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Galaxy Nexus Accessory List Shows Standard Battery of 1850mAh, HDMI Portrait-style Desktop Dock Priced at $59.99

The Euro version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that will be available this week (November 17), is powered by a 1750mAh battery. That’s not too shabby for a standard battery these days. Most of us in the states though, were worried that there may not be enough juice in that size of battery to get us through a day of use on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Talk of it being bumped to 1850mAh surfaced within the last week or so, and I’d say we just confirmed that with the screenshot you are seeing above. In the top right corner, you can see that the “in box” standard battery will be 1850mAh. Feel a little better about the phone now?

Also on the list is the an HDMI portrait-style desktop dock, vehicle mount and a bunch of your other standard accessories like cases and screen protectors. Picture of the dock with a $59.99 price tag after the break.   

Cheers anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    Rest assured on friday nov.18th something special will happen where we will be pre ordering the galaxy nexus or out right owning it on friday…Mark that down.

    • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Waiting on mine as well, but Verizon will want to move a few hundred-thousand Droid RAZRs and/or HTC Rezounds before they launch this. I would say the late November/early December rumors are correct. I’ll live with my DX for a few more weeks, this one’s worth the wait.

  • joejoe509

    Nice. What a tasty little upgrade. While they’re at it… how about tossing in an SD card slot? 😉

  • Dgwood12

    Think there will be a way to somehow hook up a 3.5mm jack so you can listen to head phones while its plugged into this dock? I would like to have a dock to charge the phone while being able to listen to music via headphones. I don’t like landscape docks so if there is a way this would be perfect for me

  • Naergoth

    Verizon, quit screwing around and give us the release date.

  • Dongwenal

    Galaxy Nexus I am ready! if  battery is decent just buy portable charger from verizon I used it on my O.D.

  • BeeDub

    Glad to see there will be a car mount for this bad boy.

  • anyone else glad to see that otterbox on there? Since we don’t know how sturdy the plastic and non-gorrilla other brand reinforced glass will be, I’m glad I have a solid case option to protect this phone when I get it.

  • Anonymous


    Put your money
    down folks..you can relax. The nexus won’t be here soon. Start planning
    for end of year purchases. That is the new word on the street.

    Not looking good

    • Anonymous

      P3Droid, the guy that wrote a book length novel on how rooting phones was coming to and end.

      He does good work, but I don’t follow a word he says… never seems to be correct.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention he likes to stir the pot a lot so I could see this just being one of those times. I can’t see verizon training their employees if they knew it wasn’t coming until dec, just to have to retrain them later.

        • Anonymous

          But I always liked what he did with Motorola software.

  • Anonymous

    Only Verizon could leave so many customers feeling uncertain and upset with a product as cool as the Gnex.  

  • Anonymous

    This has been the longest boner I have ever had…..please come out soon!!!!

    • Monty Waggoner

      You’re talking about the phone right? 

    • Anonymous

      Lay off the Levitra.

  • tjmonkey15

    Fingers crossed for a Costco phone/accessories (i.e. docks) deal like they had for the Bionic.

  • Earleepa

    I’ll feel better about it when I have it in my hand.

  • JMac726

    Must.  Have.  Purple Case.

  • Anonymous

    It’s PRIME TIME on Droid Life Network!

  • Now if only we could get the actual phone…

  • EC8CH

    thought they showed a LANDSCAPE dock at the ICS unveiling?

    • Yeah, they did. But in that picture, the 3 gold pins that are supposedly for docking were on the wrong side (the phone was docked with the pin connectors on the top and not connected to anything)….

  • It is about control people.  Verizon won’t push a phone it can’t control.  That is why we have to support the living daylights out of it so that they can’t afford to ignore the stock google market any more.

  • EC8CH

    I think Verizon is afraid of this phone?


      because it will be “the machine to rule all machines” or some bullshit like that until the next phone comes out…

  • Stop it, you are so mean to me

  • I think Verizon isn’t going to announce a release date, just one of these days the phone will suddenly be available. That way they can advertise and push the RAZR and the Rezound as big holiday phones, and steer people away from a phone that isn’t so much under their control.

    • Tyler

      I agree but at the same time, why would Verizon fight for exclusivity on this and reject the SGSII just to let this one “show up to order”? I’m scratching my head….

  • are you sh*tting me with all of this money ? who can afford this stuff ?

    how about a good black friday deal aka buy the phone get the dock for free.

    make it happen VZW !

    • I do agree that the dock is rather pricey especially for portrait (wtf wants this?)

      Don’t agree w/ people who say the phone is expensive on-contract. You save $12.48/mo for 2 years, you can afford the phone. If you don’t have the foresight, you pay $299 knowing you have 2 years to make $300. If you can’t make $300 in two MONTHS you are correct that this phone is not for you.

    • Anonymous

      if it is even out by then

    • Anonymous

      $60 for a dock is ridiculous. 

  • I want a GPS Mount!

    • JG

      which brand? Magellan? tomtom?

  • Ray

    where are the comments?

  • Jason

    Come on VZW Give us a damn release date already!! F’n D-bags!

  • Anonymous

    Now they’re making changes to the device?  They need to stop screwing around and release it already!  If it has battery problems, I can root it and get that worked out.  No point in worrying about the battery life of something no one can have. :/

  • I want more info on that vehicle mount! Price? Features?

  • tjmonkey15

    Larger battery…….and a memory card slot?

  • waveGuide3e8

    I was hoping to see an inductive-charging back cover on that list. Also, why does it say Prime instead of i515 or whatever the model number is? I thought Prime was just a rumored name that turned out to be false.

  • Anonymous

    So its for sure launching over seas on the 17th? WTF Verizon? GIVE US A DATE!  OK i feel better now. 

  • Lgreg64

    this sounds like the battery life was bad and they had to up it.

    • Charlie

      And battery life will still be pretty bad.  Still want this phone though.

    • tjmonkey15

      I think they had to make the phone thicker to fit the LTE chip, so they used the extra space to add a larger battery as well.

      • Lgreg64

        lets hope. i just cant help thinking that all of VZW lte phones battery life sucks.

    • Booboolala2000

      The reason for the battery upgrade was because the euro version is not lte. The extra battery will be necessary for lte. Still we are expected to get 10-12 hours with medium use. Much better than the tbolt or charge.


    is it just me or is this comment system FUBARed? truly “disqus”ting…

    • Edwin M

      Me thinks you are correct.

    • DownSyndrome

      Changed the Sort As two times to see this comment…. YUP

    • Anonymous

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  • Edwin M

    Can I get that stuff at Costco?

  • Car dock yet?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait

  • Anonymous


  • phoenix

    am I first bro?


    looks like an ugly dock…compared to the htc rezound dock i found…htcpedia… but now that it has a dock i have no idea what phone to get… i have beats so rezound…but then they say the build quality and design and thinness and software of the razr are good and this has ics and maybe good battery life… so… damn why is this so hard? lol. 


  • pretty sure you will be able to get an HDMI cable for a couple of bucks on Amazon

    • Tblain

      Ah yes, just looked it up on good old amazon. $8, not bad, I remember when hdmi cables were crazy expensive not long ago. Still though, I can’t decide if it being cheaper than I had feared makes them more or less douchey for not including it with the dock.

  • Cam

    Accessories are getting a bit pricey, for what is basically a port replicator/charger/MHL->HDMI converter.

  • Anonymous

    In Soviet Russia the Galaxy Nexus charges you!