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Lucky DL Reader Cruises Into Verizon Store, Walks Out With Galaxy Nexus…Accessories

Such a tease, I know. A reader was lucky enough to walk into a Verizon store and pick up some accessories ahead of the Galaxy Nexus‘ launch though. Stores started to receive them last week, but most were unwilling to sell them to anyone. Aside from the case and screen protectors you are seeing above, we are also expecting there to be a desktop dock available for $59.99 and a car mount for $39.99. No word yet on if there will be an extended battery and cover – from what we’re hearing now, it’s just like any other LTE phone on battery, and could certainly use one.

Cheers jdthreeseventeen!

  • fish1552

    Kellex, just for that, I hope the store sells out of the GNex to the person in line right in front of you!

  • Anonymous

    Discounted? Probably a VZW employee who ran it for the pub. Lame

  • tr0ubl3d0n3

    lol I was about say that lucky bastard until I saw accessories.

  • anyone know where i can buy the HSPA+ model online


    60 BUCKS FOR A DESKTOP DOCK? are they out of their minds? what makes this different than the thunderbolt or really any other dock? can it do magic? 

  • Anonymous

    display protectors?  what a joke.  Razr has gorilla glass.  no need for sticky protectors ruining the touch experience

    • Julio Duverney

      The Thunderbolt has gorilla glass. Ask Phil Nickinson how that thing looks 

  • EC8CH

    Dude wasted $12.99.

    Didn’t he watch this video:


    • Julio Duverney

      I wouldn’t take any chances

  • FortitudineVincimus


    I will pay less than half for the same accessories off eBay in about a month.

    • Julio Duverney

      He got discounted price if you look at receipt 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That was fucked up.

  • C-Law

    I wanna see more pics of the case, out of the box and from different angles please!

    • Julio Duverney

      follow me @jd317 and i’ll show you something. 

  • Hypebeast much?

  • Anonymous

    $12.99 for clear plastic is criminal!

    • gadgetryan

      But its for 3!! LOL!!

  • Anonymous


  • Mashable (ugh) has an interesting article up that contains this line: “Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone with the latest Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, will be reaching the hands of customers today.”

    It was posted around 5 AM today,11/18, and he’s using the future tense. If he’s referring to the UK launch he should be using the past tense. So, is this just a slip up in grammar (a lot of those on Mashable lately), or is it some sort of leak that we don’t know about? I didn’t know Mashable engaged in hypebeastiality.


    •  no way VZW releases today.

      • Yea, I don’t think so either, just found his syntax interesting. Why would he say it like that? There are a lot of errors on that site though.

  • Dominick DeVito

    NOV 21ST!!! – the rumors are indeed true.

    LA LA LA LA LA Lock it up!!!!! Signed, sealed, delivered.

  • I’ve never had a problem with battery life on my Nexus S. The only thing i do to conserve is turn the brightness down. I only use 100% brightness when i’m out side on a sunny day or in other well lit situations, it’s overkill to use it otherwise. I can get two days with moderate use easy but i charge every night so i have a full battery for those heavy use days. Even if LTE phones are much worse, by charging every night i should be fine.

  • $13 for unnecessary screen protectors and $20 for a case…and no phone to go with it. 

    Just give us the damn phone already VZW.  We do not need your crappy, over-priced accessories.

  • djembeman

    This phone still has a hugeass bezel even though there are no physical/ capacitive buttons. I don’t like that. It looks like the phone should be an inch shorter when you combine the top and bottom.

    • They have to put the notification light, mics, and speaker somewhere.  You can’t, at least not yet, shove everything behind the screen without complications.  If it was possible to make a bezeless phone, someone would have done it by now.  It will happen eventually.

    • Dominick DeVito

      I’d rather it have a bigger bezel than a big top, like the Razr. The Razr is uncomfortable to hold in one hand at all times. I like the curvature running at the bottom, appears to sit better in your hand.

  • Anonymous


  • eze4

    Spring, Tx is right off of 45, one Freeway over from me. I might have to check that store out. Im sure they wont be selling it & btw who is kellen? I thought it was kellex?

    • Julio Duverney

      it’s the one by Louetta by Walmart . Next to radioshack

  • 好文章,转啦

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow our information for next weeks sales and Black Friday stuff post for us to see. Here’s hoping there’s finally some marketing stuff for the Nexus launch. *crosses fingers*

  • Booboolala2000

    the battery in the Razr is pretty damn good. But lets face it, a spare is a good thing to carry anyway.

  • Anonymous

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  • Why cant it ever be me

  • TC Infantino

    🙁  Smithers…Release the hounds.

  • Anonymous

    Overpriced accessories are overpriced.

  • Anonymous


  • 不错,转啦

  • leelee

    DAMN YOU!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Kellen, dood, I was about to start throwing out so many expletives that my neighbors would be banging on my walls for being too loud.  It’s too late in the evening for this kinda crap, man.

  • I have to be honest, I could have walked out tonight with the same stuff, but I thought, “hmmm, no phone, what’s the point?” I was going to buy the Rezound as a filler since my DX died and when I told the rep it was a filler he said, hey check this out and pulled out all the Nexus stuff except of course, the phone. I begged him to let me know and he told me they were not in yet. He assured me that as long as a phone is NOT branded DROID they have no instructions not to sell the accessories and if anything are encouraged to so that they can get them out the door and bump up store sales. It means this thing has to be coming, but I’m pretty sure these can be had anywhere. 

  • i ALMOST just freaked the hell out. and then i saw it said accessories, and i still freaked out. I NEED THIS PHONE. 

  • Anonymous

    biggest dick move ever, bro. I literally flew out of bed after checking DL on my phone, screaming and hollering, only to get to my computer and read the rest of the title. My roommate and my girlfriend are both flipping shit at me for waking them up

    • Julio Duverney

      personal problem.

      • Anonymous

        very true lol. still, cold. toying with my emotions!

  • How mad I am…fashioning a Kellex voodoo doll with my left hand while I type this comment with my right and sharpening the pins with my teeth!

  • Steven58

    My salesman showed those to me last Monday… Not big news.  Bruce is his name.

  • I think I just died of emotional distress. 

  • 喜欢你这 不错 转啦


  • nexus on the brain

    You know Kellen, Santa’s watching (always), and he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, I’m just sayin

  • kianjudah

    “from what we’re hearing now, it’s just like any other LTE phone on batter, and could certainly use one.” Where you hearing that from?????? ??????

  • Anonymous

    Kellen I’ve been coming to this site ever since the first reviews and posts. Like those reviews of those terrible cases for the og droid! lol (Thats also why I know Kellen is your real name and Kellex is your screen name, sorry i dont mean that in a creepy way haha) With that said, I think this was the funniest prank you’ve pulled on us yet. And for that, kind sir, Thank you and keep up the good work on my favorite site. 

    Btw everyone chill about the nexus, it will be hear the latest in a week and a half. Enjoy the holidays with people to get you mind off of it lol.

  • Anonymous

    LOL…I talked to the only smart salesman at my local VZW store the other day…he said they had the accessories in…I never thought to ask if I could buy them! LOL! Nice!

    • As long as it doesnt say DROID they will let you walk out with whatever you want. VZW only protects the DROID launches. 

  • Anonymous

    i couldnt care less about this phone so i thought it was rather hilarious 😀

  • Bionic

    Why dont people understand?  If you simply switch between LTE and CDMA it saves a ton of battery.  Need to browse the web?  Switch to LTE.  Need to check facebook or eMail, use 3G.  

    Its simple people.  LTE isnt needed for everything.   I do this and I get 20 hours of life on my Bionic consistently and sometimes a full day plus.  

    • Anonymous

      Totally what I’m planning on doing – my area doesn’t have LTE until early next year anyway (according to the VZ store here).

    • djembeman

      I don’t go as far as switching to CDMA only mode, I just use the power widget and turn everything off and keep auto brightness on. With mobile data sync off you actually save a ton of battery Life and for me only seems to stop syncing gmail… probably Facebook and the like too.

  • I got your Nexus right here!

    Boot to the head!

  • Still don’t see anything that those three dots on the GNex would contact with. They seem to be on the wrong side for a horizontal dock right.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Dude, not cool. I can’t take excitement at this hour.  :p

    • Anonymous

      Man, I know I almost grabbed my keys to head up to Verizon.  Stop doing that Kellex

  • Kianjudah

    Kellen, what do you mean “from what you’re hearing now it could certainly use one”? Last I heard it was good???

    • kianjuday

      ?????? Answer me you cruel son-of-a-gun. 

  • Jason Purp

    Oh that’s clever, you mother f*cker.

  • Brad

    I would just walk around with the case if I could get my hands on one

    • Bionic

      Yeah cuz yanno, I walk around with a condom and dont use it

    • i would do the same, just to pretend i had it. 

  • Meany. 

  • JMac726

    Why you gotta go and burst my battery loving bubble like that

  • J B


    • Muddy B00ts

      Not gorilla glass, but just as good.

    • NICe man!

  • Anonymous

    I think my heart stopped beating for a second

  • John

    21st. in stores. confirmed.

    • Charles Blackmon

      from who?

      • John

        you’ll see monday 🙂

        (no pre order tomorrow)

        • Charles Blackmon

          man i hope your right

        • Not a good time to fawk with me…It’s *the bad time of the month*.

          Plus your pic looks like you’re wearing a morph suit. Weird. O.

      • JMac726


    • source buddy


  • hatethanet

    Anyone know when the next-gen LTE chips are coming out? I’m curious about what will be the first LTE phone that actually has good battery life. Looking forward to that much more than I’m looking forward to quad-core processing power.

    • Billy Jenkins

      I’m pretty sure it will be the phone thats released a month after the G-Nex

      • pj

        Well this month quallcom will start production of chips that have the lte modem integrated, and that should be the first step.

  • Billy Jenkins

    U mad Droid-Life?

  • Anonymous

    You dirty rat

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    At first I was like 😀

    Then I was like :

    • Billy Jenkins

      then Kellex was like 🙂

      then I was like 😀

      • Anonymous

        LOL I know Right, I was truly like DAMNNN lol

    • first, i was like 8====================D

      • Anonymous

        Then I was like 8====D

  • Anonymous

    God…… I used to have a life.

  • JCS

    You dirty bastards!

    Still loving the site, though!

  • Billy Jenkins

    Dont post anything on droid-life.com unless its about that Motoactv watch.

  • That was cold cold cold….

  • That was cold..

  • Anonymous

    What does this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus?

  • razrftw

    kellex your making us impatient brah

  • EmoMorales

    That’s about as low as it gets Kellex. DL has now dipped down to the level of those cheapy, trickery blogs that show up in Google searches. 

    • Hah it’s all in good fun. We even warned of the tease on Twitter first. 😛

      • EmoMorales

        I’m going to be a wreck at the Thanksgiving Day table; I’ve never had hopes raised and crushed so often in so little time… I’m a revue owner as well… 

      • Anonymous

        Funny Kellex, not everyone watches their twitter feed especially when Thursday Night Football is on lol

  • duh

  • Anonymous

    i saw this on twitter and didnt’ see the accessories part and was so excited. i just want this phone to be mine. 

  • Wasqas715

    Ultimate tease

  • duh

  • Anonymous

    Where have you been hearing about the not-so-great battery life?

    • Anonymous

      The Verge and Engadget

  • I see what you did there.

  • FFFFFFUUUUUUU!!!! Damn you Kellex. Saw it on Twitter and came here. Such a let down.

  • wrong on so many levels 😛

  • Who cares about accessories?  If he walked out with a phone I would be impressed haha

  • Anonymous

    Boooo, booooo……

  • Dave Trivino

    Oooooh I hate you Kellex lol Got my hopes up a little bit.

  • Anonymous

    ARRRGGGGGGG… That headline took trolling to 11

  • Trenton

    lol yeah wth

  • JG

    my body was ready.

    You have now placed it in shock

  • You dirty clickbaiter!

  • droseum20

    hes very lucky. i went to one tonight and i asked about the nexus and all i got was a, “we don’t know anything until a few days before release.”

    • kianjudah

      Of course. That’s what they always say. Freakin’ always. 

  • Am i the only one that hates Kellen after that twitter message?

    • Hah, couldn’t help myself. 😛

      • crispyBacon

        jerk! playing with my emotions like that….

      • Anonymous

        Ah Kellex you sneaky sneaky white boy LOL

      • Kellen +1 my friend,  that was Fcked up (excuse my french) I did a triple take when I looked at this article. I got all excited  thinking someone got the Nexus.. Ugghh that was good, I was grilling the pic so hard looking for the phone on the receipt 

        • What has my life come to that I get this worked up over a phone.. I swear, somewhere there are subliminal messages playing

          • Anonymous

            As if VZW were smart enough to do this on purpose to garner excitement…and as if Google were evil enough.

          • Someone out there right now is going.. “Muaahahahahaha those fools” an its most likely Kellex, and the VZW rep that sold them hoping he would see this happen on DL tonight..  Nice job guys, it worked

          • Anonymous

            They’ll announce in four hours that it’s coming next week. Just watch. When all us East Coasters are asleep, and the West Coasters are beginning to log off…

          • bigrob60

            Seriously!! I turn my computer off and boom…Another Nexus story. ARGHHHHH! As Charlie Brown says.

          • waveGuide3e8

            If I remember correctly, we all had similar reactions waiting to get the Froyo 2.1 update for the OG Droid, just under 2 years ago. Jumping at every little story, trying to see if it was ready, hoping for leaked news…

    • Aran Miller

      You are not alone. I must admit I did get quite a laugh out of it tho. I love ya Kellex

    • I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone… and I was like “oh my goodness!!!!!” and she’s like “what?!” and then I hit the desk and was like “gosh dang it Kellex!!!!!”

      Good one Kellex… good one.

      • I thought you were gonna say, “The McRib is back!!!”

        • Anonymous

          IT IS! At least in some places.

    • Small
    • Chrisriner84

      It’s like techno-phone bl** b*lls.  Getting my “hopes” up then letting me down.

      • Anonymous

        Why did you star out blue balls?

  • Evil. Pure evil.

  • That title was just downright cruel.

  • I’ve been bamboozled on Twitter!

  • This title is such a tease!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I read and clicked, only to be disappointed… DL, you tease!!!

  • I’m on the saddest rollercoaster of emotion right now.

    • Anonymous