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Asus Transformer Prime Shows Off Its Camera Skills in These Photo Samples

What does a tablet with an 8MP, f/2.4 aperture auto-focusing camera get you? The pictures that Asus just posted to their Facebook page which were taken with their new quad-core Transformer Prime. Pretty impressive shots from a mobile device in an electronics category that so far, has produced some of the more underwhelming picture and camera experiences. Hopefully now that Asus has raised the bar to these heights, we will see other tablet makers realize that we want good cameras everywhere, not just in our phones.

No official release date has been announced, but from what we were told in a conference call last week, Asus has already made plans to throw some sort of launch party in early December. At just $499 for the 16GB model, the Transformer Prime should probably be on your X-mas short list.

To see some of the other samples, hit up the break.  

Via:  Facebook, Engadget

Cheers George!

  • Okopk

    hah, so many haters. I bet if tablets didn’t have cameras, people would rage.

  • Anonymous

    can’t tell if sarcastic…. only $499? sounds quite expensive to me

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Avery Ma

    I feel like a more appropriate test would be pictures from the bedroom. Or celebrity self-shots.’
    Motion and true skin color testing…

  • Doesn’t look too bad, it’s not good, I’d say meh

  • Anonymous

    Wait, i thought the entry tablet was a 32gb for $499.99?

    sorry a Repost, it is a 32 =)

  • Dominick DeVito

    I’m happy for the Prime and all, but is there honestly a point in taking pics and videos with a tablet?

  • Anonymous


  • Impressive low light performance.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    patiently waiting…

  • Anonymous

    me likey

  • im jealous

  • Richard Yoo

    Notice how the cameraman took pictures of objects and not people. Take note, this is how I will be using my camera on my Transformer Prime. Taking pictures of people with this thing is just silly.

  • Finding Nemo running through my head: MINE! MINE! MINE!

  • Worm

    I thought the price point was $499 for the 32gb? At least that’s what the original TFP article here on DL said. Did I miss something?

    • I think you’re right. Should be 32gb and 64gb models. I wasn’t aware they were making a 16. 

      • Worm

        Its still a great deal at $499/16gb, but $499/32gb is phenomenal and what I was banking on

      • Anonymous

        16 is going to be the OG transformer… 32/64 = prime

  • “not just on our phones…”  riiiiight.


  • That is pretty impressive for a mobile device.

  • Anonymous

    The material cost going from a crappy 3MP mobile camera to a top-of-the-line 8MP unit is about $10. I don’t see why they aren’t putting better cameras in all tablets.

    • I guess that’s because people don’t use cameras in tablets much. I mean it’s nice to have a good camera in the tablet, but having a good camera in the phone is so much more important.

  • Anonymous

    they got a nice office

  • Motta2003

    I thought it was 32GB for $499?

    • Lmrojas

      Yeah they made a mistake

  • Buying 

  • Transformer Prime is looking better and better. Could it be a right tablet finally?

    • Anonymous

      Asus needs to get into the phone game immediately in the USA.   Flood the makret with aggressively priced, spec’d, and supported handsets!  They have been SO impressive with their updates to the OG Transformer and now the TP.  I’ve used their mobos and video cards for years but the level of commitment to tablets really has been a pleasant surprise. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s 32Gb for $499.

    • Anonymous

      If only we had the option of a 16GB version for $450…these images look top-notch.  But on the other hand, I’ve heard SO many times that “_____ Android device has such an amazing camera” and time after time (Droid X, X2, Bionic, Evo 3D) we are let down by that claim. Only the SGSII (and maybe the G Nex)has really lived up to its promise.    There’s reallly no reason for tablet cameras to be SO bad, however.


    Yeah, but anyone using a tablet as a camera in public looks like a tool.

    • shdowman

      Wrench or hammer??

      • Anonymous

        I could really go for a screwdriver right about meow.

    • its a laptop

    • gimlet72

      It would be pretty silly to see someone walking around with a 10.1 tablet taking pictures of everything. Not very inconspicuous.


      Case in point:

      • Ryan Milton

        whose the tool? Ha ha

        • GOTSOOT

          I’d say all 3!

          • TROLOLOL

            HAR HAR HAR. IDIOT.

        • PyroHoltz



      • PyroHoltz

        Here’s another bad one.

      • He voted for Obama.  Enough said.


    No more Galaxy Nexus news today?

  • This may be dumb question but which is a better pickup? the Transformer Prime or the Xoom 2? I refuse to call it the XYBOARD

    • shdowman

      The prime, IMHO.

      It will make Samsung go back to the drawing board..lol.

    • gimlet72

      Xoom 2 from what I understand is only a dual core, the prime will also get ICS first.

    • EC8CH

      Prime… Period

  • Anonymous