is, awesome news.

Update:  As one of our readers pointed out, this 48 hour section has been there from day 1 and does not reflect the actual time that Google has set for customers to request refunds. In a Tweet by Reto Meier (pre-15 minute window and back in July) who is the Android Developer Relations Lead, they just use the 48 hour wording as a buffer to give them time to issue refunds. We’ll have to assume that the 15 minute window for customers to request a refund has not changed.

False alarm!

Cheers David!

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  • We hope to see some changes in nearer future. Really it sounds in your updated post. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Anonymous

    i like 24 hours better than 15 minutes

  • grizzly

    I just compared the current version with the version available in May (thanks to the WayBack Machine – archive.org) and this update is a simple language update to account for music and books being published on the Market. The refund language has not changed.

  • Anonymous


  • They should allow for developers to post Demo for apps along with the full version so that we’re not getting two listings for the same apps where one happens to be a demo.

  • Anonymous

    Where did the comments go?

  • Anonymous

    Like a bad comment you might as well just delete this post.

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    2.You remember mctypethings “bro” overdose 
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    5.You know of custom theme friday
    6.You know who where OG in OG droid started
    7.You remeber the old old site

    • How did the OG in OG Droid start? I’ve been wondering that for months.

  • EC8CH

    Thankgod this wasn’t a post about the G-Nex release date.

    • El El Kool J

      you might have spoke to soon my friend… cuz you know there was one coming soon after..lol

  • Dominick DeVito
    • It’s still releasing exclusively in the US on Verizon first. 

      • Dominick DeVito

        ur right.But a date wouldn’t kill them. Maybe they’re keeping tight-lipped thru the weekend for more Razr and Rezound sales.

        • Most likely. Gotta give everyone a fair shot at sales.

    • Bryan Williams

      That’s just for preorders and isn’t actually selling until “early December” in Canada.

  • Dominick DeVito


  • Bryan Williams

    15, 24, 48?  WTF?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Mixed feelings on this one. I think the old 24 hour rule was pretty generous, but 48 hours probably allows for too much abuse of the system. I see people buying games on weekends, playing them for two days straight, then returning them. How about they let the developers choose what time limit they want for returns, but force a minimum of something like two hours? That’s enough time to be sure the application actually works (for most apps), but doesn’t potentially hurt developers.

  • I am of two minds. On the one hand, larger return window = good for users. On the other hand, larger return window = bad for developers with slimy, shiftless customers that “rent” apps. 

  • Anonymous

    So from 24 hours to 15 minutes to 48 hours?  Bad news for crappy developers, good news for the users!

  • Anonymous

    how do you preview a wallpaper or ringtone in the current market??  i mean how is that defined?  like, the pictures that are included or something?  or a demo??

  • Tabe

    Nooo! I’ve been censored! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Great news! Fifteen minutes was ridiculous, especially with apps that require large downloads of extra data outside the Market.


    Can we get a refund on those rumors that the Galaxy Nexus was going to launch today? ಠ_ಠ scottg96

    • Tried to tell everyone that the 18th was a giant rumor that some troll made up.

  • Andrew

    That’s always been there, actually. Here’s retomier responding to a similar occurrence last year – https://twitter.com/#!/retomeier/status/19486136410

  • Br_hermon

    bout time!

  • Jerry

    15 Minutes IS to short.

  • razrftw

    android just keeps better and better

  • RedOne1

    Omg my fitst FIRST

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time they change this back

  • Wow, can’t find a middle ground can they. 24 and 48 hrs is too long for developers and 15 mins is too short for consumers. Personally, I think an hour or two should be good.

  • Dominick DeVito

    I would say almost half of the apps I purchase are for impulse needs. This is bad news for devs

    • Anonymous

      I would agree, except if an app is good I probably wouldn’t seek a refund. 15 minutes was a joke, especially for apps that require downloads when you launch them.

  • John

    nice move google

  • Anonymous

    This is great news. I thought it was really stupid when they went from 24-hours to 15-minutes. Honestly I would have been happy with 24-hours again but 48-hours is awesome.

    Just one problem with this. What about short games that can be beat in a couple days? Will these developers lose money to people beating the game and refunding? Perhaps going back to 24-hours would be better than 48.

    • Anonymous

      I would agree that 24 hours is suffice.

  • Good. 15min was a joke

  • Tabe

    From Androidcentral: 
    Update: We’re being told by one developer that actually this wording is unchanged, and the 15-minute window still applies, it’s just that Google has that long to refund the money. We’re seeking clarification from Google, and watching our hope wane.

    • Anonymous

      Damn you. 

  • Dominick DeVito

    I’m torn. As a consumer I’m thrilled.

    As a developer, I’m frightened.

  • By the way…what does this have to do with the Nexus? *waits for free likes to ensue*

  • Anonymous

    I was just thinking, I really might buy those adobe touch apps if I could try them out for more than fifteen minutes. Great stuff.

  • Pete

    IMO its too much time coz sometimes u forget to return it!

  • Excellent. I thought the 15 minute change was ridiculous. Especially on slower phones, or apps that require a good bit of setup to really get going, it’s impossible to actually test the damn things before fully committing to paying.

    I’m a little surprised they’re going to 48 hours, given that I understood app developers weren’t thrilled with the 24 hour turnaround when that was in place.

  • Actually this may be false…AC updated their article.

  • Anonymous