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Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Easter Egg Uncovered, Nyan-Andy Here To Save The Day

We have finally found it! With the release of the Galaxy Nexus just around the corner (for the UK at least) it seems that the easter egg that Google likes to throw into all of their flagship phones has been uncovered for their latest update, Ice Cream Sandwich. If you head over to the system settings and tap on the Android Version like mad you are greeted with a little Andy, pressing and holding him makes him grow larger and larger and then viola; an army of flying Nyan-Andys across your screen. Pretty cool right? Well the fun does not stop there. Android wanted their developers to have in on the fun too.

In the ADT plugin for LogCat, someone requested that the Andy logo be changed to a cat, probably thinking that Google would get a good laugh about it. Well, it’s Google, so they put it in. The logo has now been changed to the same Nyan-Andy just for you developers out there. Who likes these new easter eggs?


Via: Pocketnow

  • Good thing it want a black cat crossing our path.

  • zombie art on the bionic to!?!?!??! hahahhaha

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Whoa! My man’s got some finger nails!

  • Anonymous

    Live wallpaper in 5,4,3,2…

    • Anonymous

      I’d actually drop a buck to buy that.  

  • Anonymous

    Ah, blurry-cam. I’ve missed you.

    Adele is terrible and overplayed.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome…. click for more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpBHsAFMyow

  • I don’t usually like cats, but when I do, I prefer Nyan.

  • dkbetts

    Just what I needed.  Another bury shitty video of the phone that I gotta have asap.  Yeah… my sense of urgency just whent through the ruff as I dropped my DX and several lines of pixels are all f’ed up now. FML!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, does anyone know if their ever an Easter Egg with the OG Droid??

  • Dave


  • Anonymous

    It looks like that entire language is written in Blur. Glad we won’t have that on the American models

  • Fate

    Something similar happens if you do the same thing on Liberty 3 for DX. 

  • Interiorposterior

    And here comes the hundreds of nyan videos on YouTube. Why can’t we just let this crap die already? Why, Google?

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s funny.

  • Anonymous

    When I did it on my Nexus S running 4.0 an icecream sandwich with green android antennas pops up… The sandwich was drizzled in chocolate syrup O__o

  • Seriously…  There is something up here.  When a product this anticipated, pimped on the news even, gets release in Europe first — there has to be something standing in the way.  Is it a lawsuit?  A patent thing?

    • Dominick DeVito

      No – it’s probably an LTE thing.

    • Dave

      It’s a business thing. Verizon is holding the cards and they aren’t showing anyone what they got till they feel like dropping ’em. 

      I should add that testers have said that the device is ready (connectivity, hardware, software, and all). The only thing holding it up right now is Big Red and they’re keeping silent.

    • Mimeo Ink

      A larger market?

  • Anonymous

    grimy asian need to cut his fingernails lol

  • Anonymous

    He’s obviously using a Moto Smartphone to film this

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    So what’s the little thingie stuck to the top? Like a headphone plug over the front camera?

    • Retep1115

      security device, so they don’t have an apple error.

    • Turd_Ferguson

      anti theft device for display models? 

  • Anonymous

    god it makes me happy with DL starts posting in the mornings – means I can stop reading phandroid/androidcentral and getting my blood pressure up. 

    (PS: I still think I would be a good EST reporter…)

  • Monty Waggoner

    I’m not due to upgrade until December 7th anyway, and the wait is STILL killing me! Just release it so I can go play with it at Verizon!

  • Someone check this guy for Parkinson’s.  I almost had a seizure watching this.

  • Dan

    Some serious nyandroid going on there

  • Jason

    Zombie art on the Rzr as well. Got the Rzr cause of the new return policy!! Can’t wait for the Gnex to come out! The Rzr is pretty cool, nice phone. Crazy how light and thin it is! Feel like I’m going to break it

    • Anonymous

      Where is it on the Razr?

      • Jason

        Same place. Go to about phone and click the crap out of android version

        • Anonymous

          Ha! Pretty cool

  • Dominick DeVito

    This easter egg is the whole kitten caboodle

  • Anonymous

    so many nerds have no clue how to focus a camera.

  • Anonymous

    For the first 35 seconds of that video I really felt like I needed glasses.

  • Anonymous

    If the Galaxy Nexus releases in UK before it does in the US… .Google will have lost all credibility in my eyes.I don’t care who is responsible for the delay.. but this is Google’s flagship device.. so they better be on top of it.

    • Anonymous

      that’d be tomorrow, 17.11.11

    • Kormtoff

      Why are you so mad, bro? You do know the USA isn’t the only country in the world, right?

      • Anonymous

        and do you know that Google is a American company and Android is developed by americans and that America is best market for Nexus sales historically?

        I guess not.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as this thing hits the shelves, I am absolutely going to Verizon and unleashing Nyandy and just walking out. So, around May or so.

    • Monty Waggoner

      Around May.. I sure hope not! They would have to change the name to the Galaxy Nexus Bionic!.

    • Hilariously pessimistic.


  • FortitudineVincimus

    ohhh… great… how… e x c i t i n g

  • Maybe I’ll get to try this out when Verizon releases this phone IN A MONTH!!!!! 🙁

    • Dominick DeVito

      lol – you crack me up. Are you even going to get it, if it does gets released?

      • Yeah, why wouldn’t I?

        • Dominick DeVito

          cheer up – it will be here soon.

  • JoeInMo

    Disgusting fingernails.

    • Bryan Williams

      Seriously, who lets their nails grow like that?

      • That is your main concern? Just stop breathing!

        • Anonymous

          If your main concern is Bryan not liking long nails on a guy… just stop breathing!

      • Anonymous

        People who play classical guitar for one.

  • TechGeek81

    The music in the background sounded kind of fruity to me. Cut. Print. *ay.

  • Anonymous

    Nice soundtrack

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather just have the phone.

  • Anyone know what the easter eggs were on the Nexus One and S?

    • Anonymous

      Since this is an Android easter egg and not Nexus, they have the same ones as any other Froyo or Gingerbread phone. Honeycomb has one too.

  • I see a live wallpaper coming soon…

  • Edwin M

    You got to be kitten me!

    • don’t start this meow!!

      • Anonymous

        This is purr-fect!!!

        • You guys are punny

          • Confused2much

            I’m not really feline this easter egg stuff.

          • Mack

            Um…all of you, just wow. 

            Props for being creative though.

      • Edwin M

        Sorry but I had too. It would have been a cat-astrophe if I passed up that opportunity.

        • Anonymous

          Enough of this pussy-footing around. When is the GNex coming out?

        • Robert Sagat

          Purrhaps everyone just needs to paws for a minute, before all of this nyan droid litters our brains.

  • Ahsan


  • Anonymous

    What the heck is up with those finger nails!?

    • BroRob

      I havent seen coke nails like that since the 80s! *sniff*

      • Retep1115

        wow that was a purrfect hissstory lesson… were personal experiences really the cat-alyst behind the post? MEOW

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know about the easter eggs, tried it on my droid 3 and got a picture that said zombie art lol

    • Shannon Curtis

      I got the zombie art picture too on my Bionic

      • I got the zombie art on my OG Droid with Cyanogenmod 7.1.

    • Zombie art is the GB Easter Egg. The one they showed is the one in ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t anyone know how to use focus on a camera?

  • Dominick DeVito

    Love Easter Eggs – my all-time fav was the “Doom” like game in MS Excel back in the day.


    filler post before Galaxy Nexus news!!! c’mon…

  • Anonymous