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XOOM 2 on Verizon to be Named the DROID XYBOARD? Please Tell Me It Isn’t True

If you thought the name “Rezound” that has been attached to HTC’s latest Beast audio device was a little odd, wait until you get a load of the rumor for Motorola’s upcoming next-gen XOOM tablet here in the states. According to the folks at PocketNow, they have seen some “compelling evidence” that when the XOOM 2 lands here in the states, that Verizon is going to brand it as the DROID XYBOARD. Seriously. We’ll assume that’s pronounced ZI-BOARD (yes folks, like Cyborg) and will also recommend that if you buy one, that you never use that name in public or you might be laughed out of the building.

It sounds like a wannabe Android tablet that you can scoop up on Woot each day for $69 plus shipping. It sounds like the name of Van Damme’s newest straight-to-DVD flick. It sounds like the name a high level exec dreamed up on a late night red-eye, passed it off to his 8-year old to see if it was “cool”, got the thumbs up of “Yeah daddy, that name will rock my 3rd grade English class!”, and pushed it forward. Like, really? XYBOARD? XOOM was sort of silly, but at least it was quick, reminded you of speed, and simply worked. XYBOARD? Eh. I think we can attach a promotional quote of “XYBOARD – We’d call it the end of waiting (again), but really we just want it to be the end of the butt of your jokes.”


Via:  PocketNow

Cheers Stephen!

  • Granted

    You know, I’m getting a sneaking hint you were just talking garbage about Van Damme’s absolute badass post apocalyptic masterpiece film “Cyborg”. But I’ll just pretend you didn’t date talk about such a kilter movie in that way. And if you did, well enjoy DammeIt showing up at your door, doing a full split, then slamming his mighty fist into baby nutsack. True, his movies now are complete hot garbage, but Van Damme he has some seedtime flicks under his belt, Cyborg, Universal Soldier, and Maximum Risk was some sweet ass French goodness. It had that kickass dude from Killing Zoe in it with him, I can’t transfer his French name though. But I think he was also in Queen Margot.

  • I’m glad I could tell you about this terribly odd thing. I don’t understand it. 

  • Cht

    Anybody know where to get that wallpaper please?

  • Anonymous

    typo in the first sentence “HTC’s Beast Audio”

  • very interesting post! thank you!

  • Wow, that name is horrendous, what are they gonna call the Xoom 3, the YYBoard?

  • I think X is supposed to be the Greek letter Chi. Which would make it closer to the “Droid Keyboard”. Yes, it’s pretty crappy.

  • Obviously, Verizon had used up their creativity after choosing they made one of the smartest decision in life by picking the name “Droid”.

    They tell love the sound of the name so much, just call it “Cyboard” rather than something no one would know how to pronounce!

  • Anonymous

    So what was wrong with XOOM 2? Simple and easy enough to update the digit and be done!

  • shdowman

    Here we go again moto…..

    The name RAZR was cool years ago, not so much now. KRZR was just flat out stupid, and this….god help you..this puts you on a whole new level of stupid.

  • stang6790

    I think it will be pronounced Zyboard in reference to a cyborg or Droid.

  • Anonymous

    +10 on this entire article. Thanks for tellin’ it like it is and not holding back Kellex! Awful name. AWFUL.

  • Honestly who cares about the name. Give me a solid tablet at a reasonable price and I will be sold. 

  • so the chromosome board huh?

  • Anonymous

    It appears Moto is doomed from the success they had with the OG Droid marketing campaign.  It is now laughable as they attempt to chase the flash-in-the-pan success of that commercial down the rabbit hole.  The RAZR commercial is dumber and makes less sense than a Michael Bay movie, if that is even possible.  Rather than realize their mistake, Moto is leveraging this stupidity over to their product names as well.  

    Meanwhile Apple is selling the value features have in everyday life.

  • Anonymous

    It just a name. Who cares what it is. It’s not a person or something that has to live with a bad name, its an inanimate object. Snuggy sounds stupid but they have sold a bazillion of those.

  • I am gonna XYBOARD whoever is comming up with these names in the face

  • OMG, that would be dumb. Just leave it as the Xoom2 and be done with it.

  • Brodie Krause

    I see them pronouncing it “Exy Board” as in, “A SEXY board.”

    I’m guessing the name was developed during a late night debate between execs.  

    Exec 1:  The Xoom was a success because of its name only.
    Exec 2:  Prove it!

  • GCurry

    Now they’ve got RAZR, they should grab LAZR and TAZR for tablets and TBD.

  • Djenks24

    How about LaTablet, wait, that’s awful too.  Maybe not as bad as XYBoard?  Horribe name, maybe the worst one yet!!!

  • MFG

    I don’t think anyone is going to buy this.

  • Micah Reese

    XYBORG would have made sense. XYBOARD makes me think keyboard…which is just stupid.

  • mir1020

    They should call it the X-Tab

    • Calculatorwatch

      even the X-Board would be wayy better

  • Calculatorwatch

    I liked it when Motorola products all had four letter names. It kind of put a limit on how stupid they could get…

  • Anonymous

    …go up to friends…

    “Hey guys! Check out my new XYBOARD!!!!”

    …retreat in shame amidst laughter and mocking…

  • Anonymous

    Wow… Just… wow… That is the worst tablet/phone name yet.  Honestly, I thought the “iPad” was one of the worst names I have heard, but at least it’s catchy…   

  • Anonymous

    haha Kellex, awesome rant


    At least it is better than the Prime logo that showed up here.

    • Anonymous


  • Dominick DeVito

    Why not call it the Razr tablet? At least it’s a recognizable brand.

  • Ray

    that should just call it DEAD DROID because thats what it will be dead on arrival. 

  • Sounds like CYBORG – theres your justification

  • Tyler

    To the person who came up with this name. You are dumb. For the people that allowed that guy to use that name. What were you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    I heard this was going to be the first tablet with 4G LTE. Any truth to this rumor kellex?

    • It may have it but it will not be the first 4G on tablets came months ago

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure that was a joke based on the fact that the Xoom was advertised as being the first 4G LTE tablet…and look what happened there.

  • Ivan92116


    • EC8CH



      Does Lucasfilm Ltd. still have the rights to the “DROID” name? This may
      explain the running of these products into the ground, like what Lucas
      did to the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Heck, he may even be behind directing those
      lame commercials!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying it for months, until Android device makers figure out how to brand their product lineups accordingly how in the world do they expect to earn customer loyalty and make profits? The list of stupid product names gets bigger by the moment; besides crazy things like XYBoard, the Xoom was not any better. We also have examples like ”
    Samsung Galaxy S™ ll, Epic™ 4G Touch
    I mean damn, it’s a name not a damn description! 

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t seem to stop Apple from selling things like crazy, even with names like iPad.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the thing though. Apple’s simple names become iconic, people will buy it. People buy the phone for the name.

        At first it seemed like Verizon learned this with the OG Droid and Droid Eris. A new brand was born and it was hot selling. Then the Droid Incredible became a hot seller. Then – well, Verizon started abusing the name and the Droid name really doesn’t mean much to people as it did when it first came out. 

        Samsung got it with the Galaxy brand, but it got way out of hand before people could even start to recognize the brand.

        • Anonymous

          Ask anyone on the street, most of them will recognize the Droid brand, just like most won’t recognize Android or will call all android phones Droids. Verizon’s Droid marketing was a resounding success and still is, they’ve just diluted it with all the Droid phones that continue to come out on a monthly basis but make no mistake, Verizon sells more Droids than any other phone(s).

      • Anonymous

        Are you serious? They built a brand with that lowercase “i”; iMac, iPod, iPhone. All hits, all have brand recognition. I, like most people, see a product name iProduct and can’t help think that it is either made by Apple Inc or for one of their products. On the other hand other manufacturers do not get branding. While Samsung has been pushing to make “Galaxy” a brand some of their final names are ridiculous. Just read  “Samsung Galaxy S™ ll, Epic™ 4G Touch” vs “Apple iPhone 4S” and tell me which sounds right. The former sounds like a run-on sentence!

        • Anonymous

          Agreed but putting a lower case i in front of everything sounds equally idiotic to me.

          • Anonymous

            It is. At least their idiocy is working. 

  • Anonymous

    XYBOARD sounds like Cyborg almost, maybe thats the reason

    • Anonymous

      Ya think? 🙂

  • Verizon has the worst marketing and product departments in all of the carriers.  Yet another case in point.  Sigh.

    • EC8CH

      Samsung Galaxy S™ II, Epic™ 4G Touch

      … I don’t know about worst 😛

      • hehe, true enough.  Although, you have to admit, the Z-sounding theme Verizon has going on is pretty awful.

  • EC8CH

    no more stupid than spelling ZOOM with an “X”

    • I didn’t think it was possible to  top XOOM, but then they created the word XYBOARD and I was surprised again.

      • Anonymous

        Everytime someone asks me what it is… “oh you mean Zune? “

  • *facepalm* Really?

  • Anonymous

    Motorola has been dead to me for some time now, so the faster they implode the better.

    Proud OG Droid owner.
    Xoom owner too.

    • Weebeethem

      Wait what? How can they be dead to you when you own TWO Moto products?

      • Anonymous

        It’s because I own two products. They managed to lose me as a future customer because of everything they’ve done after the OGD1 and the letdown of the Xoom. 

  • Dave

    Someone should create a Motorola name branding generator….

    Introducing the Motorola “Insert random assortment of letters here”.

  • Eric Payne

    Epic Fail…

  • I think Xyboard is supposed to sound a little like cyborg?

    • It most definitely is, but it also sounds like the ultimate gimmick. If you want it to sound like Cyborg, then just call it Cyborg.

      • But that would make sense! And this is Verizon we’re speaking of! 😛

  • What an awful name is Moto trying to get rid of costumers?

    • Anonymous

      What are they wearing?

  • Punkdefied

    RAZRY would have been a better name, and that’s not saying much.

    • Anonymous

      RAZR name is building off Motorolas most successful brand to date besides Droid… You are comparing apples to oranges

  • maybe if there was a slideout keyboard…

  • Dave

    They should really just go with model numbers. They are clearly running out of names to use.

  • Anonymous

    I think I just threw up in mouth a little….

  • Spickle


  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a hoverboard.

  • Dominick DeVito

    And Motorola wonders why they can’t sell tablets