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And the Winner of NGGG #3 and a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Prize Pack is…

Two weeks ago, we announced our November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway (NGGG), a month long contest that includes four (4) NVIDIA Tegra 2 powered tablets and a couple of gaming-inspired prize packs. Each week, we have handed out a different tablet, with the prize packs (Jamboxes and $25 gift cards) being tacked on during this giveaway and the last one. Up first was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 followed by the Asus Transformer last week. So far we have seen an intense amount of participation, but this week was even crazier thanks to the added prize pack. Not only is our winner going to receive a Galaxy Tab 10.1, but some cash and an incredible mobile speaker to go with it.

With over 3,900 entries in just 5 short days, we are officially blown away for the 3rd straight week in a row. So as to not delay this announcement any further, let’s get to it. The winner is… 

TimB who loves Gears of War 1, Gears of War 3, and Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Congrats on winning the new tablet, Jambox speaker and cash!

To everyone else, tune back in Monday morning for your chance to win the last tablet provided by @NVIDIATegra and the Tegra Zone. Next week’s giveaway will also include the same prize pack that we had this week – a Jambox speaker and $25 gift card.

  • Anonymous


  • TimB

    Thanks a lot! I aprecicate the tablet.

    BTW Gears 2 was terrible after they pushed the nurfing updates.

  • Anonymous


  • im4degreesaboveu

    tim is here at my place kellex just ship it to me I’ll make sure he gets it

  • Rigged! – Galaxy Nexus delayed. Congrats TimB enjoy the prizes.

  • Sinep1234

    Gears of war is a terrible game. Boooo! lol

  • Congrats TimB. If you get tired of it after 1 week. You can send it over my way 😉

  • John Gaspardo

    if I had a penny for every contest iv’e lost i’d be a millionaire by now 

  • John Gaspardo

    never won anything my entire life oh well 

  • Newdroid34

    No love for the boy and his blob huh, im done with the contests

  • lululu ive got some apples
    lululu youve got some too
    lululu lets make some applesauce
    take off our clothes and lululu

  • Dr. Baltz

    Is it running Android 3.2?

  • Girlypeekaboo


  • I just keep setting myself up for a let down. You’d think I’d learn. :((

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Tim!

  • shdowman

    Between this and getting knocked out of eliminator due to the stupid Eagles…I give up on contests 🙁

    Gratz Tim.

  • link was on mine too good choice!

  • John
  • Anonymous

    +1 for Link to the Past!

  • Jason Purp

    IDK, I personally think things like this should only be put on your Twitter account, Droid Life. Maybe not the actual announcements of the contests, but when announcing the winners, I think it’d be better. Just my opinion. I know nobody asked for it.

    • Anonymous

      For us non twitter tweeters, this kinda makes it impartial. Not that I would agree but wouldn’t Google+ make more sense? Just staying in theme of things.

  • JMac726

    No love for GoW 2, eh?

    • Anonymous

      +1 GoW2!!!! and GoW3!!!

  • Congrats TimB.

  • Tabe

    This guy SO didn’t deserve it… RECOUNT!

    • Peter Kelly

      Send it to the Supreme Court!
      Gore set a bad precedent.  Just because he didn’t beat what many call a bad president.

  • ohh mann! 

  • Once again I didn’t win…LAME

  • EC8CH

    Oh well, at least it’s not like the G-NEX is being delayed until December.

  • David


  • bboyzala

    heyy congrats man

  • Jackson Emch

    This poor college student is going to find a way to get a tablet, and then velcro it to the wall because wall computer things are awesome.

  • 🙁

  • windig