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Galaxy Nexus Accessory List Shows Standard Battery of 1850mAh, HDMI Portrait-style Desktop Dock Priced at $59.99

The Euro version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that will be available this week (November 17), is powered by a 1750mAh battery. That’s not too shabby for a standard battery these days. Most of us in the states though, were worried that there may not be enough juice in that size of battery to get us through a day of use on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Talk of it being bumped to 1850mAh surfaced within the last week or so, and I’d say we just confirmed that with the screenshot you are seeing above. In the top right corner, you can see that the “in box” standard battery will be 1850mAh. Feel a little better about the phone now?

Also on the list is the an HDMI portrait-style desktop dock, vehicle mount and a bunch of your other standard accessories like cases and screen protectors. Picture of the dock with a $59.99 price tag after the break.   

Cheers anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    Rest assured on friday nov.18th something special will happen where we will be pre ordering the galaxy nexus or out right owning it on friday…Mark that down.

    • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Waiting on mine as well, but Verizon will want to move a few hundred-thousand Droid RAZRs and/or HTC Rezounds before they launch this. I would say the late November/early December rumors are correct. I’ll live with my DX for a few more weeks, this one’s worth the wait.

  • joejoe509

    Nice. What a tasty little upgrade. While they’re at it… how about tossing in an SD card slot? 😉

  • Dgwood12

    Think there will be a way to somehow hook up a 3.5mm jack so you can listen to head phones while its plugged into this dock? I would like to have a dock to charge the phone while being able to listen to music via headphones. I don’t like landscape docks so if there is a way this would be perfect for me

  • Naergoth

    Verizon, quit screwing around and give us the release date.

  • Dongwenal

    Galaxy Nexus I am ready! if  battery is decent just buy portable charger from verizon I used it on my O.D.

  • BeeDub

    Glad to see there will be a car mount for this bad boy.

  • anyone else glad to see that otterbox on there? Since we don’t know how sturdy the plastic and non-gorrilla other brand reinforced glass will be, I’m glad I have a solid case option to protect this phone when I get it.

  • Anonymous


    Put your money
    down folks..you can relax. The nexus won’t be here soon. Start planning
    for end of year purchases. That is the new word on the street.

    Not looking good

    • Anonymous

      P3Droid, the guy that wrote a book length novel on how rooting phones was coming to and end.

      He does good work, but I don’t follow a word he says… never seems to be correct.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention he likes to stir the pot a lot so I could see this just being one of those times. I can’t see verizon training their employees if they knew it wasn’t coming until dec, just to have to retrain them later.

        • Anonymous

          But I always liked what he did with Motorola software.

  • Anonymous

    Only Verizon could leave so many customers feeling uncertain and upset with a product as cool as the Gnex.  

  • Anonymous

    This has been the longest boner I have ever had…..please come out soon!!!!

    • Monty Waggoner

      You’re talking about the phone right? 

    • Anonymous

      Lay off the Levitra.

  • tjmonkey15

    Fingers crossed for a Costco phone/accessories (i.e. docks) deal like they had for the Bionic.

  • Earleepa

    I’ll feel better about it when I have it in my hand.

  • JMac726

    Must.  Have.  Purple Case.

  • Anonymous

    It’s PRIME TIME on Droid Life Network!

  • Now if only we could get the actual phone…

  • EC8CH

    thought they showed a LANDSCAPE dock at the ICS unveiling?

    • Yeah, they did. But in that picture, the 3 gold pins that are supposedly for docking were on the wrong side (the phone was docked with the pin connectors on the top and not connected to anything)….

  • It is about control people.  Verizon won’t push a phone it can’t control.  That is why we have to support the living daylights out of it so that they can’t afford to ignore the stock google market any more.

  • EC8CH

    I think Verizon is afraid of this phone?


      because it will be “the machine to rule all machines” or some bullshit like that until the next phone comes out…

  • Stop it, you are so mean to me

  • I think Verizon isn’t going to announce a release date, just one of these days the phone will suddenly be available. That way they can advertise and push the RAZR and the Rezound as big holiday phones, and steer people away from a phone that isn’t so much under their control.

    • Tyler

      I agree but at the same time, why would Verizon fight for exclusivity on this and reject the SGSII just to let this one “show up to order”? I’m scratching my head….

  • are you sh*tting me with all of this money ? who can afford this stuff ?

    how about a good black friday deal aka buy the phone get the dock for free.

    make it happen VZW !

    • I do agree that the dock is rather pricey especially for portrait (wtf wants this?)

      Don’t agree w/ people who say the phone is expensive on-contract. You save $12.48/mo for 2 years, you can afford the phone. If you don’t have the foresight, you pay $299 knowing you have 2 years to make $300. If you can’t make $300 in two MONTHS you are correct that this phone is not for you.

    • Anonymous

      if it is even out by then

    • Anonymous

      $60 for a dock is ridiculous. 

  • I want a GPS Mount!

    • JG

      which brand? Magellan? tomtom?

  • Ray

    where are the comments?

  • Jason

    Come on VZW Give us a damn release date already!! F’n D-bags!

  • Anonymous

    Now they’re making changes to the device?  They need to stop screwing around and release it already!  If it has battery problems, I can root it and get that worked out.  No point in worrying about the battery life of something no one can have. :/

  • I want more info on that vehicle mount! Price? Features?

  • tjmonkey15

    Larger battery…….and a memory card slot?

  • waveGuide3e8

    I was hoping to see an inductive-charging back cover on that list. Also, why does it say Prime instead of i515 or whatever the model number is? I thought Prime was just a rumored name that turned out to be false.

  • Anonymous

    So its for sure launching over seas on the 17th? WTF Verizon? GIVE US A DATE!  OK i feel better now. 

  • Lgreg64

    this sounds like the battery life was bad and they had to up it.

    • Charlie

      And battery life will still be pretty bad.  Still want this phone though.

    • tjmonkey15

      I think they had to make the phone thicker to fit the LTE chip, so they used the extra space to add a larger battery as well.

      • Lgreg64

        lets hope. i just cant help thinking that all of VZW lte phones battery life sucks.

    • Booboolala2000

      The reason for the battery upgrade was because the euro version is not lte. The extra battery will be necessary for lte. Still we are expected to get 10-12 hours with medium use. Much better than the tbolt or charge.


    is it just me or is this comment system FUBARed? truly “disqus”ting…

    • Edwin M

      Me thinks you are correct.

    • DownSyndrome

      Changed the Sort As two times to see this comment…. YUP

    • Anonymous

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  • Edwin M

    Can I get that stuff at Costco?

  • Car dock yet?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait

  • Anonymous


  • phoenix

    am I first bro?


    looks like an ugly dock…compared to the htc rezound dock i found…htcpedia… but now that it has a dock i have no idea what phone to get… i have beats so rezound…but then they say the build quality and design and thinness and software of the razr are good and this has ics and maybe good battery life… so… damn why is this so hard? lol. 


  • pretty sure you will be able to get an HDMI cable for a couple of bucks on Amazon

    • Tblain

      Ah yes, just looked it up on good old amazon. $8, not bad, I remember when hdmi cables were crazy expensive not long ago. Still though, I can’t decide if it being cheaper than I had feared makes them more or less douchey for not including it with the dock.

  • Cam

    Accessories are getting a bit pricey, for what is basically a port replicator/charger/MHL->HDMI converter.

  • Anonymous

    In Soviet Russia the Galaxy Nexus charges you!

  • how about a release date?  still web only

  • Tblain

    Good news about the upgraded battery, if it turns out to be true, not to mention the simple fact that it is removable. 

    Only a hands on test drive will really seal the deal for me, but in all honesty, I am becoming more and more sold on this device.

    Not all that jazzed about the dock, though. $60 and they can’t manage to include the hdmi cable? What’s that going to run, another $30-40? So in the end they think I’m going to pay an extra hundred buck just to watch the one or two movies I deign to store on my phone on a big screen TV when I already have half a dozen other ways to do the same thing? I really think they need to get more realistic about these accessories…

  • Rangertrav

    Is there going to be a cheaper, “alarm clock” style dock?

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the phone doesn’t get too fat.

  • David

    That bump in the battery may have just sealed the deal for me.  Where can I get in line to buy this phone?

    • Anonymous

      Europe…, actually you can buy one from there and activate it on AT&T.

      If they don’t release it here soon there will certainly be those on AT&T who do this and beat us to this phone.  Just doesn’t seem right that they can have it before us.

  • Nvitone23

    Why does it say “Prime” in the left column? I thought this was the Galaxy Nexus? lol

    • Anonymous

      All phones have a different name before they are branded… The Thunderbolt is the “Mecha”.

  • JD

    Nice to see that Google, Samsung, & Verizon are utilizing the extra thickness gained from the LTE radio to provide customers a better experience with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Dock seems pricey!

  • Hans Kwazneski

    There needs to be an extended battery or I shall cry. I needs mah extended!

  • Anonymous

    Kinda wish the dock was landscape.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly I’ve been starting to wonder what the big advantage of a horizontal dock is? Whether it be in the car or on my dresser. It just seems to end up more annoying than useful in that form…

      • Anonymous

        I guess it is just personal preference. The portrait orientation, especially on a dresser would seem easier to knock over. Plus, I thought the charging pins on the Nexus were on the side? I guess you could still charge it through the micro USB port.

        • Anonymous

          Never thought about it getting knocked over. Good point. 

          • Tyler

            Plus some people use the dock to watch movies….portrait would mess that up too. 

  • Michael Allis


    For a phone that hasn’t yet been announced on the carrier listing the accessories.
    Verizon, you’re dropping the ball.

    • Anonymous

      Not really. They will hype what they want you to buy, not what YOU want to buy.

  • I’m really excited about this phone! And considering I dropped my Droid and shattered the screen, I need it to come out ASAP lol (it’s still useable at this point luckily)

  • I wonder which size battery P3Droid had when he reviewed his Nexus

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        He also said it could be different in the full retail release as his was not.

      • Thanks

    • Anonymous

      P3Droid usually can be listened to unless it relates to software for a Motorola phone.

      He is saying we will have to wait much longer for this phone… like the end of the year.

      He is also the guy that wrote a huge post about how rooting was coming to an end… lol  The guy seems to be an incorrect rumor machine.

  • Dr Sauch

    I still have a lingering fear that this phone never gets released by VZW.

    • Anonymous

      Probably should get over that by now. It’s coming to VZW.

  • 3wtr3gt23t

    Confirmation of a vehicle mount, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. This is officially my next phone.

  • DroidzFX

    Still waiting

  • Anonymous

    Now we need a release date

  • Alex Schechter

    I hope this is for real, I really do.

  • Yay for good news on a Monday morning!

  • Anonymous

    i just bought the galaxy nexus costco bundle with docking station……………….in my dreams

  • Anonymous

    Nom nom nom nom…. Accessories!

  • Anonymous

    Not going to miss HTC tbolt poor battery performance

  • Anonymous

    Ill wait for accessory sale from Verizon before getting those docks

    • Anonymous

      or get them free from costco..same time phone releases…

      • Anonymous

        Can’t since I have to buy it at full price.

        • Anonymous

          touche…  or just murder & steal the identity of someone who is eligible…That’s what I did, although I do feel bad b/c I could have let them live a lot longer if I new it would take this long to release!  I sleep at night by blaming verizon, and pot helps too

  • Eddi

     glad they increased the battery size. 

  • Kris Brandt

    Sweet.  Slightly longer battery life.  Its nice, but we all want the same thing – A release date.

  • John

    can’t wait until fri!

  • Radgatt

    Bring it on!

  • Ben Murphy

    You know what they say. The bigger the battery… 🙂 To anyone who’s doubting this phone:

    Stock Android
    4G LTE

    The polls don’t lie.

  • Spoke to a Verizon marketing rep on 11/11 for the Razr launch. He confirmed that Verizon will not be releasing the phone directly on Black Friday, as he said that would be too chaotic; however, he did confirm that could mean the phone might be released prior to Black Friday; ie. the 21st. The only concrete answer he was able to give me, however, was that it would definitely be before Christmas. He gave me his personal contact info and said he would pass along anything that he hears.

  • Dominick DeVito

    how funny would it be if Droid-Life really secretly knows the release date, but just keeps us hanging by a string!  LOL

    j/k – we’re getting closer one baby step at a time

  • Anonymous

    So I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and got myself an iphone
    4s after reserving it online the previous day and standing in line
    outside the apple store for an hour and a half.

    Boy oh boy!.. am I blown away or what!

    a fandroid, I hate admitting it.. but ios truly is great. I was worried
    about the 3G speeds, considering I am coming from verizon’s 4G LTE..
    but I was pleasantly surprised. The speeds, though low , somehow don’t
    seem to matter much because apple’s browser is SO FREAKING optimized!!..

    Also, I stand corrected. I am able to access my NAS.. and do
    everything else that I was able to do on my android.. except.. It is a
    lot better of an experience because the apps are so freaking optimized
    and in sync with  ios. iFiles is the best app ever!! (paid app, but

    Camera of course.. is simply mind blowing.. and I LOVE
    icloud!.. since all my computers are mac.. photostream, ibooks etc. are
    all together a big WOW!!… click a photo.. shows up on my desktop and
    laptop instantly…

    Siri is simply too cool..’Siri, I am hungry..”..
    or “My car is running out of gas”.. or “Remind me when I get home to
    tell my wife to fix a late dinner today”… is all it takes… it
    searches maps.. tracks my location and knows when I get home., knows who
    my wife is (obviously thru contacts definition).. .registers the
    reminders and pops them up at the right time.!

    the 3.5” screen is
    not bad at all.. and I can now see WHY apple chose to stuck to that
    screen dimension range. One hand and your thumb is all you need to reach
    everywhere on the screen!..

    wifi to 3G toggling is seamless…
    NOTHING has a lag.. ZERO!  How the freak did apple manage to make ios so
    efficient and smooth..is simply beyond me.. because I’ve taken android
    apart several times and I know what it takes from programs to work.

    goal was to try out the iphone within the 30 day return period because I
    simply got tired of waiting for the Galaxy nexus… But it looks like I
    am gonna end up keeping it.. who knows..

    All in all, I am deeply humbled. Hats off to you apple…. and if I don’t end up getting the Galaxy Nexus.. Samsung has only Verizon to blame.

    • Anonymous

      good story, nerd

    • Anonymous

      Cool story. And I truly mean this legitimately, when the next iphone finally gets LTE and copies all the other cool new features of android that come out I will definitely consider it. Unless of course Android tips the scales yet again.

    • Mischief85

       just got an iphone 4s on sprint though and its a company phone. and you are right on the spot with everything. i’ve had many android phones including the OG, thunderbolt, charge, incredible and now the bionic. and all phones have not felt so smooth like iphone. i give props to apple, but there are little things in there that are still missing that make android great. I think android likes to rush things and they are more worry about adding features over trying to perfect what they already have. I bet anything ICS will be buggy as hell. i am still getting the G-Nex but only if android was as smooth and well rounded as apple.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had an iphone4 since last Nov (work phone) and an OG at launch and DX at launch.. they are both good phones, but for different types of people… for me with a year of experience Android>iOS.. iOS5 made a big stride to catchup to android, but 4.0 set it back further… can’t wait for my galaxy nexus!

    • ZoomStop

      “and I LOVE  icloud!.. since all my computers are mac.”
      — so why would you ever have had Android to start with? iPhones are awesome for people with a lot of other apple devices.
      For everyone else who doesn’t decide to pay the Apple Tax  on all their hardware & software, there is Android.

      • Anonymous

        because android is like brain food. You can take it apart.. figure out different ways to do things.. customize.. etc etc. I am obviously gonna try out the GNEx when it comes out.. and it wows me.. then the iphone is going back.

        isn’t it nice for us consumers to have all this competition and cutting edge devices to choose from?

        • whoster69

          Couldn’t agree more.  The customizing/ability to do things my way is what I love about Android.  Being forced to do things Apple’s way is what keeps me away from all of their cool tech.  Pity they do this in such a heavy handed way…

    • Anonymous

      Congrats, glad you love the phone. 
      As for myself, until Apple uses quality building materials (read: not covered in subpar reinforced glass), gets LTE, and a removable battery… I’m sticking with the Android team.

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations, you’re an iFan.  You can change your avatar to the fruit logo now.

      • Anonymous

        not yet.. my heart is still with android.. and I am desperately hoping for the GNEx to blow my socks away!.

    • Booboolala2000

      If you are on verizon you have a fourteen day return policy, not thirty.

      As for one handed use, I have large hands so the nexus wool be fine for me.

      Plus, in my opinion, you will be disappointed when you compare the iphone 4s to the Nexus. Out truly is mind blowing. It’s a shame you couldn’t wait a coupled more weeks to see android reach it’s full maturity. When Google said that updates would come at a slower pace this is the starting pointy it’s that.

      The iphone is nice and a good compromise and it does work, but so does android. I personally have made my decision. I sure hope you don’t get upset when the four inch screen gets released for iphone in 2012.

      • Anonymous

        yes, Verizon has a 14 day return policy.. but not the apple stores. which is why i specifically got it from an apple store. You can check it online if you don’t believe me.

        I am up for yearly upgrades and so is my wife.. so getting one next year is not a problem.

        Hey I am still an android lover.. and I hope to god I’ll be swept away by ICS.. and when that happens.. the iphone will be going back.

        • Tyler

          How are you still up for yearly upgrades? Did you pay full retail for the iPhone?

          • Anonymous

            my understanding is smartphones are eligible for 1 year upgrades if you have a corporate discount applied to your account. I got the Dinc when it came out in 2010 April.. then i got the TB when it came out using my wife’s upgrade. But they didn’t really swap our dates.. so I was eligible for upgrade now.

          • Tyler

            Unfortunately that isn’t true anymore. We have a corporate discount, and all of our lines are pushed back 2 years. Perhaps it is different for yours. 

    • Anonymous

      And I had a 3GS and loved it and used a 4 for a bit before switching to an Atrix (I know, motoblur but honestly it’s not too too bad) and I am very happy.  Although I admit iOS is nice and their screens look beautiful, a 3.5 inch screen just seems a bit too small now.

      Also, icloud is a bit too intrusively syncy for me, sort of like Lion.  I don’t want all my content easily available on all of my devices. I want certain content on certain devices, and some content hard to access.  And yes, I used to be an Apple fanboy.

      Hoping the G-Nex comes to AT&T.

      • Anonymous

        I hear ya.

    • Mark

      What you’re calling smooth is actually the hardware acceleration. That’s the main reason that I’m getting the Galaxy Nexus, because ICS finally brings good hardware acceleration to Android phones. The only other phone w/ HA was the Galaxy S II, that’s why it was so smooth, not just the fast processor. Take a look at all the Windows Phones, they all have HA and run as smooth as the iPhone even on a single core. 
      I would personally never buy another Android phone that didn’t have HA. I don’t know if you have played w/ the Galaxy S II or not, but that phone is buttery smooth, and is one of the main reasons why I liked Samsung even if I wasn’t a big fan of TouchWiz 4, they were the only manufactures to add HA to Android.  
      People saying how the Razr is so fast ignore the fact that it’s still not as smooth as the competition. The browser on the Razr and all other Android phones is pathetic especially when you add flash to the equation, compare that to the GS II browser which is so smooth. I don’t like having to use the Opera browser just so my phone can use it’s gpu while browsing. I’ve seen a couple of videos showing off  the Galaxy Nexus browser, and it looks to be as smooth if not smoother than the GS II. I might sound like a Samsung fanboy but they were the only manufacturer to close that gap with their custom framework.
      I hope I’m not wrong but I’m almost certain when ICS roms start to drop, even phones like the OG will run smoothly. Up to this point we haven’t really taken full advantage of the GPU in our phones.  Just as an example browsing on a HoneyComb tablet is smoother than on a gingerbread phone even if they’re both running the same processor. 
      As for the rest of your comment it only makes sense that you’d like the iPhone seeing how you own many Apple products and they all work together nicely.  My only Apple product is the Macbook Air, and I only bought it because I thought I was cheap and it only runs Windows :P. But I’m glad you enjoy your iPhone as it’s usually the phone I recommend to people because it’s so simplistic, and it’s probably the main reason why I wouldn’t buy one.
      Rant over!

      • Anonymous

        yea, I’ve tried the GSII’s and they ARE pretty good. I was really pissed when Verizon passed on the opportunity to get them. At one point I was seriously contemplating breaking my contract with Verizon just to get the GS2. But then, I am grandfathered into the unlimited plan..and that is just way too sweet of a deal to let go.

        Apple I think is simplistic.. but yet can handle complicated tasks pretty easily.

        Like I said.. the apps are so interwoven with ios.. that even somewhat complicated stuff.. like adding your NAS device share drive on ios.. or browsing your iphone wirelessly from another computer.. is smooth as heck and glitch free.

        That has pretty much been my experience with Macs in general too ever since I switched to them in 2007. They are beautiful and simple aesthetically.. yet extremely sophisticated to implement complicated tasks..(after all they are built around unix systems).

      • Anonymous

        What’s the problem with using Opera?  I prefer it over anything else.

    • Really, so why would you post this here?  Did you think you would convince 5000 droid-life readers to convert to apple?   Go post your Lullaby over on the Apple fanboy site, I’m sure you’ll find someone who cares. I bet you never even had an Android phone..

      • Anonymous

        you are right.. I have absolutely no reason to post it here or anywhere for that matter.

        But then, who gives a f&&K! One of the wonders of hiding behind online anonymity. I can take all the insults and criticism without giving a rat’s ass! hehehe.

        • Anonymous

          u trollin m8?

        • well that shows real character, Hiding behind anonymity.. and you have an android pissing on apple, but yet you are trying to sell android fans on apple?  Are you confused about who you really are bro?  

          • Anonymous

            first of all.. I never tried to sell anything to anybody. As a fandroid, I was only interested in sharing my experience. But once in a while, jerks like you will come along and try to piss all over something that doesn’t even concern them. .. and so.. my point being.. your criticisms or insults over someone’s opinion is a non-issue in the online world.
            Also, speaking about character.. when you butt in with your abrasiveness heaping insults.. you have no standing to talk about anybody’s character. So piss off.

          • Anonymous

            what did you expect dude, you’re on a site called droid LIFE.. no one wants to hear about iOS here, anyone reading and posting in the comments on a blog like this will no give 2 shts about your iphone.. I’ve had an iphone4 since last november (work phone), and had an OG at launch, and DX since launch.. I also have an ipad2 my company bought me, but a xoom I bought myself.. they are diff strokes for diff folks, ios5 made a huge stride to match android, but 4.0 set it back again… I like things about both, but in the end of the day android>ios5.. my iphone is an app jukebox.. and you can’t deny the 3.5″ is flat annoying after owning a 4.3″ phone

            and this lag you speak of, you need to judge the 4S to the gnex, which has hardware acceleration.. right now you are comparing an xbox 360 to a PS2… ios5 was released in november and you are comparing it to gingerbread that was released in Feb… hold your arrogance please

          • Anonymous

            what a fool! who the heck talked anything about android? You must have skipped school because your reading comprehension is extremely poor.
            Not a single sentence of what I wrote was critical or disparaging of Android.
            Android is my heart and soul when it comes to smartphones.
            Now bugg off idiot and get some primary education.

          • Listen, you posted that expecting issues.. just like ABerry said, you dont go on an android fan site writing stories about a new iPhone without wanting drama. You wanted the attention,  now you got it.. I come on this site to read about android, not your iPhone bs. Go over to another site if you wanna talk apple products. 
            I’m the Jerk??  Try again… 

          • Anonymous

            hey moron.. if you don’t like what you read.. how about just moving on?? You talk as if someone taped your eyelids open and thrust your fugly face on the computer screen to read something.

            and yes.. you ARE the jerk with some deep inferiority complex because you seem flip at the very mention of ios or iphone. Droid life has written articles before about the same.. you apparently were too stoned to read those.

          • no I dont have a deep inferiority complex, and dont flip on the mention of iphone.. JUST YOURS!   Its the comment section, and I’m replying to your comments, so get used to it. I just dont like you and your corny story, so you can throw out the jerks, and morons, and all your other 12yr old play-school words.
            p.s. I actually had an iphone 4 for a company phone, and it was incredibly boring

          • Anonymous

            So your experience was incredibly boring?? wow.. so just like you, should I start trashing you too about what you just shared?

            What part of my original comment made you think I was expecting replies, especially from jerks??

            Again, if you don’t like what you read.. MOVE ON… you are not obligated to be an a$$hole just because you can.

          • I’m the a-hole now too?  Look at the comments, Obviously its you from what everyone else is saying.. I’ve never had an issue here, it seems like just you.  Have fun! 

          • Anonymous

            ooooooh.. Mr. Nice all of a sudden has “no issues”… Why don’t you scroll up to my post and start from your first comment to me.. Yea??

          • BaBaGanoosch

            Hey man, listen if your and iPhone fan, thats fine go take it somewhere else. We dont need you coming here starting problems with everyone, and calling people names. You cant expect people not to have issues with you talking about apple in Droid life. but now your going to far.  Take it down a notch or get lost.

          • Anonymous

            and unless you are moderator for Droid-Life (in which case Droid Life has lost all of it’s credibility and is just another “rants of a fanatic blogger”… you can kiss my a$$.

            Why don’t you get the fu%k out and stop meddling in things that don’t concern you??
            Who the heck made you the class monitor for the juvies here?

          • BaBaGanoosch

            wow man, seriously look at yourself. this is a fun place for android fans to get information and talk to each other. Its people like you that come here and ruin this enviorment. Shame on you dude. Do you have nothing better to do then start issues with people?

          • Anonymous

            wow and look at you! how shameful and low of you to argue with someone who is only responding to jerks because he posted an opinion.

            Shame on you for being such a blind fanboy. Do you have nothing better to do than just join in on a flame war?

          • BaBaGanoosch

            Dude no one is arguing besides you.   Your starting issues with everyone. I just told you to knock it off, your turning this place into a hell hole. Take your negative attitude else where.  Go get a hug or something

          • Anonymous

            show me ONE comment that I have made unless it is responding to some wise-ass jerk who took umbrage to my first post about geting an iphone.

            go on, I am waiting.. and if you can’t find it.. call yourself a idiot who rushes to conclusions without understanding what is going on.

          • BaBaGanoosch

            Im not stupping to your level. look around man, your starting issues left and right. Every second theres a new comment with you name calling. you took a pleasant place an killed it..  How old are you by the way

          • Anonymous

            it is stooping not stupping.. and since you can’t show me one single comment of mine that is NOT a response to a provoking.. please check yourself out of this argument.

          • BaBaGanoosch

            You are arguing, and you are not mister spell check, so stop checking spelling. But read down the lines and you are starting arguments everywhere. I dont need to try an lead you to each one.  Grow up. You will be the reason there will be a future age limit here. Its little kids like you that ruin good places. Its a shame

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I am not a mister spell check and you are not a Mister Class Monitor. See it works both ways. Just because you keep repeating “you are starting arguments” .. it doesn’t make it fact..nor does it make you any less of an instigator. You must belong to the Fox News club.

            A reasonable and sensible person would easily see how 4 or 5 morons have ganged up on one single because of him sharing his opinion about a competitor’s device.

            It’s a shame that you can’t see that.. and it’s an even bigger shame that you can’t practice what you preach.

          • BaBaGaoosch

            Listen it is you arguing, and name calling, and all of the above. You think you make it all better by speaking like an adult in one comment after 16 childish ones. It doesnt work that way.  No give it up, look in the mirror. Its you

          • Anonymous

            actually I am pretty sure it is people like you…. spending their times thrusting themselves into situations that don’t concern them and shooting from their hips to make themselves look like cowboys.. when in reality, they have no clue what they are talking about.

            One more time.. since you are so slow to understand… merely repeating the same does not make your LIE a truth. I am all ears if you can show me a single comment that I have made unprovoked… and even after asking you about it 2 times before.. you STILL can’t prove anything because….a> You are too lazy to bother…. b> it simply doesn’t exist! So do yourself a favor and check out. While most have left.. you are the only one lingering without any rhyme or reason.

          • BaBaGanoosch

            Its community comments, everyone has a right to speak on each others comments.. You just took it to far, again cause it doesnt seem like you grasp things the way you keep arguing the same point.  Enough, you need to stop and please look else where to bring your troubles.  If you need someone to talk to, try Freeadvice.org
            they can help with your anger for free, and no one will know. Thank you, and god bless.  Please try and get help, if not please dont come here starting anymore

          • Anonymous

            You just confirmed my suspicions.. you are just another self righteous prick who shoots from his hips and goes around preaching to people because he thinks he rides on a tall white horse!.

            Yes, this is a community and every one has a right to speak.. and that is EXACTLY what I did… but the people here who flamed against me.. did not just RESPOND to my comments.. they flamed .. and they slung mud on me and tried to insult and dismiss.

            YOU need to stop being so tunnel visioned .. YOU need to expand the horizons of your mind and think what is reasonable and what isn’t.. YOU need to develop the acumen to discern who is saying what and what is provoking what.

            Until then…. YOU need to find help for yourself.. not for anger management.. but for perhaps Reading comprehension 101 … or perhaps Logical Reasoning 101 and Coherent thinking 101. If I may.. you can try http://www.mindtools.org
            You will immensely benefit from it. If not for you.. at least for the people who have to deal with you in every day life. Please get the help you need. .. and next time.. don’t butt into situations riding your high horse and dispensing unsolicited advice.

          • BaBaGanoosch

            No it was you and your poor choice of comments, foul language, and named calling that got me mad.. Yes you told your story on your iPhone, you expected comments, but no one was using foul laungage or name calling until you did first. You can say what you want and continue to back yourself into a corner, but you came here to start trouble. Once it escalated you took it to a whole other level with the name calling. I for one am done, but you will keep going on with your comments and being childish. But it isn’t getting you anywhere. I will be sure to speak to someone about this tomorrow, and make sure you cant cause anymore issues in here.  I bid you well sir, and may you one day free yourself of evil demons.

          • Anonymous

            self righteous people like yourself are most often hypocrites and lazy. and here is why.

            1. You claim that I started with the poor choice of words and the name calling.. and yet you are too lazy to actually do your research to find out who personally attacked who first.

            2. My original post was posted about 22 hours ago. Lideri & Lucas Johnson were the first to post their comments. All of which was good.. and my respone to their views on my comment, was also good.

            3. Then comes scotty brown.. with “so why would you post this here? Did you think you would convince 5000 droid-life readers to convert to apple? Go post your Lullaby over on the Apple fanboy site, I’m sure you’ll find someone who cares. I bet you never even had an Android phone.. ”

            4. This was a direct provocation.. and my simple response to him was.. “you are right.. I have absolutely no reason to post it here or anywhere for that matter.

            But then, who gives a f&&K! One of the wonders of hiding behind online anonymity. I can take all the insults and criticism without giving a rat’s ass! hehehe.””

            5. And then the flaming began… “well that shows real character, Hiding behind anonymity.. ”

            6. Then comes in the guy who claims he has a large dick with.. “you stupid apple fanboy, get lost homo..” out of the blue.

            7. But once again.. sitting up on your high horse, you don’t have the decency or the sensibility to understand who is saying what and who is provoking a fight.

            8. All you see is ONE guy defending himself against a bunch of people who are ganging up and when I do so veraciously, you have the audacity to call me as the instigator.

            9. I have more respect for the people who provoked me for no apparent reason THAN people like you who hide behind a veil of self righteousness and hypocrisy and who are ever eager to involve themselves into situations that don’t concern them and give others advice.

          • Chrisriner84

            gotta say I’m with sami on this one.  Obviously he’s og android bc he has an android peeing on an apple (funny simple statement).  Hell, I think his post makes sense.  He had an android, was waiting for the g-nex (like everyone else on this website), they delayed delayed delayed, and he wound up getting an iphone.

            And he loves it.

            Nothing wrong with that.  Apple really is smooth and has had a lot more time refining their game than android.  Now, is the g-nex gonna change all that?  IMHO, absolutely.  The nexus is absolutely a flagship device– other than the flagship ics device, its going to be the first device to go toe-to-toe with the iphone.  Will we ever truly be able to deem who the heavyweight champion of the smartphone world is?  Probably not.  Sami makes a great point, tho– its great that we are coming to a day in age where its starting to not matter which platform you go with, smartphones are simply uncanny these days…

          • Anonymous

            boy! am I glad to see some semblance of reason and sanity!. Yes.. I’ve waiting for the Gnex for a while.. and I’ve repeatedly said.. once the Gnex comes out.. I’m definitely getting my hands on it.. and if It sweeps me off my feet (which I hope to god it does).. the iphone is going back!.

            As consumers we are lucky enough to have so many choices.. and we really should be platform agonistic when it comes to our allegiance. This is what makes the products around us get better and better. I don’t know why everybody is seeing my action as treasonous or something.

            Thank you for your support.

    • Arodroid

      Cool story you lying ass troll!

    • I admit, the iphone and everything i-related is very snappy and polished. for good reason: there’s not much there. Apple wisely keeps functionality to the bare minimum so they can keep things smooth. android keeps adding stuff, which is making multicore processors and more RAM a necessity.. not just a convenience. I love the funcionality of Android, and will personally never go to iphone (i use one everyday, i sell the things), but i personally wish that android would sit back and polish everything up before adding lots of new features. having said that, i think they did just that for ICS, so let’s hope….

      • Anonymous

        yes lets so hope.. and if it turns out to be true..then the iphone is going back.

    • Anonymous

      Saying the 3.5” screen is “not bad at all” is a bit of a lie.  It limits what you can actually do on a phone, watching movies, reading websites without zooming in on every sentence, e-reading ect… 

      The phone itself is fine, except it doesn’t have widgets either, which are massive. When I show widgets to  Iphone users, they’re always impressed.  They just don’t know what they’re missing because they’ve never seen/heard of them.

      Apple has the right idea by perfecting a device, but the problem is they’re too afraid to do anything different so they’re stuck with the same size screen, lack of widgets, just getting notification bars ect… 

      Their computers on the other hand are completely overpriced and anyone can build a PC for literally half the price that will do more than the Apple could. 

      • Anonymous

        sorry, but Macs are far FAR superior to PCs.. anyday hands down.. but as far as android vs ios.. I am still new to ios.
        I used the same arguments about the screen size, lack of widgets etc before to counter ifans.. but now, after owning one.. I am seeing this differently.

        Perhaps iphones have something in them that brainwash it’s users? lol..

        I don’t know man.. I’m just stumped and I feel guilty for even liking ios.

        • In general I would agree that Mac’s are superior to PC’s except when it comes to excel and gaming.   In those two areas PC’s are far better then Mac’s

          • Anonymous

            yea, excel sucked before.. but I thought the office 2011 is pretty close to being similar to the windows one.
            Yep.. when it comes to gaming.. Macs are no where close. But then I don’t game as much anymore.

        • i think your you really never actually owned an android phone and just saying these things to try to convince people to switch over to ios. 

          • Anonymous

            and there are people who think we never landed on the moon either. So who gives a f*ck!

        • Anonymous

          I use to agree until Windows 7 came out… OSX is for kids.. Windows 7 is for computer users.. it is simple, looks great, and is damn powerful

    • JohnRiddick922

      you stupid apple fanboy, get lost homo…

      • Anonymous

        a guy whose name has “John” & “dick” in it calling others homo?? LOL….

        • JohnRiddick922

           Yea my name is john and I have a big dick.. And no you aint sucking it, Homo! 

          • Anonymous

            that’s what your dad told you when you were a kid?

          • JohnRiddick922

            No thats what your mom told me when I was in her mouth.. Go give her a kiss now like a good boy!

          • Anonymous

            LOL… see how stupid you are?? you mean to say that MY MOM told you “Yea my name is john and I have a big dick.. And no you aint sucking it, Homo!””

            LOL…. thats what happens to trailer trashes like you who are popped out dime a dozen. If you are picking a fight with someone at least don’t say things that make you look like a stupid fool.

          • JohnRiddick922

            no just like I said, I have a big dick.. and thats what your mom told me when I was in her mouth.. made sense the first time and the 2nd. Plus its the truth, so that makes it better!   also I dont know where your from, but there def aint no trailors around these parts man, good try though. Ill let the people with trailors in the room know you talking shit about their living conditions.. Real nice, Homo

          • Anonymous

            It is spelt Trailer.. not trailor (*rolls eyes*).. yea sure you are no trailer trash.

            and nice try moron. When I asked if thats what your dad told you as a kid.. you said it was my mom.. which means my mom called you a homo .
            LOL. If that is not what your intention was.. you could have done better than just saying “no that’s what your mom said”. what a loser. Brush up on simple sentence formations and elementary spellings before you let yourself lose on the internet.

          • JohnRiddick922

            No you asked is that what your dad told me, that my dick was big. and I said no, it was your mom, When I was in her mouth (which I was) and then I told you to kiss her, since your on my dick so much.. So just trying to hook you up with a quick taste to hold you off until your next penis.  ohh and my dad is rich, and I just mooch off him, so no “trailor” here homo..  good one though, Ill think of you if I ever see one

          • Anonymous

            “Yea my name is john and I have a big dick.. And no you aint sucking it, Homo!”

            I said — “is that what your dad told YOU”

            You said—“No your mom”

            Which means.. my mom told you.. “I have a big dig and you ain’t sucking it homo”

            If she is my mom.. then she obviously doesn’t have a dick.. but apparently, according to you.. she called you a homo.

            Now you understand moron?? or do you want me to break it down in even simpler words?

          • JohnRiddick922

            No I have a Big Dick, I mean its big dude.. But no your dad did’nt tell me that, I’m not gay no offense.
            So I corrected you, and told you it was your mom who told me that my Dick was Big. And she didnt say it once, it was like 5 times. So she must of really liked it.
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            So I told you to go kiss your mom, cause then it would be like kind of tasting my dick, since I wont let you actually touch my dick..  Man are you slow, this is like my 4th time going over this.

          • Anonymous

            you seem to have lost your train of thoughts.. My dad was never even in the picture.. and like a stoned idiot.. you are now saying “no your dad din’t tell me that”… ???
            Who the heck even talked about MY dad??

            oh boy! I pity the people who have to deal with you in real life.

          • JohnRiddick922

            Your the one bringing up dads, when all I wanna talk about is your mother.. she was good dude, no lie.  But anyway, in real life im fun, go to clubs, get women (your Mom) but you sit home, and you troll.. You dont have friends, so you troll hoping to find a fellow troll to play with.. 

            P.s. and no you nor ur dad are touching my dick.. homo!  fck yea lets get high! 

          • Anonymous

            thanks… you managed to fit the final piece to the puzzle of how someone could be so unintelligent and crude. Yes.. please go and get high.

          • JohnRiddick922

            Yes I will, and bang a real life girl.. While u whack off to Siri, and the thought of my penis in your mouth.. Homo

          • Anonymous

            don’t you think something is wrong with you?… because you keep repeating over and over about your dick being in someone’s mouth.

            Seriously dude.. I think YOU must be the homo here.. because apparently you are obsessed with it. Come on.. time to come out the closet.. It’s okay.. mommy and daddy will stilll love you.

  • nexus on the brain

    OMG Release this beauty!!!!! Please!!!!

  • YES! An extra 5.7% of battery capacity! 😉

    No but honestly, this is still excellent news! Any extra helps!

    • Anonymous

      Dear European Galaxy Nexus users,

      Set your phone to warn you that the battery is low at 10% instead of 15%. This is what it feels like to be American minus the excruciating wait for a release date. Doesn’t that feel good?


      American still waiting for G-Nex release date

      • Anonymous

        American and last in line.  Not equal… LAST

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    no I don’t feel better…need in handy

  • OG Droid

    Give me this phone before I go on a baby punching tangent!!!

  • Anonymous

    18050? SWEET. That’s like a week of battery life! 🙂

  • Mps623

    i find it odd how its offset to right and not left with other text

  • viewthis66

    super excited! bring on the pre-ordering for this phone already! 

    • Booboolala2000

      Now that the rezound is released, I think we will get a date this friday for the following friday or monday. Can’t wait either.

  • Mark

    Awesome!  Now when can I buy the phone?

  • Ad

    What about ‘wireless charging’….? As all 4G LTE verizon wireless smartphones do support this

    • Booboolala2000

      I wonder if nfc might get fried from wireless charging and that’s why it hadn’t been mentioned.

  • planetes42

    just release the danged thing & I ‘ll buy it!

  • Anonymous

    Im digging the purple silicon case!!!!!

  • Dan

    So dope

  • BloodiedWraith

    I know it’s clearly a typo but damn “In the top right corner, you can see that the “in box” standard battery will be 18050mAh” that’ll definitely last you through a day on LTE! lol

  • Anonymous

    Getting close. Excited!

  • Tom Luley

    No, I dont feel better. I want a release date!!!

  • 18050!! that’s a healthy battery!

  • Ben Murphy

    18050? 🙂

    • Yeah, about that. 😛

      • Any idea if there will be an extended battery option? 1850 is nice, but I’d still shell out extra cash for an even bigger one.

        • Anonymous

          Especially if it only added minimal additional thickness like the extended battery on my Droid2.  Totally worth the $30 I paid.  Hopefully a similar option will be available for my GN.

    • Anonymous

      That made me smile too…. Can’t wait to get my hands on that THING! COME ON VERIZON! NEXT WEEK! Lets go! woo!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, good for 5-days heavy use, 2 weeks idle.

    • Anonymous

      No, the personal pocket nuclear power option isn’t available till 1Q’12

  • Anonymous

    Nice! Now all we need is a release date from Verizon!