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ShadowGun and Sprinkle Now Compatible With Non-Tegra 2 Powered Android Devices

The previous releases of ShadowGun by Madfinger Games and Sprinkle were both for Tegra 2 devices only.  There should be plenty of happy gamers today though, as both games have dropped processor restrictions and shall now work on different types of Android devices.  As you an see in the pic above, all my glorious devices are compatible and that makes me a happy camper.  To top it off, there has been a free version of Sprinkle released and it rocks.  Go have some fun!

ShadowGun Market Link

Sprinkle Market Link | Free Version

Via: Android Next

  • League K

    Can’t wait to play this game on my sony ericsson


  • imade karari

    Just awesome, best graphic on a mobile I’ve ever seen


  • Anonymous

    Hate to troll but this game has been available on iOS for a while…dunno why it took so long to get the the android market

  • Anonymous


  • Works perfect on the Sensation 4G!

  • Jmtmegatron

    What’s crazy is that my old piece of crap iPhone 3GS been able to play this compared to my sexy and faster droid x

  • aj316

    It’s one thing if the game NEEDED the terga 2, but it doesn’t.  I installed it a while ago on my HP Touchpad and used Chainfire 3d and it worked fine.  Same HD Pinball and Fruit Ninja HD.  They are all “terga 2” only games.

  • George Davis

    For anyone wondering — ShadowGun looks and performs great on the Bionic.  Played through the first few checkpoints with no problems whatsoever.  It has to download about 250mb of files though, so make sure you’re on Wi-Fi the first time you launch it.

  • Doingggggg!!!! on your device list.  Jealous.

  • Fandingo

    I’m getting the Xperia play on Sunday. Can’t wait to play this game on it. It sucks to play it on my incredible and Xoom.

  • Anh

    *drools at your toy list for the nth time*

  • This is how it should have been from the beginning. I shouldn’t have to buy a device with a certain processor to be able to play a game.


      I shouldn’t have to play a game with shit graphics because you have a shit phone!!!

      • I don’t have a shit phone, but there aren’t that many phones that use the Tegra 2 anyway so why limit games to just that processor? Not saying you have to make it compatible with even the crappy phones, but phones with at least a 1 GHz single core should be the minimum requirements.

  • Sweet! I bought the Tegra 2 version and I can get the version for my bionic without buying it again! Greatness!

    • Anonymous

      Same here! That’s pretty cool honestly.

  • Does it work on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus….. nope, because VZW keeps dicking around!!!

  • shr1k3r

    Gosh dang it I just bought samurai 2 for the wait!

  • Phoenixy

    Oh my…! 
    I wish I could get at least the half of those devices.

  • EC8CH

    Can I play this on a Galaxy Nexus?

    •  Nope…the phone does not exist. 

    • Anonymous

      Why would you play a game on the G-nex? The point of the phone is to just sit and stare at how TOTALLY EFFING AWESOME NFC is.

      Just THINK about all the thinks you can DO WITH NFC!!!!

    • Anonymous

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