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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Receiving Android 3.2 Update, May Break WiFi

Owners of the WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 are receiving updates to Android 3.2 today, but we are hearing that it may be causing some issues. Our reader that updated saw the process fail about halfway through and then noticed that his WiFi, Bluetooth, and screen rotation was broken after rebooting. Factory resets also do not appear to fix the problem, so we’ll have to recommend that you proceed with caution while updating. A changelog is not available at this time either – if you can live with your current build for now without updating, that’s probably your best bet.

Cheers Ash!

  • Uniquejump

    Ok has anyone heard if the galaxy tab 10.1 update is ready for download yet?

  • Ecureuil

    Je confirme les incidents avec samsung galaxy tab 10.1 (wifi) et mise à jour sous android 3.2
    Wifi aléatoire / bluetooth inopérant / rotation écran aléatoire / plus possible de recevoir mes e-mails

  • Cellphonedude

    Break the E-Mail application as well….

  • Anonymous

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  • Ataranji

    Why only the wifi version gets the update?
    I have a 3g model!!!
    Do you know why?

  • Guest

    I’ve the same problem with an Acer Iconia Tab 500.
    WiFi is broken after Android 3.2 update.

  • Granted

    So as much as I want to update, all of these horror stories are telling me to hold off. Anymore news on this as of today? Thanks to Droid Life for the warning. Because I count on my Tab for everyday work and I would hate to see it mangled. But I can hold off on this new thing, because in three hours I’m going to pick up the best new thing today, which is some Saints goodness in Saints Row: The Third which comes out today! Shit yeah! I hope anyone who wanted the Dr. GenkI pack pre-ordered the game. Because this is one DLC pack that won’t be released later, so says OXM. And I can’t wait to use all the goodies that come with it, like Manapult Cannon, the SquId Launcher, and I can’t remember the third thing right now. But damn I’ve been waiting to play this game forever, so excited!

  • Phase4power

    samsung sucks balls. they just told me they will have someone call me back in 48 hours. spent over a grand on 2 tablets

  • Samsung lost me as a loyal customer today.  It is disgusting that they would put out such a problematic update! I will never buy another Samsung product!

  • LionStone

    Another reason why DL rocks!! Thanks for the heads up…I will wait for this to be rectified before I update.

  • Gearhg

    updated my tablet this morning and WIFI is toast

  • Yakub1939

    Just updated, seem like it took an hour to update. Haven’t seen any wifi issues and tablet seems a little more smooth and working properly, Thanks Droid Life for the heads up!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had this on my tab for a week and it works better than ever.

  • Anonymous

    Well…. guess I should not have slept through the DL updates today, because my tab is now a paper weight! Uuuuughhhh…. I hate night shift

  • thanks. gonna wait for a fix before updating

  • Anonymous

    Great, now all the apple fanboys are going to say that Samsung did this just to copy Apple’s fail 5.01 patch roll out too.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Samsung doesn’t need to copy anyone .. they do a bad enough job on coding in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        why so serious…


    Wifi broken for me too.  Samsung wants me to send it in for repairs.

  • kies still wont open after the update after i synced it to my tab after the update

  • Anonymous

    When will  the full testing come out for the Droid RAZR? 

  • Anonymous

    Not to Hijack this post, but it appears that P3 has knowledge that the Nexus will be released end of December? Anyone thinks this is BS?

    • Hamholla

      God i hope this isnt true. 

    • MFG

      Go to a forum or something.

  • Anonymous

    So what happens to the folks that update and their wifi breaks, are they just shit out of luck ?

    • ill let you know bro both of my tabs are broke i spoke with a samsung rep that said they are working on a fix as we speak and the new kies update just finish im gona check it out now

  • Anonymous

    Silly Samsung. Pushes the update way after the software is available and still can’t get it right?

    My Droid Charge cannot be in the garbage can soon enough.

    • Anonymous

      Which phone you upgrading too?

      • Anonymous

        Galaxy Nexus

    • Moto droid user, htc avatar image, moving the galaxy nexus. lol

      • Anonymous

        Your comment makes no sense. Good job.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, and I thought I was a bad software developer.

  • yes wifi version as for now i updated a 16 gig and 32 gig for me and my wife both are not working

  • i downloaded the update it does indeed break wifi it also breaks bluetooth screen rotation and sync with kies i sent out a tweet to you guys kellex after i spoke with a samsung rep if anyone else takes the update and they a call 

    as soon as i posted this comment i received a update for kies i will check it and post back soon

    • Jlnv26

      did the kiss update work

      • Jlnv26

        sorry, i meant kiss

  • Jonathan Levin


    • Anonymous

      LOL, really? What about all those other posts before yours… ?

  • Lmrojas

    This is why I waited for the prime

    • Anonymous

      You waited for the Prime so you wouldn’t update a GTab 10.1 to 3.2 and experience WiFi issues?

      Do you play the lottery as well?  Care to share some numbers?

      • Lmrojas

        Samsung always messes up updates. Which is why I held off buying one 2 months ago and waited for the prime to be announced.

  • Gottheguds112

    Is this the WiFi only version?

  • MFG

    Any word on the Verizon Tab 10.1 getting the TouchWiz UX?

    • Lmrojas

      You don’t want to make ur tablet laggy

      • MFG

        I heard it was pretty good.

        • it made mine pretty laggy at times.

          • did your 3.2 update break anything for you

          • I haven’t made the update to 3.2, i was just referring to touchwiz, which frankly made me miss the stock experience. It’s not any worse persay, but it’s a little laggy at times, and makes it so that the bottom tool bar is always displayed, even during movies and such. Screen capture is also ridiculously laggy, and you can’t capture more than one within about 5 seconds otherwise you’ll capture the pop up box that says ‘screen captured’

          • WAldenIV

            As the screen resolution is 1280 x 800, I don’t mind the bar at the bottom.  720p HD content is only 1280 x 720.

          • I actually find it abrasive and that it derails from my attempt to be immersed in a movie, or the occasional game my thumb will slip to the bottom edge and bring something up. 

          • MFG

            Well, right now the stock experience can’t be much better.