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Hackers Reverse Engineer Apple’s Siri, Coming To An Android Device Near You?

When the iPhone 4S was revealed last month most, if not all consumers felt a little bit let down. It wasn’t the much hyped redesigned iPhone 5, it didn’t even feature 4G connectivity. The one feature that it did include was Apple’s new voice assistant, Siri an addition that many didn’t see as a reason to upgrade. Nonetheless, the Apple fanboys were out in full on release day, making the iPhone 4S the best selling iPhone.

Apple has been hard at work keeping Siri under-wraps and attempting to prevent hackers from enabling the feature on older iPhone devices. However, it seems as if even Apple cannot stop the dev community as Paris-based firm, Applidium has cracked Siri’s code and revealed it to the world. Any developer now has the ability to write an application and integrate Siri’s functionality into it.

Applidium has written a lengthy blog post about the process on their website, if you are a developer or just a little curious then you should definitely check it out. Anyone else interested to see some Siri action on Android, or should i*phone software stay off of our operating system?

Via: Forbes.

Cheers Joe and PeacedOut!

  • Anonymous

    Siriously, who cares?

  • I find voice control cool while using music player on my smartphone. It would be very convenient to switch between songs without taking the phone out from my pocket. But talking to a phone and making it tell you stories like some iPhone owners do… I think it’s just weird. I would rather talk to my friends and not to my phone. Even if it is an iPhone. iPhone 4S: the most amazing phone or the greatest disappointment?http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/10/iphone-4s-most-amazing-phone-or.html

  • Vlingo.

  • ViciousKing1914

    They took our notification bar….that hoe is ours!!!

  • Siri is really the only interesting thing about the iphoney.

  • Dominick DeVito

    The iPhone 4s just lost its mojo

  • Anonymous

    F*ck Siri and the phone she road in on… Just sayin

  • Anonymous


  • I see the benefits of Siri but personally I don’t talk that way to my phone. 

    For instance: I say to voice commands: “marilyn monroe birthdate” for a Google search instead of something like “Sup Siri, nm nm, ok so when was Marilyn Monroe born?” I also don’t want my phone saying “OK, let me find that for you, Eric! I’m opening Google now!” It seems like a bigger production than it needs to be w/ Siri, ironically, since you’re supposed to be using it to save time.

    • Jason Cohen

      You can actually set Siri to not speak back to you and to perform the action without reply. Have you actually spent any real time using it? I only ask because a lot of people on these boards are quick to dog the other platform when they haven’t actually used it in real life situations. I just left my Droid X to go back to iOS & bought an iPhone 4S; Siri is 100x better than Google Voice search ever was. I like both platforms, I do miss the larger screen, but ultimately Android needs to fix their buggy ass software hopefully with ICS. I didn’t leave Android because of the hardware as there are a lot of great phones out there with terrific build quality… I loved the build quality of my X, however, if the software doesn’t work in tandem with the hardware then what good does the hardware do? With little to no usage, my battery was down to 5% within 8-10 hours, multiple times per week I’d have to do a battery pull, there was constant lag… this was all after like the 3rd GB update Verizon pushed out. I also rooted to get around this problem and was running the CM7 build for a while… still the same problems. Lag, reboots, battery pulls and terrible battery life. I would consider myself a fanboy of both as I check sites for both daily and keep up with developments on both platforms. All of this being said, ultimately the iPhone does offer a smoother experience and that is what I was looking for. There is no lag, contrary to other users troubles I get terrific battery life (even before the 5.0.1 update), the screen is a little small for me but the Retina display is truly beautiful, and when I press call on a contact it does not wait 10-15 seconds while thinking it over, it actually dials immediately. I thought of waiting for ICS but since I have another upgrade coming up in March, I thought I’d give the iPhone another shot and I’m happy I did. Unless ICS just blows me away when I finally get my hands on it to play with it, I’ll be sticking with iOS while Android continues to iron out it’s software kinks, pure Google experience or not! I just don’t understand why people can’t like what they like without the other side wanting to dog them for it. Competition creates innovation and with both sides bringing new ideas to the table all of us win. All of the arguing back and forth gets a little childish and immature after a while, so everyone take a breath and simply enjoy what you like and stop worrying about what other people think.

      • Truth be told (as I’m just now seeing this reply), I like aspects of both platforms and am not as dogmatic as other commenters on the site. I haven’t used Siri extensively as I don’t own an iPhone, but the gal pal does and my boss does, and other than using it as a timer when cooking, it’s not as life-changing as one would think. Agree with all of your statements about apple devices being a smoother & more stable operation, but one could say the same of fascist governments 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Thatsjared87

    I have both an OG Droid and an iPhone, and I have to say, Siri is pretty sweet. The only thing I use her for is to schedule meetings, turn on alarm clocks, and set reminders for myself. This wouldn’t be too hard to replicate even without the source code.

  • Samvelavich

    I dont want any apples on my ice cream please and thank you 🙂


    bring it…call it iris…lol…backwards…theres plenty of them on the android market but they all suck and don’t integrate so if someone could do this…and make it like an add on to google voice, id pay 5 bucks for the app…max of course…anywheres below would be awesome..

  • Anonymous

    Bring it on.  If it makes my phone better than an iphone I am game!

    • Anonymous

      If you have an Android, your phone IS better than the i*hone… just sayin

  • GCurry

    Chalk one up to developers in this little French company

  • Krose47

    so after all the talk about how apple and siri aint ish they go right ahead and copy it…oh well it was to be expected since android copies everything they have anyways…poor android  🙁

    • Anonymous

      so ignorant, so blind. poor you 🙁

    • Dominick DeVito

      Wow. Yeah

      -drop down notifications
      -wireless sync
      -tabbed browsing
      -split keyboard
      -open apps from the lock screen
      -OTA updates

      Were on Android first. Educate yourself before blasting false facts, dumbass.

  • Tito

    What is the big deal? Speaktoit has the same functionality and its been out for a while. Now with the Siri craze it has given the developer an extra boost to advance development. Anyone who says this one or that one is better obviously has not used both Speaktoit and Siri extensively. Speaktoit works very well and does all the same tricks as Siri.

  • Imminent Apple Lawsuits Incoming in 5 4 3 2 1, now!

  • wordtoyourmothers

    is there any legal issues with this firm “stealing” siri?

  • But you still have to spoof a key from a real iPhone 4S. It’s possible it could be done, but I don’t see this becoming an app in the Market for mass consumption.

  • I did an informal test with my Android phone (Thunderbolt running Cyanogen 7) when the iPhone 4s ad highlighting Siri first aired.
    I was able to get answers to all the questions posed to Siri using the voice commands built into Android, I’m at a loss as to what is so revolutionary and therefore have no need for it ported to Android.

  • google better release an android version before apple patents it and then tries to take them to court.

    • Anonymous

      Guaranteed they already have the rights to it. Siri would have to be ported through a ROM or some third party variant. If google themselves release it working off apple’s servers, they would be screwed…

    • Anonymous

      Apple bought the company that developed Siri, so they also own the patents to it.

  • Anonymous

    Now you can just say “I have siri too, dumbass.”

  • we should give siri credit, it succeeded in making a useable version of the google speach functions that we’ve had for some time. I saw a lot of potential in googles implementation and then they just let it die and highlight a font and facial recognition! As a google supporter but not a mindless fanboy i felt that the ICS announcement failed to take the platform to the next level. Anyone else feel that android is failing to execute? And as usual wheres my nexus device! 

  • Would never use this. Pass. 

  • Anonymous

    keep it away from my droids!

  • Anonymous

    People who say they wouldn’t use it if it was available are hilarious. We all know its cool and works way a lot better than our voice searches. Give them credit for something.

    • That shows you how immature most ‘I hate XXX’ people are. Siri works quite well. Better than any app available on Android.

      • Anonymous

        True that. If the nexus was coming with it and it came out before the 4s we would be all over it. And you guys know it.

        • Benjamin Landwehr

          This is so true.

      • ShocknAwe

        Congrats! One of apple’s cornerstone features and biggest selling points is better than….some android apps.

  • rocketdaddy

    Speaktoit digital assistant works pretty well for Android phones.  Add some alternative voices instead of stock voice and it sounds pretty sweet too.  Does anything Siri does that is really useful and also has a little attitude as well.  Asked what the meaning of life was and she said that wasn’t something she could tell me… yet. 

  • I would def use it.  I’m just curious how accurate it is…if it’s more accurate than other proggys.  Sometimes I have something really long to say in a text and I’m home alone so I say screw it and use google voice and it almost always messes up.  I’m starting to wonder if it’s the mic that needs to get better and the software really doesn’t make that much of a difference.  I don’t want to have to speak with perfect diction 

  • Whett Phartz

    Now Siri is our bytch too! Just make sure clean up good afterwards. You don’t want to catch iCrabs.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I’d like to have to just say I have it. Even if it blows.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps I don’t understand, but Siri reminds me a lot of “Ask Jeeves” vs. a real search engine.

    You get get to the basics (What’s today’s weather?) with a more natural language, but you lose out on the more powerful abilities brought forth from a more direct search engine which if you know what to input, you have more power available to you.

    So I have to say “Sushi Near New York City” rather than “What Sushi restaurants are in New York?”  Big frackin’ deal.  And now that voice commands are going to stay local rather than having to go to the server… You can keep Siri.

    • Anonymous

      As far as searching goes that’s true. But there is a lot more to Siri. The way she is integrated with functions in the phone is huge.

      • Broseph

        you in love bro?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t have an iPhone…. Nor am I getting one with my upgrade.


  • Tony Allen

    I would download it just to say I have it 🙂

  • Captmilk

    It’s just another gimic for apple to get people to buy the same thing…..like Madden for gaming systems

  • Bbha8r

    Siri is a bunch of BS. I got to play with it for a little while. Not impressed. I asked it to show all pizza stores around my location and it showed all baby stores. When you ask what the distance is from the sun to Pluto, it bows out and opens up safari to do a Google search for your answer. Come on. Nobody is serious about using this right??

    • When you have snaggle teeth and don’t know how to enunciate don’t blame devices for them not understanding you.

      • Bbha8r

        Hmmm… Yeah perhaps it was because I was eating an apple at the same time. Funny. You would think Siri would be able to compensate, since its an apple and all… Oh no wait… it just plain sucks donkey balls.

        • Bakerbreaker123

          I don’t know what your username means, but I’m pretty sure it should be bbh8r or bbh8er. People that use that wrong piss me off… I h8 you

  • Genius

    Siri + Nexus Prime + Ice Cream Sandwich = ________________ 

    • Bbha8r

      I’d almost rather go back to an OG Droid.

    • Billy Jenkins

      = many pissed off Apple fans

    • Mark

      = another bug push release date back one more month.

  • Brett Ward

    i think its worth looking at just to improve our own apps of this kind, but really, not only do we have no reason to brag that we kanged, but voice commands in general are just a fruity, inefficient way to use our phones. 

    The only time id use voice over touch is while im driving. just to clarify, i would rather press the search button on my dx, type a search query, and browse the search results in-browser, than have to say “when does the galaxy nexus come out”. this isnt to say that voice comes in handy when you are maybe over-fatigued or busy with office work, or driving of course, which is an instance when its actually safer. maybe youre swimming in a pool or taking a shower and dont feel like drying your hands, again, a very useful time for voice commands, but in general, touch is the most efficient input we have developed so far

  • Trenton

    I would get it just to have it…so wheres the download link? lol

  • Anonymous

    Probably not coming to any android devices for 2 reasons. 1, they will patch the bug with the certificates. 2, Each messages needs to be from the uniquely id’d device. Apple can easily ban the unique IDs once they see the influx of requests.

  • Anonymous

    The only reason I would install this is to prove to the Apple fanboys that it really isn’t that great!

  • The key thing here is that if they crack the code and port it to Android, will it still be using Apple’s service for searching?  That would take away from Google’s bread and butter.  I’m sure that’s something that everyone can agree on that it’s a bad thing.   

    • Billy Jenkins

      hopefully the hackers find a way to tweak the codes and change the search engine to Googles

  • I want it just to tease the IP4 & 3GS fangirls here at work.

  • I’d love to have in on my phone, but Apple requires a unique ID for each device to use it and will surely block any phone other than the iPhone 4s from using this in the near future.  As much as I love Android, I can admit that Siri is a lot better than Google’s voice commands.

    • This. My wife just got the 4s and I’m jealous of two things: Siri and her kickass waterproof case. 

      I love Android and am wracking my brain to try to figure out how to get the Nexus when my upgrade isn’t until March and I can’t afford to pay full retail right now, but the truth is that Siri works better than any voice app I have tried on Android (and we all know the insane plethora of accessories for idevices is an advantage for them).

      • Oh, you can’t say that on this board. An apple item works better than Android, blasphemy! 😉

        • Oh I know, I’m bound to get crucified. It’s part of the reason I rarely comment anymore. I make faces at my wife’s phone, but I’m not stupid, I can recognize when a company has done something right, even if I don’t like their products overall. 🙂

          • That is a sign of intelligence and maturity. Say what you want the iPhones resolution and displays are stunning. Now if they were 4″ – 4.3″ I would be even happier.

          • Porkums

            the bigger the better, that what your mom and I always say

  • Billy Jenkins

    I would probably never use Siri on my Android device but I would still download it for just 1 reason. So I can say that Apples best feature on the Iphone 4s is also on my android phone.

    • Anonymous


    • only reason i have espier launcher and the iphone keyboard DLed, this would make a nice touch

    • Jarred Sutherland

      And you would need a unique ID to make it work .. so without buying an iPhone, you still couldn’t say it.

    • RonsterWVU

      I’d use Siri… I’m not even going to lie…

  • Booboolala2000

    It’s novel and cute. I can’t really see myself using this in a serious manner.

  • Mischief85

    i have an iphone 4s (work phone also have a bionic and thunderbolt) and i think its a pretty cool feature. better than that stupid voice commands from google. a lot smoother and a lot smarter. 

    • Jamdev12

      Yeah I can see your co workers looking at you like an idiot, talking to a phone. Do you do it behing close doors or in front of everyone?

      • mons

        You can hold it up like you’re talking on the phone.  If this gets ported to android, I’m gonna tell people I have an outsourced personal assistant.

      • Mischief85

        i do it while doing your mom. thats when it works the best!!! Just ask her.

        • And no matter what I tell it to do, it always says ‘and kick jamdevs dead beat son in the ass for being such an imbecile’ at the end. Go figure.

          • The Truth

            You make less sense each time you post. Better just go back to playing with your fruit.

        • Anonymous

          lol, usually hate troll posts, but this is hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      I can do it on my original Droid, nothing special about that.

  • Aran Miller

    I don’t see the need for Siri, anything useful she does has already been on Android for nearly two years. So I am happy and content.

    • Anonymous

      Sheeple don’t want useful things. They want to ask it stupid questions and get cute answers

  • bigrob60

    LOL. I just read this somewhere else. Turns out for Siri to communicate w/ Apple. It needs a unique ID code assigned to each 4s. Which you can extract & port to another phone. But if Apple sees to many Siri “pings”  from multiple devices it will black list the 4s code. 

  • Should be integrated into Iris imo (or Lisa, which is what I think they should call it).

  • AC

    speaktoit is better than siri…

    • Trenton


      • AC

        how? u can design an avatar, and “sam” recognizes more phrases. i compared speaktoit on my OG to my girlfriends 4s with Siri and spoke the same phrases and questions…Sam’s responses were wittier and more accurate. PLUS u even get emotions. she winks and smiles at certain things u say. better assistant in every way.

        • Anonymous

          If you want your virtual avatar to wink and smile at you, then you have more things to worry about than which phone apps are better.

          • AC

            haha thats true. just saying its an added feature that siri doesnt have…gives it more character and shows that the app understands the feeling associated with the response. 

  • Anonymous

    “should i*phone software stay off of our operating system?”

    LOL…are you proposing that the Android Market should be shut down?

    • Jamdev12

      I see what you did there.

    • 2ceedz

      That post made me think of Angry Birds, but sure he meant apps made by (developed by) A**le.

      • More like bought by them.

        • EC8CH


          don’t spoil the magic

      • Dan

        ^ That 

  • Jamdev12

    Face recognition, don’t care and I’ve seen people trick it with a photo so it is the same usual pin for me. As for Siri, I guess I can try, but I have no desire to talk to my phone. And if I’m correct you need to buy and iPhone4s that has a unique identifier that the servers at the mothership will only answer.

  • Anonymous

    id rather see google make some worth while acquisitions and start developing this in to the next android build. at least have more apis opened so apps could take advantage of it. siri is cool, but if third party apps cant take advantage of it, its just voice search with wity remarks to me. someone said online that it makes no sense that with twitter integration on ios 5, that siri cant even update twitter status. i totally agree with that.

  • Bob Johnson

    Let the law suits begin

    • Jamdev12

      Only people who hack their phones. This has nothing to do with Google and Android. This has to do with developers/hackers reverse engineering apps and making them work on other platforms. If Apple can sue someone directly, then sure, but they can’t sue Google for that.

    • Aran Miller

      That’s the only reason they hacked it, so Apple could sue more. They just enjoy it so much.

  • Anonymous

    Let the “disease” of open spread everywhere!

  • Anonymous

    While neat, I doubt Siri will get much non-official use.  I just can’t see Apple lying down and not blacklisting iPhone identifiers for unauthorized use of Siri.  

  • i hope some hackers do some other versions of it.. different styles.. ghetto.. slang.. hippy… robot.. rude.. 
    happy… christian.. etc… 
    with some more off the wall answers for some of the unusual answers..

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Siri; How you like dem apples?

    • gorexinfx

      “I said…DO YOU LIKE APPLES?!”

      • EC8CH


      • steve-0

        Apple Sauce B!tch3s!!

    • palomosan

      I’ll take some of Siri just to shut my friends since that’s the only point they have going…we have Siri.

      • Siri, GPU, screen quality, build quality, service.

        • Anonymous

          A phone that can’t be held in your left hand is not build quality, fyi.

          • Nick

            u got small hands bro?

          • Anonymous

            he was talking about antenna gate

        • Anonymous

          Screen quality?  If you look at your phone with a microscope maybe.  Build quality?  Yeah, nice shattered glass you got there.  Service?  Enjoy your next update with stripped out features in July.  Siri?  LOL.

        • palomosan

          I got news for you, the Galaxy SII, the Rezound and the Nexus have better features than the iPhone.
          Again the only thing going for is the Siri girl, trust me I spoke to her.

          • they just love her because it’s the closest some will come to finger banging a girl 😉

  • virtual human

    It’s not going to take long for Apple to block that remote server…

  • Hahaha!! And this is exactly why I love the Android community. iPhone users try to rub Siri in our face…well you can suck it!!

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha ha!!! And this is why you fandroids are a bunch of ignoramuses….. What you dufuses dont realize is that Siri, because it’s paired with services like Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia and Yelp, has the potential to divert significant traffic away from Google and other search engines. Less Google traffic means less advertising dollars. So I encourage all of you morons to go ahead and use Siri….you’ll be hurting Google in the process!!! Lmfao!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Search works just as well either typed out or spoken, minus the cute little robot girl responding back.  Btw, Android has had similar apps and capability for awhile, it’s just another gimmick Apple used and limited to sell their rehashed iPhone 4.

        • Anonymous

          More fandroid ignorance….Siri has the ability to bypass Google altogether….it only defaults to Google on the small chance that it can’t…and because it is a beta program, it means this is just the beginning. Over time as Apple updates it brain, it will eventually phase out Google search altogether…..so like I said, feel free to use Siri….you’ll only be hurting Google in the process!! Lmao!!!

          • Anonymous

            Siri is like the background story to a horrible SyFy rendition of Terminator. Except in the future with Siri there isnt any Cyborgs trying to exterminate you, its mindless Hipster looking people in t-shirts with the apple logo on it trying to get you to conform.

          • Anonymous

            (Yawn) Did u say something?

          • Anonymous

            Keep dreaming iGnoramus. I have no desire to use another overrated Apple feature but you go ahead, Stevo the great will reward you for your loyalty from the grave.

  • Sapan Dhora

    Steve Jobs is iRolling in his Grave



  • Proud of you hackers.

  • would only get it to rub it in peoples faces that androids are better

  • Proud of you hackers.

  • Mikewoods94

    Apple and Android make each other better. No shame hear as it’s a cool feature.

    • Mikewoods94


    • :-)

      Well said… Everyone should learn from their competitors. 

  • Anonymous

    Why would you want to steal something from apple, isn’t android better?

    • Billy Jenkins

      Android is better. but why would you not want to steal the only feature that Iphones have that Apple fans actually think is alot better then Androids version? I’m only going to put it on my phone to piss off Apple fans.

  • Do not want.

  • spartn569

    Isnt Vlingo basically the same thing, that Android has had for a while now?

    • Vlingo is ok, but it’s no Siri.  Sorry, I LOVE Android and will never touch Apple hardware, but Siri is really amazing.

      • Dane Butters

        Haven’t played with Vlingo or Siri, but there are a slew of voice command apps in the Android market; I like SpeakToIt pretty well.  From what I understand, it’s not quite as smooth as Siri.  Android’s strength lies in the selection.

        • Dan

          SpeakToIt works well, I just don’t really need it. The same goes for Siri, I would never use it. 

        • …..

          yep…watered down selection.

    • WAldenIV

      It’s essentially Wolfram Alpha.

  • Mikehen08

    I want nothing to do with i*hone crap! Keep it off of my Ice Cream Sandwich!

    • It’d just be an app. It’s no different than playing Angry Birds on an Android, as most of that code is probably ported from the iOS version. Siri has incredible functionality. Very well designed.

      • Siri is not really an app, it’s a service from Apple. The iPhone app nothing more than an interface to the Apple cloud service which is doing all the processing and decision making. The same way as Google voice recognition though. That’s why it can easily be ported to any platform (including web as well).

        • It’d still be just an app, even if its source of information was Apple’s services.  

          • Would it still be an app when ported to run from a web page?

          • WAldenIV

            It’s basically a text-to-speech implementation of Wolfram Alpha, which already exists as an app for Android.

  • That didn’t take long.

  • DroidzFX

    siri gave me a hand job.

    • bigrob60

      -I’m sorry I’m a computer program & as such. Could not accomplish such tasks. Here is a list of local escort firms that might assist you.

      Crazy thing is that it will actually give you a list like that.

      • Anonymous

        Like a list of places to drop off dead bodies…..

  • Dan

    I fux w/ it

    • Trenton

      me too

  • DMX

    I couldn’t care less about Siri

    Nexus on the other hand I’m dying for!!!

    • Derp

      Oh come on now, we don’t need nexus whining in every single comment section

      • Anonymous


      • YES. WE. DO.

        • Anonymous

          6 fanboys agree.

    • Mark

      By the time Verizon releases the nexus we’ll have a phone with an intel i7 200gb ram and a 1,000TB hard drive.