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Kindle Fire Rooted With One Click, Amazon Releases Source Code

Looks like the dev community is quite eager to get some ROMs going on the Kindle Fire. After receiving proper ADB access yesterday, the Fire can now be rooted with a simple click of a button. Using the SuperOneClick program (download here) your new Kindle Fire will be rooted in seconds. While this doesn’t mean you can throw on a custom ROM just yet, it is another piece to the puzzle.

Additionally per terms of the open-source agreement, Amazon has already released the source code for all to see. It is going to be interesting to see just how hot the Fire can get.

Via: AndroidForums, Amazon

  • Got mine last night @ BestBuy. 
    It’s fast out of the box.
    After rooting it and installing SetCPU, it’s eyeball-flattening fast.
    Downside to root is ability to instant-stream Amazon Prime videos.
    Devs are working on a ‘fix’ or work-around.
    Nice device; for the money, NOTHING is close, imo.

  • Anonymous

    Is superoneclick the same as 1 (One) click root.  If not, which one is better?

  • Anonymous

    Ok I’m curious. since you can now root, can you sideload the market apk on this?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Co-worker just got his Fire today and I am really impressed with the job Amazon did with the UI. For the majority, it will be the best e-reader/tablet in the price range without modification of any sort. Very smooth and app store access is always a plus.

  • Anonymous

    +1 to Amazon.  It’s about time a company gave their customers what they want right out of the gate.  *cough* *cough* *Verizon*

  • RonsterWVU

    I hope it sooo hotttt…grrrrrr

  • If Cyanogen ports ICS to this, It’s a win for me


      They’ve already said they won’t

      • All I’ve heard is that they’re not going to make a Honeycomb-based CM.  This is the first I’ve heard of them not doing anything with the Kindle Fire.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, unless Porkums knows the CM team on a personal level, I would doubt that CM would do nothing with the kindle fire…  They do work for archos tablets for gods sake.

        • I’m guessing Porkum’s is just an idiot.

      • Anonymous

        The CM team always makes their code public. So a dev will probably start an unofficial CM9 rom for the fire. But it may take a while until CM is ready to distribute 9.

    • Anonymous

      The 512 MB ram may not make it a very enjoyable experience.

  • Chris G

    If we get a rom with gmail/android market, i may reconsider the transformer prime for cost reasons.

    Those two things were a deal breaker on Fire for me.

    • Anonymous

      The kindle fire now has the capability to do both. Check an.droid-life.com

  • Anonymous

    i see what you did there

  • jar3d

    Love how you emphasized ‘hot’… lol

  • I’ve got a fire in my pants after hearing this news.

    • Anonymous

      yeast infection?

      • Probably some chlamydiae bacteria from your mom’s mouth.

        • Porkums

          Few pointers for next time: less is more

          • Thank you for saying what everyone is thinking…

          • Tesseract 3

            I dunno, I thought it was pretty funny. But then I am easy to amuse. 

      • And it wasn’t that great of dome, but she paid me so that was a plus. Your sister on the other hand was a pro….she said she had lots of practice w/ your best friend.

        • Anonymous

          cool dream bro

  • Dominick DeVito

    This news just may propel me to buy one. Or two.