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Verizon-Branded Galaxy Nexus Stars In Official Google Videos, Your Guide to the Device

With the Galaxy Nexus available in the U.K., Google has released numerous “getting started” videos on the official Google Nexus YouTube channel. The videos are your normal run-of-the-mill instructional how to’s – except for one thing, a Verizon-branded Galaxy Nexus. We have seen the device go through the FCC and we have heard countless stories regarding possible delays, nonetheless it is nice to see some more Verizon confirmation to ease those pesky stomach nerves.

Interestingly enough, you can clearly see a My Verizon Mobile app and VZ Backup Assistant installed on the device. These may not be preinstalled but a little part of me has a feeling that they may be, which takes away from the Pure Google Experience and the Nexus name. Unfortunately, a release date is still being kept under wraps.

Getting started:


Home screen walk-through:


Face unlock:


Simple multi-tasking:


Using Beam:


Camera and panorama:


Customizing favorites tray:


Creating folders:


Changing wallpapers:


The new commercial:


Cheers Ty, Timothy, and everyone else!

  • MT

    a few things…

    1) the Verizon Droid commercials and Motorola is what put Android on the map. Its why all you folks call the phone a Droid phone. Like most people call diapers Pampers.

    2) Google and Android have 51% market share on phones. Why do you all insist on talking about the iPhone like Android has so much to do to catch it? It has already passed it. Individual manufacturers sure but in total for the OS? Not even close. iPhone is ranked 3 behind Symbian powered phones and barely above RIM.

    3) its really funny how people complain about bloatware. dont buy the phone and you wont have any bloatware. pretty simple. Its Verizons phone to put on it what they want. Voice your opinion by not buying it. That will teach em.


  • Don’t know if anyone pointed out.. a couple months back this post was done here http://www.droid-life.com/2011/09/19/droid-doesnt-inspire-opinion/#more-46533 and was about how the Droid line of commercials don’t really inspire. I think Google and Samsung are doing things the right way with this type of commercial. It shows people how they can relate and use not only their phone but all the new features of ICS in our daily lives, also nothing works better than word of mouth. You see a couple of friends passing games, notes, video chatting and talking some amazing pictures from their phones and you want it too.. Google and Samsung are going to inspire people with this.. Hopefully more catch on, Verizon releases this phone and sales are better than anything we can imagine. Cause that’s a win for Droid-lifers everywhere!

  • Looks Awesome.  Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    I love the features, ICS is going to be great once all the phones get it. 

  • Hugh Hansen Jr.

    My excitement about the non-branded, clean front of the device cannot be overstated. It would have been a minor tragedy to screw up the completely black front of the phone with a brand.

    I’m curious about how they measure the thickness of the phone. It looks to me that the entire phone tapers from thicker to thinner, so no two points would measure the same thickness. If they’re giving the thickness from the very top, then it’s rather misleading.

    Measuring from the midpoint seems fair. We have no idea where they’re taking the measurement, though, right?

  • Droid4Life

    Im going to order a uk version replacement battery cover to get rid of that damn vzw logo.

  • Colin Zack

    Anyone else think its weird that what appears to be the G+ icon is red now? 04 seconds into the video (new commercial)

    • MT

      G+ changed their icon to the red lower case g+ maybe a week ago I noticed it.

  • I enjoy the ice cream sandwich “nod” given in the final shown video near the end.  The girl outside the burger joint mowwing down on an ice cream sammich =D.  Can’t. Wait. For. This. Phone.

  • hahah! anyone else notice that they were eating ice cream sandwiches in the commercial!

  • SugaShane

    Why has there not been enough said about the commercial? I’ve been waiting for android to have a commercial like this. Really makes me think that this Nexus is going to change the game. Apple has to be worried right now. 

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice on the commercial that the ice cream sandwich the girl is eating is curved like the Galaxy Nexus? Lol awesome.

  • Now that’s an Android commercial equal to the first OG commercial!

  • totally depressing.  how can google screw up this launch so bad.  they just top it off with that commercial.
    showing actual features and uses for the phone.  no cuttting poles in half no mention of diamonds.  how can you sell a phone with just specs ridiculous. 🙂

  • Pardes33

    The first thing I do after I get this phone is order a NON BRANDED battery back and remove the two stupid Verizon bloatware apps.  

    Fark Verizon for trying to screw the nexus experience by putting their crap on it.

    • remember the nfc is on the battery.

      • Pardes33

        battery cover should be ok to replace? no?

        • 🙂  my bad i didnt see the back part 🙂 

  • Garrett

    MY GOD! A decent android commercial!

  • Doesn’t that say something that all these so called new and hot phones like the Nexus, N9 and Lumia 800,  all came out overseas first or overseas only …. Just goes to show what light they hold us (The U.S.) in … interesting.  Right now people i know who are not even into technology like that are asking me about the new Nexus so that tells me a lot of people wanting this phone but why so slow to market which makes no sense. This is the problem with windows and android phones. The gap between announcement and launch is crazy.

    • MT

      Well Vodaphone owns Verizon and they are based in the UK not the US. Why most people forget that Verizon is not a true US company is funny. 

  • Anonymous

    I want, i want, iwantiwantiwantiwant!

    But I can’t haz? 🙁

  • The UK is eating Galaxy Nexus ICS in front of the poor (US). 

  • OHHHHHHH MY I like it

  • Anonymous

    usa release date or bust

  • Ben

    I like the shout-out to Pulse News (0:36 on Customizing favorites tray)

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of crap, Europe gets it first.  Verizon really F’ed this up.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez


  • Mr. English

    Give me iOS sharpness and lose the useless face unlock which can be bypassed with a photo and I’m all over this phone. It’s all about the screen sharpness for me because all else seems to be excellent. Assuming ppi shines, this is clearly my next phone. 

    • Remove? Just… maybe don’t use face unlock? You’re not forced to use it.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely, you’re right. It’s my choice and I realize that. It’s just an off the cuff comment about something I personally feel is a waste of resources. Cool, but a waste. In the end, like you said, it’s a user choice.

    • You don’t need to use the face unlock. It’s merely an option, like needing a PIN to unlock. I don’t know how everyone got so stuck on this notion that everyone is going to be forced at gunpoint to use face unlock.

      • Anonymous

        No, I get it. I also agree with you, but it’s so evident that there are those who will rely on the “security” of face unlock to provide a layer of protection only to be foiled by a photo and then end up in a frivolous lawsuit. I’m reaching, but maybe not that far in todays world.

  • Rccrod

    If only Verizon would use a commercial like this.  instead of those lame Robot Droid Commercials.


  • Anonymous

    The commercial makes me want the phone even more. To the point of “I have to sell something to buy it.”

  • Anonymous

    Vzw is like a hoe. Anything for a nickle…..

  • Anonymous

    Quit bitching you can disable the apps in ics. 2 apps isn’t taking anything away from the google experience

    • og droid had far more than 3 and was still a google experience device. 

  • Bah, I’ll just wait for the true Nexus phone. All this BS preinstalled bloatware and logo on phone proves this is NO Nexus phone. How many preinstalled Verizon apps were on the iPhone?
    I imagine in a few weeks we’ll get the real Nexus, pure vanilla experience from another carrier. If not I’ll just wait for ICS on my Nexus S. I’m getting the Transformer Prime anyway.

    • “All this BS preinstalled bloatware” = 2 apps 
      “logo on phone” = really, that’s what you’re upset about?

      So what exactly will the “true Nexus phone” have to have to earn the title from you?

      • Thats 2 apps that aren’t installed on pure vanilla AOSP install.
        What other Nexus device had a carrier logo?

        I understand that its only a logo and only 2 apps to some but I see it as a beginning. It starts with 2 apps, next Nexus phone Verizon decides to throw a few more on there until we no longer have a pure experience.

        2nd point. Looks like all future software updates will have to go through Verizon to make sure the update doesn’t break their bloatware. 

        If you accept it now you better be prepared for alot more in the future.

    • Joshnichols189

      You don’t even know if it is preinstalled or from the market and you’re getting worked up over two apps…. Lol

  • Anonymous

    Verizon-Branded Galaxy Nexus Stars In Official Google Videos, YOUR Guide to the Device? #corrections

  • Ice456789

    On the commercial, the last frame says “Galaxy Nexus   Pure Google”. If you zoom in really far, you can see an asterisk. Down at the bottom in the shadow of the phone (again zoomed in really far) it says

    * Pure Google experience N/A on Verizon

  • Anonymous

    verizon always has to piss people off by throwing in VZ back up assistant, and not giving us any option to remove it.

  • am79

    WOW!! I can’t believe that Google allowed Verizon to put their ugly ass tramp stamp on a Nexus, let alone Verizon Apps.  TERRIBLE!! 

  • Anonymous

    Google does a great job with their commercials I wish they would have multiple commercials instead of Verizon.

  • Jefferz0087

    OMG The world is ending, the galaxy nexus has 2 apps from Verizon. The phone is now ruined forever. Really guys? Is it THAT big of a deal that there is two apps from Verizon on the phone? Its not like there is 20 like every other phone, it is not the end of the world, you’re probably going to root and take them off anyways so I don’t see how your lives are ruined forever.

    On another note, the phone looks awesome, can’t wait to play with it in store.

    • Monty Waggoner

      +1 for root and take them off anyway!

      • NotRelevant

        With ICS you don’t need to root to do that. It’s a new feature of ICS that lets you remove any app..preinstalled or otherwise.

        • WRONG….. Disable or hide is far from remove. ICS does not allow you to remove. And if it does you better believe Verizon will disable that functionality.

    • Tyler

      Lets also not forget about the abilities in ICS to disable apps too. Can’t wait.

  • Does anyone else realize that all this frustration is our own faults for constantly searching for news and codifying every rumor as hard fact? We’re sitting here getting in a tizzy over conflicting leaked release dates of questionable authenticity and wondering why Verizon/Google isn’t giving us the phone yet. Does this strike anyone else as ridiculous?

    • Monty Waggoner

      You just reminded me of something, why hasn’t Verizon given us the phone yet? 

      It’s ridiculous that they won’t just say the release date. Google has been advertising the phone, it’s not a secret. We know it’s coming. Why not say, “December 16th” or “Black Friday”. Why the secrets? If there’s a problem, push the date out, but at least let us know when it is, so we can go back to our normal lives until then. 

      My blood pressure is still coming down from the whole HP Touchpad fiasco. My body can’t handle any more anticipation!

      • Obviously they’re not giving us the date because they don’t want to get the rabid fanboys even angrier. Imagine if they said November 21 way back at the official annoucement. Then after we spent several weeks pining and waiting, they say “oops, sorry guys, we found a couple bugs, it’ll be December 14 instead.” Can you imagine the backlash they would face?

  • When the f*ck is VZW gonna release it?  This pisses me off!!

  • Ill probably get rid of backup assistant. Verizon is stupid-Dont you guys know gmail does that already? And its better! Myverizon I actually use to track minutes, pay bill, etc. I also really like the new google maps app. Looks sweet, cant wait. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I like the subtle ICS at 0:45 in the last video

    • she’s a little cutie too. 

  • Anonymous

    The last Youtube clip is another great example why Verizon needs to be able to reach more of a customer base instead of the Sci Fi action commercials. Excellent commercial Google, show how the phone will relate to peoples everyday lives and how simple, cool and innovative Android is. 

    Take note Verizon, take serious notes

  • MikeyBotz

    I hope the delay wasnt to add Verizon software onto our beautiful virgin. She is all dirty and used now, yuck.

  • Neither the backup assistant or the my mobile take away anything from the pure google experience. I think your pushing it there BUT I am getting tired of waiting…release the phone already.

  • Anonymous

    It got released in the UK today. 

  • EC8CH

    Ladies love the ICS.

    @ the 0:45 mark

  • Haproot

     BACKUP ASSISTANT WHAT!  If it’s got bloat I’m really tempted to terminate my contract and go to another carrier. This is getting redonkulous.

    • John Landgrave

      It’s okay, that little unlock symbol when they first turned on the phone allows you to root nigh instantly and uninstall everything if you want!

  • EC8CH

    I wonder if the battery covers will be interchangeable between the Verizon and GSM versions.

    If so, I’m so buying a GSM replacement to swap out the Verizon logo for a Google one 🙂 

    • James Friedman

      hell of an idea….bravo sir!

    • Anonymous

      Depends if the antennae are in the battery cover (like the Thunderbolt for example) then no.

      • EC8CH

        Good thing the OGD’s antennae weren’t in it’s battery cover.  Don’t know how many times that thing has fallen off on me 🙂

    • Droid4Life

      hahah totally just posted the same thing then saw your comment…

  • MFG

    It’s coming today.

    (An announcement)

    • Dominick DeVito

      you know this how? Or just a hunch?

  • Dominick DeVito

    Motorola Razr already seems like a distant memory

  • Anonymous

    Motorola and Verizon could learn a lot about how to make a phone commercial by watching the ad above.

    • Dominick DeVito

      It’s not an Ad. They’re tutorial videos.

      • Anonymous

        “The New Commercial” sounds like an ad…

        • Dominick DeVito

          my bad – didn’t watch them all.

          • Anonymous

            no worries. I’m just getting angsty waiting to hear when this beast is going to be in my hands

          • Richard Yoo

            correction: when this beat is going to be in my pants

          • Anonymous

            so true

          • Anonymous

            You’re putting a speaker in your pants? 😉

          • so get the rezound lol

      • Anonymous

        Clearly you didn’t watch the video labeled “the new commercial,” which is clearly…a commercial.

        • Dominick DeVito

          my bad – didn’t watch them all.

          • Anonymous

            😉 now let’s just hope this commercial starts running asap and puts some pressure to give a release date

          • Monty Waggoner

            That made me LOL

    • and google has a lot to learn when comparing that commercial to any iPone commercial.  That commercial, while decent, does NOT inspire, does NOT make me go wow. iHate Appel, no company offer less for more but when I see a iPone commercial, iWant one (iReally don’t) but you get my point iHope.

      P.S. Siri is all the talk on the iPone, it’s just a app that iOS baked into iPone 2 years late to the google voice actions party but they barely show it off. Google voice actions does 90% of what Siri does and 99% of all the useful siri features yet, barely touch on it in that ad. 

      That ad will do not 1 thing to steer iSheep away from iPone unfortunately

      • Anonymous

        Your comment was so annoying to read.

        • James


          • Anonymous

            Wow, good job at making a good comment, you prick.

      • Anonymous

        You’re probably right. The fact of the matter is that having an iPhone just means everything to some people by nature of the fact that it’s an iPhone. As idiotic as “if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone” is for a slogan, there are clearly millions of people who see it just that way. Which isn’t a bad thing, to each his (or her) own, it just means that, as you point out, Apple is able to take something like voice recognition technology that Android has had for two years and market it as being ahead of the curve and have people be amazed by it.

        While I agree that the commercial above is still not as accessible as iPhone commercials, since most iPhone commercials seem to focus directly on the phone’s screen and show you exactly what you can do rather than show you people doing them and let you put two and two together, like the commercial above does, I think many people would probably agree that the Nexus commercial above is at least a big step forward from the DROID commercials. As fun as it is to watch a cute girl cut off a robot’s head, what does that tell me about why I should buy the Bionic that was delayed for most of the year? As cool as it is to watch the guy stealing the RAZR from the armored truck or whatever, what does that tell me about why I should buy the RAZR? At least the new RAZR commercial from yesterday or whenever is an improvement.

      • Djstar2k2

        your right but uncle googs will catch up.  but most times with android ads remember its open so carriers and oems get to do what they want.  hence droid adds that dont show or cover the phone.  icrapple does everything from top to bottom

  • Dan

    I could care less if they are preinstalled….I was gonna download “my verizon” anyways.

    • Dan

      But do you use Backup Assistant, most people would use GMail to back up their contacts. Oh and stop stealing my name 😛

      • Dan

        haha I don’t use backup assistant….and yeah….maybe I should change up my name…..or maybe not….hehehe

  • The Bloatware could be worse, If Verizon had their way it would have Let’s Golf and 50 other useless apps on it to start with.

  • Kris Brandt

    It doesn’t look like it’s all that much thicker than the 3G versions. Also, it’s not hard to root and remove those apps.

    • TheCraiggers

      You don’t know that yet.  For all we know, Verizon has locked the phone down tight and we might not get root for months if ever.

  • From what I heard before those Verizon apps are preinstalled.

  • Radgatt

    So much for that…I am sure we will be able to at least hide the apps…now we know about the delay and the power struggle due to those apps

  • EC8CH

    VZ Backup Assistant!

    • LionStone

      Yea I never rooted my TB…and I was always annoyed that the Backup Ass. App never had an option to NOT sync. At least now with ICS, there will be that option!

  • inittowinit

    I don’t get why so many people get hung up on a few carrier apps.  Really….2 apps is ruining the google experience?  Fired up for this phone and fired up to have it on Verizon.  Would love to see it released soon, but we’ll all have it soon enough.  Patience….all patience.

  • Anonymous

    Bloatware spotted

    Watch 00:19-00:24  My Verizon and VZW Backup Assistant Spotted……………These are not part of the stock experience….. this is what the delay is for.  To install bloatware. GODDAMNIT!

    • Kris Brandt

      Root and remove.  Not that hard.

      • Anonymous

        I plan on it but it irks me that Verizon has had their dirty hands on the device…

      • no root needed, these are apps available on market as options as well… just uninstall like normal… i personally like the my verizon app

        • Kris Brandt

          If they installed it as a system app instead of a market app, you have to root to get to it.

          • you’re forgetting about one of the main features of ICS is the ability to remove or permanently disable bloatware. 

  • Bmos18

    Curse you Verizon!!

  • Anonymous

    I think we all know were very close to launch finally.  First the Samsung landing page gets updated, then the Google landing page gets all the official specs for the LTE version, then these videos appear along with an instore poster arriving at some stores, proving that it might not be online only after all.


  • Nexus page updated with LTE specs too…. hopefully release date announcement SOOOOON

  • Bob

    I think i’ll just wait for the Galaxy Nexus 2 at this point.

    • Anonymous

      Sucks for you!

    • you realize that there may not be a galaxy nexus 2 right?

  • Dominick DeVito

    I feel

  • Trooper

    Wow VZW bloatware?  Weak.  I may just go to ATT or T Mobile to get the pure Google Experience.

  • John

    this is useless to me w/o a release date

  • Anonymous

    Very Nice, I like how the ice cream sandwich is curved ….

  • Anonymous

    yawn… Release date now! heh

  • Dan

    They changed up the google.com/nexus site as well. A TON more information

  • Anonymous

    Verizon PLEASE!!! keep your dirty paws of the Nexus!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah seriously!

      • Anonymous

        I agree we can always take that stuff off 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It comes with 3 apps, My Verizon, Backup Assistant, and Mobile Hotspot. That’s it. I’ll take it.

      • Dominick DeVito

        Ah man, no CityID? Damnit, I don’t want it now.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, and none of the other 50 junk apps c’mon Verizon, I was all in till you decided NOT to ruin the device shezzz!! 😛

        • Anonymous

          Hahahahaha, whatever will I do without the blockbuster service polling in the background??!!

          • Dominick DeVito

            or VZ Navigator telling me where to go!

          • Anonymous

            Verizon is probably telling you to go to Hell in a hand basket, lol Oh, wait that is a Verizon app, it called my Verizon Bill 😛

          • Anonymous

            OT, you got LTE up there this morning?

        • dkbetts

          Ahahaha!  That was the dumbest app ever pre-installed.

        • Anonymous

          you forgot blockbuster, you just can’t live without life changing apps like these.

      • Aran Miller

        Even the Nexus One came with the t-mobile my account on it.

        • My Nexus One came with ZERO additional apps pre installed. T-Mo “My Account” app was not on the Nexus One.