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Quick Look at the Google Music App for GoogleTV

The Google TV team wasn’t about to let their newly released Honeycomb build for Sony GTV units miss out on all of the Google Music action from yesterday. An official Music app is now available in the Android Market for TVs, rounding out the access to your music collection. If you were looking forward to having Google Music become a part of your home theater system and HD TV, the time has come.

The app itself is just like the version that you all have on your phones now, but matches up more closely to the visual style of Honeycomb. Once you attach your Gmail account to it, you can cruise through all of your albums, jump into playlists, search for favorite artists, “thumbs up” songs, and more.  

You can read more about this release at the official GTV blog.

Cheers Jason!

  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • tr0ubl3d0n3

    I wonder when GTV takes off will Logitech kick itself in the ass for giving GTV the boot.Anyways the GMusic app looks nice.

  • can anyone get us an apk for us revue users to install on the leaked update?

  • Anonymous


  • Google TV with 3.1 here – saw the app in the market, loaded it up. Sooooo, where on the Google TV market do you get content? A search for music yields nothing. I went to PC, snagged free song of the day from ‘real’ Market, it showed up in and plays fine in my Google TV Music app on the TV.
    So, how do we get that content on via the Google TB itself?

  • Ryan Adams?  Great choice.

    • Anonymous

      and +1111 for it being Love is Hell

  • Anonymous


  • Dominick DeVito


  • Billy Jenkins

    has anyone else found the google music app in the android market on google tv? because its not showing up for me

    • Jason G

      You have to do a search.  I just searched for “music” and it came up

      • Billy Jenkins

        does it only show up for the sony dvd players like how they block certain apps from showing up on phones that aren’t compatible? because I searched for “music” and even “google music” on my revue and it didn’t show up.

        • Jason G

          I have a Sony TV with GTV, so perhaps that is the case.

  • I still don’t have Honeycomb on my Revue… WTF Logitech…

    • Grayson Boone


    • Why not, I’ve had the leaked HC for months.  Works fine!!

      • Too many sources say the leak won’t get an automatic update. I’ll just wait it out, not worth the risk / glitches.

    • and everyone doubted sony… shame shame

    • Billy Jenkins

      I’ve had honeycomb on my revue for like 3 months

      • Anonymous

        How so?

    • According to Logitech, they found bugs that need to be fixed…it just feels like they have completely given up on it. And that sort of fits their Q3 earnings message last week where they told everyone it was a massive loss and they would not be producing anymore GTV products.

      • Anonymous

        If thats true they just need to come out and say it. At least we can root the revue or buy a tv that has the update.