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Thursday Poll: Favorite New Apps of the Last Month Are?

It has been a couple of months since we last had everyone share their crop of most recently favorited apps. So let us go ahead and do that today to see what has received a little extra attention on your smartphones and tablets. We saw the release of some top tier games like Shadowgun, an app from our friends Android and Me called Photobooth, Google Offers, and a whole bunch of old timers that were overhauled. After thumbing through our Apps section, I was amazed at how many of some of our long time favorites had been completely redone.

So this time around, feel free to shout out of some of your all time favorites that may have received new looks. Still try to toss out as many newbies as you can though, since after all, that is the whole point of this post.

For me personally, I’m really loving the newest release of Screenshot ER. After snapping a shot, you get a mini preview in the top right corner that can be saved, shared or discarded. Long gone are the days when taking screenshots either took over your whole screen or disappeared without your approval.

I’m also really addicted to WidgetLocker again ever since they released the Ice Cream Sandwich lock screen.

What else have you guys been obsessing over lately?

  • Vlad Rakov

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  • Anonymous

    I have been playing a ton of Muffin Knight on my iPad, and I know that the android version is the same. I just don’t want to install it on my OG Droid because I don’t want to pay for it again, or find out that my device is too old. LOL!

  • Booboolala2000

    Google Music. Still.

  • Earl Echols

    MeMe Generator

  • Anonymous


  • I like Catch Notes, Do It (Tomorrow), and  Androidify. I’ve recently made a full review of my favorite Android apps in my blog: 
    My Top-10 Android applications http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-top-10-android-applications.html

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  • John

    still enjoying ‘lapse it’

  • Anonymous

    Handcent, widget locker, fancy widgets and im plus pro.

  • I’ve been addicted to Tumblr, Foursqaure, TweetDeck and Jokes To Offend Everyone. XD 

    Yep…socials for the win! 

  • Timmyk465

    it has to be FsIntents… it allows you to auto checkin to foursquare locations  using tasker or locale!  I am now the mayor of the places i frequent but forget to checkin again.  it also has options to share or hide a checkin…

  • Chad Bailey

    Rom Toolbox Pro!

  • Launcher 7.

  • Kevin


  • Anonymous

    My Verizon and VZ Back up Assistant!!! Best adittions to the Nexus!

    • VZW4lyfe

      Totally. I’m just upset that City ID will be gone. One of the most useful apps I have ever used, hands down

  • Anonymous

    kellex the real question is when will we see the droid life app? :O

  • Ricky Grundy Jr.

    Tiny Towers.

  • Anonymous

    WhipCount, It gives up to the minutes details of House activities.

  • Anonymous


  • Hedney3

    Easily Google Music. Ive been waiting for a more concrete music player, store and streaming ability and its finally here. I love being able to switch from computer to mobile and still have all the music i love wherever i go. And it got even better once it came out of beta. 

  • Ray

    Shadow Gun for my xoom and Lapse it Pro for my DX

  • Anonymous

    Shadowgun, ESPECIALLY after today’s big update to enable it on non-T2 devices!!  All of the new Adobe apps are pretty cool, and I am digging the free QuickOffice Pro HD from Amazon a few days ago on my tablet!

  • StormbladeX69

    Taptu, TweetCaster, FriendCaster, PocketCasts (Awesome Podcast app)

  • Alexander Garcia

    Screenshot ER !!! FTW !!!

  • cantcurecancer

    I really like an app called Widgetsoid, free in the market. Basically creates a widget for toggle switches (wifi, gps, the list goes on), but there’s so much customization and theming available. I like the fact that with it I can create a widget that has 2-3 toggle switches and only takes up 1 space on my home screen. Take a look: http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/8012/shot000006.png

    • Anonymous

      what rom/theme are you running for the ics look?

      • cantcurecancer

        Themuffstuff’s ICS theme for the bionic > http://rootzwiki.com/topic/7981-themeice-cream-sandwich-for-bionic-111311-liberty3test40-th3ory20/

        Launcher is ADW with the black glass theme.

    • Calvin Williams

      I love widget locker, but I hide the widget and put it in the notification bar so I can change setting without closing an app 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Smart Actions… awesome.

  • LionStone

    Frame Grabber by Sony Digital… works great. And I have been waiting for it to finally be available for the TB. Shoot some video and “grab” and save and share any frame. I think it was featured here a while back? But I just realized it recently for the TB. And of course the NFL Mobile app is sweet with alerts for new videos of your team (Niners)! Especially since they are kicking ass and taking names. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Be Weather Pro.

  • Anonymous


  • 8Tracks, it just updated with a widget today.

  • Anonymous

    Been using Widgetlocker since my Droid X days. I dig the ICS lockscreen.

    Lately ive been using alot of iheartradio, Automateit Pro and my Sega Genesis and SNES emulators.

  • SugaShane

    I still use Audiogalaxy everyday. 

    • kie

      Have you tried Taptu at all?

      • Kerrythebeast

        I’m with ya on that i love Taptu so far its my favorite multi news source

      • Rob Sag

        I switched to Taptu over Pulse as well. What did it for me was the fact that I could combine multiple feeds into one, so instead of having 6 different android feeds, they combine into one big android feed.  I also like the widget for taptu better.

    • Anonymous

      im with you there! I love the playlists(most played, recently added, recently played).  

  • Frank

    I can’t download any apps because my OG Droid won’t handle anything but the launcher, phone, and messaging. 

    • HAHA, I’m in the same boat!

    • TeflonBilly

      Sound like it time to reflash your rom.  I finally upgraded to CM 7.1 and she running like a champ again.

      • Anonymous

        I just put cm7.1 on mine and its still so slow on the net any flash will make the browser crash go to my home screen then i have to wait like 20 seconds for my clock and weather to pop up then i open the app drawer and have to wait for that to get re populated.

        • droid 1 isnt built to run flash…. don’t try it

        • John

          should always put plugins to on-demand in browser settings

  • bigrob60

    Widget locker was cool but the OG Droid could not handle it. :[
    Just to toss in a game I am addicted to GodVille. Basically your a God and read about your hero’s exploits in his diary healing him here & there. Here is a sample passage of my hero: Somehow I’ve managed to convince the lemming not to jump. Found a chest full of money. Gonna go on a shopping spree. If anyone has played lemmings you should get a kick out of that. I laugh at something every time I open it. I believe it’s free(no adds) & worth a look at.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    New google music

  • Anonymous

    The Emoticon App =)

    A very helpful app for texting!

  • Chucklehead

    I must admit, Screenshot ER is pretty awesome. Been clicking away with it for days already.

    • Just hold home and power button, oh nevermind.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still a big fan of Pulse. It’s nice to be able to read all the headlines from multiple news sources in one place. Regarding Widget Locker, maybe one day when I finally retire my OG I’ll be able to fully enjoy the features it provides. As it stands it makes my phone lag too much. And perhaps soon this new Google Music will become a favorite of mine as well.

    • GreenGarden

      I agree… I use pulse on a daily basis to read Droid-life from my OG Droid. It’s so commonplace on my phone I almost take it for granted

      • Brian

        Works great on my Xoom. I use it everyday for my tech news addiction…

      • Anonymous

        I was the same way it took way to long for the stock browser to load up dl so I was using opera mini which was decent but pulse always seemed to pull the news the fastest only down side was the comments didn’t show up in the reader have to link to the web and videos would some times mess up but well worth it. But now retired the OG and picked up a RAZR could not be happier, was planning on returning it for the nexus but I don’t know if I will still be doing that .

    • Pulse is insanely good and useful. All apps should is it as the standard.

  • Anonymous

    “What else have you guys been obsessing over lately?”

    The Galaxy Nexus.

    Oh, guess that doesn’t fit here 🙁

  • The app that adds buttery smooth scrolling, stops 4g data drops, makes the pentile screen look good, makes the phone feel less plasticy, oh, that app isn’t on Android market?

    • Anonymous

      The funny thing is that I just purchased a midrange Samsung Exhibit 2 and it scrolls as smooth as a iphone.

  • GreenGarden

    Photoshop Touch for my tab 10.1!! Now I wish soo bad they would get Instagram for my phone… please? 🙂

    • Bret

      I like all the new Adobe apps to go along with Photoshop Touch. Especially Ideas, Collage, and Proto. Great brainstorming apps.

  • OG Droid

    Most be using a Moto phone; look at that pentil shine with pixcels!!!

  • Franzie3

    I have to agree Widget Locker ICS lock screen is very nice.  That along with CM7 and just getting 4G LTE turned on today makes me love my tbolt again (for now)……

    I must also say the Zumocast app ripped from the Bionic is a very nice alternative to stashing GB’s of videos on a phone’s SD card.  Its pretty much like having cloud storage for a phone of all your crap without having to have it leave your desktop.

  • Lmrojas

    Widget locker with ics and adw ex with an ics theme.

  • Droidddddd

    I like this one where it’s a Notepad and I can type notes on it

  • Tyrian

    What new apps can I fit on my OG Droid?

    • chmcclellan

      Link2sd and an ext4 partition on your sd card say you can fit whatever you want.  Whether you can run them without slowing it to a standstill is the key.

      • bigrob60

        I have every app I can on my SD card(App to SD pro) & my phone is still giving me the low space warning.

        • chmcclellan

          Not familiar with app to sd pro but check out this thread.  Because link2sd essentially makes your phone think they are on the phone, you may get more.

          Also, some of the system apps are hogs and can be removed with TiBU.  Check out this list.  I only use gmail and so removed so the email app and have switched to quickpic so removed the gallery.  I believe you can then use TiBU to move other apps in to the free system space although I haven’t needed to as link2sd gave me so much space. 

          • bigrob60

            If link2sd makes my phone think all my apps are on the phone, won’t my phone freak out w/ out of space messages? Watching my nephew right now so can’t really read the thread post.

            Do the photos save to the phones memory or SD memory? I have a ton that I need to transfer to my computer. I thought I had it set up to save to my SD but need to check. It might have reset when I flashed GB on it.

          • chmcclellan

            1.  Not totally familiar, but I believe not.  As I understand it, link2sd makes your phone think your SD ext partition is part of internal memory.  Since you will have to partition the card to use link2sd, its probably not a project to undertake if you can’t read the thread.

            2. Pictures go to SD but texts go to internal memory I believe (someone correct me if I am wrong).  If you have a ton of MMS messages that might do it.

            You might check out an app called DiskUsage, it gives you a look at what is actually taking up space in the same way windirstat does for windows.

          • bigrob60

            1. I see what you mean now. That is brilliant.

            2. I couldn’t find a setting for the pictures so I guess they go to the SD. I just cleared out my txt. Fixed that low memory warning.Thanks for reminding me about that.  

        • LazyAss

          Reread what he told you.   You’re speaking of something similar but his is much more effective.  I used it when I had a crappy Samsung Intercept which I would think is similar to your OG.

          (I’m too lazy to load up Lastpass on this computer just for one Disqus comment, sorry)

          • bigrob60

            What is lastpass.

  • DroidzFX

    Waiting for Nexus App

    Its filled with false hope and broken promises

    and the First App…

  • Bob Johnson

    Google Music (official non-beta)? Duh.

    • EC8CH

      double Duh

      • JSIN1605

        3 X 

        • Anonymous

          Can I go 4x 🙂

          • Anonymous


          • Mark Lewis

            These go to 11x

          • Superio1


          • EC8CH


          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

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          • Anonymous

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    • Matthew Rosidivito

      over 9000x